Nirvana Shop Review 2020

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana seed Breeders and Online Seed Bank. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Reputation 8.5/10
Seeds 8.5/10
Service 8.5/10
Website 9/10
Payment 9/10
Shipping 8.5/10
Overall 8.5/10

As of 2020, One of the most known cannabis seeds shops in Amsterdam is Nirvana Shop. They are known for being one of the best seed providers in the industry and every package they send is done with love and admiration for the products that they provide.

Nirvana Seeds offers a huge selection of seeds and they are continually expanding their range so you can always find something you need and at a price you can afford as well.

They have a really good reputation in the market and their customer base is expanding on a daily basis.

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Reputation and History Review

Nirvana Shop first opened up in the 1980s. The founder was working in a grow shop in Amsterdam at the time and it was then when he developed his skill and knowledge for the business and everything that it has to offer. He spent a couple of years travelling the world and he really devoted his time, efforts and finances into finding some of the finest strains around. He then started by combining strains in order to create his own, through experimenting, cross breeding and growing hybrids.

After working hard, he was finally ready to show the world what he had accomplished and in 1995, he opened up his very own store. He then went on to create hemp wine and even hemp beer, as well as providing a range of products that ranged from hemp ice tea and even hemp liqueur.

This is just one of the many things that have made Nirvana one of the top online marijuana seed shops around and it is the main reason why they have continued to experience such success over the years.

Seed Selection and Quality – Nirvana Seeds Review 2020

While being one of the Best Online Marijuana Seed Shop in Nirvana shop is also a seed bank and breeder. They are well known for giving out 10 Free Seeds with every order, which will assist you getting familiar with their seed selection. It should be noted that when you get your free seeds, you can’t choose which ones you want because they are of a mystery selection, but you’ll be glad to know that you get 10 free seeds with every single purchase that you make.

The main reason why Nirvana seeds became one of the most renowned shops selling marijuana is that it sells some unique cannabis seeds or strains that are not found with other seed breeders or banks. This shop was the first one to develop cannabis strains that are sold with name of Jock Horror, Bubblelicious, Wonder Woman, AK48 and more. They have also bred Northern Lights, Super Skunk, White Widow, and more.

Nirvana Seeds Customer Service Review

Nirvana Shop team is professional, friendly and responsive. Their Costumer Service is just perfect and it stands as a clear advantage for Nirvana shop vs The rest of the online marijuana seed banks in 2020.

For super quick and friendly reply – any costumer can open a ticket or just give them a call. They also have a live chat that they actively participate in and help customers with any issue including growing tips and discussions. While The live chat is also a great place for cannabis growers to share their experiences and photos, Nirvana shop also maintain a Blog that is filled with information and is used as a resource by growers worldwide.

Nirvana shop is also well known for providing a super standard of customer service, they are always trying to make their customers as happy as possible and this is ideal if you have never purchased seeds before.

Website Usability – Review

Nirvana Shop deserves a round of applause for creating such a user-friendly website, their check-out system is really quick so that people can conveniently place orders. is highly responsive and can be easily operated through mobile phones or tablets.

Their seed selection is well organized and well categorized, Seeds are displayed under a dynamic search engine which let you easily define custom filters for your needs. If you are new to growing, you’ll be glad to know that they have cannabis growth solutions available. This includes root pouches and even germination kits as well, so you can get everything you need from them with one quick purchase.

Price and Payment Methods Review

Not only Nirvana Shop provides great quality marijuana seeds, Their prices are very fair. More than that, With every order you will get 10 Free Seeds (Could be anything). For orders over 100 Euro you will get free shipping, For bulk orders you will get a discount.
Bitcoin, Credit cards and Bank Transfer are accepted as payment methods, Payment can be made with American Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Polish Zloty or Swiss Franc.

Nirvana Shop Special Offers page is always loaded with dicounts that can go up to 30%! So make sure to check it out before choosing your seed strain. If you consider the perfect costumer service with their top quality seeds and fair prices – You will find out there is no better return for your money.

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods Review

Nirvana shop ships cannabis seeds to every country in the world except Japan and Australia. They ship all orders over 100 Euro for free, Otherwise they charge 4 Euro for worldwide stealth shipping with 10 free seeds with every order.

Their stealth methods are sophisticated and will pass most random checks if any made, Usually it will look like a regular letter or greeting cards and no one will bother to check it.

In European Union countries you should receive your order in as little as week. Shipping to the rest of the world (Excluding Australia and Japan) can take up to 4 weeks but usually arrives much sooner.

Conclusion – Nirvana Shop Review 2020

Overall, the service of Nirvana shop is top notch, Nirvana Seeds are some of the finest Amsterdam marijuana seeds that you will not find anywhere else. Nirvana Seeds has focused on providing wonderful customer care facilities, which is the main reason why it is so popular amongst the cannabis seeds lovers.
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