The Complete Guide to Cannabis Pre-Rolls

All about cannabis pre-rolls - why people love them, how to use them, and our roundup of today’s best cannabis and CBD pre-rolls.

Cannabis Pre-Rolls and buds
Quick, convenient, portable, and discreet, cannabis pre-rolls are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy the benefits of smoking a joint without the mess, time commitment, and skill that goes into rolling your own. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pre-rolls – why so many pot smokers love them, pro tips for new users, and our list of the very best cannabis and CBD pre-roll brands.

What are Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

As the name suggests, cannabis pre-rolls are essentially ready-made joints, consisting of cannabis flower neatly wrapped in smokable paper material. In years past, pre-rolls carried a negative connotation, as they were typically filled with leftover plant material instead of top-shelf bud. Today’s pre-rolls have come a long way from these uninspired beginnings, now offering a high-grade experience just as satisfying and enjoyable as rolling your own – without the time, equipment, and labor involved.

Pre-rolls are truly an ideal way for new cannabis smokers to get started, as they are small, discreet, disposable, and relatively inexpensive. The pre-roll smoking experience is generally similar to any other smoking method, with effects setting in soon after taking a hit. Of course, the intensity of the effects and ideal dose will vary considerably based on individual tolerance.

Infused Cannabis Pre-Rolls

To deliver an even stronger experience, some pre-rolls are infused with cannabis concentrates, such as wax, resin, rosin, oil, hashish, or kief. Others are also infused with additional terpenes for an extra boost of flavor and synergistic effect.

CBD & Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls

Today’s best pre-roll options are not strictly limited to marijuana. CBD pre-rolls are an excellent option for individuals seeking a higher level of pain relief and relaxation – or who simply wish to avoid THC. For those who want to experience a pleasant high but live in states where THC is still illegal, delta-8 pre-rolls make an excellent substitute.

DIY Pre-Roll Cones

If you still prefer to smoke your own personal stash of flower, but want to skip the tricky rolling part, DIY pre-roll cones are the perfect alternative. These cones come neatly and securely wrapped, so you can fill them with your own ground flower.

Benefits of Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Why do people love cannabis pre-rolls so much? Here are some of the best perks of cannabis pre-rolls.

    • Discreet – Pre-rolls are small, require no additional paraphernalia (aside from a lighter), and many are wrapped to look similar to a traditional tobacco cigar or cigarette, making it easy to step outside for a quick and discreet smoke break. Some weed pre-rolls are even made with specially scented rolling papers designed to mask that signature aroma.
    • Easy To Store and Transport – Their small size and slim shape make cannabis and CBD pre-rolls easy to tuck into a pocket or purse for use on the go.
    • Quick – Pre-rolls are the quickest and most convenient way to enjoy smokable cannabis – just light it and go, no prep necessary.
    • Clean and Hassle-Free – Pre-rolls don’t require grinding and packing your own flower or procuring extra paraphernalia. They are perfect for people who aren’t good at rolling joints, as well as those with health conditions that make the physical act of joint rolling a challenge.
  • Variety – The options are endless with today’s marijuana pre-rolls, with nearly any strain and flavor you can think of now available in pre-rolled form.
  • Consistent – Unlike amateur home-rolled joints, professionally crafted cannabis pre-rolls offer a consistent experience every time. Not only are high-grade pre-rolls made with excellent, top-shelf bud, but they are typically machine-rolled for a uniform experience every time.
  • Cost-Effective –Cannabis pre-rolls are a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy recreational or medical weed, especially when you buy them in multi-packs.
  • Manageable Dosing – Since the effects of smoking cannabis set in quickly, pre-rolls let you gauge your dose as you go – unlike edibles, which can be surprisingly strong and take hours to set in and then dissipate.
  • Shelf-Life – Properly stored, a cannabis, CBD, or delta-8 pre-roll can last multiple sessions, so you won’t feel pressured to smoke the entire joint in one sitting. Properly stored, unopened pre-rolls also have a significantly longer shelf-life than their homemade counterparts.

Cons of Cannabis Pre-Rolls

While the benefits of weed pre-rolls are many, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Here’s how to avoid these potential pitfalls.

  • Smoking Technique – Cannabis pre-rolls are known for their tendency to “canoe” or burn unevenly, which can be a source of frustration for new users. The best way to prevent an uneven burn is by rotating the joint as you light it, ensuring the entire bottom of the cylinder ignites, and then taking small puffs to pull the burn evenly upward.
  • Sensitivity to Moisture – Cannabis pre-rolls must be stored properly, in an airtight container, as they dry out easily. Their quality and smokability will also be adversely affected if they take on excess moisture from the air.
  • Absence of Control and Ritual – For those who enjoy the ritual of rolling their own joints and the comfort of knowing exactly what’s inside, pre-rolls may feel unappealing. However, pre-made cones are a great alternative, allowing you to craft joints with your own flower while enjoying the ease and convenience of pre-rolled wrapping.
  • Drawbacks of Smoking – Of course, smoking pre-rolls carries all of the drawbacks attached to other methods of smoking cannabis. Inhaling combusted material of any sort is harsh on your lungs and has been linked to the development of different types of cancers. Exposing other people and pets to secondhand smoke is another potential hazard to consider. Pre-roll cannabis smoking also requires finding a discreet spot outdoors or a designated indoor smoking area.

