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All That You Need to Know About the Laws on Using, Possessing, Growing, and Buying Cannabis Seeds in Belgium.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in BelgiumBelgium is a country that, much like other countries, is currently undergoing changes regarding its rules and regulations surrounding marijuana. On one hand, you have many cannabis users who are interested in the future of marijuana and on the other, you have a government that is taking its time when it comes to action. Whether you are a Belgian citizen or you want to visit Belgium and are curious about the laws surrounding cannabis, we are happy to offer you a guide that covers all that you need to know about cannabis and cannabis seeds in this beautiful country! If you are buying, using, or growing, we have your answers here.

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The History of Cannabis in Belgium

The historical relevance of cannabis in Belgium is one that mirrors many other European countries. Belgium was once known for growing an excessive amount of hemp, which could be used for a variety of items across various industries. Much of cannabis growth was used to create actual products, particularly items like rope, clothing, and other fabric-based products. It was also a fairly common practice to utilize cannabis for food purposes.

As the world’s opinion of cannabis began to shift towards something more negative, Belgium’s comfort levels with cannabis began to change substantially. Suddenly, cannabis was being criticized within the country, particularly by members of the government. This led to a decrease in hemp production that would forever change the face of agriculture within Belgium as farms shifted to growing other products to adapt to the changing times.

Over time, cannabis was largely pushed aside to adopt new lines of thinking regarding cannabis and cannabis seeds. In line with countries like America, the sixties and seventies gave rise to a newfound social interest in cannabis products, and use began to increase. Though cannabis was completely illegal by this point, users continued to embrace it, sometimes facing charges and other times seeing those very charges dropped.

This legal limbo carried on throughout Belgium until 2003 when cannabis was decriminalized within the country as long as you are eighteen years of age and in possession of less than three grams of cannabis. As the country made this change, it became easier for cannabis users within the country. In 2015, this was followed by a royal decree that would legalize some cannabis-based products for medical marijuana users. Now, Belgian citizens await to see what will happen next.

What Belgian Law Says About buying, selling, possessing and growing cannabis and cannabis seeds

Cannabis is illegal in Belgium, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it. Since the 2003 law change that decriminalized cannabis within the area, it has become easier for marijuana users to embrace their preferred products. However, there is no timeline yet on the actual legalization of cannabis, and you can still get in trouble for using it if you are not careful. While cannabis possession has been decriminalized as long as you are of age and in possession of less than three grams in total, it is still possible to get caught on a legal tightrope if you are not adhering to certain social standards.

One area of particular interest regarding cannabis use within Belgium is that certain areas are deemed unforgivable. As would be expected, using cannabis or growing cannabis seeds within a public space is very illegal and will likely get you charged. In fact, being obvious about your possession in any public place or building is grounds for criminal charges, particularly if you are engaging in circumstances that would seem to disrupt the peace of the surrounding area. The tightest rule here is that cannabis use and possession is completely illegal in places that you might expect children to gather, so schoolgrounds or surrounding areas can land you in some serious hot water if you are unfortunate enough to be caught with it there.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in Belgium for certain circumstances as of 2015. It is legal for a patient to get a prescription for medical marijuana use within the country. Depending on the details surrounding their condition, they can gain legal access to a variety of cannabis-based products. However, recent studies have shown that most medical marijuana patients opt for growing their own at home.

Cannabis seeds are another area of interest for Belgium law. Legally, you can possess cannabis seeds within Belgium. In fact, some loopholes in law have allowed local Belgian seeds banks to sell cannabis seeds for some time before being shut down. Though the seeds themselves are not necessarily illegal to sell, the law has made continuous efforts against Belgian seed banks and shut down several of them. However, the good news is that Belgian citizens can legally cultivate their own cannabis seeds for the growth of personal marijuana plants. The law currently states that Belgian citizens can grow one single marijuana plant as long as it is done privately in their home. As long as you can get your hands on some quality cannabis seeds, you should be able to grow enough for your own personal use. Simply limit your cannabis cultivation to a single plant, and you are operating within the law.

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How Marijuana Charges Work

Being charged for cannabis or the cultivation of cannabis seeds within Belgium is fairly serious business. For most users, it realistically isn’t a concern. As long as you are abiding by the law, which should be able to sate most consumer habits, you won’t have any reason to be charged. However, it is when you disobey the laws currently in place regarding cannabis or cannabis seeds that you can end up in legal trouble.

In the event that you are found with cannabis that exceeds legal limits, you are automatically going to be in question by the police. The charges and sentences for this offense can range greatly depending on the amount of cannabis that you have and whether or not you can explain yourself in a way that suits the courts. Currently, sentences can range anywhere from a few months to twenty years depending on the circumstances and what the law deduces about your actions. Of course, it is also possible for charges to be significantly lowered depending on the circumstances, which might result in a fine rather than actual jail time. This is particularly true in the event you are found to be selling cannabis to satiate an existing drug dependency. The courts also frown greatly upon people who have this illegal plant anywhere near spaces for children.

