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An eye-opening review about the MAC strain. Discover everything you need to know, such as MAC 1’s humble beginnings, growth traits, and where to buy real Mac 1 seeds online.

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One of the blessings of social media is the ability to show off your cannabis grow to the world.

If you’ve been searching for an Instagram-worthy strain — look no further than Mac 1.

With a name like the Mac, it’s clear that this hybrid offers endless swagger that comes in the form of trichomes, potency, and unforgettable feels. If you’re ready to learn how to grow Mac 1 and where to find Mac 1 seeds for sale — read along!

Mac 1 Seeds – Strain ID:

Mac 1 Seeds Bud

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 21% THC
Terpenes: Limonene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
Effects: Euphroic, Energetic, Creative
Landrace Strain: Alien Cookies x Miracle 15

Grow Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Harvest: 9-10 Weeks / 10+ Weeks
Yield: 525g/㎡ / Up to 550g/plant
Height: Up to 3-4 feet / 4+ feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

The Best Mac 1 Feminized Seeds in 2023:

MSNL Mac 1 Feminized Seeds

• 20-24% THC
• Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Including Free Seeds
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• £8.4 Per Seed
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About Mac 1 Seeds

The History of the Mac 1 Strain

The MAC strain was born and bred in Oregon by Capulator.

The genetics that were used to create Mac 1 are considered by industry experts as one of the most intriguing crosses to date. By crossing Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15 (Starfighter x Colombian) — MAC #1 was born.

As a slight tangent, it’s important to note how MAC 1 came to be.

As it so happens, Capulator was visiting Colombia with a mission to retrieve landrace seeds — Colombian.

Once Capulator managed to acquire 15 Colombian seeds, he traveled back to Oregon with the seeds in his pocket. Sadly, Capulator left the seeds in his pants pocket and threw them in the wash.

Luckily, Capulator’s wife pulled out the seeds after the wash and immediately placed them in wet paper towels. Of the 15 Colombian seeds — only one survived.

Thus, this single landrace Colombian seed was cultivated and eventually bred with Starfighter, thus creating Miracle 15.

Pleased with Miracle 15, Caputalor rightfully chose a gorgeous Alien Cookies F2 to create a never-before-seen hybrid.

After breeding was complete, it was time to pheno hunt. After a long process, Caputalor eventually found MAC 1 — Cap’s Cut.

Mac 1, also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, The MAC, and MAC #1, has since stormed the cannabis industry with impeccable buds. However, Capulator is known to only give Cap’s Cut to close friends and specific growers.

Luckily, MAC 1 seeds have been reconstructed in feminized and regular form for cannabis enthusiasts around the world.

How to Grow Mac 1 Seeds

Next, let’s talk about how to get the most out of your Mac 1 seeds.

From overall yield to ideal growing conditions, you’ll soon learn what MAC #1 likes and doesn’t like. If you’re ready to gain essential insight into Mac 1 — keep reading below.

Grow Difficulty

Mac 1 is a moderately challenging strain to grow.

Although most green thumbs will have a breeze with Mac 1, beginners may experience some daunting moments. Luckily, we’ve found the primary difficult aspects of the Mac 1 strain, which we’ll list below.

  • Mac 1 prefers dry climates (low relative humidity)
  • Mac 1 reeks during veg and flower, making odor control challenging
  • Mac 1 requires a longer veg time considering its maximum height
  • Mac 1’s landrace lineage requires close nutrient monitoring

By understanding each of these tips, you’ll be better prepared to handle everything that your Mac 1 crop throws at you. Remember, Mac 1 contains landrace sativa genetics, so you need to be prepared for some wildcard phenotypes.

Lastly, MAC 1 is a slow grower, so you must have patience. From its temperamental nature to its slow vigor, you must put a great deal of effort into the cultivation of MAC 1 seeds.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate

Although everyone thinks Oregon is nothing but clouds and rain — it’s likely that Capulator bred Mac 1 seeds in the Yakima Desert region of Oregon.

