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All About the Laws on Using, Possessing, Growing, and Buying Cannabis Seeds in Ireland.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in IrelandDespite the fact that cannabis is being legalized all over the world in various ways, Ireland is one country that is currently sticking to the old ways. Though cannabis has proven to be beneficial for plenty of people, the Irish government is seemingly less convinced of the fact. For now, cannabis and the cultivation of cannabis seeds are completely illegal in Ireland in almost every capacity with violations resulting in fines or even jail time. However, the once tight restrictions are appearing to slowly wane with the introduction of new programs within the country that are focused on medical marijuana usage. This might just pave the way for the legalization of cannabis seed cultivation within the country so that you can grow your very own bud!

When you look at the very vocal political opinion on cannabis usage within Ireland, it can seem like the country has absolutely no intent on moving towards legalization. Even so, 2019 has been the dawning of what might very well be a new era for the Irish government and their opinion towards marijuana. As this country moves towards the future, cannabis usage might very well be more accepted. For now, we are here to fill you in on the ins and outs of Irish law when it comes to marijuana usage and buying cannabis seeds in Ireland.

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The History of Cannabis in Ireland

Ireland’s history with marijuana is rather comparable to what we have seen in other European countries. For a while, it had not been made illegal yet, but there were still some opinions of what dangers it might pose. Ultimately, the government decided that cannabis was a dangerous substance, much like other countries. The result was that cannabis ended up being added to the list of potential problem substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act in 1977.

Throughout history, there have been some variations around this. As the growing pressure regarding medical marijuana use has continued to take the world by storm, many people have begun to pressure the government to adopt a more understanding approach to marijuana and the benefits that it might bring. Though the laws surrounding medical marijuana and derivative products has been largely handled on a case by case basis, the future looks a little brighter in Ireland for those looking to find relief.

NORML Ireland

Beginning in 2002, GW Pharmaceuticals was given permission to begin medical trials with certain cannabis-derived products. The licensing opportunity made it possible for products like Sativex to be used in hospitals with certain patients to meet their needs. After this, there still was not much change from the government regarding cannabis use, medical or otherwise, despite the public inquiries and pressure being placed on them from various pro-cannabis groups like NORML Ireland. These groups would love to see a future where cannabis products and the cultivation of cannabis seeds are legalized for personal use.

What Irish Law Says About buying, selling, possessing and growing cannabis and cannabis seeds

Currently, cannabis is still considered to be illegal in Ireland. The Misuse of Drugs act lists cannabis and all of its variations, including cultivated cannabis seeds, as a Schedule I substance. This means that it is legally clumped with various kinds of harder drugs. Though this is the case, the actual laws regarding marijuana use and possession are lighter for cannabis than other types of drugs listed within the act.

Under the Misuse of Drugs act, cannabis, cannabis seeds being actively grown regardless of size, and cannabis resin are all considered to be grounds for legal persecution. While most countries are more concerned about the actual substance rather than resin, Irish law finds you guilty for possession of either. In fact, when you are found with either of these things, the police can and will charge you immediately, even if you don’t have a notable amount of marijuana on you. While cannabis seeds themselves are considered to be legal at this point in time, cultivating them in any capacity is still currently illegal under Irish law.

How Marijuana Charges Work

The first thing that police will do when they catch you with marijuana is assess the situation to determine your intent with the substance. Irish law is very focused around intents when it comes to marijuana because it can determine what they charge you with and how they approach it. The distinguishing factor is determining whether the cannabis was intended for personal use or distribution in any capacity. In Ireland, the charges and repercussions for personal use in most cases are much lower than the ones for distribution or sale of marijuana, cultivation of marijuana seeds, or possession of marijuana derived products.

After it has been determined whether the marijuana at hand was intended for personal use or distribution, the police will refer to your record. People with previous charges of possession in any capacity can find themselves with higher charges and worse repercussions. While a person being caught for the first time might just find themselves with a fine, a person who has been charged previously might end up in some pretty hot water.

In the event that it is determined that the marijuana was intended for personal use, the government can impose a Class D fine. The result of this is a fine that can be up to 2500 euros if the person is convicted on the charge. While the amount might be unpleasant, this outcome is far better than risking jail time. This is also the outcome in the event that you receive a second possession of controlled drugs charge for cannabis possession.

Cannabis Seeds and the Assumption of Distribution

For those who are unfortunate enough to get any subsequent possession charges, Ireland treats this offense in the same way that it would a person who is caught growing or selling marijuana. Cannabis seeds are cause for penalization in Ireland in the event that they are being used for cultivation purposes. Though you can possess the cannabis seeds, growing them is an entirely different story. They are intended to be a novelty, not a viable drug source. Ireland has much stricter laws when it comes to distribution or cultivation of marijuana. The initial assessment includes a Class C fine, as well as up to 12 months of jail time. However, depending on the severity of the situation and how much marijuana you are growing, the sentences can actually be left up to the courts. This means that the courts might determine if they want to charge you for the actual plants being grown for personal use or for sale. This enables them to charge higher fines and impose up to 14 years in prison. It is not legal to personally cultivate marijuana or use cannabis seeds in this capacity. In fact, Irish law clumps marijuana cultivation in with the cultivation of opium poppies.