Selling Cannabis & Cannabis Seeds in Belgium

One surefire area of concern regarding cannabis legality is the assumption of distribution. In the event you are found with a large amount of cannabis seeds that are being cultivated, or you simply have an excess of cannabis in your possession, it is possible for you to run into a lot of legal trouble. While some cannabis for personal use has been decriminalized, selling cannabis within Belgium is illegal. A person growing an excess of cannabis seeds might find themselves struggling to justify it to the courts, particularly since they can legally have a single plant cultivated from cannabis seeds for personal use. The sale or suspected sale of cannabis is where many of the higher sentence come from when it comes to being formally charged.

The Fight for Legalization and the Belgian Government

What is most interesting about the fight for legalization regarding cannabis and the Belgian government is the fact that they are largely being criticized for being so hands-off about cannabis use in the country. Many sources are currently criticizing the Belgian government as being overly liberal regarding cannabis use within the country. However, there is still work being done to further the actual legalization surrounding cannabis within Belgium.

For now, the biggest proponents of cannabis laws are none other than the infamous cannabis clubs in Belgium. These groups are known for their free distribution of cannabis form cultivated cannabis seeds to accepted members within the clubs, and they are looking forward to a future where cannabis can be of more monetary value. In addition to this, several different everyday users are known for their pushes for further legalization of marijuana, particularly in reference to gaining more convenient avenues of obtaining marijuana. There are currently several propositions being made surrounding local cannabis sales, cannabis growth from local sources, and increased product options for medical marijuana users.

Belgium’s Local Cannabis Industry

An interesting thing about Belgium’s local cannabis industry is the fact that it is largely underground and imported. Though you can buy cannabis products easily when you are a medical marijuana patient, you do still have to take a different route when it comes to getting your hands on cannabis in Belgium is a recreational user. Currently, cannabis is completely illegal for sale and purchase in a recreational capacity, which is why so many people grow their own or join a cannabis club.

Joining a cannabis social club is undoubtedly the best way to go about getting your hands on cannabis if you don’t want to grow cannabis seeds yourself or you don’t want to pursue black market sales. These non-profit clubs, which are still in a legal gray zone that has them at constant risk with the law, are known for providing cannabis and cannabis products to members of the club. Since these groups do not technically sell the cannabis so much as provide members of the group with it under precarious circumstances, it isn’t the same as buying it from a local cannabis dealer. Further, these groups are known to sell high-quality cannabis that will be much better than what you could expect to grow yourself or get from another source. Since cannabis social clubs grow and distribute their own cannabis, they have a commitment to quality that successfully beats out any other popular local sources. Many Belgian citizens find that this is an effective way to get cannabis products in the event that they aren’t sure what cannabis seeds to buy to cultivate their own products at home.

Where You Can Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium

In Belgium, you can buy cannabis seeds in a variety of places. Many Belgian seed banks sell them as a product, though this continuously gets shut down. You can also buy them from a variety of other local and external sources. While this can be a quick and easy way to buy cannabis seeds, the fact remains that the quality is likely to be lacking if the company does not specialize in this exact kind of product. If you plan in cultivating cannabis seeds, you need somewhere reliable that can guarantee quality. Fortunately, there are plenty of great seeds banks that ship to Belgium. We personally recommend MSNL and Crop King Seeds. Both companies offer discreet shipping and accept multiple payment types.

The Local Cannabis Culture

Belgium is wildly accepting of cannabis and cannabis use, which is why growing your own cannabis seeds is so common in this area. You will find that the majority of people in a social setting are either accepting cannabis, or simply have no opinion on it. Cannabis use in Belgium is incredibly common, and many people are known for embracing it in some capacity.

As far as a true cannabis culture goes, the best example is the cannabis social clubs. These cannabis-focused groups are an excellent way for cannabis users to come together and bond over cannabis. It is a simple and comfortable way for users to enjoy cannabis and cannabis products in a social setting. Generally, these clubs are known for having a high-caliber social scene known for bringing people together, which is another reason they have grown in popularity.

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The Future of the Belgian Cannabis Industry

Though Belgium is fairly lax about cannabis use, there are still changes that need to occur in order to fully satiate the public. As more social pressure is applied to government officials, it seems likely that the existing lax cannabis laws will be replaced with more complete legalization. Though you can currently enjoy cannabis within Belgium, social groups and the cannabis clubs are pushing to see a day where dispensaries and true cannabis products can be provided to cannabis users with absolute ease. We can expect these changes with time, and are already seeing evidence that the Belgian government might very well be in support of it!
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