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Is SeedSupreme a seed bank you can trust? Here’s everything you need to know about ordering from SeedSupreme.
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When ordering cannabis seeds from an online reseller, it’s especially important to choose a trustworthy one. SeedSupreme is a large and popular UK-based reseller that also stocks its very own line of seeds – but is SeedSupreme a legit seed bank? If you’ve come across its name in online growers’ forums, you’ve likely seen many negative SeedSupreme reviews alongside the good ones. Have those mixed ratings left you questioning whether SeedSupreme is truly a company you can trust or one you’d be better off to avoid? Below we’ve given our honest and thorough assessment of SeedSupreme, to help you decide if this is the right seed bank for you.

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SeedSupreme Review: Reputation and History

The biggest question is, of course: Is SeedSupreme a trustworthy seed bank? The short answer is, yes, SeedSupreme is a legit seed bank with many satisfied repeat customers. And, indeed, the majority of online reviews of SeedSupreme are very positive. However, this company still has considerable room for improvement in a few key areas. The most common problem areas for SeedSupreme buyers are seed quality concerns, receipt of the wrong seeds, shipping delays, and difficulty getting assistance from SeedSupreme’s customer service team.

Company History

SeedSupreme was founded in 2013 in the UK, with the goal of becoming a one-stop online shop for a huge variety of brands and strains of cannabis seeds. Over the years, SeedSupreme has had its share of issues, but this seed bank has managed to keep enough happy customers along the way to continue growing its business worldwide.

Seed Selection and Quality

SeedSupreme’s seed selection offers quite a lot of options to choose from. SeedSupreme resells cannabis seeds from over 100 international breeders, currently stocking around 4,000 different strains. SeedSupreme also has its own in-house breeding operation, offering up its own takes on many popular favorites.

Naturally, quality and potency will vary among the many seed brands SeedSupreme stocks. However, the variance between brands isn’t the only variance we’ve encountered with SeedSupreme’s seeds. While SeedSupreme has many satisfied customers reporting successful crops of enjoyable weed, seed quality issues are still pretty common with this company.

Seed Quality Concerns

It’s not unusual for SeedSupreme orders to contain a few seeds that either fail to sprout, or never quite grow into the top-quality plants one would expect from name-brand seeds. The exact reasons for these germination problems are anyone’s guess, but it is possible that exposure to humidity and/or improper temperatures while in storage plays a role.

As to seeds that don’t match their advertised description, some customers have speculated that their brand-name seeds were swapped out for cheaper substitutes. Of course, these could just as easily be unintentional errors, possibly related to confusion when sorting through the thousands of strains SeedSupreme stocks. Whatever the cause, satisfaction with SeedSupreme seeds runs the gamut from rave reviews to total duds.

Customer Service

SeedSupreme has a support team available via email to help with questions or concerns about ordering seeds. However, since their seeds are not explicitly sold with germination in mind, SeedSupreme’s customer support team will not provide any sort of germination advice or answer questions related to marijuana use. The only seed-specific information SeedSupreme’s team is willing to give is which seeds are the most popular sellers.

Customer Service Response Times

The response speed of SeedSupreme’s customer service department is relatively inconsistent. Some buyers receive responses with lightning speed, while others go days or even weeks before their messages are returned. While many who have reached out to SeedSupreme saw their issues resolved quickly and satisfactorily, others have found themselves frustrated by the lack of solutions offered to make up for lost or dud seeds. The lag in response times can make the entire process of claiming a loss for reshipment particularly cumbersome.

Website Design and Navigation Review is a clean, attractive site that’s also pretty easy to navigate. It’s easy to filter SeedSupreme’s enormous seed selection and browse cannabis seeds by type of strain, CBD or THC level, beginner-friendly status, or by the specific seed bank. Another nice feature on is a currency conversion tool, allowing you to view all prices in your preference of USD, GBP, or EUR.

SeedSupreme gives a good deal of attention to medical cannabis strains, including a “Medical Cannabis” search feature, allowing shoppers to browse strains by the medical conditions they’re commonly used to treat, or symptoms they relieve, such as chronic pain or nausea. SeedSupreme’s website is also home to an active blog filled with interesting facts and news about cannabis. also contains a section dedicated to explaining the current legal status of and general attitudes around medical and recreational cannabis in each US state.

Price and Payment Options

Cryptocurrency – A Favored Payment Option

SeedSupreme’s preferred payment option is cryptocurrency, which includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Potcoin – nearly any major alternative cryptocurrency. Recognizing that many customers have never used Bitcoin, SeedSupreme’s website features an informational video explaining how Bitcoin works and how to get started using it.

Other Payment Methods

For customers who don’t want to pay with cryptocurrency, SeedSupreme does accept cash payments by mail. Any time you mail cash, of course, the liability is yours until it’s received. So it’s highly advisable to package mailed cash discreetly and utilize tracking methods if you decide to go this route. This mail-in payment option is strictly for cash, as SeedSupreme does not accept money orders or checks. While SeedSupreme’s untraceable payment methods are certainly a plus for customers who prioritize discretion, they may be a drawback for those customers who prefer paying by credit card or bank transfer.

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

SeedSupreme has two shipping hubs – one in the UK and one in California, USA – and they ship seeds to nearly any location in the world. All orders are sent via tracked First Class Royal Mail (tracked USPS for USA orders). However, orders using third party forwarding services will not be shipped, as accurate tracking can no longer be guaranteed. SeedSupreme offers free shipping on USA orders over $125 and UK orders over £75.

