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SFV OG Weed Bud

Type: Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 20%+ THC
Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene
Effects: Uplifting, Creative, Relaxing
Landrace Strain: OG Kush Phenotype

Grow Difficulty: Easy
Harvest: 7-9 Weeks / 9+ Weeks
Yield: >550g/㎡ / 600g/plant
Height: 4-6 feet/ 6+ feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

Before cannabis legalization gained steam across the United States and abroad, one breed of weed ruled them all.

Unless you were too young to remember, every cannabis enthusiast searched high and low for OG marijuana. To this day, OG weed strains are highly respected for their face-melting properties and audacious flavors.

Of all the OG marijuana strains — it’s time to learn about one of the most important varieties: SFV OG.

From mind-blowing potency to its unique terpene profile loaded with lemon-infused gasoline — it’s safe to say that San Fernando Valley OG is a must-grow strain in your indoor or outdoor garden.

Below, you’ll discover an in-depth review of the SFV OG strain. You’ll learn essential grow tips, desirable traits, and where to find Feminized SFV OG seeds for sale online.

About the SFV OG Strain


Although the history of many notable cannabis strains has been lost — SFV OG’s is ripe with information directly from the breeder.

The original creator of SFV OG is none other than Swerve from The Cali Connection. Although the exact dates are unclear, Swerve has provided essential details of the history of San Fernando Valley OG.

First and foremost, SFV OG is a phenotype of OG Kush. OG Kush is the original building block for all OG strains, and it’s no different with SFV OG.

However, the phenotype that Swerve found was epic due to its indica-leaning effects and lip-smacking flavors. Considering Swerve was from San Fernando Valley, CA, paying respects by naming it San Fernando Valley OG made sense.

However, Swerve’s SFV OG cut was a clone-only variety. In other words, it was impossible to find seeds to grow this specific cut.

Therefore, Swerve created SFV OG Kush by crossing SFV OG and Afghani. The result was Feminized San Fernando Valley OG seeds.

To avoid confusion, SFV OG goes by many names, such as San Fernando Valley Kush, San Fernando Valley OG, SFV OGK, SFV OG Kush, and San Fernando Valley.

As you can see, it’s easy to become confused when discussing SFV OG. To keep things simple, we are strictly discussing Feminized SFV OG (SFV OG x Afghani) in this review.

Growing SFV OG Seeds

The best part about growing SFV OG seeds is that they aren’t random F1’s that new breeders pump out on a weekly basis.

Instead, SFV OG Kush seeds have been worked through a number of generations. Swerve didn’t release SFV OG Kush seeds into the wild until its fifth generation, meaning SFV OG is extremely stable.

Whether you’re aware or not, stable weed strains drastically reduce the instance of hermies and other stress-related problems. Ultimately, SFV OG’s stability is a cornerstone trait that should make you smash the green button!

Grow Difficulty

Although most OG’s are challenging to grow — SFV OG is easy!

Therefore, beginners and professionals can grow jaw-dropping buds in no time with the San Fernando OG strain. Although SFV OG is a cinch to grow — you need to train your plants for optimal results.

Therefore, you must be accustomed to basic training techniques, such as ScrOG, FIM, LST, and so forth. If you’re unsure how to manipulate your weed plants — head over to 10Bud’s Grow Bible to learn how.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate

SFV OG is from Southern California, which means it enjoys bright sunshine, warmth, and relatively low humidity.

However, outdoor growers worldwide can cultivate SFV OG plants as long as they provide a reasonable climate during the growing season. Remember, SFV OG plants will not enjoy a sudden drop in temperature, so it’s essential to harvest before the frigid autumn weather arrives.

As one can imagine, SoCal does not experience four seasons like much of the world. Therefore, plan accordingly to ensure you harvest SFV OG buds before it becomes too cold for comfort.

If you cultivate Feminized SFV OG Kush seeds indoors — you can grow them year-round. As long as the temperature remains in the 74-86F range and maintains humidity below 70% — you’re good to go!

Flowering Time

The SFV OG Kush strain flowers in 7-9-weeks.

Consider yourself lucky if you find a fast-flowering phenotype, such as those that finish in 49-days. However, most growers find phenos that finish flowering around day 56.

In any case, you’ll be more than happy once you harvest ounce after ounce of SFV OG’s top-shelf buds.

Remember, indoor growers typically harvest sooner than outdoor growers. Utilizing hydroponic media tends to accelerate flowering by one week or more, making it a good reason to try your hand at hydro.

Outdoors, the SFV OG strain generally finishes by the end of September or the beginning of October. If your local climate becomes extremely cold by this time — you must find a way to protect your crop from frost or bud rot.


OG’s aren’t known to be heavy yielders because they produce so much fire.

However, the SFV OG strain is a notch above the rest because it yields pounds of jaw-dropping weed. Indoors, SFV OG Kush seeds can produce upwards of 550g/m2.

Outdoors, the SFV OG Kush strain is capable of producing 600-grams per plant. As you can see, you won’t have a weed shortage once you buy Feminized San Fernando Valley OG seeds!


Once again, the stereotype of OG strains doesn’t fit the profile of SFV OG.

Instead of tall and lanky plants, SFV OG seeds produce plants with sturdy and semi-compact branches. Overall, SFV OG plants grow between 120-180cm depending on your growing style.

