Nirvana Shop Review, 2023

It is worth ordering from this well-rated Dutch seed bank? Our Nirvana Shop review has all the answers.
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Reputation 8.5/10
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Service 8.5/10
Website 9/10
Payment 9/10
Shipping 8.5/10
Overall 8.5/10

As of 2023, one of the best-known cannabis seeds shops in Amsterdam is Nirvana Shop. They have been in business for over 25 years, and have built a great reputation for themselves. This seed bank gets a lot of things right but has seen its share of issues regarding consistency of genetics, customer support, and international shipping. Do the pros outweigh the cons of shopping with Nirvana Shop? Our full Nirvana Shop review gives an honest, thorough look at this company, so you can decide for yourself if this is the seed bank for you.

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Reputation and History

Nirvana Shop has built a solid reputation among the cannabis growers of the world. While some buyers have had less-than-ideal experiences with shipping, customer service, and germination rates, Nirvana’s overall ratings remain high, and most of their buyers continually report great experiences ordering from and growing Nirvana Seeds.

Nirvana Shop Company History

Nirvana Shop’s founder, Mau, developed his skill and knowledge of the cannabis business and everything that it has to offer while working in an Amsterdam grow shop in the 1980s. He spent a couple of years traveling the world, devoting his time, efforts, and finances to finding top-quality cannabis strains. He then began experimenting with combining and cross-breeding these strains to create his own.

In 1995, Mau was finally ready to show the world what he had accomplished, opening his very own seed store: Nirvana Shop. He then went on to also create a wide range of other products made from hemp, including hemp wine, beer, liquor, and iced tea.

Seed Selection and Quality

Nirvana Shop breeds its own strains, including a wide variety of popular favorites and a few limited-edition specials. This seed bank currently carries close to 100 strains, all of which are feminized. Nirvana Shop also stocks some growing supplies and nutrients. Most buyers of Nirvana Seeds have come away from the experience happy, with healthy, potent crops to show for it. However, this seed bank has received some concerning complaints about the consistency of its seed quality.

Nirvana Seeds Quality Concerns

There have been a number of reports from disappointed Nirvana Shop buyers whose seeds either failed to germinate or never grew into mature plants. In many of these cases, germination issues afflicted more than just one or two bad seeds – sometimes an entire order’s worth of the same strain, raising concerns about the occurrence of occasional bad batches of Nirvana Seeds. There have also been a number of cases where orders arrived incomplete, with some of the expected seeds missing.

Nirvana Seeds Customer Service Review

Nirvana Shop gets high marks for customer service, with a professional, friendly, and responsive support team. Customers are invited to reach out to Nirvana Shop staff via email, telephone, or live chat for growing advice or assistance with orders. Nirvana’s staff also maintain a presence in popular growers’ forums, offering solutions to those who have posted complaints or concerns. However, some buyers have had difficulty getting ahold of Nirvana Shop to resolve their support issues, with emails going unanswered for unreasonably long periods of time.

Website Usability

Nirvana Shop’s website is user-friendly and nicely put-together. is mobile-friendly, prices can be viewed in five different currencies, and the site content may be translated into 13 different languages. The site also includes a helpful growing guide full of useful tips and articles. Another great feature of is its own free and active growers’ forum, WeedPortal.

It’s easy to find what you are looking for on, as its seed selection is well categorized and organized. Seeds are displayed under a dynamic search engine that lets you easily define custom filters for your needs, from growing difficulty or indoor/outdoor plants to desired effects and medicinal uses All strain listings are accompanied by detailed pictures of mature buds and full descriptions of the strain, from the genetic background to the flavor profile.

Price and Payment Methods

Nirvana Shop’s prices are very fair, and this company gives buyers the opportunity to get even more for their money with weekly seed sales and other various free seed promos. Wholesale pricing is available for bulk orders.

Nirvana Shop Accepted Payment Methods

Nirvana Shop accepts payment via bitcoin, credit card, bank transfer, or cash. Bitcoin is Nirvana’s preferred payment method, and they reward buyers who utilize cryptocurrency with double the seeds on their first order. For those who don’t want to use bitcoin, paying with cash or via bank transfer still gets you an extra 5% discount.

For the sake of security, most buyers may be best served by sticking with bitcoin or bank transfer when ordering with Nirvana Shop. A concerning number of envelopes containing cash have failed to reach the seed bank via the postal service. And, of course, since mailing cash is always done at one’s own risk, this left no recourse for these buyers to recoup their loss. Several credit card buyers have felt uncomfortable complying with the security measures Nirvana Shop requests, such as sending copies of the front and back of one’s card.

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods Review

Nirvana Shop ships cannabis seeds to every country in the world, with sophisticated stealth methods that will pass most random checks. Most of the time, Nirvana Shop parcels look like regular letters or greeting cards, and no one will bother to check them. This seed bank sends its orders along a thoughtfully created shipping route, to ensure its parcels arouse as little suspicion as possible. In the Netherlands, orders typically arrive within 1-2 days. Throughout the rest of the world, seeds usually arrive within a week. Orders are sent via tracked FedEx.

Lost in Transit

While most of the world receives their Nirvana Seeds quickly, quite a few buyers, particularly those located in the United States, have had the unfortunate experience of never receiving their order. In some of these cases, Nirvana Shop sent a reshipment which also never arrived. A few United States customers have had multiple incidents of seed orders failing to arrive.

Conclusion, Nirvana Shop Review 2023

We like Nirvana Shop and feel it’s a generally good marijuana seed resource. Most of the time, the service of Nirvana Shop is top-notch and their seeds are as great as you could expect, coming directly from Amsterdam. But Nirvana Shop still has a few things to improve upon. The occasional genetics issues are concerning – especially when ordering from a company without a germination guarantee. And the number of orders lost in transit is likewise troubling. We will be closely watching Nirvana Shop to see how they may improve in the future, but at this time, we are not naming them as one of the best seed banks.

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