How To Stay Anonymous When Buying Marijuana Seeds Using Bitcoin

Guide: How / Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Using Bitcoin.

How To Stay Anonymous When Buying Marijuana Seeds Using BitcoinSo you’ve been thinking about growing your own marijuana for a while now. You’ve watched the YouTube videos, you’ve studied the online manuals and now you’re confident in your ability to produce some homegrown weed.

But there’s one thing holding you back: the fear of ordering cannabis seeds with your credit card!

Call me cautious, but I’d prefer the government, my bank, or anyone else with any access to my bank statements – didn’t know about anything that I’ve been buying, let alone seeds. After all, you never know who might be rummaging through your info these days.

Luckily, there are a number of well-known, reliable online retailers who now accept the crypto-currency known as Bitcoin!

Best Online Seed Banks for Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin:
Buy Marijuana Seeds Using Bitcoin

What Is Bitcoin?

For those of you living on another planet these last few years, Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic currency that’s used for all kinds of online transactions from new pairs of socks to motorized unicycles. Its anonymous, self-regulated and most importantly it’s extremely difficult to trace. Hence why you see so much negative media about it, the government and the banks don’t like something they can’t control.

How do I get it?

First of all you’re going to need a free digital wallet, somewhere to store your Bitcoins in. I recommend you check out Bitstamp ( as in my experience they’ve always been safe and secure. It’s worth noting that some wallets have been hacked in the past, but these guys never have.

Once you have your wallet, you either have to buy some Bitcoin from an exchange at its current market value using your regular currency, ask somebody to send you some, or you have to mine it.

To be honest, unless you’ve got a rich Bitcoin friend or you’re thinking of going hulk Hogan on your Bitcoin investments, I’d avoid the latter options. Mining it (which involves doing billions of complicated computer calculations) requires some hefty computer equipment to make any money from it. So your best option is buying from a Bitcoin exchange.

What next?

Once you have some Bitcoin in your wallet, you’re free to make anonymous transactions until your hearts content. Whenever you send a payment, all you are sending is a little piece of encrypted information that goes almost instantaneously to the receivers account.

There’s no middlemen, no large transaction fees, no descriptions – zilch – just a tiny bit information about the transaction value and where it’s going.

If someone were look into your bank statements, they would only show that you’ve bought some Bitcoin, with no way for anyone to tell what the Bitcoin was used for. Which means, in theory, you can rely on it to buy things you wouldn’t want your parents to know you were buying, for example marijuana seeds!

There Is One Thing Though..
Whilst Bitcoin in itself is anonymous, that doesn’t mean the person you’re buying the seeds from is just as legit or careful at protecting your data. If you are deadly serious about traceability, I’d highly recommend you only order from a reputable supplier. After all, you never really know who’s going to be receiving these anonymous Bitcoins and what they might do with your delivery address? Perhaps they’re putting it on some list?

You also have to consider whether or not the business is actually going to deliver what you’re looking for. Don’t just automatically send large amounts of Bitcoin without making extra sure the retailer isn’t going to take your money and run. Unlike credit/debit card payments, Bitcoin transactions are final and there is no protection when something goes wrong.

There are a number of ways to tell if a retailer is legit or not, but in my opinion the best way to tell is to look for reviews or recommendations.

Blimburn Seeds Banner

Other shops might also accept Bitcoin, but these are the most known and have the best reputation. These guys have been in business for years and I seriously doubt they’ll be giving up any of your information any time soon.

If you’re unsure, check out forums, articles or review sites to find out who does what.

To summarize:

If you’re a little uncomfortable with ordering cannabis seeds online, and you’re looking for a certain level of anonymity, these are the best places to order from and Bitcoin is the best way to pay.

Not only does Bitcoin offer you anonymity, quite often the retailers are happy to offer Bitcoin users discounts and promotions to make up for the fees they save when processing your order.
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Best Online Seed Banks for Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin:
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