Gorilla Seeds Review, 2023

Does Gorilla Seeds live up to the hype? Read all the details in our full Gorilla Seed Bank review.
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Reputation 8.5/10
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Website 8/10
Payment 9/10
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Overall 8.5/10

Gorilla Seed Bank is a British seed bank that’s built a loyal following with its low prices on seeds from some of the best-known breeders. At first glance, Gorilla Seeds looks like a great resource for seeds. But is this company really as great as it appears? Our full review of Gorilla Seed Bank has all the answers.

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History and Reputation of Gorilla Seeds

Gorilla Seed Bank opened in 2011, making it a still relatively new seed bank, though Gorilla’s founders are certainly not new to cannabis, with over 40 years of combined experience. Gorilla Seed Bank is based in the UK but has developed reach throughout the world. The company’s main founder, Alex, says that he started Gorilla Seeds after being disappointed in his purchases from a number of other seed banks – making it his goal to have a shop where customers always have great experiences.

Seed Selection and Product Quality

Gorilla Seed Bank is a reseller, not a breeder. So, while they carry many of the most popular strains from over 60 different breeders, this seed bank does not create any of its own strains. Gorilla Seed Bank offers the option to buy by the seed, which many buyers prefer. And most of Gorilla’s customers have reported great satisfaction with the crops their seeds have yielded.

However, Gorilla Seed Bank sometimes has problems keeping seeds in stock. When buyers place orders for strains that aren’t currently available (despite being shown as such on the website), Gorilla’s staff attempts to select high-quality replacements to send in their place. Unfortunately, this seed bank has received quite a few complaints from buyers who were unhappy with the quality of these substitutions. Several of these have reported that their substitution seeds seemed old and stale and failed to germinate. Another common complaint surrounding this practice is that most buyers would prefer to know up front whether a seed is out of stock and to choose for themselves whether to order substitutions and of which strains.

No Germination Guarantee

It’s important to know that Gorilla Seed Bank does not offer any kind of germination guarantee, nor will they provide advice or information about germination. This is, of course, to ensure compliance with the UK’s current laws against germinating cannabis seeds. But this does mean that you won’t be able to get free replacements should you run into any germination problems, and Gorilla Seeds’ staff will be unable to troubleshoot or make suggestions relating to growing or using marijuana.

Gorilla Seeds Customer Service

Customer service is one of the things Gorilla Seed Bank prides itself on, and they do deliver. Their friendly, helpful customer service representatives are available by phone, email, or Facebook Messenger, and they maintain an active presence on many popular marijuana-related forums. They regularly reach out to those who have left negative reviews on public forums, and put in the effort to see how they can make things right.

It’s worth noting that part of Gorilla Seed Bank’s policy is that it reserves the right to cancel orders at its own discretion – such as suspicion of illegal activity or in response to customers who are rude and difficult. They do, however, promise to fully refund any such cancellations.

Refunds and Returns

Unlike some other seed banks, Gorilla Seeds does allow returns, as well as cancellations of orders that haven’t shipped yet. All returned seeds must still be enclosed in the original sealed packaging and must be initiated within seven days after delivery. Customers requesting refunds must provide the reason why they are returning the seeds.

Website Usability

The Gorilla Seed Bank website is well-designed, well-organized, and very informative, though it still looks a little old-fashioned. It includes easily searchable headings where you can browse seeds by best sellers, strain type, seed bank, or type. Their writing has a fun tone that features the signature Gorilla heavily, and they even have a blog filled with the latest sales and other information.

Other nice website features include a built-in currency converter tool, allowing visitors to view prices in any of six different currencies. And there is a convenient order tracker tool for buyers to quickly and easily see when they can expect packages to arrive, as well as the ability to log in and see all of their previous orders in one place.

Price and Payment Methods

Gorilla Seed Bank’s prices are low compared to similar companies. And, as with most seed banks, the price per seed is lower the larger pack of seeds you buy. Gorilla Seed Bank also gives away free seeds with any order over £36.99.

Payment Methods

Gorilla Seed Bank accepts most commonly-favored payment methods: cash, bank transfer, bitcoin, credit cards, and debit cards. Credit or debit cards from buyers located outside the UK must be authorized for international transactions prior to making a purchase with Gorilla Seeds. Bitcoin is Gorilla Seed Bank’s preferred payment method, and they reward customers who choose this payment method with an extra three feminized bonus seeds. Gorilla Seeds’ website includes a guide to bitcoin for those users who have never used cryptocurrency before.

Shipping and Stealth

Gorilla Seeds ships to anywhere in the world (except North Korea and Brigadoon) from its hub in the UK. Gorilla ships all orders via first class Royal Mail. It’s important to note that a signature is required upon delivery. Shipping is free for any order over £99, and shipping costs for smaller orders are still reasonable: between £4.99 and £9.99, depending on the type of shipping utilized.

Gorilla Seed Bank orders usually leave the warehouse within 1-3 days after payment is received. But this seed bank does run into occasional issues with seeds being out of stock, which can add up to 5 extra days before dispatch. Once they leave the warehouse, Gorilla Seeds usually reach their destinations quickly. Most UK orders arrive within 24 hours after dispatch. Orders traveling elsewhere in the world may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Guaranteed Stealth Shipping

Gorilla Seed Bank always ships seeds in plain packaging, and neither the packaging nor buyers’ billing statements indicate the company name or any association with cannabis. Gorilla Seeds recommends all buyers add on the Guaranteed Stealth option, which gives the reassurance of one free reshipment, should the order be lost in transit. Guaranteed Stealth also includes an extra layer of packaging security, with seeds packaged inside a t-shirt, DVD case, or other items. Gorilla Seed Bank’s default is to ship seeds inside the original breeder packaging, but they will sometimes repackage for the sake of fitting seeds inside these stealth items.

Conclusion, Gorilla Seed Bank Review 2023

Gorilla Seed Bank has shown itself to be a legit seed bank that gets a lot of things right. This seed bank is still newer and has had some issues with inventory and substitutions. Even so, this company is off to a great start with a growing customer base and many positive reviews. While we aren’t naming this seed bank as one of the very best (yet), we will be closely tracking Gorilla Seed Bank. If it can keep up its positive momentum as it grows – and make improvements where they are still needed – Gorilla Seed Bank very well may make our list in the years to come.

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