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Bubba Kush Seeds – Strain ID:

Bubba Kush Seeds Nug

Type: Indica
Cannabinoids: 15-20% THC
Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Relaxing
Landrace Strain: Northern Lights? X Unknown Indica

Grow Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Harvest: 7-9 Weeks / 10 Weeks
Yield: Up to 500g/㎡ / Up to 600g/plant
Height: Up to 2.5 feet/ Up to 5 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

If one of your friends has ever rolled up to your place to share some new fire, chances are they had Bubba Kush in the bag.

Emerging from mysterious origins, the Bubba Kush story involves a mid-90s cross-country trip of the US that took in Florida, Louisiana, and Colorado before finally landing in Los Angeles.

Smoking on Bubba is an educational — and necessary — experience for any aspiring stoner. This is the physically-alleviating indica strain that taught an entire generation of cannabis enthusiasts and medicinal users the power of plant healing.

Happy, hungry, and sleepy — these are three keywords you should know about Bubba Kush, as they translate into a wonderfully relaxing experience that is the epitome of being stoned.

Growing Bubba Kush seeds also results in a bountiful harvest, making this the perfect strain for anyone looking to medicate at home.

Ready for a deeper look? This review has you covered — scroll on for Bubba Kush grow tips, effects details, and where to buy Bubba Kush cannabis seeds.

About Bubba Kush Seeds


The cannabis industry is both strange and unique in that some of its leading brand name products have little to no verifiable history. Imagine if no one could tell you who invented Pepsi — wouldn’t that be weird?

The Bubba Kush story is kind of like that. As one of the most instantly recognizable cannabis strains ever created, just uttering Bubba Kush will get any stoner salivating at the thought of its hashy flavor and potent body high.

Despite such fame, there’s almost zero verifiable information about its background. However, there are more than a few clues, as various origin stories have come forward that all add details to help fill in the blanks.

As one popular story goes, a cultivator named — you guessed it — Bubba germinated mystery seeds with apparent indica lineage (many suspect the plant was Northern Lights #5). Bubba pollinated this mystery strain with an OG Kush plant, resulting in an indica so smooth, euphoric, and relaxing that he put his name on it.

Soon after Bubba Kush was born (presumably in Denver), it moved with its creator to Los Angeles, where Bubba Kush seeds fell into the hands of famous local figures. Eventually, everyone from Cypress Hill to Snoop Dogg was touting Bubba Kush, making it the de facto strain to smoke in the late 90s and early 00s.

Growing Bubba Kush Seeds

If you want to smoke the same weed that helped inspire a classic era of West Coast hip-hop, then you can either buy some Bubba at the dispensary or grow Bubba Kush seeds yourself.

The latter is a much more exciting option — you not only learn to grow Bubba Kush seeds from scratch but will have control over the outcome. If you take plenty of care, your Bubba Kush flowers will dramatically outshine the grams you buy at the shop.

Growing Bubba Kush seeds boils down to two options.

  • Feminized Bubba Kush seeds — These are awesome seeds for beginners because they require much less expertise in the grow room. In a nutshell, feminized Bubba Kush seeds are guaranteed to be females only, which means you don’t need to spend time weeding out unproductive male plants.
  • Regular Bubba Kush seeds — If you want to put a little more TLC into the cultivation process, then regular Bubba Kush seeds are the way to go. These seeds are a mixed bag — literally — as growing them will probably give you both male and female plants (unless you get really lucky). Benefits are increased phenotypes to choose from and genetically superior plants for creating your own hybrids.

After narrowing down the right Bubba Kush seeds for you, it’s time to get your hands dirty and your thumbs green.

Grow Difficulty:

Growing Bubba Kush seeds into the short, dense plants that they become throughout the vegetative and flowering periods is somewhat easy to medium in difficulty.

If you have at least one grow under your belt, you should find Bubba Kush seeds to be quite forgiving and tolerant of small mistakes and growing pains.

Seasoned growers will love growing Bubba Kush seeds because, when grown skillfully, these plants will have you hauling away your harvest with a pickup truck.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

There’s plenty of reasons to believe that Bubba Kush seeds originated from a Northern Lights #5 parent.

The Northern Lights #5 cannabis strain is directly descended from Afghani, a pound for pound landrace indica variety originating from the arid hills of Afghanistan. In turn, Bubba Kush loves warm, dry conditions when grown indoors or outdoors — just like the Afghani strain.

