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Amnesia Lemon Seeds – Strain ID:

Amnesia Lemon Bud

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 19-22% THC
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene
Effects: Energetic, Euphoric, Social
Landrace Strain: Amnesia Haze x Lemon Skunk

Grow Difficulty: Easy
Harvest: 8-10 Weeks / 9-10 Weeks
Yield: >600g/㎡ / 550g/plant
Height: Up to 3.5 feet / 3.5+ feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

What do lemon zest, cannabis cup-winning genetics, and sky-high THC content have in common?

If you haven’t figured it out yet — it’s time to meet the legendary Amnesia Lemon strain. From sativa-dominant effects to irresistible terpene content, Amnesia Lemon weed is one of the most exciting strains to enter the cannabis industry.

Read along if you’re ready to learn about Amnesia Lemon’s growth habits, effects, and where to buy legitimate seeds online!

About Amnesia Lemon Seeds

The History of the Amnesia Lemon Strain

The Amnesia Lemon strain was created by a legendary collaboration between Barney’s Farm and Soma Seeds.

Barney’s Farm was gifted an epic Cannabis Cup-winning cutting of Amnesia Haze from Soma, which was crossed with Lemon Skunk. The result was an extremely potent sativa-dominant hybrid that produced ample levels of THC and terpenes.

Since its release, cultivators worldwide have enjoyed Amnesia Lemon’s incredibly large buds, thick resin coverage, and eye-opening effects. Now, cultivators can buy regular or feminized Amnesia Lemon seeds online.

How to Grow Amnesia Lemon Seeds

If you want to squeeze the most out of your Amnesia Lemon grove — you must understand what this sativa-dominant beauty likes and dislikes.

Below, we’ve provided a series of tips that span optimal growing conditions to pest and disease resistance. Ultimately, you’ll find helpful tips to ensure a productive harvest of Amnesia Lemon buds.

Grow Difficulty

The Amnesia Lemon strain is relatively easy to grow, making it ideal for beginners and professional cultivators.

Thanks to its robust genetics, Amnesia Lemon can withstand a variety of rookie mistakes. However, we recommend that cultivators take a look at the tips below to ensure their grow goes off without a hitch.

  • Amnesia Lemon does not require a long vegetative time (vigorous growth)
  • Prefers the ScrOG method
  • Indoor environments are preferable but not necessary

Ultimately, Amnesia Lemon is the perfect strain for beginners to earn their stripes. Alternatively, professional cultivators can pump out pounds of fresh Amnesia Lemon flowers with extreme ease.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate

The Amnesia Lemon strain was produced indoors in Europe, thus acclimating it to indoor conditions.

When grown outdoors, Amnesia Lemon prefers a Mediterranean climate. In other words, abundant sunshine, warmth, and mild nighttime temperature are a must.

Here’s a list of environmental conditions to maintain while growing Amnesia Lemon seeds indoors:

  • 68-86F
  • 40-70% RH
  • Optimized HVAC system to ensure the ideal climate
  • Adequate plant spacing

Flowering time

The flowering time of the Amnesia Lemon strain stands between 8-10-weeks.

If you find an 8-week flowering phenotype, consider yourself lucky. In most cases, Amnesia Lemon plants will wrap up their flowering phase between 9-10-weeks.

In any case, indoor cultivators are likely to harvest by the 9-week mark. If you grow Amnesia Lemon seeds outdoors, you’ll likely pull your crop down by the middle of October.

Remember, outdoor cultivators must make sure their environment doesn’t experience frost by the middle of October. If your region does experience freezing nighttime temperatures — consider using a greenhouse.


The yield of the Amnesia Lemon strain is phenomenal and well worth your time.

The Amnesia Lemon strain can produce upwards of 600-grams per meter squared when grown under optimal conditions indoors. Outdoor growers may be greeted with up to 550-grams per plant.

As you can see, Amnesia Lemon pumps out buds by the basket when given the TLC it deserves.


Amnesia Lemon is a notable sativa-dominant hybrid because it grows to a manageable height.

At 110cm, Amnesia Lemon is the perfect strain for indoor growers. Furthermore, outdoor cultivators will enjoy Amnesia Lemon’s moderate height.

