WeedSeedsExpress Review 2020

Our full WeedSeedsExpress review gives you all the details on ordering cannabis seeds from this Dutch seed bank
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Reputation 8/10
Seeds 8.5/10
Service 9/10
Website 9/10
Payment 8/10
Shipping 10/10
Overall 8.5/10

WeedSeedsExpress is a newer seed bank, but it has been quickly showing itself to be a reliable and trustworthy source for high-quality cannabis seeds. From their easy-to-navigate website to their impressive selection of seeds, WeedSeedsExpress is dedicated to helping its customers all over the world have a great shopping (and growing) experience. As an up-and-coming company, they may still have a ways to go before ranking among the very best online seed banks. But in our full 2020 WeedSeedsExpress review, we will help you get to know this company better – so you can decide if this seed bank is the right one for you.

WeedSeedsExpress Background and Reputation

WeedSeedsExpress technically got its start back in 2005. A group of friends who shared a love and enthusiasm for growing cannabis came together to experiment with breeding new strains and to share growing advice with each other. Eventually, three of these friends decided to branch out and share the results of their hard work and creativity with the world – and the WeedSeedsExpress seed bank was born. Alongside years’ worth of cannabis cultivation experience and expertise, the founders of this seed bank place a very high value on customer satisfaction. And it seems to be paying off, as WeedSeedsExpress customers have been consistently reporting fast delivery of their seeds and satisfaction with the quality of the plants they yield.

WeedSeedsExpress seed bank calls Haarlem, a city in the Netherlands, home. Nicknamed “Little Amsterdam,” this city is located right next door to the famed cannabis haven of Amsterdam and has developed a rich cannabis culture of its own. The owners of WeedsSeedsExpress are proud of the connections they’ve made throughout Haarlem and Amsterdam that have helped them to gain popularity in the local and worldwide cannabis scenes.

You still won’t find too many online reviews of WeedSeedsExpress, as they are still a new seed bank. But we are confident that their high-quality seeds, background of growing expertise, and dedication to their customers’ satisfaction will bring them many new happy customers – and positive reviews.

WeedSeedsExpress Seed Selection and Quality

Seed Selection

WeedSeedsExpress carries their high-quality cannabis seeds in a wide variety of popular strains as well as many of their own creation. Here’s a look at the impressive seed selection WeedSeedsExpress has to choose from!


To see which strains WeedSeedsExpress customers come back to most often, check out their Best Selling Seeds page. There you’ll find strains like:

  • Sexxpot – This unique strain is an Indica that delivers an uncommonly stimulating, yet still relaxing effect on the mind and body. This strain takes its name from the marked aphrodisiac effect it has on its users!

Strain types:

It’s easy to browse seeds by your favorite strain type in WeedSeedsExpress’s online shop. Whether you prefer a relaxing, sleepy high or an energizing and creative one, you have a wide variety of strain types to choose from.

Cultivation needs and seed types:

WeedSeedsExpress.com is so well-organized that it’s also very easy to filter your browsing by seed type, such as:

WeedSeedsExpress does not currently sell their seeds in mix packs (pre-selected packs that include seeds from several strains with similar qualities), so you may need to do a little research to figure out which seeds you want to grow first. If you get overwhelmed with all of the choices, the knowledgeable and friendly WeedSeedsExpress staff would be happy to talk through the decision with you.

WeedSeedsExpress seed quality

WeedSeedsExpress only sells seeds sourced directly from their own network of breeders. The quest to create and grow cannabis strains with top-notch genetics has always been important to the founders of WeedSeedsExpress. They’ve put the knowledge gained from years of breeding and growing to work, now striving to deliver only the very best seeds their breeders have to offer. WeedSeedsExpress even goes as far as to guarantee the quality of their seeds. They report a germination success rate of 93%, taking into consideration that seeds are, of course, a product of nature and exceptions do occasionally occur.

