A Guide to Cannabis Nutrients – How to Properly Feed Your Plants and Which Fertilizers to Use

Use this guide to build the best marijuana nutrient lineup for the 2024 growing season and ensure optimal feeding for your weed plants.

Best Marijuana Nutrients Cover Photo

Whether you grow weed in soil or hydroponics — your crop needs nutrients.

From bumper crop yields to healthy marijuana plants, cannabis-specific nutrients are the key to unlocking your green potential. Therefore, you need to get your hands on the best cannabis fertilizer possible.

Below, we’ve crafted in-depth reviews of the best nutrients for weed plants. Once you finish reading these reviews, you’ll have the perfect nutrient lineup ready for the 2024 growing season.

The Best Cannabis Nutrients – Summary

The Best Cannabis Nutrients
Product Rating More Info
Best For HydroponicsAdvanced Nutrients pH Perfect BundleAdvanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bundle
Price: 10/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 10/10
[Read Review]
Best For SoilFox Farm Trio Nutrient Formula
Price: 9.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 9/10
[Read Review]
Best For Coco CoirAdvanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bundle
Price: 8.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10
[Read Review]
Best Bloom BoosterAdvanced Nutrients Big Bud
Price: 9/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 9.5/10
[Read Review]
Best Cal/MagBotanicare Cal/Mag
Price: 10/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 9.5/10
[Read Review]
Best Root StimulatorGreat White Mycorrhizae
Price: 9.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10
[Read Review]
Best Micro NutrientGeneral Hydroponics FloraMicro
Price: 10/10
Quality: 9/10
Usability: 9.5/10
[Read Review]
Best Vitamin SolutionSuperthrive
Price: 9/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10
[Read Review]

What are Cannabis Nutrients?

Cannabis nutrient is food specially formulated for marijuana plants.

Marijuana nutrients are critical to all stages of the cannabis life cycle — from seedling to harvest. From vibrant green leaves to massive flowers drenched in trichomes, cannabis nutrients are the fuel that maximizes the potential of weed plants.


Like all plants, marijuana requires a carefully crafted mixture of macronutrients. The most notable macronutrients are

  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Potassium (K)

When you observe cannabis nutrient packaging, you’ll notice the N-P-K values directly on the label. However, N-P-K values are not the only nutrients used in the cultivation of weed.


Secondary nutrients, also known as micronutrients, play a pivotal role in cannabis plant health and overall yield.

Here are a few examples of micronutrients necessary for healthy marijuana plants:

  • Iron (Fe)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Zinc (Zn)

Therefore, you must buy appropriate nutrients that contain all the micro and macronutrients needed for cannabis cultivation.

If you’d like to learn more about cannabis nutrient values, head over to our Grow Guide for more information.

The Three Different Types of Cannabis Nutrients

As you’ll soon understand, there are multiple types of marijuana-based nutrients.

Understanding the difference between the three types is crucial for your crop’s success. If you fail to feed your marijuana plant with the proper nutrients — your crop may not survive the cycle.

Therefore, read the below information with care to ensure you buy the right cannabis nutrients for the 2024 growing season.

Soil-Based Marijuana Nutrients

If you grow cannabis plants in dirt — you need cannabis nutrients specially formulated for the dynamics of soil.

From bagged soil to dirt from your backyard — soil is the most common substrate to grow marijuana plants in. Remember, most nutrient products provide labeling that specifies if the product is compatible with soil or not.

In any case, continue reading below for our preferred cannabis nutrients for weed grown in soil.

Hydroponics-Based Cannabis Nutrients

Nutrients made for hydroponics-based systems are unique because they are immediately available for plant uptake.

In other words, hydroponics-based cannabis nutrients are salt-based. If you’re growing cannabis in hydro — continue reading below for our reviews of the best hydroponics-specific nutrient blends.

Coco-Coir-Based Cannabis Nutrients

Coco coir is unique because it’s not considered soil or hydroponics.

As such, coco coir is a hybrid substrate that offers the best of both worlds. However, due to the chemical properties of coco coir — nutrients must be specially formulated to avoid problems with potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Below, you’ll find an in-depth review of the best nutrients for coco-based substrates.

