Buying Marijuana Seeds in Pakistan 2021

2021 Laws and Public Opinion on Possessing, Using, Growing, and Buying Cannabis Seeds in Pakistan.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in PakistanCannabis, which grows naturally in Pakistan, has been part of the country’s culture and history for centuries, and its use is largely still socially accepted today. However, the strict anti-drug laws implemented in recent decades remain in place, making using, possessing, or growing cannabis seeds in Pakistan a risky venture. Despite its illegal status, many citizens use cannabis regularly, often flying under the radar of law enforcement. Whether you live in Pakistan or are planning a visit, this guide will give you all you need to know about the legal and practical concerns of using, growing, and buying cannabis seeds in Pakistan.

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The History of Cannabis in Pakistan

Cannabis grows prolifically in Pakistan, and the country’s residents have been using it medicinally, spiritually, and recreationally for centuries. The Vedas (ancient sacred Hindu texts) reference marijuana as one of the five essential plants in this part of the world, beloved for its medicinal and transcendental qualities. Hashish has historically been the most popular cannabis medium in Pakistan and still is today.

In the 1980s, many countries around the world jumped onto the “War on Drugs” bandwagon United States President Ronald Reagan championed. Pakistan’s leader at the time, General Zia ul Haq, believed to be acting in response to pressure from this global movement, elected to make cannabis and several other mind-altering substances illegal. In July 1997, Pakistan’s government created the Control of Narcotic Substances Act. This amendment specified which substances would become illegal to produce, sell, or consume in Pakistan, and the legal repercussions for anyone found breaking these laws.

In some parts of Pakistan, residents continue to grow cannabis with little intervention from law enforcement agencies. Social use of cannabis is also widespread, despite its illegal status. Many Pakistani people do favor the idea of legalization and government-regulated permitting of marijuana sale and production. However, the government has not yet taken any steps toward legalizing it.

Pakistani Marijuana Laws – Is Weed Legal in Pakistan?

It is currently illegal to buy, sell, possess, use, or grow cannabis in Pakistan. There is no exception to this law for medical marijuana or CBD products. In special cases, government agencies have the authorization to issue special permits and licenses for the cultivation of “narcotic plants,” strictly for medical, industrial, or scientific research purposes.

The legality of ungerminated cannabis seeds in Pakistan is a bit of a gray area. The Control of Narcotic Substances Act does not specify cannabis seeds as illegal items, but it doesn’t list them as a legal exception, either. If law enforcement finds you in possession of cannabis seeds in Pakistan, they could use this as a justifiable reason to search you or your home for illegally grown plants, so it is wise to be very cautious with cannabis seeds in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Cannabis Laws – Enforcement and Sentencing

For the most part, Pakistani law enforcement prioritizes the prosecution of those who use and sell hard drugs, often letting personal cannabis use go unaddressed. Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies enforce anti-cannabis laws with varying degrees of strictness throughout different areas of the country. In northwest Pakistan, for instance, cannabis is grown on plantations and family farms and even sold publicly in local shops and markets without penalty. But in other areas, such as the city of Islamabad, the police are more likely to arrest you for carrying cannabis.

The more money you have, the lower your odds of legal trouble for getting caught with cannabis in Pakistan. Law enforcement officers do regularly accept bribes (or discounted prices on hash) instead of making cannabis-related arrests. The commonality of this practice is, of course, no guarantee that money will buy impunity. Police officers in Pakistan may stop and search you on suspicion of possessing or growing cannabis even if they do not have a warrant, so It is always a good idea to err on the side of caution when it comes to cannabis in Pakistan.

The degree of punishment for getting caught with cannabis varies depending on the amount. Getting caught with under 100 grams of personal-use cannabis can result in a sentence of six months to two years in prison. The prison sentence for selling any amount of cannabis under 100 grams can run up to two years. Prison terms jump up to seven years (plus a fine) for selling quantities of cannabis from 100 grams – 1 kilogram. Potential outcomes of selling over a kilogram of cannabis can include life in prison or even a death sentence, as well as a fine up to 1 million rupees. Germinating any quantity of cannabis seeds in Pakistan is illegal and could land you a fine and/or up-to seven years of jail time.

