Growers Choice Seeds Review 2021

Is Growers Choice Seeds a trustworthy seed bank? Our full review covers everything you need to know before ordering.
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Reputation 8.5/10
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Are you considering ordering your next batch of cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds? While Growers Choice clearly has many loyal fans, growers’ forums are full of enough negative reviews to make discerning buyers question whether this seed bank is as trustworthy as it appears at first glance. Our thorough, honest review of Growers Choice Seeds covers all of the pros and cons of ordering from this popular seed bank, to help you decide whether this is the right seed bank for you.

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Growers Choice Seeds Review: Reputation and History

Of course, the most important question is: Is Growers Choice Seeds a trustworthy seed bank? And the answer is yes, Growers Choice is a legit seed bank with many loyal repeat customers. However, there are several areas where this seed bank often runs into problems – primarily concerning seed quality and consistency, and delays in the shipping process.

Despite these issues, the majority of Growers Choice Seeds’ reviews across the internet are from satisfied customers. It is worth noting that the number of this seed bank’s negative reviews spiked during the height of the global shutdowns and shipping delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The frequency of negative online reviews has dropped a bit since then, but many buyers are still experiencing seed quality and shipping issues.

Company Background and History

Growers Choice Seeds is based in Barcelona, Spain, with additional offices in North America. The founders of Growers Choice came from backgrounds including over 20 years of experience in fields highly complementary to the cannabis industry – horticulture and medicine.

Seed Selection and Quality

Grower’s Choice Seeds sources its seeds from several in-house breeders, located throughout Europe, Canada, and the US. This seed bank’s selection is relatively small when compared to others with thousands of strains in their inventories. But Growers Choice stocks a solid selection of classic favorites, including several high-CBD strains popular among medical cannabis patients.

Seed Quality Concerns

By far, the most common problems Growers Choice Seeds buyers experience are related to seed quality and genetics. One would expect minimal reports of bad seeds from a seed bank willing to offer a germination guarantee (which Growers Choice does). But unfortunately, this has not been the case. The majority of customers do report satisfaction with their crops, but it appears that ordering with Growers Choice is always a bit of a toss-up – either you’ll receive high-quality seeds that yield thriving plants, or total duds that never pop at all.

Growers Choice Seeds advertises that its seeds are handpicked and personally inspected prior to shipping, yet some buyers have received seeds that looked smaller and weaker than normal right from the get-go – which then either failed to sprout or never grew into full, healthy plants. A few repeat customers have even found glaring differences between multiple orders of the exact same strain. There have also been multiple reports of Growers Choice seeds growing into male or hermaphrodite plants – which is naturally disconcerting, as this seed bank advertises all of its seeds as fully feminized.

Customer Service Review

Growers Choice Seeds does make an effort to provide quality service to its buyers. A customer care team is available during business hours via telephone, email, chat, or social media message to help new buyers decide which strain to buy, place their order over the phone, or to handle problems. Email response times and ease of getting ahold of Grower’s Choice Seeds by phone vary. Some customers get their questions answered right away, while others have experienced long telephone hold times and longer than expected delays between emails.

Growers Choice Seeds has been known to put in an effort to make things right when problems occur, including regularly responding to concerns aired in public forums. However, some disappointed customers have been frustrated by delays and difficulty with the process of getting their issues fully resolved. A 15% discount coupon code is the typically offered consolation for any problems falling outside of Growers Choice’s germination guarantee coverage. While this is certainly a nice gesture, customers who don’t plan on placing another order tend to find this solution off-putting.

Germination Guarantee

Grower’s Choice does back its seeds up with a germination guarantee. Considering the somewhat high chance of running into germination issues, this guarantee provides a valuable safety net when ordering with this seed bank. Growers Choice Seeds guarantees a 90% germination rate and will replace seeds that fail to germinate. This guarantee covers seeds for 60 days following delivery confirmation. The cost of shipping is not refundable, however, and buyers are still responsible for the cost of seed reshipments.

Website Design and Navigation is an attractive and relatively easy to navigate site filled with helpful and interesting information about cannabis alongside its selection of seed offerings. The site includes a detailed germination and growing guide, a blog covering a wide range of cannabis-related topics, and a particularly stylish PDF version of its seed catalog. includes plenty of filtering options to make finding specific types of strains easier, Each strain listing features a large, detailed picture of what the buds should be expected to look like.

The only real drawback of this site is that each page contains so much text and photo information that browsing can feel a little overwhelming before you get used to navigating it. All prices on are listed in US dollars, so shoppers from other countries will need to utilize a currency conversion tool.

Price and Payment Options

Growers Choice Seeds gives buyers several options for payment. This seed bank prefers payment by mail via cashier’s check, certified check, or money order. Since these methods are easiest to process, Growers Choice rewards customers who choose payment by mail with a bonus 3-pack of seeds. Cash and personal checks are not accepted through this mail-in option.

