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2021 Laws on Using, Possessing, Growing, and Buying Cannabis Seeds in Poland.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in PolandPoland is one of many places currently grappling with a changing of the tides where marijuana is concerned. In some ways, Poland is ahead of other countries when it comes to legalizing cannabis, but there is still a long way to go. If you are a Polish resident or you plan on visiting this beautiful country, you might be wondering what exactly the state of cannabis acceptance is in Poland. Is hemp legal? Is marijuana legal? Can you freely grow those local cannabis seeds that you see in Polish seed banks?

The truth is that Poland is a country that has had much to say about cannabis in the past, and it will likely have a lot more to say about it in the future. This country is known for its tangles with cannabis over the years, and there is no doubt that Poland will be dancing with the laws around cannabis going forward. Fortunately, we are here to keep you up to date on the Polish cannabis laws so you always know whether or not it is safe to grow those beautiful cannabis seeds that you have been dreaming about!

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The History of Cannabis in Poland

Poland has an interesting history with Cannabis specifically because it used to be a major cannabis and hemp producer. During this time period, buying cannabis seeds was a completely normal and expected process because so many people grew it. The cannabis industry was absolutely booming during this time, and cannabis was completely legal. In fact, the notion that cannabis would be illegal wasn’t even given consideration. It was simply a product that was grown in a normal capacity. People made things like cannabis tea, and it was just a part of life.

In 1951, everything began to change in Poland. By this point, the decline in cannabis and hemp production was fairly substantial. With production and sales at an all time low, it was suddenly reclassified as a narcotic. This was a large change in the classification of the product, which had been more of an agricultural product prior to this. With this change in place, the cultivation of cannabis seeds came to an almost full stop within the country. At this point, however, despite the fact that is was classified as a narcotic, it was still completely legal to own cannabis and cultivate cannabis seeds. By all rights of the law, cannabis was still technically legal.

In 1997, the legal status of cannabis completely changed. It was during this year that cannabis was officially made illegal. Though you could still legally buy cannabis seeds, growing, selling, or using cannabis was made illegal. This change in law came as quite a blow to many lifelong cannabis users. The cannabis culture within Poland was always quite strong, so this sudden illegalization was certainly a shift for people within the country.

In 2011, changes were made to adjust the legal parameters of a person caught with small amounts of marijuana on them. This made it possible for police officers to more or less use their discretion regarding the actually charges regarding cannabis usage. Though cannabis remained illegal, police officers now had the opportunity to not formally charge a person found with cannabis or cultivating cannabis seeds depending on the individual’s reason for possession.

In 2017, the laws were rewritten again to allow for medical marijuana usage. These laws are still fairly strict, but it is possible for qualified medical users to legally possess and use cannabis as long as it is prescribed by a doctor and provided by a pharmacy through a legal source. Currently, cannabis users within the country are pushing to have recreational marijuana and the cultivation of cannabis seeds legalized once again.

What Polish Law Says About buying, selling, possessing and growing cannabis and cannabis seeds

From a legal perspective, it is completely illegal for a person to purchase, sell, or use cannabis in a recreational capacity. This means that it is without question possible for you to be formally charged and convicted in the event that you are found with cannabis on you or you are found using cannabis. However, due to the change of law in 2011, this is largely up to the police officer addressing the situation. In the event that you are found with cannabis for personal use, due to a drug dependency, or if it is your first offense, the police officer that stops you can actively choose not to charge you for cannabis possession or use. They can also offer you lesser charges depending on the actual nature of the crime. Though this can take some pressure off of cannabis users, the fact remains that it is completely illegal and if you meet the wrong officer on the wrong day, you can be hit with formal charges.

Cannabis seeds are an interesting area of legality within Poland. In this country, cannabis seeds are completely legal. You can legally buy, sell, and possess cannabis seeds. In fact, cannabis seeds are often sold as a novelty product. What makes Poland’s relationship with cannabis seeds so interesting is the fact that you can’t actually grow them. While owning cannabis seeds is totally legal and something that there is no charge for, the second you plant them, you are committing a crime. Even though the possession of marijuana seeds in Poland is completely legal, cultivating those very cannabis seeds is a fairly serious crime.

Though Poland’s government might not have legalized marijuana recreationally, it has legalized it medically. In 2017, the Polish government voted to legalize marijuana. There was an overwhelming vote in favor of legalizing it for this style of use. This opened the door for cannabis and cannabis-based products to legally be sold to medical users. However, there are a few caveats to this law. First, a medical prescription must be provided by a medical doctor. It can be your everyday doctor, but there is only approval for certain conditions and in the event that other methods have first been tried and failed to offer relief. Initial estimates suggested that less than 15% of those hoping for a medical marijuana prescription would be approved. Additionally, all marijuana products must be provided by a pharmacy, with the government facilitating where the actual marijuana is coming from. Largely, these products are coming from other countries. This import cost makes the cost of marijuana in Poland very high.

