Amsterdam Seed Center Review 2023

Is this Dutch seed bank as great as it appears? Our Amsterdam Seed Center review has all the details.
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Regardless of where you live in the world, you likely have the belief that Amsterdam is the weed capital of the world. This is why, in 2023, many consumers choose to purchase their marijuana seeds from online weed seed shops that operate out of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Seed Center falls within this specific category, but is this popular company actually the best online marijuana seed bank? Below, you will find our thorough Amsterdam Seed Center review to help you make this determination for yourself!

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Reputation and History

The Amsterdam Seed Center originated in 2011. Although they do operate a physical storefront in the heart of Amsterdam, this seed bank’s goal is to be the most reliable source for marijuana seeds across the entire Internet. The company’s team of breeders has over 30 years of experience and knowledge to draw from, which has helped them build Amsterdam Seed Center into a well-known and successful seed retailer.

When it comes to this company’s reputation, Amsterdam Seed Center typically receives high marks from its customers for seed quality and customer service. Of course, like any companies, this seed bank gets a few complaints here and there, but the majority of its customer testimonials and reviews in public forums are very positive.

Seed Selection and Quality

Before doing business with an online seed shop, it is essential to ensure that they’ll have what you’re looking for. No matter what strain that may be, a listing can likely be found at Amsterdam Seed Center, as this company has teamed up with over 40 different seed banks to deliver an inventory of more than 1500 different strains.

Unfortunately, not every strain from Amsterdam Seed Center’s massive inventory is always available for purchase. At any given time, many of this seed bank’s selections are out of stock. Sometimes only a specific pack size is out of stock, but often it is an entire strain, which can be disappointing if you had your eye on something specific that isn’t available.

Quality of Genetics

Of course, over a selection that vast, seed quality naturally varies from breeder to breeder. The majority of Amsterdam Seed Bank’s buyers report getting vibrant, healthy crops from the strains they ordered. However, some buyers have expressed concern over the quality of genetics they received, dealing with slow-growing or outright dud seeds. While this seed bank doesn’t have a formal “germination guarantee,” they have been known to replace faulty seeds if consultation with the customer reveals that failure to germinate wasn’t due to the grower’s process or methods.

More Than Just a Seedbank

A trip to offers for more than just a place you can buy premium marijuana and CBD seeds. The site also includes smoking accessories, cannabidiol extracts, and a wealth of cultivation information.

Online Smoke Shop

In the spirit of being an essential tourist destination for cannabis enthusiasts visiting Amsterdam, the seed company also has a limited section of smoke shop products available online. You can buy grinders, scales, jewelry, lighters, pipes, and other smoking accessories along with your seeds.

While Amsterdam Seed Center’s selection of smoke shop accessories isn’t the best, they have an impressive vaporizer inventory. Shop from the most recognizable names in the industry including PAX, G Pen, Davinci, Puffco, and Flowermate. In addition to the most popular vaporizers on the market, you’ll also find the accessories that will help you keep your flower or oil vape in pristine condition.

CBD Products

Cannabidiol is huge in the Netherlands, as it is just about every were else in the world, and Amsterdam Seed Center has a substantial selection of reasonably priced CBD oil, topical, and edible products. With over 100 products to choose from, you’ll find premium CBD from the most recognizable hemp companies in Europe.

Grow Reports

One of our favorite aspects of the ASC experience is their grow reports from the shop in Amsterdam. Currently, they have detailed reports on the following strains on their website:

  • White Choco
  • Lemon Orange
  • Future #1
  • Purple Punch

There is also a Brazilian landrace, Copacapana, growing as of writing this article.

Each strain includes a weekly analysis supported by multiple progress images. The reports provide valuable insights, grow methods, and tips to overcome challenges so you can

Customer Service

Amsterdam Seed Center tends to receive great reviews for its customer service, providing several contact options for buyers or browsers to reach out with questions. Amsterdam Seed Center requests email contact in the event of problems with an order, but buyers also have the option of contacting them by phone. This seed bank is open seven days a week, with hours of availability provided on its website. When we felt the need to make contact with Amsterdam Seed Center, we were impressed with their response time and professionalism.

Most problems we see on online forms are from people who didn’t receive their orders. We understand how frustrating this can be, as you have plans to plant your seeds in a specific time frame and end up waiting months for them to arrive. Most unhappy customers contact a customer service representative but hit a brick wall after being informed that Amsterdam Seed Center can’t help them investigate the shipping issues because they didn’t purchase registered shipping (the recommended, more expensive shipping option that comes with a tracking number). Understandably, this isn’t an optimal customer experience; however, the ASC is responsive and always explains the situation to customers inquiring about their orders.