Our Top-Rated Brands for Cannabis-Specific Nutrients

Before we dive into our hands-on reviews — here’s an upfront look at our most recommended brands for cannabis nutrients.

  • Advanced Nutrients
  • Botanicare
  • General Hydroponics
  • Fox Farm
  • Plant Success
  • Humboldt Secret
  • Clonex
  • House and Garden
  • Superthrive

Although this list of brands is not exhaustive — it represents top-rated cannabis nutrient brands and products that we review below.

How Do You Choose the Best Marijuana Fertilizer?

If you want to buy the best cannabis nutrients for your upcoming grow — you need to answer a few questions to put you in the right direction.

What Medium Do You Plan to Grow Cannabis in?

This is the most important question because it determines the type of cannabis nutrient you need.

Are you growing in hydroponics, soil, or coco?

If you are growing cannabis in a Rockwool block — you need to buy hydroponics-based nutrients. Alternatively, cultivators growing weed in soil will need, you guessed it, soil-specific nutrients.

Lastly, cultivators growing cannabis in coco coir can use hydroponics or soil-specific nutrients. However, it’s best to buy a coco-specific nutrient product that’s formulated to overcome coco’s inherent issues with calcium uptake.

What Cannabis Strain(s) Are You Growing?

Not all cannabis strains are equal.

Whereas an indica-dominant hybrid can eat as much nutrient as you can throw at it, a sativa landrace may explode in deficiencies the moment you feed it.

In other words, cannabis strains, like people, have preferences. In this case, it’s necessary to do research on cannabis strains you intend to grow to ensure the proper cannabis nutrient formula.

If you want insight on the grow difficulty and feeding tips of popular cannabis strains, head over to The Best Cannabis Seeds.

Do You Prefer a Cannabis Nutrient Kit or Standalone Products?

Nearly all cannabis nutrient manufacturers give consumers the choice of nutrient bundles (kits) or standalone products.

In general, standalone products allow cultivators to customize their nutrient lineup. Alternatively, cultivators can select nutrient kits that contain a bundle of products.

Ultimately, complete cannabis nutrient kits are preferred among beginner growers because it keeps novices on the right track. Alternatively, experienced marijuana cultivators can choose standalone nutrient products to customize their feeding schedule.

What is Your Budget?

Depending on the brand or product, bottled cannabis nutrients can be downright expensive.

Overall, 1-liter bottles of cannabis nutrients can cost between $40-150. Depending on the number of cannabis plants and how much your marijuana crop consumes — a 1-liter bottle may not last an entire grow cycle — let alone the vegetative phase.

Alternatively, bagged fertilizer that contains all the necessary nutrients for marijuana grown in soil is relatively cheaper than bottled nutrients.

For example, a 12-quart package of high-quality bagged fertilizer costs less than $20.

Do You Need Additives?

If you want to max out your cannabis crop’s potential — you’re going to want additives.

Additives come in many names, such as

  • Bloom boosters
  • Root stimulators
  • Vitamin supplement

Overall, additives are an excellent addition to your cannabis nutrient quiver. From oversized buds to insane resin production, additives offer explosive potential when used correctly.

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself if you want to introduce additives to your cannabis garden.

Considering Your Marijuana Fertilizer Options

As you can see — there are many aspects to consider when buying fertilizer for cannabis plants.

Luckily, we’ve put in the leg work and tested many different brands that produce specially-formulated nutrients for marijuana plants. From bundles to stand-alone products, we’ve crafted in-depth reviews of the best weed nutrients on the market.

The 8 Best Marijuana Nutrient Reviews

1. Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bundle

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bundle
Price: 10/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 10/10

Best Cannabis Nutrient Kit for Hydroponics: An extraordinarily easy-to-use fertilizer that makes growing weed in hydro a dream come true thanks to its perfectly balanced pH and nutrient ratio.

The Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bundle is rated as our best cannabis nutrient kit for hydroponics because it makes growing top-shelf weed in hydro easier than ever.