Growers Choice Seeds also accepts several types of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin), and offers a discount at checkout for buyers using cryptocurrency. To help customers who have never used it, Growers Choice features a detailed step-by-step preview of how to purchase and use cryptocurrency. United States customers are also offered the option of paying via ACH electronic check or Zelle.

Low Prices on Cannabis Seeds

One of the best things about Growers Choice Seeds is its very reasonable prices on all seeds – on the low end compared to most other seed banks. Growers Choice doesn’t have as many sales or freebie offers as many of the other seed banks, but its lower everyday prices balance out much of the difference. Wholesale pricing is available for orders of 500 seeds or more.

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

Growers Choice Seeds ships anywhere in the world, including to P.O. boxes. In addition to its Barcelona headquarters, Growers Choice has two North American shipping hubs, one in Canada and one in California, USA. This is especially nice for US customers, who don’t have to worry about customs delaying or confiscating their seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds uses tracked flat-rate shipping methods for all orders and, most of the time, seeds arrive in 7-25 days after payment is received. Like most other popular seed banks, Growers Choice offers a free shipping promotion, but only on orders over $500.

Shipping Delays and Concerns

One of the most common issues when ordering from Growers Choice is shipping delays. As with most of this seed bank’s problem areas, shipping issues occur inconsistently. Many buyers receive their seeds very quickly, while others have found themselves waiting longer than expected just for their orders to be fulfilled. A few buyers have also reported receiving the incorrect seeds – photoperiod seeds instead of autoflower seeds, for example, or seeds that otherwise grew into entirely different strains than expected.

Discreet Shipping

Seeds ordered from Growers Choice are typically shipped in their original air-tight breeder packaging, inside plain parcels that do not mention the company name or package contents. If you desire even more discretion than this, you can request stealth packaging at checkout for no additional charge. Your seeds may be removed from the original packaging to ensure greater discretion.

Return Policies

Growers Choice Seeds allows returns and refunds on unused seeds (shipping costs are non-refundable). Refunds are typically issued in the same form as the original payment. So, if you paid by mail via money order, your refund will likewise be mailed back to you. In order to receive a refund, you must begin the step-by-step return process outlined on Growers Choice’s website within seven days after delivery.

Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Growers Choice Seeds offers its customers a few ways to save extra money on their cannabis seeds. New email newsletter subscribers will receive a 10%-off Growers Choice coupon code and be entered into a monthly contest for the chance to win $100 worth of free seeds. also features a selection of seeds marked down from their original prices.

Growers Choice Loyalty Program

Growers Choice Seeds has a loyalty program geared toward repeat buyers. This program awards points for each purchase, redeemable for discounts on future orders. Every $100 spent earns 1000 loyalty points and every 150 points can be cashed in for a $1 discount. Once you’ve reached 6000 points, Growers Choice will send you an extra 3 free seeds. Buyers can earn additional loyalty points by posting reviews on Earned loyalty points expire after one year, but Growers Choice does send out warning emails 30 days before points disappear.

Conclusion, Growers Choice Seeds Review 2021

In conclusion, Growers Choice Seeds is a legit seed bank with some truly great qualities – including a germination guarantee, multiple international shipping hubs, and very reasonable prices. However, this seed bank does need to make some improvements to the consistency of seed quality, shipping, and service before we can rank Growers Choice Seeds as one of the best.

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Shawna Weekley
Shawna Weekley
6 months ago

Scammers! Beware these people will tell you to make a payment and once you do they will say that they did not receive the money even if you have proof of the bank charge and the zelle payment to them. They will play cat and mouse back and forth when you ask for a refund and you will never get a refund. Complete scammers, liars and thief’s. Do not waste your time go somewhere like ILGM where you will get your order in less than 1 week guaranteed to germinate or they will replace your seeds. 

4 months ago

Growers Choice Seed company is a rip off! They offer a 90 % germination guarantee. Out of 78 seeds I purchased in Sept. 30,20 only 18 seeds germinated and 10 of the seeds were auto flower which I didn’t order. I had ordered 15 different strains of feminized seeds. It took them nearly 2 months to replace the seeds. Out of the 52 seeds they replaced only 5 germinated. On Jan. 20,21 GCS agreed to replace 47 seeds but then reneged on their offer on Feb. 25,21 after I had already sent them a check to cover shipping. This company… Read more »

Susan Poole
Susan Poole
2 months ago

I bought 5 seeds for $53.95 on April 4th and I finally got them on the 23rd (19 days later!) and only when the owner or someone in a higher position stepped and only after him seeing my 1-star review on Trust Pilot. He said they would be delivered on the 23rd and they were. When I got them, I planted 3 of the 5 and only two sprouted. Wonderful. Don’t waste your money or weeks of your life waiting to get what you paid for before frost sets in again. 1 in 3 seeds don’t sprout…that says all you… Read more »

2 months ago

This place is a scam placed a order zelle them the money and a two weeks later no shipment after 100 emails and calls they say the order was never paid for after another 100 emails showing the order was paid they send a bogies shipping address and my order still has not be shipped do not buy from these scammers