Attitude Seeds Review 2020

Attitude SeedBank, Marijuana seed resellers. United Kingdom.
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Reputation 8.5/10
Seeds 8.5/10
Service 8/10
Website 8/10
Payment 7/10
Shipping 9/10
Overall 8/10

Attitude Seed Bank has been a major player in the cannabis industry for many years now, and have managed to build up a trusted and reputable brand for themselves. When a customer buys Attitude seeds, they do so because they know that they will get a quality product, exactly what they ordered, and their seeds will be shipped safely and securely. Another bonus for Attitude Seed Bank is that they ship worldwide and accept multiple currencies, so this high level of customer service and care is available for anyone to experience.

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Attitude Seed Bank Web Experience

At first glance, the Attitude Seed Bank website can seem a little jarring. The home page is filled to the brim with bright colors, loud text, and plenty of pictures. I guess they just have a lot to say! But, if you can get past that initial shock, the rest of the website is actually a lot more subdued and very user-friendly. You can search for seeds by breeder or brand, by type, or even by cannabis cup results.

The website has a dedicated promotions tab filled with all of the sales and offers that are currently running. As I write this, there are no less than 35 offers on that page, so you’re bound to find a good deal. They also have a helpful FAQ page to answer any of your questions, a Contact form to speak to them directly, and a very interesting blog.

Attitude Seeds Selection

Attitude Seed Bank has more than 2,000 strains available for sale in its online shop. That’s quite a selection! If you can’t find something you like out of that many strains, there might be something wrong with you. Really though, the selection here is nothing to shake a stick at and even the most discerning of marijuana connoisseurs would be impressed. They carry autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds of most well-known and underrated strains.

Attitude Seeds Quality

Of course the quality rating will depend on the individual strain as well as your individual tastes, but overall, Attitude Seed Bank maintains a very high quality standard. They do not breed their own strains, so they are limited in that aspect of quality control, but they do deliver seeds in the original breeder’s packaging so that buyers can be sure that they’re really getting exactly what they ordered.

Attitude Seed Bank acts as a marijuana curator, selling only the strains that meet their standards, but they aren’t testing each and every seed that comes through their doors, so there is always the possibility of a bad batch being distributed. If this was the case though, I think their strong customer service department would step up to fix the issue. Where they excel is in stealthy, fast, worldwide shipping and customer service.

Because of these strengths, buying strains you know you already like bred by breeders you trust through Attitude Seed Banks is the way to go. Why not buy them directly from the breeder? Maybe they don’t ship toy our country, or shipping is too slow, not stealthy enough, or their “customer service” department doesn’t really care about customer satisfaction. This is where Attitude Seed Bank can step in to solve all of those problems.

Paying For Your Order – Attitude Seedbank

Unfortunately, payment options for Attitude Seed Bank are still quite limited. They accept credit and debit except for Mastercard from international customers, and money orders from customers within the UK. They do not accept Bitcoin payments or even PayPal. As you can see, this severely limits the number of people who would be willing and able to purchase from them. If Attitude Seed Banks really wanted to see a boom in customer numbers, they would implement more payment systems. At least PayPal, but ideally Bitcoin as well. This is one area in which they are severely lacking and it may cause them to fall behind other top seed banks if they don’t change their ways soon.


Stealthy, quick shipping is a specialty of this seedbank, and they can ship to any country in the world. Though I won’t reveal their exact methods for obvious reasons, I will say that they are extremely effective. Confiscations are rare, and most of the time you’ll have your order in your hands within two weeks.

They offer basic stealth shipping, or you can pay extra for an extra-discreet package that is shipped with a souvenir like a T shirt or mug to throw customs officers off the scent. In my opinion, it is always worth it to choose this option, even though it is a little bit pricey. The chances of it passing unnoticed through international customs is much greater this way. Plus, you get a cool souvenir as a bonus!

Overall – Attitude Seeds Review 2020

Overall, Attitude Seed Bank is a pretty good place to shop. Its main strengths are its worldwide stealth shipping and its customer service department. When you buy with them, you know you’ll be getting the right seeds in a timely fashion or else it will be made up to you by customer service. The area they desperately need to improve on is their payment policies. Modern customers simply need more options that protect their identity better or they will be unwilling to buy. Add a Bitcoin payment option, and Attitude Seed Bank could rise to the top of the charts.
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Attitude seeds charged me three times for same product on my credit card. That was in 11/19. Just received one payment back so far. 1/20