Cultivators limited on space will need to reduce the vegetative time or prune the crop to ensure a short canopy height.

Resistance to Pests and Diseases

The Amnesia Lemon strain is moderately resistant to common pests and diseases.

However, an outbreak of spider mites or powdery mildew is a death sentence for your Amnesia Lemon crop. Therefore, you need to implement a sound IPM strategy in your garden.

Below, we’ve noted the most important tips to keep your Amnesia Lemon crop disease and pest free.

  • Apply organic pesticides 1-3 times prior to flowering
  • Trim undergrowth to improve air circulation
  • Space plants accordingly
  • Ensure climate (temperature and humidity) are at ideal levels
  • Provide adequate nutrition and water applications

Amnesia Lemon Strain Description and Properties

Amnesia Lemon’s Bag Appeal

The Amnesia Lemon strain’s flowers are large, dense, and covered in trichomes that resemble diamonds.

From light green buds to fluorescent orange pistils, Amnesia Lemon’s buds are a sight to behold. If chunky flowers that stick to your fingers are what you’re after, you’ll find that, and then some, with Amnesia Lemon.

Amnesia Lemon’s Cannabinoid Content

The THC content of Amnesia Lemon flowers tests between 19-22%.

Remember, 19-22% THC is the general range for Amnesia Lemon, and it’s possible to find phenotypes that offer even more THC. In any case, Amnesia Lemon weed is extremely potent and more than enough for most beginners with a low THC tolerance.

Amnesia Lemon’s Terpene Concentration

Amnesia Lemon has the terpene game locked up tight.

As you open a bag of Amnesia Lemon buds, you’ll be greeted by dank Meyer lemon, hashish, lime, and herbal overtones. The flavor is similar, but the lemon drop taste explodes across the palette to create a mouth-puckering effect.

The three primary terpenes found in the Amnesia Lemon strain are:

  • Myrcene
  • Humulene
  • Caryophyllene

Amnesia Lemon’s Recreational Effects

The moment Amnesia Lemon’s eye-popping terpene content strikes your palette; you’ll feel a surge in energy across the body.

As if struck by lightning, the Amnesia Lemon strain will erase any sense of stress or worry. From extreme euphoria to outbursts of laughter, Amnesia Lemon’s effects start with a bang.

As the effects consume your mind and body, you may feel extremely social or motivated. In other words, you won’t want to sit still as you bathe in the effects of the Amnesia Lemon strain.

As the effects begin to wane, a blanket of relaxation spreads across the body. Ultimately, Amnesia Lemon is filled with good vibes that’ll set you straight for hours on end.

Amnesia Lemon’s Medical Potential

Considering Amnesia Lemon’s uplifting potential — it’s clear why medical marijuana patients worldwide seek it.

Already extremely popular in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Amnesia Lemon is making waves across the Atlantic in the United States and Canada. If you’ve been searching for an uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid — Amnesia Lemon seeds are it!

Below, we’ve listed a series of medical conditions that Amnesia Lemon may assist with:

  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite loss
  • Chronic pain

Adverse Effects of Amnesia Lemon Weed

The Amnesia Lemon strain is a work of art; however, it does produce adverse effects when abused.

Below, we’ve listed the most notable adverse effects when overindulging in Amnesia Lemon weed:

  • Red eyes
  • Cottonmouth
  • Blackout
  • Headache
  • Anxiety

You may subject yourself to a bad time by consuming too much Amnesia Lemon weed. From anxiety to headaches, Amnesia Lemon is an extremely powerful strain that can’t be underestimated.

We recommend all users to consume a small amount of Amnesia Lemon weed and await the results. You may continue once you feel comfortable with the effects.

Although the name is attractive, too much Amnesia Lemon weed may erase your memory for the next 1-4-hours!

The Benefits of Growing Amnesia Lemon Seeds


  • Large-sized flowers
  • Epic bag appeal
  • High THC content
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Delicious terpene profile
  • Easy to grow
  • Small to medium-sized plants


  • 8-10-week flowering time
  • May be too potent for beginners
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