The NPK Ratio of the Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bundle

  • Grow (1-0-4)
  • Micro (2-0-0)
  • Bloom (1-3-4)

My Experience With Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect Bundle

When I first heard that Advanced Nutrients was releasing a product for hydro growers that didn’t need a pH pen — I was floored.

As if a blessing from the hydro gods, I immediately bought AN’s pH Perfect Bundle to experience pure hydroponic simplicity.

The selling point of Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect Bundle is that you don’t need to use a pH pen because it maintains a pH range of 5.5-6.2 (depending on water quality).

In other words, nothing gets easier than this, which is why I sprang at the chance to experience the pH Perfect Bundle in a recent garden.

Start to Finish With Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect Bundle

For this grow, I was cultivating 8 Feminized Gorilla Glue plants from seed.

When using new nutrients, I always cut the recommended dosage in half to protect my young cannabis plants from nutrient burn. So, for Week 1 of vegetative growth, I mixed 2mL of each base nutrient (Grow, Micro, and Bloom) into 4-liters (1-gallon) of water.

To verify, I used my pH meter to verify and found the pH was sitting at 5.5, thus proving the pH perfect aspect of this fertilizer kit.

By following the Advanced Nutrients’ nutrient calculator, my Gorilla Glue garden was exploding in green growth by Week 4. Once I switched over to flowering — it was time to adjust the nutrient calculator for 9-weeks of flowering.

As each week ticked by, I was floored by the size of the Gorilla Glue flowers. From massive calyxes to blinding trichome production, the 3-part nutrient system from AN was indeed perfect.

● Perfectly calibrated pH for hydroponics
● Ideal nutrient ratio for all stages of growth
● Affordable
● Reputable brand name
● Money back guarantee
● Easy to use
● Huge yields

Final Thoughts For Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bundle

If you’re looking for the easiest nutrient solution for hydroponic weed gardens — look no further than AN’s outrageously effective pH Perfect Bundle.

2. Fox Farm Trio Nutrient Formula

Price: 9.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 9/10

Best Cannabis Nutrient Kit for Soil: Long-lasting trio of products that contain everything your cannabis plants need to pump out top-shelf buds when growing in soil.

The Fox Farm Trio Nutrient Formula is rated as the best cannabis nutrient kit for soil because it offers a stunning formula that produces healthy cannabis crops and massive flowers never-before-seen by cultivators in soil.

The NPK Ratio of the Fox Farm Trio Nutrient Formula

  • Grow Big (6-4-4)
  • Big Bloom (0-0.5-0.7)
  • Tiger Bloom (2-8-4)

My Experience With Fox Farm’s Trio Nutrient Formula

Fox Farm is one of the OGs of the cannabis industry before states began legalizing medical and recreational cannabis.

Therefore, I’ve always been a fan of Fox Farm because they’ve been around for a long time helping cultivators grow the best weed possible.

The Trio Nutrient Formula is not only organic certified, but it produces some of the biggest buds I’ve ever seen in soil. Below, I’ll recount what it’s like to grow top-shelf weed with Fox Farm’s Trio Nutrient Formula.

Start to Finish With Fox Farm Trio Nutrient Formula

For this grow, I was cultivating 4 Feminized Jack Herer plants from seed.

By timing my outdoor garden just right, I planted each Jack Herer seedlings in a 100-gallon fabric pot. I immediately began the 1st Week’s vegetative regimen with a full-strength dose of Big Bloom.

After Week 1 of veg, I combined a full dose of both Big Bloom and Grow Big for Weeks 2-4. During this time, I witnessed my Jack Herer plants skyrocket in size and greenery.

I continued this regimen for another four weeks until it was time for nature to do its magic. With autumn on the way, my Jack Herers began their pre-flowering stage and it was time to adjust the feeding schedule.

For the first 5-weeks of flowering, the feeding schedule called for full doses of the complete trio (Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, and Grow Big). However, I stopped using Grow Big after Week 5 while continuing Tiger and Big Bloom.

By Week 8 — my Jack Herer plants were falling over with an insane amount of resin dripping from the flowers. After a flush at Week 9 — it was time to harvest one of my biggest yields to date.

If you need a feeding schedule to follow — head over to the nutrient calendar here.