Medical Marijuana Nearing Legalization

A major change surrounding cannabis law in Ireland is the fact that Simon Harris, the Minister for Health, has signed into law a pilot program for medical marijuana usage. The exact details of this program have yet to be released, but it is said to last five years in total and will offer “compassionate access” to marijuana on a medical basis. The licenses and opportunities are only meant to be given to people who have not had success with other options including those with severe epilepsy or more severe problems. The laws are currently being changed to allow for the creation of cannabis products so that the pilot trial can begin. This is paving the way for cannabis seeds being used for personal cultivation to be allowed within Ireland. Though Ireland might be a way offer from having local cannabis seed banks that can be actively purchased from, it could be an evolution of the medical marijuana legalization. A change like this would allow people to take their health into their own hands by using cannabis seeds to grow their own marijuana.

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The Fight for Legalization and the Irish Government

At its current point, the Irish government is showing very little interest in marijuana beyond the point of complete necessity and there has been no actual talk regarding cannabis seeds or personal marijuana cultivation. Though the Minister for Health introducing the medical marijuana pilot program is certainly a step in the right direction, the general face of Irish government is still far from tolerant when it comes to the idea of legalizing marijuana. Earlier this year, rumors started circulating that Ireland was getting closer to legalizing marijuana but the Minister of Health was adamant that Ireland was nowhere near a complete legalization or decriminalization of cannabis use.

Ireland has a few groups like NORML Ireland that are pushing for the rights of cannabis users. These groups are hoping to put pressure on the government to change cannabis laws through the power of petition. However, these groups are proving to have fairly low amounts of success to date. Still, the new medical marijuana pilot program does come as a win, regardless of how limited it is.

Opposite to the belief that cannabis and the growing of cannabis seeds should be legalized in the country, some groups of people are more focused on the belief that the potential loosening of cannabis laws would be a fairly large problem. Some scientific experts in the community are upset by the idea that Ireland might someday become more tolerant of marijuana usage. These groups feel that cannabis is a gateway drug that might increase the risk of health problems among the people of Ireland.
Cannabis Legalization Demonstration in Ireland

Ireland’s Local Cannabis Industry

Since marijuana is completely illegal within Ireland, there is no true local industry for cannabis cultivation. This means that there are currently no legal establishments to buy cannabis seeds from that are actually intended for cultivation. Since people are selling these seeds as novelties instead of viable products, there is no guarantee regarding what the seeds will ultimately yield in terms of quality. Though people are undoubtedly cultivating and distributing weed, all of this is being done illegally. Cannabis seeds that are truly worthy of cultivation are likely going to come from black market sources. While some countries are known for having more formal examples of local industries within the population, Ireland’s is completely underground. In order to produce or sell cannabis within Ireland, you must be in direct violation of marijuana law. Even getting growing plants for cannabis seeds is not something that can legally be done, regardless of whether or not the seeds themselves can be sold.

Despite the fact that cannabis and the cultivation of cannabis seeds are illegal in Ireland, there will always be people growing and providing it to willing customers. These underground marijuana providers are operating in the same capacity that we might see anywhere else that cannabis is illegal. There are people who grow, import, and sell marijuana as well as high-quality cannabis seeds that are ready to be grown and will suit your needs.

With the pilot program for medical marijuana use, the Irish government will be working with certain groups to cultivate marijuana and marijuana derived products. However, there are laws that must be changed before this can happen. It is currently unclear if people will be reimbursed for these products when they purchase them for medical purposes, or if they are just going to be expected to pay out of pocket. There will be plenty of work to be done regarding the actual cultivation and distribution of cannabis to suit the medical needs. Currently, it seems likely that the cannabis products will follow suit with the experimental cannabis derivatives and will be provided through doctors and pharmacies.

Where You Can Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ireland

As always it is beneficial for cannabis users to refer to the laws of their local area prior to making any purchases regarding cannabis seeds. However, with the growing legalization of cannabis and the public interest that is spreading, many seed banks are looking to help deliver cannabis seeds to Ireland. There might not be any formal Irish seed banks, but there are plenty of places that can help you to obtain cannabis seeds.

There are plenty of amazing seed banks that ship to Ireland as well as other places around the globe. We are of the opinion that the best two around are MSNL and Crop King Seeds. They both offer discreet shipping and multiple payment methods.

The Local Cannabis Culture

Ireland has a cannabis culture that is only growing in size as cannabis use becomes more globally successful. Now that various countries and areas within them are beginning to legalize cannabis, users all around the world are beginning to rise up and demand their rights. Within Ireland, there is an existing cannabis culture with the use rates being equal to those in Amsterdam. In a report, 25% of Irish citizens reported that they had tried or used marijuana in some capacity throughout their lives.

For now, the cannabis culture within Ireland seems like a viable community that is only expecting to grow with time. In fact, the interest in cannabis products and the cultivation of cannabis seeds is growing as well. In many countries, large amounts of citizens are known to disagree with cannabis use until they begin to see the lack of harm that it brings to a community. Existing users and shifting laws in other places can always impact how the cannabis culture shifts, particularly in reference to approval ratings among the populace. Stories like those that of Tristan Forde, a toddler who got a legal exemption to continue cannabis use to treat his epilepsy while remaining closer to his family, are known to improve the overall perception of cannabis within an area. As more people become more interested in the potential uses for cannabis, it seems likely that they will want to take matters into their own hands with cannabis seeds and personal cultivation.

The Future of the Irish Cannabis Industry

Looking to the future of the cannabis industry, it seems like 2020 might be the start of change within the country now that the pilot program should be formally starting up. In many cases, the introduction of programs like this are beneficial for showing people that cannabis is not going to break down the country as they know it. In fact, as more people realize that cannabis and growing cannabis seeds are harmless, the approval rating is likely to increase, which can lead to more pressure on the government to offer further legalization opportunities. For now, cannabis is still illegal. However, medical legalization might prove to be the foot in the door that cannabis needs.
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