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All about Japan's Laws and Public Opinion on Possessing, Using, Growing, and Buying Cannabis Seeds in the Nation of the Rising Sun.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in JapanWhen most people think about cannabis, Japan is not one of the first places that come to mind. However, since this global hotspot is one of the most popular places to go as a tourist, it comes as no surprise that people are curious about their cannabis laws. If you have asked yourself: is weed legal in Japan? Let us be the first to tell you that it absolutely is not, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cannabis culture in this country. In truth, plenty of Japanese citizens have an interest in cannabis. Fortunately, we made this guide to help the locals and any visitors with all that they need to know about the Japanese marijuana laws. Whether you are looking to smoke or are looking for information on how to buy cannabis seeds, we have your information right here.

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Japan’s Mixed History with Cannabis and Cannabis Seeds

Despite the fact that it is illegal now, cannabis was once considered a major crop in Japan. In fact, hemp (also referred to as “asa”) was a staple in Japanese culture. This plant was used in many different capacities. While people did tend to use it for textile purposes, some evidence suggests that cannabis seeds were also cultivated for the plant’s unique psychoactive properties that made it popular for use back before any stigmas were attached.

As recently as 1914, Japan was actively growing hemp as a primary crop. This was taking place across several different provinces, including Hiroshima, Tochigi, Iwate, Aidzu, and Kiushu. The crop itself was thriving in areas that were too cool for some of Japan’s other chief exports to be grown. Their production quality was exceptional compared to other popular areas.

In the 1920s, the view of cannabis in Japan began to change. By 1930, the Japanese government was interested in limiting the cultivation of cannabis seeds and created the Cannabis Control Law. This law placed restrictions on the production, possession, and sale of cannabis, particularly by unlicensed parties. Many revisions to this law were made, but ultimately it was changed to offer severe punishments for those believed to be profiting from cannabis in any capacity. This included the cultivation of cannabis seeds, import and export of cannabis, and the possession of cannabis as well.

Throughout the ever-increasing cannabis restrictions, in 1948, cannabis became fully illegal in most capacities with varying punishments depending on the severity of the offense. Since then, there have been no changes regarding the legalization of cannabis. Though citizens have an interest in the legalization of cannabis, for now, progress is at a standstill.

Japan Marijuana Laws Surrounding Cannabis and Cannabis Seeds

In all areas of Japan, cannabis is completely illegal in every capacity. Unlike the majority of other developed countries, Japan has many limitations regarding the cultivation of cannabis seeds and the possession of cannabis itself. While there are some licensed exceptions for cultivating cannabis with a very low THC count for textile products, there is realistically no exception to this law that would impact the average person.

The Japanese government has a severe outlook on cannabis possession and cannabis use. While some areas offer exceptions for small amounts, the fact is that in Japan, the possession of cannabis is considered outright illegal and is subject to excessive charges if you are found with it. Though there will always be exceptions made and discussions to have, it is unlikely that you will be caught with cannabis and not charged in some capacity.

In addition to the possession of cannabis, the cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal as well. What is most interesting about the extreme view on cannabis in Japanese law is that the cultivation element is where the process becomes illegal. You can legally possess cannabis seeds within the country, but at the point where you are actively cultivating cannabis seeds to grow marijuana, you are in direct violation of the local law. That isn’t to say that people do not grow their own cannabis seeds, but it is worth noting that the difference between legal cannabis seeds and illegal cannabis seeds is whether or not you actively grow them.

An interesting point of contention was a relatively recent statement by the Japanese government that citizens could still be charged for marijuana even if they are not in the country. Following Canada’s legalization of cannabis, Japanese officials instructed all Japanese citizens to use caution in other countries and to adhere to Japanese laws even when abroad. In their official statement, they suggested that a Japanese citizen could be penalized for such practices while in other countries outside of Japan.

What Marijuana Charges in Japan Look Like

Since marijuana is outright illegal in Japan, it is important to understand what you might be looking at in the event that you are cultivating cannabis seeds or merely in possession of marijuana. Japan has an outright zero-tolerance policy pertaining to all drugs, and by Japanese law, cannabis is considered on par with a variety of more problematic narcotics. While you can look for exceptions in other countries, being caught with marijuana in Japan will, without question, be a trip to the local police station. In fact, many years ago, Japanese police tried to detain Paul McCartney of the Beatles actively. Since this is the case, the average citizen has more cause for concern.

In the event that you are found in possession of cannabis, the charges are punishable by up to five years in prison with a very large fine to accompany it. Though the actual length of your sentence might differ depending on your discussions with the court, it is safe to assume that you will be dealing with a fairly unpleasant sentence. This set of charges applies for use as well as possession, so do not make the mistake of thinking that you will get a lesser sentence if you are not actually using it.

The real area of concern when it comes to cannabis charges in Japan is the sale of it. In Japan, any person who is found under circumstances that would suggest that they are involved with the sale or export of cannabis can expect some truly extreme charges. For this offense, the charges are punishable by up to ten years in prison as well as a large fine. These charges apply to anyone cultivating cannabis seeds, selling cannabis, or transporting cannabis.

