Cannabis Conventions and Their Importance to the Cannabis Industry

What are cannabis conventions and how do they influence the way that the industry is changing?

Cannabis ConventionsCannabis conventions are beginning to pop up around the country, with many offering promises of relevant industry information and exciting breakthrough techniques. Though these conferences might not be the most interesting way to pass time for the average cannabis user, they are proving to be a wealth of knowledge for those who are actually actively growing marijuana or aiming to create a name for themselves within the industry. As the cannabis industry continues to bloom, there has been a growing interest in these conventions and what they have to offer. More people are beginning to lean towards making their own cannabis products, whether it is for themselves or part of a full-scale business plan. These conventions are bringing together a variety of cannabis growers from all levels, including people who are just starting as well as industry leaders. When you put this many people together to discuss the future of cannabis, it is easy to see how these cannabis conferences might influence the way the industry forms.

What Are Cannabis Conventions?

Cannabis conventions are gatherings where civilians, business owners, and industry professionals can all come together to talk about cannabis and the various processes around it. These conventions are known for bringing together relevant professionals with everyday people in order to share their knowledge about the industry and what it has to offer. There are often presentations, classes, and various displays to show off all of the amazing things being done within the industry. Providing a space for people to come together to learn and grow while discussing growing is incredibly helpful for improving processes and elevating the overall standards of the cannabis industry.

On one hand, a major focus at cannabis conventions is the creation of cannabis products themselves. This is where you will find people sharing knowledge about various forms of actual product creation. There are panels filled with expert growers who are willing to share their techniques and talk about what they have learned. Some groups focus on the processes while others focus on the tools themselves. Cannabis trade shows can provide people with the opportunity to see certain strains and discuss the actual process that went into cultivating them. This is also true with other kinds of cannabis products. While strains and growing are an obvious point of interest, there are also groups of people dedicated to talking about edibles and topical creations as well.

These professionals can discuss and educate on the processes behind making successful and consistent products and share key secrets that can help others to make better cannabis products as a whole. These portions of cannabis conferences are great for those who are looking to just make or grow their own products as well as business owners throughout the various stages of their career. The true benefit is that it is a safe place for people to discuss the science behind making great cannabis products.

Beyond the science behind the actual cannabis product creation, cannabis expos are also absolutely amazing for learning about running a cannabis business. There are professionals from every step of the process when it comes to actually running a cannabis business of your own. You can meet people who are selling products online or running stores in their local area. Many of the popular conventions have leaders in the industry that are willing to talk through what it means to open a cannabis business from start to finish. There are experts on running a store front, legal compliance, and even distribution. It takes a village to run a dispensary, and these individuals are happy to help share their knowledge with interested parties. Though every cannabis expo is different, you can always expect to leave one of these events with a wealth of knowledge.

How Cannabis Conventions Influence The Industry

The true power behind cannabis conventions is the fact that these events are shaping the industry in many ways. At a cannabis expo, you can expect a variety of knowledgeable and interested people to show up and have many engaging discussions. The fact that these events provide a specific space for people interested in joining the industry to come together ultimately impacts just how the industry moves itself. Bringing together industry leaders and those joining the industry to talk about processes and struggles is necessary for improvements to continue to be made. When one company or individual learns something incredibly helpful that enhances their process and shares it, industry processes and standards are born. Having the right people in the room to discuss the gritty details of being a part of the cannabis industry helps to shape the future of running these businesses as well as creating products. It is when you bring this kind of knowledge together that innovation is born, and innovation is great for dictating the future of any industry.

Cannabis Conventions That You Absolutely Must Visit in 2023:

Worldwide Cannabis Conventions
White Label World Expo Logo

White Label World Expo

White Label World Expo is an incredible networking and educational event for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, retailers, and distributors that includes inspiring and thought-provoking seminars, panel sessions, masterclasses, keynote speakers, and an exposition hall filled with some of the world’s most innovative and influential companies. Additionally, attendees can enjoy dedicated networking space and VIP and Entrepreneur’s Lounges. The 2021 White Label World Expos will be held in Las Vegas and New York City. The Las Vegas Expo will be held September 1-2, in the LVCC South Hall. The New York expo will take place September 30-October 1, at the Javits Center. Get a Free Ticket Here!