● Ideal nutrient ratio for cannabis plants in soil
● 3-part nutrient for all stages of growth
● Highly concentrated formula rich with necessary nutrients
● Healthy plants and massive yields
● Affordable
● Easy to use and does not require a pH pen

Final Thoughts For Fox Farm Trio Nutrient Formula

Overall, the Fox Farm Trio Nutrient Formula is the perfect solution for beginners and professionals growing weed in soil.

3. Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bundle

Price: 8.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10

Best Cannabis Nutrient Kit for Coco Coir: Unbeatable design that’s specially formulated to solve the Ca/Mg problem that’s inherent in coco coir while pushing your weed crop’s yield beyond the limit.

The NPK Ratio of the Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bundle

  • Grow Part A (3-0-0)
  • Grow Part B (1-2-4)
  • Bloom Part A (4-0-0)
  • Bloom Part B (0-4-5)

My Experience With Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Coco Bundle

Coco coir is one of the most rewarding mediums to grow weed in.

However, I’ve come to learn that magnesium and calcium deficiencies are par for the course unless treated with Cal/Mag during the veg stage. Once I heard Advanced Nutrients released their Sensi Coco Bundle — I knew it was time to ditch the pH meter and Cal/Mag behind in return for pure simplicity.

Start to Finish With Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bundle

For this grow, I chose to cultivate 4 Feminized Power Plant seeds due to their impressive yield and growth potential.

According to Advanced Nutrients’ Nutrient Calculator — I mixed 4mL of Grow A and B (each) into 4-liters of water. Thanks to my RO system, the pH Perfect capability of AN’s Sensi Coco nutrients landed right on 5.5 pH.

After monitoring my cannabis crop for any signs of nutrient burn — I continued to follow AN’s Nutrient Calculator for the next 5-weeks of vegetative growth.

Once I switched my grow lights over to 12/12 — I simultaneously moved over to Sensi Bloom A and B.

The simplicity of following AN’s recommended feeding schedule significantly reduced my overall workload. From Week 1 to Week 7 of flowering, I followed AN’s schedule to the T and the flowers were exploding with weight, resin, and color.

Power Plant is a heavy feeder, which is why I felt comfortable providing the recommended dosage provided by Advanced Nutrients. However, always monitor your cannabis plants for early warning signs of nutrient burn!

Once harvest time came, I was stunned to find ounces of top-shelf weed decked from top to bottom with sticky resin.

● Grow and Bloom bottles are all you need from start to finish
● Perfectly crafted for cannabis plants in coco coir
● Reputable brand name
● pH perfect design reduces the need for a pH pen
● Extremely easy to use

Final Thoughts For Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bundle

If you’re sick and tired of pH pens and a complicated feed schedule for coco coir — grab Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Coco Bundle and make life easier.

The only issue we found was the fact that the Sensi Coco Bundle performs best with RO water. If you don’t use RO water you will need to double-check your pH readings with a pH meter.

Aside from the RO factor, the Sensi Coco Nutrient Kit from AN is a game-changer for anyone cultivating marijuana in coco.

4. Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Price: 9/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 9.5/10

Best Bloom Booster for Cannabis: Loaded to the brim with P and K, Big Bud is the go-to catalyst for massive flowers covered in juicy trichomes.

Advanced Nutrients’ Big Bud is rated as our best bloom booster for cannabis because it offers a massive dose of P and K without harming marijuana plants and significantly boosting yield.

The NPK Ratio of the Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

  • Big Bud (0-1-3)

My Experience With Advanced Nutrients’ Big Bud

Every cannabis cultivator has one goal — yield as much high-quality bud as possible.

Therefore, bloom boosters are an essential piece of the cannabis nutrient quiver. Since I have extensive experience using Advanced Nutrients — it’s no wonder why I reach for their popular Big Bud booster for every grow.

Whether I cultivate weed in coco, soil, or pure hydro — Big Bud is there to get my flowers where they need to be: massive, juicy, dense, and top-shelf.

Start to Finish With Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

For this grow, I was growing eight OG Kush clones with the pH Perfect Bundle from Advanced Nutrients.