Remember, Mac 1 strain prefers a dry climate, so it’s your duty to provide low RH and stable temperatures. However, you cannot make the grow room too dry, as this may create unfavorable flavors in the finished flowers.

Below, we’ll take a look at the optimal growing conditions for the Mac 1 strain indoors.

  • Bright light (LED or HPS grow light)
  • 68-85F
  • 40-50% RH
  • Air circulation

As you can see, you’ll need to keep the humidity range tightly bound. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience severe consequences if you fall slightly out of this range.

When growing Mac 1 seeds outdoors, you must provide these general conditions:

  • Long sunshine hours
  • 65-85F
  • 30-50% RH
  • Wide spacing

Ultimately, your Mac 1 crop will flourish as long as the plants receive ample light, proper humidity, and stable temperature. Furthermore, nutrition and irrigation are crucial for the development of top-shelf buds.

Therefore, it’s your job to experiment with proper irrigation and nutrient ratios while growing the experimental MAC 1 strain.

Flowering time

The Mac 1 strain is known to flower within 9-weeks.

Depending on the phenotype, however, the flowering time can be as high as 10-weeks. In any case, the Mac 1 strain flowers in a standard timeframe make it ideal for growers in Mediterranean climates.

Outdoors, the Mac 1 strain is likely to finish flowering by the beginning or middle of October (Croptober). Therefore, you must make sure that your climate can handle Mac 1 plants in outdoor conditions.

In other words, do not grow MAC 1 seeds outdoors if your climate transitions to freezing weather once October begins.


When it comes to uber top-shelf strains — the yield is generally moderate.

Mac 1 is a modest yielder and abides by the statements — less is more and quality over quantity. When grown indoors, the Mac 1 strain yields upwards of 525-grams per meter squared.

When grown outdoors, the Mac 1 strain may produce up to 550-grams per plant. As you can see — MAC 1 strain is no timid yielder.

Instead, Mac 1 strain is capable of providing enough top-shelf weed for months on end — as long as you don’t share!


The height of the Mac 1 strain is rated as moderate.

However, everything depends on the phenotype of the seed. In most cases, Mac 1 plants grow to a maximum of 100cm. However, sativa-leaning phenotypes may skyrocket towards 150-175cm.

Therefore, always plan accordingly — especially if you plan to grow Mac 1 seeds indoors.

Here are additional tips regarding the height of the Mac 1 strain:

  • Do not switch to 12/12 until the Mac 1 plants have reached 12”
  • Increase the vegetative time to achieve larger yields
  • If Mac 1 plants grow larger than expected, use the topping or FIM method
  • Harness the LST method to pull side branches down to create an open canopy for larger yields

Resistance to Pests and Diseases

Lastly, the Mac 1 strain’s resistance to pests and diseases is rated as average.

Therefore, if you want your Mac 1 crop to survive to maturity — you need to implement a sound insect pest management strategy. Remember, an IPM strategy is meant to act as a preventative — not a reaction.

From mold to spider mites, your MAC 1 crop will not survive a serious outbreak. Therefore, read below as we outline the best tips to resist common pests and diseases.

  • Apply organic pesticides 1-3 times prior to flowering
  • Trim undergrowth to improve air circulation
  • Space plants accordingly
  • Ensure climate (temperature and humidity) are at ideal levels
  • Provide adequate nutrition and water applications

Mac 1 Strain Description and Properties

Mac 1’s Bag Appeal

If there’s one strain to rule them all — it’s The MAC.

The bag appeal is not-of-this-world, especially when you consider the MAC stands for Miracle Alien Cookies. In any case, it’s safe to say that Mac 1’s bud quality is nothing short of a miracle.

Drenched in juicy trichomes, Mac 1 flowers are the epitome of high-end weed. Furthermore, the soft and creamy green color of the buds is easy on the eyes, as well as the radiant orange pistils that abound across the flower.

