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True North Seedbank - Canadian Seed Bank with distribution centers in Canada and also the United Kingdom.
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Reputation 7.5/10
Seeds 8/10
Service 7/10
Website 8/10
Payment 8/10
Shipping 8/10
Overall 7.5/10

True North seed bank is a distributor of high quality medical and non medical marijuana seeds based in Canada, with distribution centers in Canada and also the United Kingdom. Between these two distribution centers, they are able to ship their goods to any country in the world, though of course buyers are advised to be aware of local laws concerning these substances.

This worldwide shipping, along with the incredible variety of strains that they are able to offer, quickly launch True North seed bank to the top of the list when considering the best online seed banks. It is a good and reliable seed bank, but there are a few factors that hold it back from the top of the charts. Read on for our full 2020 review of this seed bank.

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Reputation and History Review

True North seed bank is a highly respectable international company with a professional demeanor and desire to bring the best possible seeds to their customers! They do everything that they can to ensure that the strains they offer are the highest quality, ship wherever their customers are, offer a good value, and make sure that their customers are satisfied.

They offer unbeatable guarantees on delivery and quality that give buyers confidence. After all, they have been running a successful business with multiple branches for several years now, so they must be doing something right!

Seed Selection and Quality – True North Seedbank Review

Although True North does not develop any of their own seed strains, they sell an incredible variety of strains from more than 60 top quality breeders. Because they are not breeders themselves, their staff has plenty of free time to research the best new emerging strains from the highest quality breeders and negotiate the best prices so that their customers are always getting quality products at a reasonable price point.

However, this does have some drawbacks, as buying directly from a breeder like Crop King Seeds (Worldwide), Nirvana Shop (Exluding Australia), or Sensi Seeds (EU Countries only) is the best way to ensure the freshest seeds, every time. It is also often cheaper to buy directly from the breeder because you are cutting out the middle man.

A seller like True North is a good option if there is a certain strain that you really want, but it isn’t available online or the breeder doesn’t ship to your country. It may end up costing you a little bit more in the long run, but at least you’ll be able to get your hands on the particular strain that you wanted.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are easy to get in touch with, professional, and genuinely want to help solve your problem. They are available by phone 7 days a week from 10 AM to 7 PM EST, or you may chat with them through email.

All accounts seem to show that True North’s customer service department is friendly and helpful in answering any questions you have and attempting to solve any problems you may run into with your order.

Website Usability

True North’s website is very easy to use and has an attractive design. Its products are organized in easy-to-follow ways, and its search function is one of the best we’ve seen on any online seed bank shop so far. It allows you to search for best selling strains, top rated strains, or strains from certain breeders and further allows you to narrow your search by flowering time, effect, plant height, grow location, flavor, yield, THC content, and many other parameters.

These tools make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for, or find something that fits your needs perfectly that you may have never even heard of!

The website also has a special section devoted to all the promotions that are currently being run, where customers can enter to win free seeds, apply discount codes to their orders, or even enter contests and sweepstakes run by other breeders. These promotions really help customers get the most value out of their purchases and also adds an extra element of excitement to buying your seeds.

They also offer a loyalty program that allows customers to amass loyalty points and earn discounts on subsequent orders, which can save a significant amount of money for customers who shop there often.

Price and Payment Methods

True North does offer a wide variety of payment methods, including Credit Cards and Bitcoin.
The payment methods that they do accept are as follows:
• Credit – Must be Visa or Mastercard approved for international use. This also includes reloadable cards or gift cards.
• International Money Order – Only accepted from customers in Canada or the United States
• E-mail Transfers – Only accepted from customers within Canada
• Cash, Bank Transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram.
• Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Potcoin.

As you can see, some of these options offer reasonable anonymity, while others offer none at all. Bitcoin is the most recommended currency for online seed buyers, it is anonymous and has very low fees.

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

True North seed bank offers multiple options for safe shipping and delivery of your goods, a feature that is becoming increasingly important in 2020. Their standard procedure is to ship you the seeds you’ve ordered in the box as packaged by the breeder the seeds came from, unless requested otherwise. Of course, no markings of the company’s name or the package’s contents will appear on the outside of the box.

If you want a little extra insurance, Guaranteed Delivery Insurance can be purchased for an extra cost of 15 CAD. With this service, True North will resend your order at no charge as many times as it takes to make it to you.

Another option for increased peace of mind is Extra Safe Delivery, which includes an additional item such as a Tshirt in the package along with your seeds to avoid suspicion. True North recommends choosing the Extra Safe shipping option for all customers in North America and Australia.

True North Review Conclusion

True North is a good and reliable seed bank that fills a specific niche for buyers in hard-to ship to areas. However, it cannot compete with seller like ILGM Seed Bank that offer worldwide shipping, accept Bitcoin payments, AND breed their own seeds. Still, it is a very good choice for occasional special orders. It does a lot of things right, such as offering great customer service, a user friendly online shopping experience, and tons of great quality strains.
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bill shaw

I have been using true north for a few years and have never had a probleml .My last 2 orders from true north have been seized and held at customs.First order was seized and I didn’t have insurance and my second order had insurance and stealth packaging with a puzzle and that was also seized by customs. I have waited over 6 weeks and still no package.When I called true north I spoke to both Tony and Stacy and they wanted to reship my order which I told them not to do and give me a refund because customs must… Read more »


worst seed bank out there. there products are crap. ordered 30 seeds and only 4 germinated. when i contacted them i got the legalese run around (see below). saying their products were only souvenirs. should change their name to “souvenir seed bank”. truenorth reply: Unfortunately due to the nature of our business, we are unable to discuss, guarantee or promote germination due to legality issues. All germination and cultivation inquiries will be ignored. As noted on our website under the legal disclaimer, “By purchasing from True North Seed Bank ( you accept our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Legal… Read more »