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All about Laws for Growing, Using, and Buying Cannabis Seeds in South Africa.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in South AfricaSouth Africa is a regional center for cannabis production, and it is a leading export in 2021. However, cannabis remains illegal there, so you won’t want to get caught taking part in the South African drug market. If you are traveling to the region, live there, or simply want to brush up on the laws, this is your legal guide to everything pertaining to cannabis seeds in South Africa. By the way, dagga is the local term for cannabis there.

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About South African Cannabis Laws in 2021

In South Africa, cannabis is illegal; it is classified as a Schedule 7 narcotic. But with its huge underground cannabis industry, the country is facing pressure to work hard reduce the amount of weed and cannabis seeds in South Africa. For this reason, cartels appear to be moving their cannabis production to Western Africa and are now only operating in limited parts of South Africa. In recent years, U.S. counter-narcotics teams have been specifically targeting Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Senegal, as well as giving special training to the South African police.

The Central Drug Authority (CDA) in South Africa handles drug policy across the area. As per the South African Position Paper on Cannabis, the government there takes the official position that prohibition is a must to maintain good public health. Critics of the report and laws prohibiting buying cannabis seeds in South Africa explain that cannabis causes almost no toxicity and there are no known overdoses of it.

In a case brought before the Western Cape High Court in March 2017, a judge ruled that laws banning an adult individual from using and cultivating cannabis in a private dwelling are unconstitutional. However, this decision still needs to be confirmed by the Constitutional Court and suspended for 24 months to allow Parliament to make the proper legislative changes. This could result in limited decriminalization, but as of 2021, it has not gone into effect yet.

Marijuana advocates are hopeful that once legislation is passed in line with this court ruling, this could be a huge step towards overall decriminalization and eventually, legalization of the use of cannabis, as well as growing and buying cannabis seeds in South Africa. With so many places around the world opting for legalization, the stigma around cannabis use is becoming less and less prevalent.

Possessing, Using & Buying Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

For now, South Africa seed banks are not a legal reality. This is a bit of a gray area because there are actually a lot of them in the underground market. Since marijuana use and cultivation is not technically legal, there are no seed banks in South Africa where you can legally walk in and pick up cannabis seeds. However, since the country has a climate that is favorable for germinating weed seeds in South Africa, there are plenty of people who are cultivating plants and selling seeds. They simply aren’t available when you search online.

If you are caught in possession of cannabis seeds in South Africa in small amounts, you will likely get a warning or a fine. As corruption is quite frequent in the area, big sentences are rarely given for weed possession. But, if a maximum sentence were to be handed down for possession, it would mean 25 years in prison.

Using cannabis or buying cannabis seeds in South Africa is prohibited by law in 2021. If you’re caught, your weed will be confiscated by the police and you may get a fine or potentially just a warning.

In 2021, tourists are generally not targets for South African police. Instead, the police are focusing their energy and resources on crystal meth. When wandering around South Africa, if you’d like to get the attention of someone selling cannabis, you can rub your fist in your palm, or you can say “chise iree.”

Typically, cannabis is bought by the bag or “bankie” in South Africa, meaning the amount that will fit in a bank coin bag (although it doesn’t have to be sold in that bag). To avoid legal penalties for using, keep your use of cannabis confined to your room if you choose to purchase and use it there.

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The Dagga Party in South Africa

Medical Use of Cannabis Under South African Law

There have been efforts from within the South African Parliament to alter the Medical Innovation Bill to make cannabis legal for medical use only. The bill was rejected in November 2017 because the Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health insists that the Medicines and Related Substances Act already contains a provision for cannabis to be used for medicinal and research purposes. In 2021, a patient may submit a Section 21 Application through his or her doctor to the Medicines Control Council. If the Director-General approves the Section 21 Application, the patient is allowed medical use of cannabis under certain conditions.

Growing & Selling Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

In the poor farming communities in South Africa, growing cannabis plants is an important source of income for families, even though doing so is illegal there. Many rural families earn income to supplement their day jobs through cannabis cultivation. These small harvests, rather than production from larger plantations, make up a lot of the cannabis production in South Africa.

South Africa is a great climate for growing dagga or weed seeds because of its long stretches of land and agreeable climate. The places you’ll find the crop growing most often are KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, and Limpopo. However, in 2021, police are targeting growers, so be careful if you choose to engage in illegal activities.

Sellers of cannabis seeds in South Africa must be aware that police are focusing as much on curtailing selling it as they are in its cultivation. Selling weed seeds remains illegal in South Africa in 2021, regardless of whether you are a tourist or a resident.

By getting the most up-to-date information about laws for growing, using, selling, and buying cannabis seeds in South Africa, you can make the most informed decisions about cannabis. As the laws differ from one country to another, it is important to understand weed regulations whenever you travel or move to a new country. Have fun, but be safe as you travel!
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