Cannabis Trafficking and the Risks Involved with Cultivating Cannabis Seeds

Since the Japanese government has such an extreme stance on cannabis, it comes as no surprise that they actively target the individuals selling cannabis. If the police suspect you of selling cannabis in any way, you can expect to be met with the fullest extent of the law. The cultivation, import, or export of cannabis is considered to be a major infringement, and the government has been known to punish people for it in severe ways.

The area of concern that might also be an exception is the cultivation of cannabis seeds. While cultivating cannabis seeds is illegal, there might be a gray area surrounding the intentions behind it. It is possible that you might be charged for cannabis possession rather than cultivation in the event that the plants are intended for personal use. This would be completely up to the courts to decide, but it would still be a better outcome than being charged for production and distribution within the country. In some instances, individuals caught with marijuana have been given leniency after some time spent in prison and allowed to make a public apology and carry out what is deemed an appropriate level of shamed behavior.

The Japanese Government and How Laws Are Improving

The current Japanese government seems to have absolutely no interest in improving the country’s laws surrounding cannabis and the cultivation of cannabis seeds. For the time being, they are not only actively penalizing anyone who does it, but also using public forums to discourage it. The concept of being forced to make a public apology in Japan is a fairly common practice, and it is one that is being used for big names that are caught with drugs. In Japan, the law is the law, and they act accordingly.

Though the Japanese government does not seem ready to budge on cannabis, more and more people are using it. Japan has seen a recent increase in cannabis use, a point of particular contention for the government. However, Japanese citizens are also beginning to stand up for their rights. Recently, Japanese citizens connected online to form a parade to take a stance against existing marijuana laws. Certain Japanese celebrities have also begun to speak out, with some bolder individuals, like actress Saya Takagi, pushing for its perceived inevitable legalization. Legalization in Japan will take some effort, but we will hopefully see changes happening soon.

The Local Japanese Cannabis Industry

Since Japan has a complete ban on all forms of cannabis, the local Japanese cannabis industry is completely underground. There are no Japanese seedbanks, and while you might be able to find marijuana seeds for sale in Japan, it is likely to be questionable in terms of quality. There are no legal ways to get marijuana in the country, so the industry is largely composed of singular individuals providing or importing the products for citizens. Japan weed prices are notoriously steep because of the severe laws, but you can definitely find weed in Japan. This black-market operation is a problem for the government but does allow certain citizens to enjoy partaking in cannabis, though there is without question a lack of quality control when it comes to purchasing within the area.

How To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Japan

In Japan, you can buy cannabis seeds from local growers. Since cannabis seeds are legal in the country, it is much easier to get them than the actual flower. The quality of cannabis seeds from locals may vary, so it is important to make purchases from places that you can trust. Since cannabis seeds can be hard to come by in Japan, we personally recommend MSNL and Crop King Seeds for your cannabis seed needs. Both companies offer completely discreet shipping and can accept various discreet payment types.

The real benefit of working with companies like this is that you can count on their discretion when you purchase from them. Under no circumstances does anyone need to find out that you are purchasing cannabis seeds or that you plan to grow them. The boxes are indistinct, so it won’t matter if someone sees it during transit, making it ideal for individuals in places with strict laws.

The Cannabis Culture in Japan

Despite the stance of the Japanese government, Japanese citizens feel differently about cannabis. While there has long since been a stigma in the country around the use of these products, the fact remains that times are changing, and approval ratings are going up with it. Plenty of Japanese citizens are cannabis users, and it is becoming increasingly more common even though the laws are so tight. As more of the developed world begins to embrace cannabis, the popularity of this particular drug is growing in the area.

Within Japan, recent studies have shown that more and more Japanese citizens are using cannabis. Whether they are purchasing products or growing their own, the fact remains that this has become a quietly approved way to pass the time. While image-conscious citizens might be quieter in public, it is obvious from the growing popularity online that Japan does without question have a cannabis culture. People want to cultivate their cannabis seeds and use marijuana without the government personally targeting them, and they are becoming more vocal about it.

Common Japanese Cannabis Slang:

  • Asa—Hemp
  • Marifana—Marijuana
  • Kusu—Grass
  • Happa—Leaf
  • Choko—Weed
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The Future of the Japanese Cannabis Industry

For now, the Japanese government is attempting to overlook the preferences of their people, and the Japanese citizens are no longer standing for it. As more time passes and more big names speak out, we can expect to see a culture where people are more confident in sharing the fact that they use cannabis. When more Japanese citizens become vocal about this problem, the pressure will continue to be put on the Japanese government, and eventually, they will have to address the concerns of their people.

Japanese citizens want to be able to enjoy cannabis and grow cannabis seeds legally, and the Japanese government will have to face these preferences head-on. The world’s growing acceptance of cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes is certain to put additional pressure on the Japanese government to make some changes and consider their people. In the future, we can hope for a country where the citizens’ voices are being heard.
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