WeedSeedsExpress takes the storage and care of their inventory seriously. As soon as a new batch of seeds arrives at WeedSeedsExpress’s headquarters, it’s immediately put into climate-controlled storage in sterile, dark, moisture-free cabinets. 20 seeds from each new batch are tested for fertility and germination before any are shipped to customers. WeedSeedsExpress’s quality control team use the soaking method and paper towel method to test their seeds. Each seed order is shipped as quickly as possible (within 8 hours after your payment is received) since the freshness of the seeds can make a difference in how well they grow.

WeedSeedsExpress seed bank carries over 100 different strains and types of cannabis seeds. Considering that they are still a newer company, you can expect to see more and more new strains added to their shop in the future. No matter what your budget or cultivation skill level, you’re likely to find some excellent options when you browse their site.

WeedSeedsExpress Deals and Discounts

Cannabis seeds from WeedSeedsExpress are a good deal for the cost, even at full price. But they do often offer specials that will help you get more bud for your money.

Sales and coupons

Rotating promotions like “buy 10, get 10 free,” percentage-based discounts (sometimes up to as much as 50% off), and other deals and discounts can be easily found on the sale page of their site. WeedSeedsExpress.com also has a coupon page, where you can often find promo codes that will unlock more savings. The seeds offered up at sale prices do change every week. If you follow WeedSeedsExpress on Instagram, you’ll be able to see the new sales as soon as they go live.

Free Seeds

As another fun bonus, every week, WeedSeedsExpress sends 25 free sample seeds to 5 of the people who either sign up for their newsletter or like their Facebook page. When you place an order with WeedSeedsExpress, they always throw in a complimentary additional 20% of whatever seeds you’ve ordered – to help you achieve the highest possible germination rate.

WeedSeedsExpress Shipping Information

WeedSeedsExpress ships worldwide and always uses discreet shipping and packaging to get your seeds to you as quickly (and privately) as possible. Delivery is guaranteed, which means that in the unlikely event that your seeds never arrive, or arrive damaged, your order will be re-shipped to you at no additional cost. WeedSeedsExpress reports that 95% of their shipments arrive without any issues or delays. Your seeds will be sent via regular post in sturdy, moisture-proof, postcard-sized packaging with no labeling suggestive of a connection to cannabis.

Please Note: For the sake of packaging discretion and legality, WeedSeedsExpress will only ship orders containing a maximum of 25 seeds at a time.

WeedSeedsExpress’s standard, regular-post shipping is free on every order. They do offer (and in most cases recommend using) tracked shipping, so you can see where your seeds are, every step of the way. Tracked shipping can be added at no additional charge to any order over 100 euros, and the cost is only 7.50 euros for smaller orders. WeedSeedsExpress’s standard is to ship your order within 8 hours after payment is received. Depending on where you live and which shipping method you’ve selected, your seeds should arrive within 3 to 18 (occasionally up to 21) business days after shipment.


If you need to return any unused seeds to WeedSeedsExpress, you may do so within 14 days after delivery. You will need to contact WeedSeedsExpress’s customer support team for specific return instructions. Once your returned order is received, WeedSeedsExpress will refund the cost of your seeds, as well as the shipping cost, within 2 business days.

At WeedSeedsExpress, Customer Service is a Top Priority

Making their customers happy and being a company they can trust are top priorities of WeedSeedsExpress. They even offer a guarantee that you will be well cared for by their customer service team. You are welcomed to call their office any day between 7:00 – 23:00 UTC with questions about your order, for advice on picking the perfect seed or strain, or even if you just want to chat about cannabis for a little while. The WeedSeedsExpress team is highly motivated to keep their customers happy and they are equipped with plenty of experience in customer care as well as cannabis care to help them make that happen.

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WeedSeedsExpress Payment Methods

The fastest and most secure way to pay for your WeedSeedsExpress seeds is with bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. National or international wire transfers are also accepted (WeedSeedsExpress has bank accounts in a few countries to assist with this). You can mail cash via registered mail, and from most parts of the world, it should arrive within 5 days. For those who are interested in paying with Credit Card, WeedSeedsExpress is currently accepting Mastercard only but will receive other types of cards shortly.