International Cannabis Business Conference

International Cannabis Business Conference

This huge and exciting cannabis conference is aimed at bringing together business leaders in the industry to share insider tips and discuss the future of the industry. This event provides an excellent opportunity to network and learn from successful industry professionals. International Cannabis Business Conference, Europe’s largest cannabis B2B and trade show, will be held in two locations in 2023. Barcelona, Spain, on 9 March, and 29-30 June in Berlin, Germany. ICBC’s Berlin Global Investment Forum is scheduled prior to the Berlin trade show (27 June), at the same location. 10Buds readers can use codes 10BUDSPROMOBARCA25 and 10BUDSPROMOBERLIN25 for discounted tickets to 2023’s ICBC events in Barcelona and Berlin, respectively.

Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference

Emerge – Virtual Cannabis Conference

Produced in partnership with the cannabis industry’s leading media outlets and organizations, the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo is a quarterly live three-day event leading to 90 days of learning, networking, and business on the most experiential 3D platform in the world. Attendees personalize their avatars to step into Emerge, adding immersion and gamification to the experience. Attendees will enjoy thousands of connections, cannabis business opportunities, three educational tracks, an investment pitch contest, and more – without travel or safety concerns! Attendees also get access to the full Emerge Content Vault featuring sessions from past Emerge events with their ticket purchase. *We will update you with details for the next Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference once they are released.

Cannabis Conventions in USA


This cannabis conference proudly presents itself as the biggest convention in the world. It offers an astounding 35,000 attendees, making it ideal for finding exactly what you are looking for. This collection of industry professionals is happy to get together to discuss what truly makes a good business in the marijuana industry. If you are looking for a good way to learn a lot and see true professionals in action, this is one you won’t want to miss. *We’ll update you with the new date and location as soon as they’re confirmed.

NECANN event logo


With a focus on supporting emerging local markets, NECANN welcomes cannabis industry professionals, medical patients, and recreational consumers alike. NECANN’s exhibition hall includes every imaginable facet of the industry, from legal and financial services to cultivation equipment and smoking accessories, plus donated booth space for nonprofits and cannabis advocacy groups. Visitors may attend educational lectures specializing in business, cultivation, or technological innovations surrounding cannabis, as well as additional niche workshops. NECANN is one of the largest and longest-running cannabis and hemp conventions in the US, with 2023’s events scheduled in the following cities: Boston, Massachusetts, March 10-12; Burlington, Vermont, May 6-7; Hartford, Connecticut, May 20-21; Chicago, Illinois, June 2-3; Augusta, Maine, August 12-13; Atlantic City, New Jersey, September 8-9; and Albany, New York, September 29-30.

FMCCE logo

Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Exhibition

FMCCE is one of the best and largest medical cannabis conferences in the US. This immersive networking and educational forum is presented by Can-Ed, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to furthering cannabis education. This conference gives medical professionals and cannabis industry entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to learn about everything from the latest research in medical cannabinoid application to cultivation, processing, distribution, legal concerns, business strategies, and more – all in one place. Visitors to FMCCE can enjoy engaging lectures, a full exhibition hall, hands-on workshops, and dedicated networking sessions, with the opportunity to attend an additional exclusive VIP evening networking excursion. This year, FMCCE will also host the annual Florida Medical Cannabis Physicians Group meeting. FMCCE 2023 will be held June 2-4, at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Cannabis Lab Expo

Cannabis Lab Conference & Expo

This 2-day conference in Miami, Florida, primarily focuses on the business and legal sides of the cannabis industry. Conference attendees can attend speaker panels covering a wide range of cutting-edge marijuana industry trends and the most current legal information, as well as special networking sessions for investors and entrepreneurs. The rest of the expo is open to the public, including access to the exhibition hall and free classes on cannabis science, health, and business topics. No matter which aspect of the cannabis industry interests you, this conference will have something interesting for you! *We’ll update you with the new date and location as soon as they’re confirmed.


Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference

Now in its 8th year, this conference is specially tailored to anyone interested in the unique business opportunities and the ins and outs of the Native American tribal cannabis market. Guests can attend presentations and participate in discussions covering best practices for cultivating and creating safe, legal cannabis products, as well as specific legal and social concerns related to cannabis’s evolving role in tribal communities. Tribal leaders, entrepreneurs, and financial, legal, and government professionals of all types are invited to attend. This event is scheduled for June 6-7, 2023, at Pechanga Resort Casino, in Temecula, California.


Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition

This leading business-to-business cannabis trade show brings highly-qualified professionals and entrepreneurs together for an impressive array of workshops, speaker presentations, networking events, and exhibits. Attendees will learn so much about what the current political, legal, therapeutic, and social environments mean for their businesses and the cannabis industry as a whole. The next CWCBExpo is scheduled to take place in New York, June 1-3, 2023 at Javits Convention Center in New York City.

CannMed 23 event logo

CannMed 23

Since 2016, CannMed has been a must-visit innovation and investment summit showcasing the greatest minds in cannabis science, medicine, cultivation, and safety. CannMed was born to promote an understanding of cannabis’s complex science and its medical benefits for patients in need. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and other cannabis industry leaders have chosen CannMed to announce their latest findings and breakthrough technologies to the world. With the cannabis industry anticipated to exceed $500B by 2028, CannMed is the one cannabis science conference you cannot afford to miss. Attendees will also have the opportunity to dive deeper into their market niche through fascinating hands-on workshops. CannMed 23 will be held May 15 – 17 at the luxurious JW Marriott Beach Resort on Marco Island, Florida, with a welcome reception kicking off the event on May 14th.

Cannabis Conference

Cannabis Conference Las Vegas

Exclusively devoted to plant-touching businesses, Cannabis Conference invites cultivators, dispensary owners, and manufacturers to participate in discussions and lectures on an expansive range of topics, including market trends, facility design, cultivation and extraction considerations, brand building, and more. Networking sessions are built in throughout each day of the conference, and the exhibition hall will feature the most exciting and innovative technologies and solutions available to the legal cannabis market today. This year’s Cannabis Conference introduces a VIP professionally-geared Cultivation Roundtable add-on option as well as specialized workshops for aspiring cannabusiness entreprenuers. Cannabis Conference 2023 will take place August 15-17 at the Paris Las Vegas Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Organa Kannalytics Logo

Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention

The second annual Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention (SHMC) offers attendees an in-depth look at the latest science, innovation, and legislation affecting the legal hemp and cannabis industries, including engaging lectures by leaders in the field, unique networking opportunities, breakout sessions for medical practitioners, and an exhibition hall. This event is perfect for industry professionals, medical cannabis patients and practitioners, and anyone else interested in the exciting developments taking place in the legal cannabis market. *We’ll update you with the new date and location as soon as they’re confirmed.

Alternative Products Expo

This exciting, one-of-a-kind trade show is the ideal place to explore over 500 of the country’s top cannabis, CBD, vape, and other up-and-coming alternative product brands – in carefully selected cities each known for their role as major players and innovative hubs for these rising new industries. Visitors to this expo can spend three full days networking, listening to fascinating speakers, and discovering the newest products and trends – while taking advantage of exclusive discounts, giveaways, and more. Alternative Products Expo 2023 will be held March 3-5 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, July 13-15 in Dallas, Texas, and May 20-21 in Medellin, Colombia.

Cannabis Drinks Expo

The 4th annual Cannabis Drinks Expo is a must-visit for anyone interested in the rapidly-growing cannabis beverage market! Admission to this exciting event includes a full day of presentations by industry leaders and other experts, covering every facet of cannabis beverages – from crafting and formulating your own drinks to branding, business models, distribution channels, legal compliance, even potential collaboration with the adjacent alcohol industry. The trade show floor offers endless B2B networking opportunities and the chance to discover all of the industry’s latest and most innovative products and brands. This year’s expo will also feature a business conference track, filled with insightful presentations covering essential considerations for taking your own cannabis beverage business to the next level. 2023’s Cannabis Drinks Expo will take place July 27 at the South San Francisco Conference Center in California and August 1 at Morgan MFG in Chicago, Illinois.

European Cannabis Conventions
Cannabis Business Europe logo

Cannabis Business Europe 2023

This exciting event brings leaders from Europe’s top cannabis companies together for in-depth discussions on the latest news, innovations, and business strategies in the European hemp, cannabis, and CBD industries. Cannabis Business Europe 2023 will feature networking opportunities, an online think tank for attendees, and 2 full days of hands-on workshops, interactive discussion groups, and educational presentations by cannabis industry leaders and experts from all over the world. This event will be hosted at Steigenberger Bad Homburg in Frankfurt, Germany, on 25 and 26 May 2023. Visitors receive a 25% discount on tickets with the code 10buds25.