As the vegetative phase and beginning of the flowering stage went off without a hitch — it was time to pump up the flowers with liquid Big Bud.

According to the back of the Big Bud bottle — you must begin applying 2mL of Big Bud per liter of water at the beginning of Week 2 during the flowering stage. Once Week 2 came and went, I did the exact same feeding schedule during Weeks 3 and 4.

After Week 4 was over, I stopped feeding Big Bud to my OG Kush crop. As I resumed my regular feeding schedule during Week 5, I immediately noticed an explosion of pistils and calyx growth across the canopy.

By Week 8, the OG Kush canopy was packed with ultra-dense flowers exuding the most ridiculous Pine-Sol aroma I’ve ever experienced. Come harvest time — I was greeted by pounds of OG Kush flowers that resembled golf balls.

● Significantly increases the size of cannabis flowers
● High concentration of P and K
● Easy to use
● Long-lasting
● Can be used in soil, hydro, or coco
● Crafted from high-end material
● Reputable brand name

Final Thoughts For Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and reliable bud booster — look no further than Advanced Nutrients Big Bud.

By using Big Bud, you won’t risk burning your cannabis plants when used correctly. You can say goodbye to small yields and hello to oversized harvests once you grab a bottle of Big Bud!

5. Botanicare Cal/Mag

Price: 10/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 9.5/10

Best Cal/Mag for Cannabis: Sets the foundation for an advanced nutrient system by adding a necessary dose of Ca/Mg to ensure your cannabis crop reaches its peak.

Botanicare’s Cal/Mag is rated as the best Ca/Mg supplement for cannabis because it offers the perfect dose of two critical, yet underserved, macronutrients for marijuana plants.

The NPK Ratio of Botanicare Cal/Mag

  • Cal/Mag (2-0-0)

My Experience With Botanicare Cal/Mag

After a few unsuccessful cannabis cycles, I realized I was experiencing a frustrating combination of calcium, magnesium, and iron deficiencies.

If you’ve never seen a Fe, Ca, or Mg deficiency — you’re in for a wild ride. To the untrained eye, Fe, Mg, and Ca deficiencies look alike. However, they can be solved by using a simple product from Botanicare.

Thus, I ordered a bottle of Botanicare Cal/Mag and said goodbye to Ca, Mg, and Fe deficiencies forever.

Start to Finish With Botanicare Cal/Mag

For this grow, I was cultivating six Feminized Do-Si-Dos plants from seed with the full-lineup of Botanicare’s Pure Blend Pro.

For the best results, you must have a pH meter to ensure the pH ranges between 5.5-6.2 (hydro) and 6.2-7.0 (soil).

By following Botanicare’s simple Feed Chart — I began using liquid Cal/Mag from the beginning of Week 1 (vegetative) to Week 9 (flowering). In other words, I used Cal/Mag throughout the entire grow cycle to ensure my cannabis crop never suffered from a Ca, Mg, or Fe deficiency.

If you follow Botanicare’s Cal/Mag Feed Sheet, you’ll find lush cannabis plants that perform at their optimal level. By reducing the possibility of deficiencies, my Do-Si-Dos crop was incredibly healthy from start to finish.

Once harvest time came — I found a canopy that was chock-full of bottle-sized buds and caked in frost. Since this experience, my mantra has been: when in doubt — Cal/Mag it out!

● Reduces the chance of lockout
● Increases overall health of cannabis plants
● Boosts flower production
● Can be used in hydro, soil, or coco
● Fix and reduce deficiencies
● Can be used as a foliar spray

Final Thoughts For Botanicare Cal/Mag

If you don’t want to risk your cannabis crop to frustrating deficiencies — it’s time to buy a bottle of Cal/Mag from Botanicare.

Calcium, iron, and magnesium are crucial nutrients that your cannabis plants crave — so don’t leave them hanging!

6. Great White Mycorrhizae

Price: 9.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10

Best Root Stimulator for Cannabis: Massive dose of beneficial fungi increases root development for stronger and healthier cannabis plants.

Great White Mycorrhizae is rated as the best root stimulator for cannabis because it produces explosive root development for healthier cannabis plants and bigger buds.

