Green House Seed Company Review, 2023

Does Green House Seed Company live up to the massive hype? Read our full review for all the answers.
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Green House Seed Company is a huge player in the cannabis seed bank industry. Based out of Amsterdam with international distribution centers dotted around the globe, their reach is extensive, to say the least, with multiple Cannabis Cup wins and even TV appearances for their brand. The question we had was this: does Green House Seeds actually live up to all the hype?

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History and Reputation of Green House Seeds

Green House Seed Company began in Amsterdam, in 1985, as the passion project of founder Arjan Roskam. Since then, it has grown considerably in both scope and popularity. Since the beginning, Green House has been a contributor to the fight for global cannabis legalization. Green House Seed Company still operates an in-person cannabis seeds shop in Amsterdam, though a huge portion of its business comes from online orders from those people who aren’t lucky enough to live in the cannabis capital of the world.

For the most part, Green House Seed Company has a good reputation and high ratings on popular public forums. However, a large enough number of buyers with bad experiences have drawn concern about the consistency of Green House’s lauded genetics and reliability of its shipping methods.

Famous Founder: Arjan Roskam

In addition to the original Green House Coffeeshop, Roskam has opened many other cannabis businesses, including coffeeshops, seed banks, a nutrient company, and more. Roskam’s claim to fame beyond his businesses is his track record of winning cannabis cups, earning him the nickname “King of Cannabis.”

Roskam has made a number of television appearances to talk about his approach to cannabis cultivation. He also made a series of documentaries in 2008 called Strain Hunters, following him and his team as they travel the world to track down unique cannabis strains to make available to the general public.

Green House Seed Selection and Quality Review

All of the seeds Green House Seed Company sells are its own strains. Some of these are completely unique to Green House, while others are the company’s take on popular favorites which were bred and stabilized in-house. Currently, you’ll find just over 100 strains with more being added every year. Some (but not all) Green House strains are available to purchase by the seed. Green House takes care not to treat its seeds with harmful fungicides.

Award-Winning Strains, Yet Genetics Concerns

Green House Seed Company’s reputation was built, in large part, on its carefully crafted genetics, with the seed bank winning a significant number of cannabis cups over the years. However, the last winner was in 2016.

Since the company’s founding in 1985, they have gone through many changes, and the perception of the collective has changed dramatically. Looking at reviews online, especially on Reddit, you’ll find countless growers bashing the company, Arjan Roskam, and its strains. Some reviews point to problematic business practices like homogenizing the genetics of landrace strains and replicating well-known strains and then selling them under the GHS name.

The original key breeders are no longer with the company, which could be why they haven’t had the success and market dominance of the 1900s and 2000s. However, the seed bank’s business practices and owners were highly visible and likely targets for complaints, not a reflection of the actual genetics. While there are germination concerns still in 2023, the majority of the hateful comments are 5-10 years old.

High CBD Varieties

One of the areas that GHS has recently ventured into is the development of high CBD strains. As the cannabinoid hemp industry has been decriminalized or legalized worldwide, Green House Seeds has developed some of its iconic genetics into high-potency CBD varieties. Currently, you can find ten CBD strains on the Green House Seeds platform, including Super Lemon Haze Auto CBD, The Church CBD, King’s Kush CBD, and Exodus Cheese Auto CBD.

Seed Categories

Shopping through the strain collection is made more accessible and highly helpful due to some of the collective’s specific categories. You search basic categories like ‘High THC,’ ‘High Yield,’ and’ ‘Best Sellers’ or choose to view seeds by climate zones or families. Optimizing the GHS inventory by climate is extremely helpful when ordering from an international seed bank.

Customer Service

Green House Seeds loses a few points for its lack of attention to the customer service department. This seed bank does operate a by-phone helpdesk Monday-Friday, and customers may, of course, reach the company by email. However, Green House staff are notoriously slow to respond to messages. And in cases where “failure to germinate” is the issue at hand, the company is often quick to point to “user error” as the probable cause. However, Green House customer service staff do sometimes make a point of offering solutions to those who had left less-than-stellar reviews on popular public forums.