Website Design and Navigation is a nicely put-together site with a lot to see, but it’s organized well enough that visitors won’t find themselves lost and overwhelmed. One of the best aspects of the site’s layout is the seed finder search feature. This allows shoppers to find seeds based on a number of different parameters, including gender, variety, flowering type, or breeder’s name.

Every strain on is accompanied by a nicely detailed description of its characteristics. The website also includes helpful germination tips and instructions for new growers. Another nice touch is that prices on this site may be viewed in any of nine different currencies.

Price and Payment Options

A nice benefit of shopping with a company that resells seeds from so many different breeders is the wide range of price points available, from cost effective to premium options.

The majority of seeds from the Amsterdam collective are sold in 3 or 5 packs. On the low end of the pricing spectrum at Amsterdam Seed Center, you can buy 5 seeds for around €20. The most expensive 5 packs are as high as €100. However, most of the seeds available on Amsterdam Seed Center’s website are in the €25-€55 per 5 pack range.

Accepted Payment Methods

The secure, anonymous payment servicers iDeal, Giropay, Sofort Banking, and Bancontact/Mister Cash are Amsterdam Seed Center’s preferred payment methods for buyers residing within the EU. However, bank transfer, Bitcoin, or cash (sent via registered mail) are also accepted payment methods no matter where in the world you reside. EU and American buyers may also pay with Visa or MasterCard. It’s important to note that some payment methods may require a longer order processing time, and orders are not shipped until payment has been processed in full.

Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

As of 2023, Amsterdam Seed Center ships to nearly every country in the world, but unfortunately, Turkey, Norway, Bulgaria, Israel, and Australia are excluded. Orders may only be sent to private addresses; shipping to P.O. boxes is not permitted.

Tracked Registered Shipping Recommended

At Amsterdam Seed Center, you have 3 options for shipping. Below are your choices along with an estimation on delivery times and pricing:

  • Standard Mail: €5 delivered in 3-15 working days
  • KDZ (Registered Shipping): €9-€16 delivered in 3-15 working days
  • FedEx (Registered Shipping): €35 delivered in 4 working days or less

Shipping by standard mail is the most affordable but doesn’t include any way to track your order once it leaves the warehouse. Registered shipping via KDZ is recommended, so you can track your order and ensure it makes its way to you. Registered shipping via FedEx is significantly pricier but promises to get your seeds to your doorstep in only four business days. Parcels sent via either registered shipping option do require a signature upon delivery.

If you opt for one of the registered shipping options, Amsterdam Seed Center will conduct an investigation in the event of seeds lost in transit. If they determine an “internal error” at fault, they will reship your order. However, this seed bank does not hold itself liable for seeds intercepted by customs and will not reship if yours are confiscated. Buyers do occasionally report delays or lost packages, but most of the time orders from Amsterdam Seed Center arrive when they’re supposed to – within 15 working days.

Basic Stealth Tactics

This seed bank utilizes basic industry-standard practices for shipping discretion, including shipping seeds in plain envelopes with no indication of the company name or contents. However, some buyers have been less than impressed with the packaging quality, since it doesn’t do much to protect the seeds – which are not typically repackaged inside of other items as many other seed banks do for stealth.

Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Amsterdam Seed Center runs promotions every month from its various seed bank partners. If you are looking to save, you can browse deals by clicking the ‘Promos’ tab in the header. Here you’ll find all the available promotions, just click the deal and you’ll be directed to the shop page filtered for all the strains available by the seedbank that qualify for the discount. This is an amazing way to shop, especially if you are looking to get a deal.

Another way to save is to build Loyalty Points and use them to discount future purchases. Your Amsterdam Seed Center points are managed through your Account Dashboard. When you are ready to spend points, you can add them to an order on the checkout page.

Conclusion – Amsterdam Seed Center Review 2023

As you can see from reading through our Amsterdam Seed Center review, they are a reputable company with many satisfied customers. Their selection is massive and their service is wonderful.

However, they do have some room for improvements, such as keeping inventory in stock, occasional shipping concerns, and the drawback of not shipping to several countries. Overall, we like Amsterdam Seed Center, but they still have a ways to go before we can truly rank them among the best.

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