The CBD Show London

The CBD Show

The CBD Show is a can’t-miss event for anyone involved with the CBD industry. Passes to The CBD Show include two full days of opportunities to network – not only with industry professionals but policy experts, government officials, and trade organisations – an expo hall filled with the latest CBD products and innovations in every sector, plus educational seminars, keynotes, and masterclass workshops led by over 50 high-profile speakers from around the globe. This event offers something valuable for everyone with an interest in this versatile cannabinoid, including B2B businesses, B2C businesses, industry investors, medical professionals, and CBD consumers. The CBD Show will take place in London, UK, on 22-23 May 2023, at the beautiful Olympia London.



An international cannabis expo in its 22nd year running, CannaTrade offers a fun and educational experience for consumers and industry professionals alike. Hundreds of exhibitors will be there, showcasing the latest innovations in all fields of hemp, cannabis, and CBD – from medicine and cultivation to art and food. In addition to the exposition hall and lectures on a variety of interesting cannabis-related topics, CannaTrade includes a special B2B networking area, a spacious, covered outdoor chill-out smoking area for all visitors, competitions such as the CannaSwissCup and Joint Roll Contest, music, vendors, and more. The CannaTrade expo will be held in Zurich, at Halle 622 on 12-14 May 2023.

Cultiva HanfExpo Logo


CULTIVA HANFEXPO is the hotspot where the world’s hemp enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors meet. For three full days, visitors can enjoy an exhibition hall, expert lectures, workshops, and even concerts and entertainment. The event’s main focus is on the diversity of hemp’s many potential uses as medicine, raw material, and food. Visitors will get a wide-ranging overview of the latest trends and innovations in the hemp industry, and try out thousands of products from producers, experts, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The CULTIVA HANFEXPO Congress offers a fascinating and informative supporting program filled with specialist lectures and discussions with national and international hemp experts. In 2023, CULTIVA HANFEXPO will be held in two locations, Zagreb, Croatia, on 26-28 May, and in the MARX HALLE of Vienna, Austria, on 6-8 October.

CannaDouro event logo


Now in its sixth year, CannaDouro is Portugal’s foremost event for cannabis industry professionals and aficionados alike. This two-day event includes a cannabis fair and exposition filled with offerings from the most innovative and interesting cannabis brands, products, and associations. Fair admission also includes access to conference lectures discussing the recreational, therapeutic, and medicinal application of cannabis, plus a special session focused on hemp’s use in the textile industry. Guests may also enjoy food, drink, music, a vape lounge, and an afterparty. CannaDouro’s 2023 fair is scheduled for 18-19 November, in the beautiful, historic Centro de Congressos da Alfandega, located by the Douro River in Porto.

Future Cannabis Strategy Conference Europe 2021

Future Cannabis Strategy Conference Europe

Hosted by Arena International, Future Cannabis Strategy Conference Europe is a fully virtual opportunity to take inspiration, learn, network, and explore the evolving European cannabis market from the comfort of home. Industry leaders and innovators from across the globe will lead discussions, debates, lectures (live and recorded), and Q&A sessions on the future of cannabis in Europe, with an eye on other major international markets. Topics will center around the expansion of and within the cannabis/hemp/CBD products market, with an emphasis on the necessity of education and safety. *We’ll update you with the next date as soon as it is confirmed.

CB Expo Logo

CB Expo

The second Cannabis Business Expo and Conference offers incredible networking opportunities related to CBD, medical cannabis, growing, paraphernalia, and other industry services. The expo hall will give industry professionals a relaxed, informal atmosphere to network with some of the world’s leading cannabis, hemp, and CBD companies. In the conference area, visitors can attend interesting lectures given by some of the industry’s top-class speakers – with a special focus on what to expect from the forthcoming legalization of cannabis in Switzerland and Germany, the latest cultivation innovations and practices, and so much more. Refreshments and smoking lounge access are included with each ticket. *We will update you with details for the next expo once they are released.

Athenes Cannabis Expo

Athens Cannabis Expo

The Athens Cannabis Expo aims to educate cannabis consumers and business owners alike on all of the latest industry innovations and scientific discoveries in the worlds of medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp. This 3-day event will feature an engaging lineup of lectures and many potential networking/investing opportunities with a wide variety of cannabis companies (from many different countries) that are participating in the exhibition. This expo is a great place for professionals to connect, and for all attendees to learn more about the many uses and benefits of cannabis. *We’ll update you with the new date and location as soon as they’re confirmed.