How Marijuana Charges Work

In Poland, getting charged for marijuana is contingent upon a few things. On one hand, a police officer can flat out decide not to charge you for possessing a small amount of marijuana. On the other hand, if you are formally charged for marijuana, you can face some fairly serious problems. Depending on how the actual charges play out, you could be dealing with anything from a fine to several years of jail time. The big distinguisher both for possession of marijuana and the cultivation of cannabis seeds is focused around whether it is for personal use or not.

Fines are generally used for lesser charges or charges where there is no reason to assume that the individual had any kind of ill intent. These fines can range greatly in size, and generally those who face jail time can expect to have a hefty fine waiting for them as well.

In some cases, a fine might be paired with or replaced with a treatment program. These programs are a part of Poland’s focus on offering treatment and assistance to drug users rather than simple punishment. It is their belief that by rehabilitating people, there might be better results over merely throwing someone into jail. These treatment programs are often suggested for personal users as well as those with existing drug problems.

In the event you end up with formal marijuana charges, particularly if you are believed to be selling it, you can expect some pretty serious charges and a tough sentence. Persons who are found cultivating large amounts of cannabis seeds or in possession of what is believed to be a large amount of bud, you can expect to experience some jail time. For now, the maximum jail time sentence is ten years for the presumed distribution or active sale of marijuana.

Cannabis Seeds and the Assumption of Distribution

In the event that you find yourself caught with cannabis seeds, there are a few possible outcomes. You might be found to be in possession of these seeds, which is completely legal and should under no circumstances result in any kind of charge or questioning. However, if you are using the cannabis seeds to grow some buds, you are on a slippery slope to finding yourself in some hot water.

Much like possessing and using marijuana, growing cannabis seeds is completely illegal. This means that if you are caught with plants that are actively being grown, you are in direct violation of the law regardless of size or how close the plants are to actually blooming. The problem here is that growing cannabis seeds, much like in other European countries, puts you at risk in reference to the assumption of distribution. The only difference between you being charged for possessing marijuana and you being charged for distributing it is the amount of marijuana being grown. Poland has no set limit, which means it is up to police to decide if you are growing for personal use or with the intent to distribute the cannabis.

There have been documented legal cases where individuals have been charged for growing in a personal capacity and not been carted off to prison. There have also been instances of people growing more marijuana than what was deemed acceptable and consequently having the book thrown at them. It is important to remember that growing cannabis seeds is completely illegal.

The Fight for Legalization and the Polish Government

Thanks to the fact that there is plenty of work being done to press for further legalization in Poland, the country is already moving in this direction. Poland is also beginning to break into the cannabis industry in a few different ways. Poland is now sending professionals to the Central European Cannabis Forum (CECF) which is focusing on the growing cannabis ecosystem to discuss advancements being made with the legalization of medical marijuana.

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Poland’s Local Cannabis Industry

Poland’s local cannabis industry, unlike its predecessor, is actually fairly small. The majority of marijuana products that exist legally within the country are being brought in from other countries, largely North America. Of course, there is also the expected underground market for marijuana and marijuana products. Additionally, there is a sizeable industry for hemp products as well as a small market for novelty cannabis seeds.

Where You Can Buy Cannabis Seeds in Poland

In Poland, you can buy cannabis seeds in a variety of places in 2021. Many local shops can be considered Polish seeds banks, but they really only sell them as a novelty product. While this can be a quick and easy way to buy cannabis seeds, the fact remains that the quality is likely to be lacking. If you plan in cultivating cannabis seeds, you need somewhere reliable that can guarantee quality. Fortunately, there are plenty of great seeds banks that ship to Poland. We personally recommend MSNL and Crop King Seeds. Both companies offer discreet shipping and accept multiple payment types.

The Local Cannabis Culture

Poland has a huge cannabis culture simply because it hasn’t been illegal for that long. In fact, there is an overwhelmingly positive opinion of cannabis within the country. Recent studies have suggested that over 70% of the population approve of recreational cannabis legalization. For now, however, people use cannabis medicinally and operate in a more underground capacity.

Poland also held their very own Cannabizz Warsaw event, which focuses on Poland as a primary cannabis product export, specifically in relation to CBD. Poland has a very big CBD culture and is known for touting its many benefits. The country has returned to growing sizable amounts of hemp for many great products to be made. This sort of event shows just how normal the idea of cannabis is to the locals.

The Future of the Polish Cannabis Industry

Moving forward, it seems incredibly likely that the recreational legalization of cannabis, as well as the legal growth of cannabis seeds, is well on its way. Poland has a strong history with cannabis, and it seems likely the locals are more than ready to have it back. As citizens continue to press on the government for further legalization, we can expect to hear more about changing laws in Poland. The people of Poland know that cannabis and cannabis seeds are just fine, and we can hopefully expect that same energy from the government further down the line.
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