Herbies Seeds Review 2024 – A Seedbank You Can Trust!

An in-depth review of one of the highest-ranking seed banks — Herbies Seeds. From its notable strengths to subtle weaknesses, you’ll know exactly what to expect from Herbies Seeds after reading this review.
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Reputation 9/10
Seeds 9.5/10
Service 9/10
Website 9.5/10
Payment 9/10
Shipping 10/10
Overall 9/10

If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in 2024 — you’ve definitely heard of Herbies Seeds.

From its humble beginnings to its recent change in management, Herbies Seeds is at the top of its game. Herbies steps up the seed industry by offering name-brand breeders and their own in-house line that pushes the THC limit.

Whether looking for award-winning strains, autoflowering masterpieces, or heavy-yielders, you’ll find everything you could ever dream of at Herbies. If global shipping, competitive pricing, and never-ending discount opportunities tickle your fancy, then keep reading to find out why Herbies outshines the rest.

A Brief History of Herbies Seeds

Before becoming a cannabis seed industry juggernaut, Herbies Headshop formed a humble beginning in the early 2000s in the UK.

As cannabis enthusiasts began to favor ordering marijuana seeds online — Herbies Headshop began its meteoric rise. During this period, Herbies Headshop rebranded into Herbies Seeds.

To better serve their global customer base, Herbies Seeds relocated to Alicante, Spain, in 2019 to ensure rapid delivery and overall legal compliance.

In 2021, Herbies Seeds made a significant splash by launching their own seed brand under the same name — Herbies Seeds.

Fast forward to the present, Herbies Seeds changed management and re-branded with a new logo while maintaining its positive reputation. In addition, Herbies recently launched a US division of the website called USA Express, where American shoppers can shop exclusively from the US facility for an expedited experience.

Herbies Seeds’ Stellar Reputation

Although we’ve crafted this review with the help of our long-term experience with Herbies Seeds, it’s important to note their overall reputation on the internet.

Herbies Seeds is talked about at GrassCity, 420Magazine, Rollitup, Reddit, and Trustpilot. The overwhelming number of reviews are positive, with a few accounts mentioning displeasure with out-of-stock items (which we’ll address further in this review).

In a relatively famous incident, Herbie’s 3,335 reviews and 4.7 out of 5 stars were *deleted* by Trustpilot because Herbies Seed Bank sells cannabis seeds rated over 0.2% THC.

With this information in hand, it’s clear that the cannabis community believes Herbies Seeds is legit. When forum members ask where the best seed bank to buy marijuana seeds is, it’s almost guaranteed that Herbies Seeds is mentioned.

Shopping Herbies’ Unique Seed Selection Has Never Been Easier

With over 800,000 (and counting) orders worldwide — there must be something that separates Herbies Seeds from the rest.

From easy-to-navigate UI to jaw-dropping seed offerings, we’re convinced that finding the perfect weed seeds is nearly guaranteed at Herbies Seed Bank.

Herbies’ Massive Selection of Cannabis Seeds

With over 3,000 cannabis seeds (and growing) — we’re hard pressed to find another competing seed bank that comes close to Herbies Seeds’ mind-blowing selection.

Additionally, we’re impressed by the fact that Herbies Seeds carries over 120 breeders. We love the fact that they have so many high-end breeder options, including DNA Genetics, Dinafem Seeds, and Herbies’ very own Herbies Seeds.

Furthermore, it’s incredible that Herbies posts insightful descriptions and pictures of each strain to make the selection process even easier.

Pricing That’s Hot to the Touch

At first, we thought our eyes were deceiving us.

Seed after seed, we were astounded by the seriously competitive and smoking hot pricing across the board. Herbies make it hard to shop anywhere else for this very reason.

For example, we found Blimburn Seeds’ Granddaddy Purple (6-pack) at Herbies for $49.52. If you check Blimburn Seed’s main website, you can’t find GDP for anything less than $61.

Ultimately, you’ll notice example after example of affordable pricing once you shop and buy cannabis seeds at Herbies Seed Bank in 2024.

Herbies Seed Banks’ Notable Strains, Select Breeders, and Quality Control

Herbies Seeds wows us whenever we’re ready to load up the shopping cart.

Below, we’ll point out notable and hard-to-find cannabis strains that are nearly impossible to find at other competing seed banks like MSNL or CropKing seeds.