Cannabizz Warsaw

Cannabizz Warsaw

This 3-day cannabis fair is expected to be the largest cannabis-related event in Polish history! The 12,000 ㎡ expo hall will host thousands of vendors, showcasing the latest in seeds, growing supplies, paraphernalia, cosmetics, and so much more. Cannabizz Warsaw also features 3 days of free lectures that are open to the public. Each day, these expert-led lectures will cover a different aspect of cannabis (industrial, medical, and social). Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or an entrepreneur looking to broaden your connections in the growing Eastern European market, you won’t want to miss this event! Cannabizz Warsaw is scheduled for 1-3 December, 2023.

Canna Fair Logo

Canna Fair

An exciting event with a mission to change the way Ukraine views cannabis, Canna Fair is a three-day event organized by an ambitious group of activists championing the legalization movement. An array of speakers, including cannabis business owners, advocates, researchers, and other experts in the field will be covering a range of educational topics supporting the medical and social benefits of legal cannabis. An exhibition hall will feature over 150 cannabis product varieties from some of Europe’s best up-and-coming companies, and the event space will also include a food court and lounge area. *We’ll update you with the new date and location as soon as they’re confirmed.

Mary Jane Berlin Logo

Mary Jane Berlin

Mary Jane Berlin has been Germany’s leading cannabis expo since 2016. Visitors can explore the expo hall and attend conferences, lectures, and discussions on a wide range of cannabis topics with notable experts from around the world. More than just an expo, Mary Jane Berlin also includes a festival with an extensive cultural and entertainment programme that includes live concerts, DJs, a beach area, swimming pools, and food stands for visitors to enjoy. A 2-day Medicinal Cannabis Congress will run parallel to the public conference, inviting medical professionals, scientists, and lawyers to complete advanced CME training on the use of cannabis in medicine. *We’ll update you with the new date and location as soon as they’re confirmed.

Cannabis Conventions in South America
BizCann Logo

BizCann Expo

BizCann Expo is an exciting B2B networking and educational event that anyone interested in entering the rapidly-expanding legal US cannabis market won’t want to miss. Network with industry professionals and explore the latest innovations and offerings from top cannabis companies and ancillary service providers in the exhibition hall. Attendees can also attend lectures by over 50 speakers, discussing fascinating industry and legislation-related topics. BizCann Expo 2023 will take place 20-21 May in Medellin, Colombia.

Cannabis Conventions in Asia

Cannabis Business Asia 2023

Cannabis Business Asia-Pacific 2023

Cannabis Business Asia-Pacific is the region’s number one B2B networking conference, bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, and the industry’s top decision-makers to share experiences, best practices, and business solutions for the expanding cannabis and hemp industry. This immersive event features a mix of case-study presentations, interactive roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions, hands-on workshops, tech-supported networking, and a think tank, as well as presentations by 30 esteemed speakers. Attendees can choose their preferred content track, customizing the experience to encompass the parts that interest them most – with the opportunity to live-stream some content. Cannabis Business Asia-Pacific 2023 will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on February 28th and March 1st. Visitors receive a 25% discount on tickets with the code 10buds25.

Cannabis Conventions in Africa

Cannabis Business Africa logo

Cannabis Business Africa 2023

Cannabis Business Africa is the continent’s foremost medical cannabis and hemp industry networking conference. Attendees can choose their preferred content track – cannabis, hemp, and CBD regulation and business strategy, or how to apply best practices in the field. This immersive event attracts industry innovators and experts from all over the world, with a mix of case-study presentations, interactive roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions, hands-on workshops, and tech-supported networking. This event will take place September 19th and 20th, 2023, in Cape Town, South Africa. Visitors receive a 25% discount on tickets with the code 10buds25.


In the cannabis industry, there is a lot of room for innovation and growth. Since the industry is still growing and there is so much experimenting being done, it makes it easy for people to try just about anything to see what will work. There has never been a better time to try something new or different because the industry isn’t established enough for there to truly be a right or wrong way to do something. This makes it an exciting time to join the industry and makes it possible for newcomers to help leave their mark on the industry. As the industry continues to establish itself, conventions like these are perfect for bringing people together to make sure that it is done right. Cannabis conventions are about bringing the community together to focus on skill, education, and innovation.


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