SeedSupreme’s tracked shipping feature is terrific for excitedly watching your seeds’ progress on the road to you, but it has revealed a sometimes spotty shipping schedule. While some customers do receive their seeds within a few days, others find themselves waiting weeks before their seeds even leave the warehouse.

Guaranteed Shipping Option

For an additional $10 fee, SeedSupreme offers a guaranteed shipping option. Guaranteed shipping promises your seeds will be reshipped at no additional charge, should your order fail to make it to you. This service is the only way to protect your investment if your seeds are seized or lost, so it’s crucial to spring for it if you order from this company. However, if your country does not accept Royal Mail, SeedSupreme cannot guarantee shipping even if you do pay for this option. It’s important to note that even if your order qualifies for free shipping, shipping won’t be guaranteed unless you select this option.

If you do not elect guaranteed shipping, you’re pretty much out of luck if anything happens to your seeds in transit. SeedSupreme will not reship or refund for lost or seized orders that were not guaranteed. Even if you do select guaranteed shipping, you’ll still be required to provide detailed documentation to SeedSupreme in order to qualify for the free reship. As a small consolation, SeedSupreme used to give disappointed customers in this situation extra bonus rewards points for its loyalty program, Kush Money (which is currently out of commission). While a nice gesture, the amount of Kush Money offered tended to be far smaller than the cost of the lost seeds, often leading to even more frustration.

Discreet Shipping

SeedSupreme utilizes industry-standard discreet shipping methods, such as always shipping orders in plain, unmarked packaging without indication of the company name or contents. Seeds crossing international borders are hidden inside eco-friendly “corporate gifts,” such as pens or tote bags. SeedSupreme has been known to hide seeds well enough that customers have trouble finding them – you may have to completely disassemble a pen to find your seeds hidden inside the tip, for example.

However, too much stealth is not always a good thing. SeedSupreme typically repackages cannabis seeds from their original breeder packaging into labeled zip-loc bags. While this may help seeds pass through customs undetected, this practice has raised a few concerns over product integrity. There have been a number of cases where SeedSupreme packages have arrived with the wrong seeds inside (including one disastrous case of male seeds received instead of female). Of course, once seeds have been repackaged, it’s nearly impossible to tell which breeder packs they originated from.

Customs Concerns

Despite its attention to stealthy shipping, many SeedSupreme packages have still been seized by customs. A likely reason for this may be the frequent use of similar package declarations. One customer reported three of their orders arrived with the exact same startled declaration: “souvenir tote.” While, of course, nothing about this declaration should seem off at first glance, when multiple packages with the same simple description are sent from the same address over and over again, customs tend to take notice. SeedSupreme has taken steps to prevent US-bound seeds from seizure by opening a distribution center in California, allowing seeds to travel safely through the USPS, undetected. This change has indeed reduced the number of US customs complaints, though SeedSupreme is still using the same stealth shipping methods.

Return Policies

SeedSupreme advertises its seeds as souvenirs, sold for collection purposes only. While this is a good angle from a legal standpoint, it, unfortunately, means that SeedSupreme does not offer any type of germination guarantee. However, in the case of seed orders arriving damaged, buyers do have the option to return the damaged seeds for a full refund. Unused seeds are also returnable within 14 days if you happen to change your mind.

Discounts and Loyalty Programs

As a reseller, SeedSupreme ends up with plenty of bonus seeds from its suppliers and they like to pass those bonuses along to their own customers. Depending on how much money you spend with SeedSupreme, they will throw in an extra 2-10 feminized seeds for free. However, this promo is completely dependent on SeedSupreme having available overstock. In addition to free bonus seeds, subscribers to SeedSupreme’s mailing list receive email alerts of SeedSupreme coupon codes, sales, and other promotions as they come up.

Kush Money

SeedSupreme also has a loyalty program called Kush Money. Kush Money allows you to collect points based on your purchase total. These points can then be cashed in for discounts on future orders of select seeds. However, Kush Money is temporarily on hold as SeedSupreme makes changes to its website platform. During Kush Money’s hiatus, loyalty points are not accruing for purchases, nor can previously-earned points be accessed and applied to current purchases.

With no official statement on whether previously accrued Kush Money will be accessible when the website changes are complete (or how long these changes can be expected to take), some of SeedSupreme’s loyal repeat customers are understandably concerned that their previously earned Kush Money will disappear. But it’s still too soon to tell.

Conclusion, SeedSupreme Review 2023

There are a lot of things to like about SeedSupreme. They are a legit seed bank with some good things going for them – a huge selection of brand-name seeds, tracked (and often free) shipping, and a clean, user-friendly website. However, this seed bank needs to make a few improvements in seed quality consistency, international shipping, and ease of contacting customer service before we can rank SeedSupreme as one of the best.

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2 years ago

Nothing but issues with Seed supreme. Mostly, small, pale, underdeveloped seeds sent. Only 11% germination rate of the 56 seeds (variety of strains) received. Their replies on customer service are pretty much excuses and implying you are to blame and offer nothing to make it right. Been growing for over 40 years and this company is the worst as far as quality of seeds and customer service.

5 months ago

I will never order from them again have got 5 emails in three weeks saying they recieved my order but no attempt to fill or ship it yet

4 months ago

Seedsupreme has terrible quality seeds, incredibly poor customer service. They have false advertising and argue with you! Stay away from this company. You’re better off finding seeds in a bag of weed. They’ll likely be better quality as well. Read all of the reviews, people aren’t lying about this garbage. The fact that I am googling places to leave reviews about them says a lot.