The Ingredients of Great White Mycorrhizae

  • Endomycorrhiza (9 different species)
  • Ectomycorrhiza (7 different species)
  • Bacteria (15 different species)

My Experience With Great White Mycorrhizae

All plants, including cannabis, have profound interactions with bacteria and fungi.

In the case of Great White Mycorrhizae, this product provides up to 31 different species of fungi and bacteria to optimize root development and overall plant health.

After reading multiple studies regarding the beneficial nature of bacterial and fungal interactions with plant roots — I knew it was high time to grab a bottle of Great White Mycorrhizae.

Start to Finish With Great White Mycorrhizae

For this grow, I felt it was fitting to grow 10 Feminized Great White cannabis plants indoors and in soil.

According to the directions, I lightly dusted the seeds with Great White Mycorrhizae and used the paper towel method for germination. After a 100% germination rate, it was time to transplant my newly-emerged seedlings.

I followed the directions for transplanting and lightly dusted the new container with a fresh coat of Great White Mycorrhizae. Within 24-hours, it was clear that my new transplants rebounded without any notable signs of transplant shock.

Furthermore, I noticed the roots were thicker and whiter than usual, which was a welcome sign. As my cannabis crop progressed, it was clear that they were consuming cannabis nutrients at an optimal rate.

Before I sent my Great White crop into the flowering stage, I added 5-grams of Great White Mycorrhizae in 2-gallons of water and applied it to each plant.

From the onset of pistils to the final bulking stage late in the flowering stage — it was clear that the Great White Mycorrhizae catapulted flower production by optimizing the cannabis-fungi-bacteria-nutrient relationship.

By the time I harvested pounds of top-shelf weed — I was convinced that I would never grow weed without Great White Mycorrhizae again!

Marijuana Seeds Germination Paper Towel Technique

● Increases root size for seedlings, clones, and all other life stages
● Easy to use
● Long-lasting
● Can be used in hydro, coco, or soil
● Increases bud size
● Boosts plant growth
● Increases nutrient uptake

Final Thoughts For Great White Mycorrhizae

If you’re ready to experience the endo-ecto-bacteria fertilizer of the century — look no further than Great White Mycorrhizae to supercharge the root system for the biggest yield you’ve ever seen.

7. General Hydroponics FloraMicro

Price: 10/10
Quality: 9/10
Usability: 9.5/10

Best Micro Nutrient for Cannabis: Loaded with essential micronutrients, FloraMicro is the go-to product for beginners and professionals alike to ensure a thriving weed garden.

The General Hydroponics FloraMicro is the best micronutrient supplement for cannabis because it’s loaded with everything your cannabis plants need to fight against deficiencies and lockouts.

The NPK Ratio of General Hydroponics FloraMicro

  • FloraMicro (5-0-1)

My Experience With General Hydroponics FloraMicro

When it comes to cannabis nutrients — no product bundle acts as a silver bullet for every circumstance.

I’ve experienced many nutrient lockouts and deficiencies in my time as a marijuana cultivator, which is why I now always keep a bottle of GH’s FloraMicro on hand at all times.

Since I grow a wide range of cannabis strains — FloraMicro provides the necessary boost in essential micronutrients to safeguard my crop. Let’s discuss how I use General Hydroponics’ FloraMicro below.

Start to Finish With General Hydroponics FloraMicro

During this grow, I was using the full-line of General Hydroponics Trio Kit, which comes equipped with FloraMicro.

According to General Hydroponics’ Flora Series Feed Chart, I added between 4mL and 6mL of liquid FloraMicro throughout the entirety of my Feminized Girl Scout Cookie Grow.

Adding FloraMicro once per week ensured rapid and green growth across the cannabis canopy. Never did I encounter a lockout or nutrient deficiency while following the Feed Chart provided by GH.

● Packed with critical micronutrients for cannabis plants
● Increases yield
● Boosts crop health
● Reduces possibility of deficiencies
● Decreases the chance of lockout
● Can be used in any type of media
● Easy to use

Final Thoughts For General Hydroponics FloraMicro

Whether you use FloraMicro in the GH Trio Bundle or as a standalone product — it prevents and solves lockout and nutrient deficiencies in the blink of an eye.