Keep temperatures pegged between 65°F and 82°F. Bubba Kush seeds are tolerant of cooler temperatures which may bring out spectacular purple hues, so there is a little room for error.

Because Bubba Kush plants grow short, dense, and bushy, you should focus your efforts on keeping them adequately spaced, ventilated, and in a low-humidity environment. Bubba’s fat nugs are an asset, but they can also be a liability if allowed to rot because of an overly humid, under-ventilated grow room.

Flowering Time:

After covering your Bubba Kush seeds with soil and caring for them through the vegetative phase, you’re looking at a 7 to 9-week flowering period.

With flowers ready for harvest in as little as 8 weeks, both indoor and outdoor growers will appreciate Bubba Kush as an efficient strain that rewards several harvests per season.


Bubba Kush is a big yielder. Outdoor growers can expect up to 600 grams per plant of dense, resinous buds.

Indoors, Bubba Kush plants yield up to 500 grams per square meter — a figure that can be achieved by using SOG or SCROG grow techniques.


Indoors, Bubba Kush seeds grow into short plants with a maximum height of 76cm. Because of their stout stature, Bubba Kush plants are an obvious choice for growers short on space.

Outdoors, Bubba retains a small presence as it grows into a medium-dense plant with broad, bushy leaf structure.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

Bubba Kush is a highly pest and mold resistant strain by nature but is susceptible to bud rot without adequate airflow, humidity regulation, and nutrient feeding.

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Bubba Kush Weed:

When Bubba Kush nugs roll out into the palm of your hand, you know you’re dealing with top-crop indica ganja.

Each round nug is perfectly dense and presents a spongy-moist-squish when cured to perfection. While you won’t find many monster colas because of the strain’s genetic origins, you will find endless amounts of weighted sugar-dipped nuggets.

Because of Bubba’s sheer sugar production, leaves often appear milky white, resulting in very sticky, hashy fingers after pinching nugs when rolling a joint.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Bubba Kush Seeds:

Bubba Kush seeds offer pure, unadulterated indica-dominant THC. For indica lovers, Bubba Kush THC levels are typically between 15% and 20% of relaxing goodness.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Bubba Kush Seeds:

Bubba Kush seeds contain a terpene profile that is essentially built around mood-boosting relaxation with a heavy-helping of pain relief.

  • Caryophyllene — Known as a spice terpene, caryophyllene brings a woody aroma with accents of dark chocolate. This terpene greatly aids in pain mitigation.
  • Limonene — The citrus-sweet notes of limonene add nuance to the nose while creating uplifting effects that result in an unbeatable smile.
  • Myrcene — Sedation, deep relaxation, and sleep are myrcene’s bread and butter. On the nose, this terpene contributes forest notes, recalling dark green canopies of undergrowth as you take a deep breath through the woods.

Effects of Bubba Kush Weed:

Not every indica is created equal — something that smoking Bubba Kush weed will teach you right off the bat.

You would expect any indica as pure as Bubba to put you on the couch and keep you there, but fortunately for daytime smokers, that isn’t always the case. If you moderate the number of hits you take, Bubba Kush has immensely relaxing, euphoric, and calming effects without the couchlock.

However, puffing on more than a few hits of Bubba Kush, depending on your tolerance, brings in the strain’s sleepy side, which will have you turning in for an earlier bedtime than normal.

Medical Properties of Bubba Kush Seeds:

Bubba Kush seeds are dense with medicinal value for anyone contending with pain issues, stress-related adversity, or trouble falling asleep. Smoking Bubba Kush is known to alleviate:

  • Physical Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anorexia

Using Bubba Kush medicinally is also positively indicated for cancer patients experiencing a loss of appetite.

Negative Effects of Bubba Kush Weed:

Bubba Kush weed produces a very clear and straightforward indica high that is, thankfully, clear of most negative effects. Apart from a dry mouth and dry, reddened eyes, you may only experience a bit of paranoia with over-indulgence.

Pros/Cons of Growing Bubba Kush Seeds


  • Perfect strain for relaxing
  • Saves space for indoor growers
  • Tight, dense nugs with great yield
  • Unique toffee aroma
  • Pain-relief without couchlock


  • Tough to find Bubba Kush seeds online
  • Doesn’t like a humid environment
  • Heavy feeder
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