WeedSeedsExpress Website and Shopping Experience

WeedSeedsExpress.com is a very user-friendly site to shop. It’s clean, attractive, and easy to navigate. You can easily filter your searches by seed type, strain type, best-sellers, price, desired THC or CBD levels, yield size, and plant height. Each strain description includes detailed photos of what you can expect the buds to look like. The WeedSeedsExpress online shop is always kept up-to-date so you can order with confidence that whatever you want is currently in stock. The site even auto-adjusts prices to reflect the currency of your browsing location, which is a nice touch.

WeedSeedsExpress does not provide its customers with any specific instructions on how to grow cannabis. This is to ensure they are in compliance with the laws of all countries that they ship to. In many of these places, it is legal to possess cannabis seeds but illegal to germinate them. However, their blog does contain some helpful articles about cannabis cultivation intended for those who live where growing is legal.

WeedSeedsExpress is staffed by people who know and love cannabis, and they are always happy to give you information about the seeds they sell and to help you figure out which strain or type of seed is right for you. For legal reasons, they just have to draw the line at giving you advice or instructions on how to do the actual growing.

WeedSeedsExpress Review: In Conclusion

We are big fans of WeedSeedsExpress and we do recommend them as a reliable company from which to order top-notch cannabis seeds. As a new seed bank that’s still relatively unknown, they do have a long road ahead to establish themselves as one of the biggest and best seed banks. But everything we’ve observed about this seed bank has us feeling that they are headed in the right direction. Providing excellent customer service is WeedSeedsExpress’s number one priority. Their shipping is fast, free, discreet, and guaranteed, and all of the seeds they sell are sourced from their own experienced breeders, and every batch is tested to ensure quality. WeedSeedsExpress.com is incredibly user-friendly and it’s easy to browse their impressive selection to find the perfect strain for you.

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John knight
John knight
5 months ago

Ordered some pinkman goo seeds from weedseedsexpress it took 6-7 weeks to arrive. I opened up the package and it was full of crushed seeds. All seeds were crushed. Not even sure if they even shipped real seeds at all. I sent it all back to the P.O. Box listed and tried leaving messages several times. No reply. I called a few dozen times at all times of the day and no one answers. So I would not recommend Anyone to use them. Doesn’t seem like a real place and

3 months ago

Ordered three types of seed and within twenty days the nondescript package came fully intact in an almost indestructible cardboard envelope. A perfect delivery and without hesitation worthy of high praise. The seeds looked very healthy and i’m sure the end results will be every bit as pleasing.

2 months ago

Read all Great reviews about The Guyz there, Sounded Like it was a Legit Bank. Plus they Had The Xzact Strain I was looking For. Place Order in Early August to REC on 8/17, but, Due to Covid shipping would be longer than said. I could Understand that. So when ckn the order# it said Eta time was on 9/4. Well Today is 9/19 my BIRTHDAY still NOTHING! Emailed the Support team well NO RESPONSE. I did xzactly what LEON said to Do. Marc was trying to email Me. That was B/S! NO ORDER REC, NO EMAIL RESPONSE(5 TIMES). I… Read more »

20 days ago

I ordered from these guys first shipment didn’t turn up so I emailed them they recon they sent it again and surprise surprise they haven’t shown up AGAIN! do NOT order from these guys….

6 days ago

These guys aren’t legit. No tracking and cash by bank transfer or bitcoin are the only payment options so when your order doesn’t arrive you have no buyer protection. I ordered and it never arrived. They claim it was resent – again never arrived. Now they say if you are ordering weed seeds online you should expect to get ripped off. They offered to try one more attempt to send the order (although I suspect they never sent anything) or they will refund half my money -BUT only if I give them my name, BSB and account numbers. I asked… Read more »