Buying Marijuana Seeds in 2023

Guide: How & Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online, Web Tutorial.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

There are various seed banks, seeds shops, vendors and breeders who offer cannabis seeds for sale. Knowing where to buy seeds from and how to order cannabis seeds online are two very important topics. This guide is a comprehensive tutorial providing everything you need to know before buying cannabis seeds online in 2023.

Legality in 2023, Complete Privacy and Discretion

Cannabis seed shops in 2023 understand that cannabis is not legal everywhere. Online stores that sell seeds not only ensure that the products are shipped discretely, but they also ensure that the customer’s information remains hidden when they make a purchase. Online seed sellers understand that buyers rely on discretion and demand the privacy of personal information.

Marijuana Laws Country to Country

In some countries marijuana has been fully legalized. There are some regions where marijuana has been decriminalized and is on its way to becoming fully legalized. While other countries enforce strict marijuana laws and categorize growing, smoking or carrying marijuana as a crime.
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Smoking and Holding

In all reality, in most places smoking and holding small amounts of cannabis is typically not a major offense. The punishment can vary from just a fine to even short jail time. Each country will have specific laws that they enforce with marijuana within their jurisdiction.

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Ordering Seeds and Cultivating

In most places, growing marijuana is a bit bigger of an offense than just smoking or holding small amounts of marijuana. Although, if you are aware of your local laws it can help you decide how much to grow and what precautions to take. Knowing at what point the offense becomes larger will help you to optimize your growing operation. If the offense is considered the same for growing 1-10 plants, than there is no real difference in growing the whole 10 plants. Weigh the risk and the rewards to determine how much to grow.

In places where buying and growing marijuana is still highly restricted in 2023, the price of marijuana is very expensive. So, taking on the risks of home growing is extremely rewarding in these low competition areas. The exact plant that is often strictly regulated upon and is considered a street drug is the same plant that is used as a therapeutic medicine.

The regulation of home growing natural plants for medicinal and recreational purposes is at a turning point. Marijuana is receiving much more positive attention from the media. So, be sure to consider the risks of home growing but, do not allow fear to restrict what you believe in and what you do in your personal life. Research your laws and examine your options and know that the marijuana revolution has begun.

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Growing Spaces and Seed Type

Marijuana seeds can be grown both indoor and outdoor. There are different seed strains to choose from. Be sure to choose the seed that you will be growing according to the growing space and plant size.


Marijuana is known to have a very distinct aroma. There are strains of marijuana that are more potent while others are low odor. If you are someone who is enthusiastic about the smell, then be sure to choose a seed strain that best suits your personal preferences.


There are specific strains that grow tall and the buds grow loose and airy. There are also other plants that grow short and the buds grow more compact. So, shorter plants will be better when utilizing space more efficiently is required. More compact plants are typically better to cultivate indoors.

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Growing Time

Different strains will require more time than others to develop and flower. If time is of the essence, then be sure to choose a strain that matures and flowers faster than the average marijuana plant. Auto flower seeds may be suitable for those who need the plant to flower as soon as possible. The auto flowering seeds do not require the grower to initiate the flower, the plant automatically flowers.

Gardening Level

There are seed strains for every level of gardener, from beginner to expert. For example feminized seeds may be preferred by some beginner level gardeners, these seeds are also great for those who have better cultivation skills. There are certain seeds that are reserved for the expert gardeners, in order to obtain the highest yield and maintain superb quality. Make sure to read guides and tutorial that are suitable for your level.

Confidentiality: Indoor or Outdoor Growing

As of 2023, Many people cultivate marijuana plants indoor. This is due to the legal issues as well as the risk of other people stealing or destroying plants that are grown outdoors. People may destroy the plants because of their own personal beliefs about the plant or steal them and take them for their own.

Growing outdoor may be useful in some circumstances. Space is not as restricting outdoors as it can be indoors. Plants may be grown outdoors undetected by others if you take the right precautions.

How to Choose an Online Seed Bank or Shop in 2023

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Herbies Seeds
ILGM Seed Bank
MSNL Seeds
Crop King Seeds
Ministry of Cannabis
Paradise Seeds
Sensi Seeds
Amsterdam Seed Center
Attitude Seeds
Beaver Seeds
Bonza Seeds
Buy Dutch Seeds
Gorilla Seeds
Greenhouse Seeds
Growers Choice Seeds
GYO Seedbank
Herbies Seeds
Homegrown Cannabis Co.
I49 Seedbank
Nirvana Seeds
Pacific Seed Bank
Royal Queen Seeds
Sensible Seeds
Serious Seeds
True North Seedbank

There are a few things that need to be considered before buying marijuana seeds online. The most important things to take into consideration are payment, shipment method and range. This part of the guide will help you to determine where to buy marijuana seeds online in 2023.

Secure Payments

In 2023, there are now more ways to pay for products than ever before. With more and more companies accepting Bitcoin, online transactions are able to be done in a way that they are not able to be traced. Online credit card payments are the traditional way that companies collect payment. Credit cards leave traceable footprints and directly connect an individual to a specific purchase.

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Bitcoin: Anonymous Payments

Bitcoin is a payment protocol. It is categorized as a digital currency. The users of Bitcoin refer to it as a crypto currency. When using Bitcoin, you are operating outside of a central bank.

Bitcoin is a digit medium of exchange. It is decentralized, meaning it is not backed by a government or a bank; it is ultimately controlled by the people. Bitcoin allows a person to make an instant payment online without being directly connected to the payment.