Herbies’ In-House Seed Brand

Although we can’t get enough of all the different seed breeders at Herbies Seed Bank — we’re most excited about its in-house brand.

Since its initial rollout in 2021, Herbies Seeds has released some of the most head-turning strains in the industry. Most notably, Herbies released some of the most potent cannabis strains in history — Apple Betty (33% THC), Mimosa Shot (30% THC), and Grandmommy Purple (33% THC).

Not only did Herbies Seeds make a splash amongst our cannabis experts, but it also made waves at High Times. Ultimately, Herbies Seeds stepped up their game from seed reseller to seed producer — and we can’t be happier with the results.

Rare Cannabis Strains and Select Breeders Available at Herbies Seeds

Shopping at Herbies Seeds truly drives home the fact that not all online seed banks are created equal.

We feel a sense of exclusivity when loading our virtual shopping cart with seeds from hard-to-find breeders, such as Gage Green Genetics (GGG). Even major seed banks like MSNL and CropKing Seeds don’t carry the legendary GGG.

From Rhapsody in Blue to Baby Breath, Gage Green Genetics is renowned for its rare strains — and they are available at Herbies Seeds!

Another standout breeder that Herbies carries while other seed banks don’t is CannaBioGen. CannaBioGen specializes in landrace marijuana seeds. So, if you’re on the hunt for native cannabis seeds — Herbies Seeds carries Bangi Haze, Panama D.C., Caribe, and more from CannaBioGen.

Additional seed banks that caught our eye and applauded Herbies Seeds for carrying are Cali Connection Seeds, Ace Seeds, Devils Harvest Seeds, and DNA Genetics.

Herbies Seeds’ Quality Guarantee Meets the Mark

Herbies Seeds take quality to a whole new level with their quality guarantee.

Germination rates can make or break a brand’s reputation, and, luckily, Herbies Seeds has yet to let us down with any failed germination rates.

Although it’s challenging to achieve, we’ve experienced a 100% germination rate over the years while shopping with Herbies Seed bank.

The Herbies Website Experience

Herbies has done an excellent job creating a clean, easy-to-navigate website optimized to browse cannabis strains. The site is fast and minimalistic, so you can get around without waiting. In addition, the content isn’t watered down with excessive amounts of text, leaving you reading through information without really gaining any value. Promotions, key-selling points, and of course, pictures of flowering cannabis are at the center of the Herbie’s homepage.

Website Categories

It’s nearly impossible to navigate such an extensive inventory of cannabis strains. So, Herbies breaks the selection down into 5 main categories at the top menu of every page. The categories include:

  • Feminized Seeds – Consisting of Herbies entire feminized photoperiod collection with over 2500 strains
  • Autoflower Seeds – The autoflowering seed collection of over 900 varieties
  • Seed Finder – The entire inventory ready to be optimized with search filters
  • Collections – Herbies’ inventory broken down into subcategories such as fast flowering, cheap seeds, high CBD

Having multiple ways to search for seeds is a huge advantage when shopping at a massive seed bank like Herbies. We especially appreciate the collections to easily find strains that fit specific growing conditions and preferences, like indoor/outdoor seeds, indica/sativa, and cup winners.

The menu also has tabs for Promos, a blog, a help page, and a language/currency/shipping UI optimizer.

Herbies’ Search Tools Make Finding the Perfect Seed Strain Easy

When we shop at Herbies Seeds, we always find ourselves going down the rabbit hole in our seed search by harnessing the easy-to-use Collections page or Seed Finder tool. Once you are in the category you want to browse through, the search filters help you narrow the selection to precisely what you want to purchase.

Whether we’re searching for a specific cannabis type, such as a 30 + % THC strain or a broad range of cheap cannabis seeds — Herbies Seeds makes it easy to hone in on the perfect weed strain for our needs.

Although other notable seed banks have these features, Herbie’s tools are intuitive and easy to use, allowing easy strain hunting.


The Herbies blog is an excellent resource if you want to keep up with the internal changes at the seed bank and general cannabis-related content. With over 600 blog posts and multiple going up per month, the blog provides essential updates from the company, such as updated policies, shipping delays, and promotions. Herbies consistently uses the blog to keep the community up-to-date and offer complete transparency regarding internal business changes.

Check out the seed bank’s social media pages if you want other ways to engage with the Herbies community. The IG is a private page, and the FB account is a group, so your activity is protected from public view once accepted. You’ll find like-minded cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts that love growing and enjoying cannabis strains from Herbies.