Ultimately, the Mac 1 strain is a show-stopper that’ll make even the most discerning cannabis snob blush.

Mac 1’s Cannabinoid Content

According to lab results, the average THC content of the Mac 1 strain is 21%.

Therefore, Mac 1 weed is considered extremely potent and recommended for users with a high THC tolerance. If you’re a beginner, you must consume small amounts of the MAC at a time to avoid adverse effects.

Mac 1’s Terpene Concentration

The cherry on top of the Mac 1 strain is its incredible terpene content.

To experience the terpene content, one only needs to crack open a jar full of Mac 1 buds. An overwhelming cascade of heavy-duty musk, fuel, sour citrus, and funky floral tones.

As for the flavor — get ready to set your taste buds on fire with this terpene-packed treat. As you indulge in Mac 1 flowers, you’ll taste resounding flavors of funky citrus, heavy-hitting cinnamon with a dank twist, and sweet floral hues.

Remember, you’ll want to double-bag Mac 1 weed if you live in an area that has yet to legalize recreational or medical marijuana. It’s an understatement of the year to call Mac 1 weed loud. Instead, we’d like to say that Mac 1 weed is undoubtedly one of the smelliest strains on record, so plan accordingly when breaking this bad boy out in public.

Ultimately, Mac 1’s terpene profile is one of its flagship traits. Below, you’ll find the three primary terpenes that make Mac 1’s unforgettable profile.

  • Limonene
  • Pinene
  • Caryophyllene

Mac 1’s Recreational Effects

If you’ve never indulged in Mac 1 weed — get ready for a hilarious time.

From the moment Mac 1’s delicious terpene hits your tongue, you’ll find yourself in another dimension. From finding the meaning of life to jumping out for an hours-long hike — Mac 1 is a truly uplifting strain.

However, one hit too many will land you on the couch staring at the wall for hours. Below, we’ve found the most common recreational effects when consuming Mac 1 weed.

  • Extreme euphoria
  • Introspective thoughts
  • Boost in energy
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Relaxation

Overall, the Mac 1 strain is ideal for both day and nighttime use. From parties to outdoor excursions, Mac 1 weed is always a good time.

Mac 1’s Medical Potential

Mac 1 is the perfect solution for most medical marijuana patients.

Considering its uplifting effects, it comes as no surprise that MMJ patients with mental issues seek Mac 1 seeds. Overall, Mac 1 presents unmistakable medical qualities that are sure to assist patients suffering from:

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite loss

Luckily, feminized Mac 1 seeds are for sale via online seed banks, making them easy to find. If you’re a medical marijuana patient in search of a new and exciting cannabis strain — look no further than Mac 1.

Adverse Effects of Mac 1 Weed

Although the Mac 1 strain presents the holy grail of terpenes, cannabinoids, and bag appeal — it does have its downside.

If you consume too much Mac 1 weed — you will experience a few adverse effects. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or a recreational user — you should try to avoid Mac 1’s negative effects.

Here’s a list of adverse effects of Mac 1 weed:

  • Cottonmouth
  • Blackout
  • Anxiety
  • Munchies (overeating)

The best way to avoid adverse effects with the Mac 1 strain is to always consume small amounts at a time. Whether you’re a stone-cold veteran or an absolute beginner, Mac 1 weed is a force to reckon with.

The Benefits of Growing Mac 1 Seeds


  • Unbelievable bag appeal
  • Delicious terpene content
  • High THC concentration
  • Medium to high yield
  • Available in seed form


  • Moderately challenging to cultivate
  • Requires a long vegetative time
  • Sensitive plant
Watch: Mac 1 Strain Grow With LED

The Best Mac 1 Feminized Seeds in 2023:

MSNL Mac 1 Feminized Seeds

• 20-24% THC
• Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Including Free Seeds
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• £8.4 Per Seed
• Bulk orders get discounted rate

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