Germination Problems

Over the years, a concerning number of buyers have experienced germination issues, including seeds failing to sprout, plants growing up weak, deformed, or hermaphrodite, or successfully-grown weed lacking the expected potency. Another factor that some buyers find off-putting is the colorful coating Green House covers its seeds in. The company states this is for the purpose of telling different strains apart, but it seems that most buyers do not care for this method.

Return Policy

Green House Seed Company does allow unused seeds to be returned. When it comes to germination issues, Green House has many times responded to customer complaints in public forums with a statement that germination is guaranteed and that these buyers may contact the company for replacement of the faulty seeds. While this is an admirable gesture, it is worth noting that there is currently no mention of an across-the-board germination guarantee on Green House Seed Company’s website.

Website Usability

We really do love the layout of The site is intuitive, well-organized, professional, and very attractive. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The text on the site can be translated into 13 different languages, to make it even easier.

The Green House Seeds Collective

Green House Seeds remains a force in the cannabis industry. It is one of the most recognizable names due to its marketing and celebrity owner. As a result, the name has grown to transcend the brick-and-mortar storefront and online seed bank. lets buyers shop a whole online store full of Green House and Strain Hunters branded items, including apparel, grinders, keychains, messenger bags, and more. You can also access its sister companies:

  • Stain Hunters – Project identifying, locating, and retrieving landraces that haven’t been studied.
  • Feeding – Line of cannabis plant nutrients.
  • GHM Medical -Line of CBD products.

Strain Statistics, Flavour Wheel, and Effects Table

The GHS website also features three infographics incredibly helpful to cultivators looking to try new strains from the seed bank.

  • Strain statistics chart breaks down flowering times and yields for each strain in the GHS’ inventory
  • Effects table indicates predicted effects, including indica, sativa, and strength.
  • Flavour wheel provides a comprehensive guide to taste based on relatable fruits, herbs, and various flavors.

Price and Payment Methods

The prices at Green House Seed Company are right in line with other comparable seed resellers. Like many of its peers, Green House also gives out some freebie seeds and runs regular promotions for discounted prices on shipping or seeds of certain strains.

Accepted Payment Methods

Most European buyers will have the option to pay for their order via direct online transfer through iDeal, Bancontact, GiroPay, MyBank, or Sofort (servicer availability varies by country). Bank transfer is also an option, as is sending Euros via registered mail. Most major credit cards are accepted via either ZionPayment or Weldpay. Green House Seeds does not accept cryptocurrency at this time.

Shipping and Stealth

If you live in the United States or Canada, you’ll have to miss out on the Green House Seeds experience. The US website is currently under construction, but if you want GHS now, you can visit their ‘Where to Buy’ link that will direct you to retailers that carry their seeds.

However, even in the countries throughout the rest of the world where Green House does ship its seeds, this seed bank runs into shipping problems somewhat regularly. A relatively high number of Green House orders have simply never reached their destinations, a problem that was certainly made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, but actually began well before it.

Stealth Delivery

Green House Seed Company employs some fairly polished-looking stealth shipping methods that seem to work most of the time. The Stealth Delivery option runs €30, but it allows you to select one of Green House’s branded shirts or hats to conceal your seeds within, so you’ll at least end up with a useable souvenir for the extra cost.

Even those buyers who don’t spring for Stealth Delivery will still receive their orders in plain and discreet packaging. However, the Regular Post option, while much cheaper at only €7.50, is not tracked, as the stealth option is.

In Conclusion, Green House Seeds Review, 2023

Green House Seed Company has certainly made a name for itself in the cannabis world, but unfortunately, whatever hype this company may have once deserved has begun to wear thin. Despite a beautiful, user-friendly website and at least a few strains good enough to win cannabis cups, Green House Seeds does not make the cut as one of the best seed banks out there. Between germination problems of all sorts, inconsistent customer service, problems with shipping, and the fact that they don’t even ship seeds to the US or Canada, Green House Seed Company is left with quite a lot of room for improvement.

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3 years ago

Sorry I read this and I don’t agree about GH cmr service, I am a regular customer and the greenhouse team always goes to extreme length to replace my seeds. It is true that they only replace if their method is followed but they still try to find a solution when I had non germination and did not follow their method closely. They needed some detailed info which they document to spot problems with strains for the future, thumbs up to gh! Nikita