Herbies USA Express

The latest significant development with the Herbies brand is the launch of USA Express. This division of Herbie’s menu is dedicated to the American cannabis cultivator with fast delivery times, 9 payment methods, and no customs issues. All cannabis seeds are legal in the US, thanks to recent clarification from the DEA, even those that will grow into high-THC plants. So, it’s only right that Herbies take advantage and curate an even more streamlined shopping experience for its American customers.

USA Express features feminized, autoflowering, and faster flowering strains ready to be delivered in just 46-72 hours. Herbies American division also features some of the best strains to grow in the USA, including Purple Haze Auto, Grandaddy Purple, GSC, and Bruce Banner Auto.

In total, USA Express currently has 168 feminized, 72 autoflower, and 23 fast-flowering strains. However, we expect the Herbies’ latest endeavor to grow as they get their footing. If you are in the US and don’t find the strain you’re looking for in USA Express, you can still order from the original Herbies menu; you just have to wait longer for the seeds to arrive coming from Europe.

How to Save Money at Herbies Seeds

Although we’re happy to pay top dollar for 30% THC seed strains — we also enjoy a break on the wallet.

Whether saving money via discounts and coupon codes or through free seeds, we’ve found the best ways to save money while buying marijuana seeds at Herbies Seed Bank in 2024.

Herbies’ Free Cannabis Seeds

If you’re like us, you love free stuff — especially when it comes in the form of cannabis seeds.

You’re eligible for one free cannabis seed with every order from Herbies Seeds. However, Herbies has a promotion where customers receive one free weed seed for every 20 EUR spent.

From Zkittlez to Gorilla Glue Auto and many more, Herbies routinely offers a wide variety of top-shelf seeds as freebies. Overall, it pays to spend a little extra to maximize your number of free cannabis seeds.

Ultimately, Herbies Seeds’ free cannabis seed promotion is an excellent way to experience new strains without paying full retail in 2024.

Discounts and Deals at Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds earns its high marks because they offer countless discount opportunities.

As cannabis cultivators, we’re prone to blowing massive sums of money on awesome-looking strains. However, money doesn’t grow on trees, and it’s necessary to save cash while buying top-shelf seeds.

We recommend heading to Herbies Seeds’ offers section, where they have their current list of promotional deals. For example, you can save up to 35% off Dinafem seeds and score big with free seeds when buying seeds from select breeders like Delicious Seeds and Expert Seeds.

We don’t like paying retail prices, and with Herbies, we’ve found that there’s always a deal around the corner.

Save Money With Herbies’ Mix Sale Seed Packs

Herbies Seeds offers mixed seed packs, one of the smartest ways to save money in our book.

Mix seed packs contain fifteen seeds from three unique strains. For example, the Dessert Mix Pack contains three delicious strains — including the 33% THC Apple Betty.

The total price for the Dessert Mix Pack at the time of writing is $76.42. Therefore, this discount prices each Apple Betty seed at $5. If you buy five Apple Betty seeds outside of this promotional deal, the cost per seed is $7.

It’s deals such as Herbies’ Mix Sale Seed Packs that we found to be the easiest way to maximize your savings while buying top-shelf strains.

Bonus Items at Herbies Seeds

One of the little-known perks of ordering weed seeds with Herbies Seed bank is their bonus program.

When we buy seeds from Herbies, we always try to spend a certain amount to maximize our bonuses — and you should too.

For example, when we spend 200 EUR, we receive 11 free seeds, a tube container, pruning shears, a stash container, a glass pipe w/ case, three sticker sets, a grinder, a reusable Ziploc bag, a keychain capsule, and a filter tips book.

Ultimately, you can offset costs elsewhere by using these bonus items to your advantage. However, bonus items are unavailable to addresses in the USA, Australia, Bulgaria, Estonia, or Germany.

Herbies Seeds Makes Payment a Breeze

Considering the many available payment methods, we believe that Herbies HQ took the “shut up and take my money” meme to heart.

Herbies accepts payments from cards, bank transfers, and, surprisingly, Bitcoin. Furthermore, Herbies Seeds accepts C.O.D. (cash on delivery) for select regions where you can pay the courier — what can be easier than that?

Having multiple options makes the payment process easy; however, it also increases the risk of spending more money!

Herbies Seeds’ Global Shipping

Herbies Seeds ships worldwide — a claim to fame that few online seed banks enjoy.