When buying seeds online, Bitcoin is the absolute preferred method of payment. It is the best way to pay without directly connecting an individual to a specific purchase. If buying marijuana seeds is legal where you are located then it really is not of much concern to protect your privacy; although, it is never a bad idea to take the extra step to protect your personal information.

Bitcoin also offers instant payment with extremely low fees. The most common reason for people to not use Bitcoin is because they do not know if it is safe, secure and do not know where to start. It is a fairly simple process to buy Bitcoin and even easier to use as your new online payment method. So, be sure to verify that the seed company you plan to buy from accepts Bitcoin payments and become part of the Bitcoin community today!
Bitcoin and Credit cards are accepted at Herbies Seeds, MSNL, ILGM, Crop King Seeds, Ministry of Cannabis, and Paradise Seeds (Credit cards accepted in EU only).
Credit cards accepted at Sensi Seeds.

Stealth Shipment

Most companies that sell seeds online are discrete in their shipping methods. Stealth shipping is a way that a company goes about presenting the item to the mailing service in a way that the contents will not be obviously identified.

Before buying seeds online, Be sure to verify if the company you plan to buy from is very careful in the way that they ship their products. Some companies go to the extent of allowing the buyer to choose an option of stealth shipping. Some companies will be able to provide a tracking number for the package. They often will ship the products disguised as other common products purchased online such as pens, DVD cases, clothing and books. This stealth shipping allows for the seeds to be easily overlooked. It is a good idea to use a company that does not reveal their company name on the packaging.

Stealth shipping is how the online seed business survives. While there are places buying marijuana seeds is legal, there are more places where it is currently illegal. The customers as well as the company rely on stealth shipping methods in order to ship products safely to buyers.

Range: Do They Ship to Your Country?

Verify if the company you plan to purchase from ships to the country to live in. The shipping policies of each individual company change quite often, due to the rate of successful and unsuccessful seed shipments being delivered. In the places where the percentage of successful deliveries is lower, they tend to discontinue shipping seeds and other products associated with growing marijuana to those areas. Sometimes just temporarily, allowing enough time to change up their shipping methods.

Herbies Seeds, MSNL, Crop King Seeds, and Ministry of Cannabis are shipping to all countries.
ILGM are shipping to USA only.
Paradise Seeds are shipping to all countries excluding USA.
Sensi Seeds are shipping to European countries only.

There are companies that will ship to areas with low successful delivery rates as long as the buyer will assume the responsibility for the package not being delivered. Read the terms in which the company will ship to your area. There are areas where it is much easier to ship to, those areas include Europe and the United States.

Company Review: Where to Buy From

Examine and research the company you plan to buy seeds from before completing a transaction with them. There are some unreliable companies that sell seeds online, just as there are unreliable companies that sell just about any product online. In order to ensure that the company you will be purchasing from is reliable always consider their reputation, seed selection, years in business and whether they are a bank or a shop.


It is essential that you research the specific company online to verify their reputation with past customers before buying cannabis seeds. Online reviews of seed companies are very helpful in determining where to buy marijuana seeds online in 2023. The location of a seller is an obvious indicator whether you should purchase from them or not; if they are located where marijuana is legal then it is fine, but if they are not – that is a red flag. Some online venues are more well-known while others are less known. Just be sure to go with the company you find that ships safely and respects your privacy and information.
The best marijuana seeds shop and breeders are MSNL, Crop King Seeds and Sensi Seeds (EU Countries Only).

Seed Selection

Each online seed seller will have different selections of seeds to choose from. Once you determine the best strain for your specific needs, check around and narrow it down to a few places that sell that specific seed strain. Then determine which company seems most stealth and secure to buy from.
The online marijuana seeds shop with the biggest seed strains selection is definitely MSNL.

Seed Bank or Seed Shop

There are seed banks and seed shops that allow you to buy seeds online in 2023. Seed banks are seed breeders. They do not only sell the seeds, they create the strains and breed the strains themselves. Seed shops provide seeds for the customer to purchase and do not breed and develop the seeds themselves. So, seed shops and seed bank both will provide a wide variety of seeds, but seed banks often provide a larger selection of unique strains. Although, there are some well-known strains that both shops and banks will most likely provide.


The information provided in this tutorial is developed for you to get an idea of how and where to buy cannabis seeds online in 2023. Be sure to take into consideration all of your options that online seed shops and banks provide. Do not underestimate the stealth shipping methods of the company you are planning to buy from. In 2023, there are now endless options available at online seed shops and banks. Choose a company that you feel confident in and buy marijuana seeds anonymously using bitcoin!

Best Places to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in 2023

Reputation 9.5/10
Seeds 10/10
Service 9.5/10
Website 10/10
Payment 9/10
Shipping 10/10
Overall 9.5/10

Reputation 9.5/10
Seeds 10/10
Service 9.5/10
Website 10/10
Payment 10/10
Shipping 8/10
Overall 9.5/10

Reputation 9.5/10
Seeds 9.5/10
Service 9/10
Website 9/10
Payment 8/10
Shipping 10/10
Overall 9/10

Reputation 9.5/10
Seeds 9/10
Service 8.5/10
Website 9/10
Payment 9.5/10
Shipping 10/10
Overall 9/10

Reputation 10/10
Seeds 10/10
Service 9/10
Website 8/10
Payment 7/10
Shipping 6/10
Overall 8.5/10

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