If you’re ready to give your weed plants everything they crave — grab a bottle of General Hydroponics FloraMicro and take your cultivation game to the next level.

8. Superthrive

Price: 9/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10

Best Vitamin Solution for Cannabis: Known as the ultimate vitamin boost, Superthrive is the all-in-one-solution to elevate your cannabis crop’s overall health.

Superthrive is rated as the best vitamin solution for cannabis because it offers many essential vitamins to promote healthy growth and heavy flowering.

The Ingredients of Superthrive

  • Total Nitrogen (0.5%)
  • Vitamin B1
  • 1-Naphthyl Acetic Acid

My Experience With Superthrive

There isn’t a grow that I embark on without a bottle of Superthrive.

Ever since I first used it (years ago), Superthrive has brought cannabis plants back from the dead. Not only has it brought plants back from the brink, but it’s an essential tool for combating transplant shock and other high-stress situations.

Below, I’ll discuss a recent cannabis grow while using Superthrive.

Start to Finish With Superthrive

Recently, I was growing six White Rhino cannabis plants gifted by a close friend.

When I received them, the White Rhino clones weren’t looking too hot. Therefore, I mixed up the recommended dose on the back of the label of the Superthrive bottle and fed my new cannabis clones.

The next morning, I saw healthy green growth sprouting from the apex and leaves praying to the CFL. Next, it was time to transplant the White Rhino clones into their new home (10-gallon containers).

Once again, I mixed the recommended dose from Superthrive and fed the plants after completing the transplant process. Lo and behold — the next day, each White Rhino was reaching for the light from the LED system.

For the next 4-months, I used Superthrive once per month as a general upkeep routine. During these periods, I noticed increased nutrient uptake and overall fast growth. As the flowering cycle came and went — I was surprised to see White Rhino blow away my expectations in terms of yield.

● Suitable for all stages of growth
● Can be used as a foliar spray
● Reduces transplant shock and other stressors
● Can be used for rooting clones or seedlings
● Easy to use
● Non-toxic ingredients

Final Thoughts For Superthrive

Superthrive provides vitamins and plant hormones that aren’t found in most cannabis nutrients.

By using Superthrive, you’ll unlock your cannabis plant’s yield potential. Furthermore, Superthrive is the secret weapon to reduce stress in cannabis plants, resulting in healthier (and happier) weed plants.

From rock-bottom pricing to ease of use — there’s no reason not to buy Superthrive!

Common Issues With Cannabis Nutrients

What is Cannabis Nutrient Burn?

Nutrient Burn Cannabis
Nutrient burn is a common symptom of overfeeding weed plants.

The primary symptoms of cannabis nutrient burn are:

  • Burned (brown) leaf tips
  • Leaves curled upward or downward
  • Twisted leaves

Usually, however, cannabis plants provide warning signs that nutrient burn is about to occur. The early-stage symptoms of nutrient burn are

  • Slight yellowing of the leaf tips
  • Slight upward curl of leaf tips
  • Deep green leaf color

What to Do if Your Cannabis Plants Experience Nutrient Burn

If you begin to notice any nutrient burn symptoms, you must immediately dial your fertilizer dose back. For example, if your current nutrient regimen calls for 5mL per gallon — reduce it to 2.5mL per gallon on the next feeding.

Although it’s a common belief that flushing your cannabis plants is the first move to make — you risk locking out your cannabis crop of vital nutrients and making the problem worse.

Instead, cutting the nutrient dosage in half or less is the recommended first step. If problems persist — it’s at this point that you would flush your cannabis crop.

If you’ve never flushed cannabis plants, don’t worry — here’s a step-by-step guide on how to flush marijuana plants.

What is Nutrient Lockout?

Nutrient lockout is the result of fertilizer imbalance and causes one or more essential nutrients from being taken up by the cannabis plant.

As you can imagine — a cannabis plant that can no longer feed will die in no time. Therefore, nutrient lockouts are one of the most feared issues among marijuana cultivators.

What Causes Nutrient Lockout?

