How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds Featured Image

Everything has a beginning. Cannabis seeds, like all seeds, must undergo the germination process before it can grow into a weed-yielding beauty. Countless cannabis germination guides litter the internet. However, none go as in-depth as our seed germination tutorial. Read along to learn how to germinate marijuana seeds like a pro. You’ll discover everything you need to know about the […]

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How to Grow Weed Outdoors

Growing weed outdoors is an experience, unlike any other. From gigantic cannabis trees to outrageously massive harvests, growing cannabis outdoors is beyond rewarding. As you’ll soon learn, every aspect of nature unites and provides cannabis plants with everything they need. From sunlight to wind, growing marijuana in the great outdoors awaits you. Now that you’re ready to learn how to […]

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How to Grow Weed Indoors

Growing weed indoors is one of the most rewarding experiences because there’s nothing that beats homegrown weed. Now that you’re committed to learning how to grow weed indoors, it’s time to go over the necessary steps to transform you from a beginner to a green thumb. Let’s begin! How Much Does It Cost to Grow Weed Indoors? Before you do […]

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Purple Cannabis Strains

Marijuana comes in different colors depending upon the nature of the environment it is grown in, the temperature and a slew of other factors. One of the most sought after color these days among growers and smokers alike is purple, not only due its astonishingly attractive appearance but also the vibes it gives you when smoked. The smoke produced by […]

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