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Buy Cannabis Seeds in PortugalPortugal is an interesting country to review when it comes to addressing the legalization of cannabis and cannabis seeds. Many people operate under the idea that Portugal is a free space for drugs, with many people calling it the New Amsterdam. Though Portugal has largely decriminalized drugs in many capacities, that does not mean that drugs are completely legalized. The reality behind Portugal’s stance on drugs is perceived as incredibly lax, but the truth is that there is a little more to it.

In a simple sentiment, you probably won’t get busted for smoking cannabis in Portugal. However, the law operates in a way that is largely built around punishing those who are selling or distributing drugs. In fact, Portugal is one of the only countries in the Europe that has completely criminalized cannabis seeds. Though they might be fine with you smoking marijuana as long as you are not being obnoxious about it, potentially selling it is a different matter entirely.

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The History of Cannabis in Portugal

Portugal’s history with marijuana is really more focused around its overall history with drugs. In Portugal, many people suffered from drug addictions. It was dragging the country down as a whole and having impacts on the economy. After several attempts to overcome these problems that were plaguing the people of Portugal, the government decided to decriminalize all drugs back in 2001. The intent of this was to see if rather than casting out those inflicted by addiction, they could welcome them back into society and create a reality where these individuals didn’t have to lose their lives to prison or be unable to get jobs because of drugs.

At the time and to this day, this was considered a radical approach to managing a drug problem within a country. Though no one else has really followed suit, it actually had amazing results in Portugal. There was a distinct decline in problematic drug use, and additionally, cannabis lovers everywhere were allowed to freely possess and use cannabis. There are limitations to this law, but as a general rule, 2001 became the year when marijuana users could finally enjoy a good joint without having to worry about being arrested or unemployable. By decriminalizing harder drugs, Portugal has allowed for a sizeable cannabis culture to grow within the country. While you would think that this would open a gateway for people to easily grow their own culture, in 2003, Portugal criminalized the possession of cannabis seeds. There has been an ongoing battle over marijuana in the country ever since.

What Portugal Law Says About buying, selling, possessing and growing cannabis and cannabis seeds

The laws in Portugal surrounding cannabis and cannabis seeds are incredibly unique and out of line with some of the other countries around. While drugs are decriminalized within the country, that is not the same as legalization. Police in Portugal will not arrest you if they catch you with cannabis for personal use, but there is some gray area here. In Portugal you can have up to 25 grams of marijuana plant material. You can also possess up to 5 grams of hashish. These numbers are gathered under the idea that this is the maximum extent regarding how much a person might need for personal use over a 10-day time period.

Cannabis seeds, on the other hand, are completely illegal within Portugal. Considering the fact that you can freely possess drugs within the country, many people are shocked to learn that you cannot legally possess cannabis seeds. This ties into Portugal’s laws surrounding distribution and sales, which we will discuss a little later.

Watch: Portugal’s Drug Laws – Decriminalisation in Action

An interesting change in Portuguese law is the legalization of medical marijuana. While you were always able to smoke cannabis without being punished after 2001, this change has made it possible for you to access cannabis-based products in an official capacity. As of 2018, Portugal has made it legal for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana-based products to their patients. These patients can then go to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions just like they would any other. This allows access to high-quality marijuana products that can in turn be used to treat various ailments. Currently, the only legally supported way to buy marijuana derivatives of any kind in the country is through these channels. Since cannabis seeds are illegal, patients are currently unable to cultivate their own cannabis. It is an interesting balance between decriminalization and legalization, but Portugal offers both.

Marijuana Charges in Portugal

Since marijuana is decriminalized in Portugal, the charges around it are fairly interesting. The country has set limitations on how much a person can possess, but even if you have more, it is still more of a discussion than a formal charge. If you are caught with higher amounts of cannabis within the country, you will be evaluated by a board more than you will be formally sentenced. In order to understand this approach, you have to remember that Portugal law is focused on rehabilitation. In the event you are caught with more cannabis than you should have and it is decided that you are not participating in drug trafficking, your sentence is going to be a focus on rehabilitating you in the event that you are overusing. This can look different for everyone depending on the drug, amount, and explanation. However, the board you are evaluated by will include doctors, psychologists, and legal experts to determine the best approach to helping you to live a healthier life. This contrasts quite a bit with what happens in the event that you have cannabis seeds or are otherwise convicted of drug trafficking.

Cannabis Seeds and the Assumption of Distribution

In Portugal, drugs might be decriminalized, but selling drugs is not. This is an interesting balance because in order for people to be able to do drugs, they must be able to buy them. Portugal law is actually very understanding of circumstance when it comes to selling drugs, but the legal repercussions still likely are not worth it. Though possession of cannabis is legalized, in 2003 Portugal, unlike many other European areas, fully criminalized cannabis seeds. This means that legally you would be better off being caught with a flowering plant than the seeds themselves, which is an interesting contrast to many other countries.