Regardless of your shipping address, you’ll find a stealthy package at your door within a short amount of time. While in Europe, we’ve received orders in as little as two days after we placed an order — now that’s fast.

However, the shipping speed depends on the shipping method and your location. For example, UK-based addresses may take 1-week.

Alternatively, we’ve ordered seeds to the US and received them promptly within three weeks. Although 3-weeks requires patience, it’s an easy choice due to the immense seed selection.

Herbies’ Stellar Seed Protection Method

Every time we order from Herbies Seed Bank, we receive our order in crush-proof packaging to prevent smashed seeds.

We’ve lost so many high-value seeds with competing seed banks in the past, so it’s a breath of fresh air every time we receive an order from Herbies.

Herbies Stealth Packaging Stands the Test of Customs

Stealth packaging is an incredibly important feature for thousands of customers worldwide.

When we order from Herbies Seeds, we always receive the seeds in an unmarked Jiffy envelope and a crush-proof container. However, stealth shipping means there won’t be any original breeder packaging — just the seeds.

With dozens of orders in the last few years, we’ve never had any of our packages delayed or seized by customs. Overall, Herbies Seeds is an excellent seed bank to buy marijuana seeds without worrying about your country’s customs agency.

Herbies Seeds’ Dedicated Customer Care Program

Although Herbies Seeds is renowned for providing rapid shipping and stellar products — what happens when things go wrong?

We took the time to see what Herbies Seeds does when things don’t go according to plan. For example, our freebie seeds were not included in a package on our most recent order.

We immediately contacted Herbies Seeds’ customer service and explained that our freebee seeds were missing. Within 10 minutes, the customer service specialist confirmed a new order with the missing seeds (plus a bonus seed for the mistake!) would be headed our way shortly.
It’s customer service gestures like this that we remember. Overall, Herbies’ customer care team always aims to make it right. If you don’t believe us, jump on Herbies’ website, where missing/crushed seed claims get answered right away by a customer service specialist.

Changes to Herbies’ Customer Service

Herbies has recently moved communication to WhatsApp, email, and live chat. Previously, you had to use a phone number specific to your country. Now all calls are directed through WhatsApp; while customer service is still available 24/7, you can only text.

Live Chat Prioritized

The recent change to further improve the customer service experience includes moving communication to the live chatbot on the Herbie’s website. You can still email and text through WhatsApp, but according to a blog post, live chat is the best way to reach a customer service representative. The change makes resolving issues faster, easier, and with fewer queues.

We’ve yet to see how this change goes over with the community. Hopefully, it will make the consumer experience even better. Let us know in the comments if you’ve engaged with Herbies customer service since the shift to live chat.

The Area Where Herbies Seeds Fell Short of Our Expectations

Herbies Seeds excels in practically every category that we can think of.

However, even giants such as Herbies have an Achilles Heel. The primary downside of Herbies Seeds is their constant out-of-stock issue.

It’s a real bummer when we’ve searched for an awesome strain only to find out it’s unavailable. However, there is a silver lining that ultimately saves Herbie’s reputation.

For example, if you search for Seedstockers’ Purple Punch seeds and find that they are sold out — Herbies carries Purple Punch seeds from Barney’s Farm, FastBuds, Sweet Seeds, Original Sensible Seeds, and Big Head Seeds.

So, although Herbies does have an out-of-stock issue — it’s remedied by the fact that they likely have the seeds you’re looking for but from a different breeder.

Ultimately, Herbies’ out-of-stock issue is a testament to their popularity in the cannabis community since most in-demand strains sell out instantly.


Ultimately, there’s nothing but positivity when it comes to Herbies Seeds.

Herbies ticks off every box cannabis cultivators could hope for, such as global shipping, high-end cannabis seeds, and competitive pricing. Herbies Seeds rips up the script by offering real name-brand seeds, not re-branded products — an aspect of their company that holds its weight in gold.

Although Herbies has a slight hiccup with out-of-stock issues, there’s always a replacement that shows how sought-after its products are.

Overall, Herbies Seeds is the first online seed bank we shop at because their business model, ethics, and vision have proven that they value their customers and move mountains to get cannabis seeds to your door.


  • Incredible seed stock from name-brand breeders
  • Top-shelf in-house seeds
  • Global shipping
  • Competitive pricing
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Deals, discounts, and bonuses around every corner
  • Established positive reputation
  • Multiple acceptable payment methods


  • Out-of-stock issues

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