  • Improper pH
  • Excessive feeding
  • Nutrient imbalance
  • Over or under watering

Symptoms and Signs of Nutrient Lockout

  • Weak (flimsy/limp) plants
  • Yellow leaves
  • Curling leaves
  • Stunted or impaired growth
  • Loss of vigor

Remember, nutrient lockout may prevent one or more nutrients from accessing the plant, which means you may observe multiple symptoms related to various deficiencies.

How to Fix Nutrient Lockout

The first step of fixing nutrient lockout is to stop feeding your weed plants.

Once your crop needs water (slightly dry medium) — it’s time to flush them. Once fully flushed, it’s time to let the medium become lightly moist (never let your medium fully dry out).

Next, use a half-strength dose of your current cannabis nutrient base at the proper pH. Overall, the point of flushing your cannabis crop is to reset it and reintroduce the correct amount of cannabis nutrients.

If done correctly — you won’t have a nutrient lockout.

Top Tips When Using Cannabis Nutrients

Below, we’ll briefly discuss a handful of helpful tips that will make feeding your cannabis plants a breeze.

Learn How to Use Cannabis Nutrients

Overall, you want to have a clear idea of how to use nutrients for marijuana plants.

If you want to become a green thumb after your first grow — read our guide on How to Use Liquid Nutrients for Cannabis Plants.

Buy a pH Pen

Even if you buy a “pH perfect” cannabis nutrient — you must own a pH meter.

The two most common situations where you’ll use a pH meter are

  • Confirming the pH of the fertilizer solution
  • Correcting problems, such as nutrient lockouts

If you want to learn more about pH pens, head over to our Grow Guide for ounces of useful information.

Use a Nutrient Meter

Although it’s recommended to follow a nutrient manufacturer’s feed chart — it’s a good idea to own a nutrient meter.

Owning a nutrient meter allows you to

  • Fine-tune your feed schedule
  • Correct problems, such as nutrient lockouts, overfeeding, and underfeeding

If you want to learn more about nutrient meters and their benefits, read here for additional content.

Stick With Reputable Cannabis Nutrient Brands

As with anything — always buy marijuana fertilizer products from reputable brands.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, there are many trustworthy marijuana nutrient providers. While scrolling through our reviews, you’ll only find brands that the cannabis industry trusts.

Always Monitor Your Marijuana Crop

It’s safe to say that it’s your responsibility to monitor your weed crop after you provide fertilizer.

Not all strains are created equal, meaning some will react drastically differently from others. Therefore, you need to dive into your crop and lookout for early symptoms of nutrient-related problems, such as

  • Lockout
  • Deficiency
  • Toxicity


Ultimately, nutrients, aside from water and light, are the most important driver for healthy weed plants and massive yields.

When used correctly, you’ll discover pounds on top of pounds of diamond-encrusted weed at the end of every harvest. By using the nutrient reviews above, you’ll easily find the best marijuana fertilizers for your upcoming 2024 growing season.

Once you have your nutrients ready — head over to our Grow Guide to continue learning how to grow the best weed possible!

Category Pages:

If you’ve come this far then you’re probably doing your research on all nutrients. Luckily, we’ve reviewed dozens of high-quality nutrients so you don’t have to. We have more nutrients for you to look at and find the one that will suit your garden!

The Best Cannabis Nutrients
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Best For HydroponicsAdvanced Nutrients pH Perfect BundleAdvanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bundle
Price: 10/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 10/10
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Best For SoilFox Farm Trio Nutrient Formula
Price: 9.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 9/10
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Best For Coco CoirAdvanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bundle
Price: 8.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10
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Best Bloom BoosterAdvanced Nutrients Big Bud
Price: 9/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 9.5/10
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Best Cal/MagBotanicare Cal/Mag
Price: 10/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Usability: 9.5/10
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Best Root StimulatorGreat White Mycorrhizae
Price: 9.5/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10
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Best Micro NutrientGeneral Hydroponics FloraMicro
Price: 10/10
Quality: 9/10
Usability: 9.5/10
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Best Vitamin SolutionSuperthrive
Price: 9/10
Quality: 10/10
Usability: 10/10
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