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Is this award-winning seed bank actually as good as it seems? Read our Serious Seeds review to find out.
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Serious Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that stands out because it only sells seeds from a small number of award-winning strains. Serious Seeds has been in business since 1995 and has bred some of the most well-known strains on the market today. But are those famous strains worth the hype? And what’s the actual buying experience like with Serious Seeds? Read the rest of the review to find out how Serious Seeds stacks up against other popular brands and breeders.

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History and Reputation

Serious Seeds all began with Simon, the breeder behind the brand and the founder of the company. Simon studied biology at an Amsterdam University and yet didn’t discover the fantastic world of marijuana until his travels through Africa. Up until that point, he had actually been a non-smoker, but things changed – a lot!

Upon his return to Holland, Simon soon began collecting cannabis seeds for his private collection and, using his biology knowledge, started crossbreeding them to make his own creations. He worked for a time at Sensi Seeds before striking out on his own and founding Serious Seeds in 1995. That same year, two of his strains won prizes in the High Times Cannabis Cup. In 2012, Serious Seeds acquired Magus Genetics, another small breeder with similar values and philosophy.

Rather than pushing out a flashy new strain each year to keep up with the other brands, Serious Seeds focuses on producing reliable, stable genetics and only releasing new products when they’re ready to be released. Because of this, they have a good reputation in the industry for stable strains that are easy for anyone to grow.

Seed Selection and Product Quality

Serious Seeds maintains a very small inventory, with only 15 strains available for purchase. However, the reason for such a small selection is quality over quantity. This company would rather continually perfect its already excellent strains than continually renaming strains and marketing them as something new if they tweak the genetics to make a few improvements, as other brands are apt to do.

Serious Seeds typically receives high marks from buyers and international competition judges alike. This seed bank has won over 100 awards for its strains, including 25 from the High Times Cannabis Cup. Serious Seeds also advertises that it carries some of the consistently highest-THC strains out there. Serious Seeds produces its seeds in small batches, bred with the intention of being easy for anyone, even total novices, to grow. Feminized seeds are sold in six-packs only, and regular seeds are sold in packs of eleven. In addition to seeds, this company also sells 10% CBD oil made from its own cannabis strains.

Germination Guarantee

Serious Seeds stands behind the quality of its seeds, promising to replace any seeds that run into germination problems. Every seed pack is individually numbered, and these numbers wil be found printed on the informative booklet included with the seeds. It’s wise to hang onto this number in the event of needing to file a claim for seed replacement.

Customer Service

Serious Seeds prides itself on remaining a small company and it prefers to focus on the quality of its genetics and customer care – maintaining a reliably satisfied customer base rather than inventing a new strain every couple of months to lure in a rush of new buyers.

Serious Seeds’ staff is available to answer questions and assist with problems Monday – Friday via email or telephone. Their contact page even features a handy little clock to show you the local time in Amsterdam, ensuring you’re attempting to call at the right time of day.

Website Usability still has an old, simple, and somewhat outdated design. Though Serious Seeds is currently in the process of revamping the site for today’s buyers. Their website makes up for its nondescript appearance by being quite user-friendly and full of useful information. is very easy to navigate, find the strains you’re looking for, check the delivery status of an order, or browse the FAQ section for answers to any lingering questions you may have.

Each product page includes growing info, strain stats, a list of awards won, and a zoom-in photo feature so you can get a detailed, close-up look at what to expect from mature buds. Serious Seeds used to operate its own on-site forum, but managing it eventually proved too expensive. So now their moderator actively manages Serious Seeds subsections on several popular growers’ forums instead.

Price and Payment Methods

Serious Seeds prices are in line with market values, and very fair for the value plus guaranteed germination. Bulk orders are automatically discounted at checkout: 10% off 500 seeds or more and 20% 1000 seeds or more.

Accepted Payment Methods

Serious Seeds customers have a few options available to pay for their seeds. The company accepts credit card (but not debit card) payment via American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. Billing is discreet and will show up on credit card statements under a different company name with no connection to cannabis. Other payment options include sending cash in the mail or sending a bank transfer to Serious Seeds’ Netherlands-based bank. Dutch customers also have the option to pay via iDEAL Unfortunately, Serious Seeds does not accept bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

Serious Seeds now ships to every country worldwide. They have several different shipping options available, including normal, safe (stealth), and registered shipping. Both standard and stealth shipping are available for the cost of €5, or free for orders totaling over €80. The registered shipping add-on (the only way to get a tracking number) will cost €15. Packages usually arrive within 7-14 days. Serious Seeds ships daily, so orders typically go out the same day payment is received, or the next business day.

All orders are sent in standard plain envelopes, with the seeds inside packaged within airtight plastic tubes, each with an informational booklet about the strain taped to the tube. For those who select the Safe Shipping option, the seeds will be repackaged.

In Conclusion – Serious Seeds Review, 2023

Overall, Serious Seeds is a reputable seed bank with seeds that generally do live up to their great reputation. We like Serious Seeds quite a bit, though a few factors still prevent us from naming them one of the very best. Serious Seeds’ selection, while of high quality, is still very small, with limited strain offerings to choose from. Buying options are further limited by the ability to only order seeds in set quantities, and Serious Seeds also does not accept bitcoin, which many seed buyers prefer for its maximum discretion. All in all, Serious Seeds is a great company, but these few limitations keep them from reaching the top of the charts.

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Claude Lajeunesse
Claude Lajeunesse
1 year ago

From Simon from Serious Seeds. All the negative points for which Serious Seeds is not put in the ‘very best’ category are all not true. The following points is how it really is: -For example, we do not have an old outdated website any more but we have a brand new website.  -We do not have 15 strains but 20 strains now.  -People can now pay in bit coins (and other crypto currency) also.  -you do not need to always buy 6 fem. seeds of a strain, (or 11 regulars) we have a system to order customized packs at the… Read more »