Remember, growing manageable SFV OG plants require extensive training. Whether you utilize SOG or LST, training is a key method to employ during the growing season.

Indoor growers limited on space can top their SFV OG plants while simultaneously reducing the vegetative period. On the other hand, outdoor growers with ample space can let SFV OG plants run wild.

Resistance to Pests and Diseases

The SFV OG strain is moderately resistant to pests and diseases.

Therefore, you need to build an effective IPM strategy to avoid a serious pest or disease outbreak. Although SFV OG can handle common instances of mold or mildew, there’s nothing you can do once spider mites gain a solid foothold in the garden.

Ultimately, enacting an IPM program will prevent most outbreaks from occurring, which is less of a headache than reacting to a problem in the middle of the night.

The best practices to ensure the health of your San Fernando Valley OG plants are

  • Remove the lowest growth (lollipop)
  • Add one oscillating fan per meter squared
  • Adequately space each plant
  • Keep your garden clean
  • Always wear clean clothes into the grow room
  • Apply organic neem oil during the vegetative stage
  • Do not exceed 70% humidity for prolonged periods

SFV OG Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of SFV OG Weed

One look at SFV OG weed, and you know you’re playing with fire.

Unlike most other strains, San Fernando Valley Kush’s buds are stacked with foxtails. For those of you who don’t know what foxtails are — they are calyxes that form a tower-like structure.

Therefore, the buds of SFV OG are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Once you’re done admiring the shapely look of SFV OG’s buds — it’s time to get your hair blown back by the thick resin glands.

The SFV OG strain produces tons of resin, and each trichome head is so large that you can see each gland without the use of a loupe. As you can imagine, shining light on a bag of SFV OG weed is enough to produce a light show.

Last but not least, the orange pistils peek out every here and there, thus rounding out the immaculate buds of SFV OG Kush.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in SFV OG Weed

The dominant cannabinoid found in the SFV OG strain is THC.

Typically, the average level of THC found in SFV OG Kush buds is 20%. However, experienced cultivators can push SFV OG to 25% and beyond.

In any case, SFV OG is potent weed — so be careful if your tolerance has yet to be tested by a real OG.

Dominant Terpenes Found in the San Fernando Valley OG Strain

One of the most notable traits of the SFV OG strain is its terpene profile.

Once you take a whiff of SFV OG — you’ll never forget the ultra-dank Pine-Sol aroma coated in diesel fuel. Additionally, SFV OG’s aroma will literally stick to your clothes — so make sure to change when visiting the in-laws!

After indulging, the lemon zest-fuel-dankness flavor will coat your tastebuds to such a degree that you’ll taste it for hours on end. From sweet to bitter, the flavor of SFV OG is one-of-a-kind, and you won’t find this flavor anywhere else!

The three dominant terpenes that make SFV OG unique are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. The myrcene is responsible for producing floral and sweet overtones, while myrcene generates the Pine-Sol effect.

Lastly, caryophyllene is responsible for hints of spice and pure dank flavors that resemble hashish.

Effects of the SFV OG Strain

The effects of SFV OG are not to be missed.

Although there’s a constant debate of whether SFV OG is indica or sativa — we’re here to tell you that it strikes a beautiful balance between the two.

In other words, the SFV OG strain hits like a true hybrid. The SFV OG strain is a creeper for many, meaning its effects come on slowly instead of all at once.

As the effects take hold, you’ll notice ample relaxation throughout the body and a soaring head high. From creative thoughts to bursts of laughter, the SFV OG strain is a real crowd-pleaser.

However, too much SFV OG will lead to a foggy memory and an early bedtime, so beware of overindulging. Ultimately, you’ll experience both indica and sativa effects while consuming SFV OG weed.

Medical Properties of San Fernando Valley OG Weed

If you’re a medical marijuana patient that doesn’t want to turn into a couch potato — SFV OG Kush is the strain for you.

Unlike most OG’s, SFV OG doesn’t produce the couch lock effect. Instead, SFV OG is liable to nip pain in the bud while producing a boost in mental and physical energy.

Here’s a list of the major medical attributes that the San Fernando Valley OG strain can assist with:

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea

With so many medical marijuana patients searching for Feminized SFV OG seeds — you need to act quick and grab a pack before they sell out. Remember, SFV OG is a Cannabis Cup winner and cherished worldwide.

Therefore, buying Feminized San Fernando Valley OG seeds is a must for medical marijuana patients who need effective medicine.

Negative Effects of the SFV OG Strain

With so many positive attributes, it only makes sense that there are a few adverse effects while indulging in the SFV OG Kush strain.

If you consume too much SFV OG weed — you may experience:

  • Extreme drowsiness or paranoia
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth

Additionally, if you’re new to cannabis — take it easy with SFV Kush. The THC content is high, making SFV OG a one-hit-quit for most.

Therefore, always gauge your tolerance and adjust your intake accordingly for an enjoyable time with the SFV OG strain.

Pros/Cons of Growing Feminized SFV OG Kush Seeds


  • Top-shelf bag appeal
  • Heavy resin coverage
  • Delicious terpene profile
  • Sky-high THC content
  • Massive yield
  • Easy to grow


  • Challenging to find real Feminized SFV OG seeds
  • Average flowering time
Watch: SFV OG Strain Grow: Week 8

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