In the event that you are caught with cannabis seeds, the government has a few different ways to handle you. On one hand, they might evaluate your situation and determine that the drug addiction treatment and health approach would be a better fit for the nature of your crime. However, if they feel that your situation shows indications that you would be well and truly selling cannabis, you will likely be treated very differently. Though cannabis seeds are illegal, operating in a way that suggests you are selling cannabis is even more illegal.

Drug trafficking charges in Portugal can land you in prison for up to twelve years. However, these sentences do change depending on the amount and nature of the drug being sold. Since cannabis is not addictive, it is likely to accrue less severe charges depending on the amount. Alongside a potential jail sentence, you are also likely to be fined, with amounts reaching up to 45,000 euros. An interesting caveat is that penalties are often reduced for people who are selling drugs of any kind to finance their own drug habits.

The Fight for Legalization and the Portuguese Government

Currently, cannabis is decriminalized, but not legalized, and cannabis seeds are fully illegal. As you can imagine, the local cannabis culture within Portugal is not a fan of this legal precedent. People want to be able to cultivate their own cannabis seeds and buy cannabis from reputable sources. Most recently, two attempts at recreational legalization have been pushed before the Portuguese government, with both being shut down completely. It is unclear why the local government does not want full legalization, but for the time being people are focusing on the medical legalization of cannabis as a gateway to full legalization.

Though medical cannabis has been legalized and cannabis seeds are being cultivated by legally approved sources, the full medical legalization is still not in place. Doctors can prescribe marijuana-based products to their patients for various ailments. Legally approved channels are providing these products to pharmacies. However, doctors still are not prescribing actual cannabis flower to patients. Currently, people are pushing for a more open and widely available selection of cannabis products, types, and cannabis seeds for medical users.

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Portugal’s Local Cannabis Industry

For the time being, Portugal’s local cannabis industry in a legal sense is exclusively distributors working through government contracts with pharmacies. The Portuguese seeds banks are not able to be accessed directly by individuals. These companies cultivate cannabis and cannabis seeds which they then use to make cannabis derivatives from. They are the official faces of the legal local industry and only work through pharmacies to connect with customers. Of course, they are not the only people cultivating marijuana for individual use.

Outside of the legal route, there are plenty of people who are cultivating cannabis seeds to make cannabis and cannabis-based products. These local cultivators are not in compliance with the law, but they absolutely do exist in droves around the country.

Where You Can Buy Cannabis Seeds in Portugal

Though pharmacies might be the only legal route, the decriminalization of cannabis has led to a sizeable underground cannabis market. It is a widely accepted fact that you can be offered cannabis for sale just by walking down some of the streets. These sellers are acting in direct opposition of the law, but are mostly left alone as long as they are not being too blatant about their efforts in front of the police. These underground individuals are where you can buy cannabis, hashish, and cannabis seeds within the country for the time being.

The problem is that you can never quite count on quality when it comes to cannabis or cannabis seeds from this sort of outlet. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing cannabis seed banks that ship to Portugal as well as other places around the globe. These companies can offer discreet shipping, a guarantee of quality, and more variety than some of the local individuals might. We are of the opinion that the best seed banks that ship to Portugal are MSNL and Crop King Seeds. They both offer discreet shipping and multiple payment methods. You should always refer to local laws when purchasing cannabis seeds, but the mediums for purchase are absolutely there.

The Local Cannabis Culture

Portugal has a well-known cannabis culture that is well and truly thriving. People in Portugal, much like those around the globe, are largely in favor of cannabis and cannabis products. You can find support for this particular interest out there, and many people are fairly open about their use. Though you never want to be too open or ridiculous about your cannabis use within the country, it is still easy for you to meet people who also love cannabis.

The cannabis culture within Portugal is incredibly supportive and pushing for more rights for cannabis users. You can safely expect to hear more about pushes for advancing medical legalization as well as bringing recreational legalization and the legalization of cannabis seeds into the mix. People are interested in high-quality cannabis and are incredibly vocal about it. There are many users and growers within the country looking for more rights.

The Future of the Portuguese Cannabis Industry

Going forward, the cannabis and cannabis seed industry within Portugal seems likely to continue to grow. People in Portugal want high-quality cannabis, and many people are pushing to enhance legalization. It seems likely that as the tides continue to change, we can look forward to a future where medical legalization includes a wider spread of cannabis products, as well as flower. Further, we can hope to see a future where cannabis is legalized fully for recreational users everywhere. It is time for cannabis users to no longer have to live in the shadows so that they can freely embrace cannabis. For now, you can find marijuana seeds for sale in Portugal, but in the future, we can hope to see a fully legal market filled with high-quality products ranging from cannabis seeds to true cannabis and more.
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