How to Calibrate and Use a pH Meter

How to Calibrate and Use a pH Meter Featured Image

Whether you recently purchased a new pH meter or you’re thinking of pulling the trigger on one — you must learn how to calibrate and use a pH meter. You may ask, well, how hard can it be? Considering we’re flooded continuously with pH related questions, we’re going to go ahead and show you how to set up a pH […]

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The Outdoor Grower’s Almanac

The Outdoor Grower's Almanac Featured Image

As a cannabis grower, the fun begins at the onset of the outdoor growing season. However, when does the cannabis growing season start? Furthermore, when does the outdoor marijuana growing season end? Dig into our Outdoor Grower’s Almanac to find the answers you’re looking for. You’ll discover everything you need to know about the outdoor weed growing season, such as […]

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How to Plan an Outdoor Marijuana Garden

How to plan an Outdoor Marijuana Garden Featured Image

There’s no better opportunity to grow weed outdoors than when days become longer, and the sun’s radiant glow intensifies. As the beauty of spring unfolds, mother nature beckons you to sow the seeds for this year’s outdoor cannabis season. Free from HID lighting and controlled environments, growing marijuana outdoors allows you to grow weed naturally. Before you sprout your feminized […]

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How to Plan an Indoor Cannabis Garden

How to Plan an Indoor Cannabis Garden Featured Image

When it comes to growing weed indoors — a little planning goes a long way. Growing weed indoors takes time, months, actually, and it’s best to set up the grow room right the first time around. In other words, say goodbye to cut-corners and mickey mouse jobs and say hello to the perfect cannabis garden blueprint. Read along to learn […]

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How to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings

How to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings Featured Image

As a cannabis seedling emerges from its shell and begins to reach for the light, you’ll experience an incredible sensation that can be described in a single word — eureka! There’s no better feeling than successful germination and the subsequent process of caring for marijuana seedlings. Cannabis seedlings, however, are incredibly vulnerable and must be transplanted soon after they emerge. […]

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How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds Featured Image

Everything has a beginning. Cannabis seeds, like all seeds, must undergo the germination process before it can grow into a weed-yielding beauty. Countless cannabis germination guides litter the internet. However, none go as in-depth as our seed germination tutorial. Read along to learn how to germinate marijuana seeds like a pro. You’ll discover everything you need to know about the […]

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How to Grow Weed Outdoors

Growing weed outdoors is an experience, unlike any other. From gigantic cannabis trees to outrageously massive harvests, growing cannabis outdoors is beyond rewarding. As you’ll soon learn, every aspect of nature unites and provides cannabis plants with everything they need. From sunlight to wind, growing marijuana in the great outdoors awaits you. Now that you’re ready to learn how to […]

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Drying and Curing Marijuana Buds

In the growing process, drying and curing marijuana buds is essential. The way that you dry and cure weed will add or take away from the taste, scent, and potency, so it is important to know the different techniques. Use this resource to learn more about how to get juicy buds that meet your needs. What is the Purpose of […]

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Purple Cannabis Strains

Marijuana comes in different colors depending upon the nature of the environment it is grown in, the temperature and a slew of other factors. One of the most sought after color these days among growers and smokers alike is purple, not only due its astonishingly attractive appearance but also the vibes it gives you when smoked. The smoke produced by […]

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