GreenHouse Seeds Review 2020

Green House Seed Company: Cannabis Seedbank Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Reputation 9/10
Seeds 9/10
Service 9/10
Website 8.5/10
Payment 7/10
Shipping 8.5/10
Overall 8.5/10

Green House Seed Company is a huge player in the cannabis seedbank industry. Based out of Amsterdam with international distribution centers dotted around the globe, they have a very extensive reach. Their awards and credentials stack up nicely in their favor as well, with multiple Cannabis Cup wins on their record and even TV appearances for their brand. The question we had was this: does Green House Seeds actually live up to all the hype?

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History and Reputation of GreenHouse Seeds

Green House Seeds began in Amsterdam as the passion project of founder Arjan Roskam. Since then, it has grown in both scope and popularity. Their breeding process is noteworthy because Arjan and others like him regularly take it upon themselves to go out into the world and track down the best strains from all over – strains that would otherwise remain unheard-of local favorites. Green House then makes these strains available on a massive scale.

Another factor that makes Green House Seeds unique is that they grow all their product without the use of genetic modification or fungicides. Roskham has made several television appearances to talk about his approach to cannabis cultivation. He also made a series of documentaries in 2008 called Strain Hunters that follow he and his team as they travel the world to track down the best cannabis strains and make them available to the general public. As a business, they’ve received a slew of accolades for providing a great assortment of strains that would otherwise go unexplored.

GreenHouse Seed Selection and Product Quality

As you may have guessed from their dedication to quality-sourcing and organic production, product quality is extremely important to the folks at Green House Seeds. They have literally searched the entire world over in order to provide the best-quality strains and seeds for their customers (and they’re still looking!) Their prolific track record of winning 40 different Cannabis Cups as well as 17 Highlife Cups as of 2020 is a testament to this dedication to top quality.

The best thing about Green House Seeds strains is their consistency and their stable genetics. Some people have had issues with their germination rates and have had difficulty with a portion of their seeds not cracking, in certain orders, but overall, the Green House Seeds team is focused on providing quality. While they don’t breed their own seeds, Green House Seeds makes an effort to choose top-quality seeds from other breeders to resell in their shop. Some of the breeder’s most popular strains include Himalaya Gold, Arjan’s Ultra Haze 2, Train Wreck, Green-O-Matic, Exodus Cheese, Afgooey, and Green House Skunk, just to name a few.

Customer Service

If Green House Seeds loses a star or two off of its otherwise stellar rating, it’s due to a lack of attention in the customer service department. While they’re an excellent source of a wide variety of cannabis seed strains from around the globe, customers have reported problems with achieving a satisfactory resolution should they have problems with germinating their seeds.

While Green House Seeds’ products tend to be extremely high quality, customers shouldn’t expect the company to fall over themselves in order to put things right if the seeds seem defective. There’s a link to a set of germination instructions on the Green House website for those who need to read up before getting started. If your seeds don’t germinate, it’s likely that customer service will point to “user error” as the probable cause, so be aware of this before placing an order. If you’re an experienced grower looking for a top-notch selection, however, it’s definitely worth taking the gamble and ordering some from Green House Seed Company.

GreenHouse Seeds Website Usability

Can we say how much we love the Green House Seeds website? It absolutely draws new customers in and gives off an air of total professionalism. It is clear, well-organized, and easy to use – and even has a pleasing aesthetic.

Greenhouse Seeds – Price and Payment Methods

The prices at Green House Seeds are right in line with other seed resellers. They also give out some freebies and run regular promotions for discounted prices on shipping or seeds of certain strains.

Their payment directions are a bit unusual when compared to other seedbanks. On the “Payment Methods” screen, you get the option of a bank transfer, “cash in envelope,” payment via cryptocurrency, or “Contact us for the details.” No word on what that last payment method entails, but it’s great to see that they’re flexible (although we’re sad to see that they don’t accept credit cards).

GreenHouse Seeds – Shipping and Stealth

If you live in the United States, you’ll have to miss luton the Green House Seeds experience for the time being. With the political situation being what it is in 2019, the company does not ship cannabis seeds to the US.

Green House Seed Company employs some fairly polished-looking stealth shipping methods that seem to work most of the time. Within the Netherlands (since Green House Seeds is based in Amsterdam), they simply send packages out normally with signed delivery. Rates of receipt are in line with that of other major brands – not significantly higher but not significantly lower, either.

Our Overall Thoughts – Green House Seed Company Review 2020

If you know what you’re doing and get a good batch of seeds with your Green House Seeds order, you’ll get a great product that grows beautifully. If you do happen to get stuck with seeds that won’t crack, it’s unlikely that you’ll be sent replacements or a refund. That being said, most of Green House’s products are truly high quality…and the strain selection here simply cannot be beat.
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