Buying, Selling, Possessing, and Growing Cannabis Seeds in Pakistan

Since cannabis seeds have not been explicitly defined as illegal to buy, sell, or possess in Pakistan, some international seed banks will ship there. However, they have not been defined as legal, either. Possession of cannabis seeds may attract unwanted attention from law enforcement, so it’s advisable to order and store them as discreetly as possible.

Since few resources for buying cannabis seeds currently exist in Pakistan, ordering from online cannabis seed banks is likely to be your best option. No Pakistan-based cannabis seed banks are in operation at this time, but one of our favorite trusted seed banks that ships to Pakistan is Crop King Seeds. Based in Canada, CKS carries a wide variety of highly-rated retail and wholesale cannabis seeds. CKS ships their seeds anywhere in the world, and they do offer stealth shipping (which is highly recommended for Pakistan and any country where growing cannabis seeds is illegal). Stealth shipping means that your order is sent in discreet packaging with no indication of its contents. Your billing information will, likewise, show no sign of ordering from a company affiliated with cannabis.

A Beautiful Climate for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Pakistan

Cannabis naturally grows in the wild in Pakistan. Low-THC hemp plants make up most of these wild crops. However, legendary recreational-use cannabis crops do grow in the tribal lands of northwest Pakistan (which the government considers too dangerous for tourists traveling without armed protection). Many popular kush strains on the global cannabis market can trace their roots back to the mountains of Pakistan.

The Khyber Agency’s Tirah Valley, in particular, is well-known for its impressive cannabis crops. Hundreds of shops in the nearby town of Jamrud openly sell cannabis. An estimated 100,000 people in this region earn their living by growing, producing, or selling hash, and many local tribes depend on the illicit cannabis industry as their main source of income. Some of these farmers report an annual income of $5,000 – $10,000, which is quite good for such a remote corner of the world. The farmers here have honed their cultivation process to produce excellent marijuana for hash. Cannabis plants in this ideal growing climate often reach heights up to 15 feet.

Growing Cannabis in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas Is Rarely Prosecuted

When the Taliban was in control of the tribal areas, it did not interfere with the local cannabis industry – other than levying its own tax. Since Pakistan’s army entered the area in 2003, its Anti-Narcotics Force has been cracking down on large-scale cannabis operations. The Anti-Narcotics Force reportedly seized 57 tons of hash from the tribal areas between March and August 2015 alone. Even so, cannabis farming in these areas continues to go on largely undisturbed, and the currently installed militias do often work out deals with the growers.

Pakistani Cannabis Culture

2013 UN report showed that approximately 4 million Pakistani residents (3.6% of the population) regularly used cannabis, though that figure is likely an underreporting. Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in Pakistan, according to the Anti-Narcotics Force. The use of alcohol is very much frowned upon in Pakistan, but opinions on cannabis tend to be far more relaxed, despite the concerns of some that marijuana use also goes against the tenets of Islam. Hashish (or charas as it is commonly known) is the most popular delivery method, though some also mix cannabis into a drink called bhang.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Pakistan

Who Uses Cannabis in Pakistan?

People from all walks of life use cannabis in Pakistan, from government officials to civilians. Members of many Sufi (a sect of Islam) shrines regularly use cannabis for its tendency to relax and open the mind. In much of northwest Pakistan, an area that has suffered and left many people in poverty as a result of war, cannabis is readily available, and many Pakistani youths use it to cope with their stressful living conditions.

In Karachi, where religious hash-smoking rituals at Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum date all the way back to the year 773, the scent of cannabis often fills the air. Police are reportedly more amenable to accepting bribes from cannabis users in Karachi, and it’s even common for cab drivers to carry a stash of hashish in their vehicle and offer to bundle some in with your fare.

The Future of Cannabis in Pakistan

Cannabis use has been woven into the culture of Pakistan and the everyday lives of many Pakistani people for hundreds of years. The criminalization of cannabis (and often lax approach to enforcing these laws) has done little to stop its use, and the development of a legitimate cannabis industry would surely give Pakistan a welcome economic boost. While there is not yet any serious talk of legalizing cannabis in Pakistan, the potential benefits may encourage the country’s leaders to do so in the future.
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Best Online Seed Banks for Buying Cannabis Seeds in Pakistan 2021:
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