How to Shop for Cannabis Pre-Rolls

With the immense selection of different types and brands of cannabis pre-rolls out there, choosing the right one to start with can feel daunting. Fortunately, our pre-roll shopping guide is here to help you narrow it down. Here’s what to look for:

Style, Size, Strain, and Flavor

If you already have a preferred wrap style, be it cannons, rockets, or cones, chances are you’ll find a ready-made pre-roll that fits the bill. Cannabis pre-rolls also come in various sizes, from mini-blunts all the way up to king-sized joints, and many brands also boast stylish wraps to elevate the sensory experience.

Weed pre-rolls can be found in a huge variety of strains and potency levels, making it easy to enjoy your favorites on the go and without any extra hassle. To further enhance the flavor and effects of your chosen strain, some brands are wrapped in flavored and/or terpene-enriched rolling papers.


Cannabis pre-rolls are generally considered a less-expensive way to enjoy weed, with quality brands available at every price point – from entry-level stoner to luxury connoisseur. Some cannabis and CBD pre-rolls are available a la carte, but most of the time you’ll get a better deal per joint if you purchase pre-roll multi-packs.

High-Quality Ingredients

Make sure that you’re only buying cannabis pre-rolls from reputable companies that use high-quality bud, not leftover trim or shake. Opt for pre-rolls made with organically grown, pesticide-free, lab-tested cannabis whenever possible. Low-grade cannabis tends to deliver weaker effects and can be harsh on your lungs.

Rolling paper quality makes a difference, too. Cannabis pre-roll wraps come in a wide variety of materials (including hemp paper, rice paper, palm leaf, and transparent cellulose). Opting for pre-rolls wrapped in organically produced materials and free of artificial colors and flavors will deliver the purest, healthiest experience. Before heading to the dispensary (or online for some CBD pre-rolls), always do your research to ensure you’re buying from high-quality brands.

Trusted Recommendations

The pre-roll selection at your local dispensary may feel intimidating at first. But a great way to get started is by simply asking your budtender for recommendations. You can also try out a pre-roll sample pack, or put together your own out of single joints that catch your eye on the shelf. Online reviews from trusted sources can also give a solid idea of what to expect from each pre-roll brand. To help you start your pre-roll shopping, read on for our guide to the cannabis, CBD, and delta-8 THC pre-rolls that we personally like and recommend.

The Best Cannabis Pre-Rolls

The Best Cannabis Pre-Rolls



STIIIZY, a beloved Los Angeles cannabis company, has crafted several lines of decadent pre-rolls, filled with its own in-house, indoor-cultivated, rigorously tested cannabis flower. STIIIZY offers handcrafted premium .5-gram and 1-gram pre-rolls and 2-gram brown paper blunts in a wide variety of popular strains. For an even stronger high, STIIIZY’s 40’s infused pre-rolls and blunts are coated evenly with kief and are expertly engineered to deliver a consistent, uniquely flavorful, long-lasting experience with 40% THC potency. STIIIZY pre-rolls are available in dispensaries throughout California and Michigan.


CLSICS Eagle Pre-Rolls

CLSICS solventless rosin-infused and hash-infused pre-rolls offer a delightfully strong, smooth, flavorful, and long-lasting full-spectrum smoking experience. CLSICS uses a pure, solventless extraction process, fresh-freezing carefully curated, terpene-rich cannabis flower in filtered RO ice water, preserving the full entourage effect and delivering the cleanest, purest cannabis pre-rolls possible. CLSICS crafts all of its pre-rolls by hand, in small batches, at its own processing facility in San Diego. Even the distinctive, eye-catching packaging artwork is created by local artists. CLSICS pre-rolls are available in dispensaries throughout California.

West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure pre-rolls

As one of very few legacy brands left standing from the Prop 215 era, West Coast Cure puts an immense amount of care and passion into its products that truly capture the essence of the plant. WCC’s impressive selection of pre-rolled joints are made with the highest-grade cannabis, sourced only in small batches from California cultivators, with freshness and flavor in mind every step of the way. West Coast Cure’s signature 1-gram joints come in a wide variety of classic and niche strains and are packaged in fitted custom tubes for maximum freshness. WCC also offers .35-gram mini-joints for that same blissful experience in a smaller dose, as well as Jefferey, an incredible .65-gram whole flower joint infused with live resin diamonds and top-grade kief, enhanced with flavorful terpenes for the strongest and smoothest experience imaginable. West Coast Cure pre-rolled joints can be found at over 600 licensed retailers throughout California.

Maven Genetics

Maven Genetics pre-rolls

The premium pre-rolls from California’s trailblazing and award-winning craft cannabis cultivators, Maven Genetics, are designed with the true connoisseur in mind, delivering a smooth, sophisticated, potent, and always delightfully flavorful experience. Made with only premium California indoor-grown flower (never mixed with shake or trim) and beautifully wrapped in thin, natural, unbleached rolling papers, Maven’s cone-shaped pre-rolls are available in an impressive variety of classic and rare proprietary strains and expertly-crafted complementary blends – as well as a line of handcrafted rosin-filled pre-rolls, made with the highest-grade solventless concentrate. Maven Genetics pre-rolls can be purchased as single-gram solos, or in variety five-packs, and can be found at hundreds of dispensaries throughout California or via direct-to-consumer home delivery.

Her Highness

Her Highness pre-roll packaging

Her Highness takes a distinctly witty, smart, sexy, and glamorous approach to elevating women’s cannabis experiences. Made with indoor-grown California cannabis, Her Highness pre-rolls offer a delightfully smooth, clean smoking experience, free of trim, shake, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and aluminum. These joints are wrapped in organic hemp paper, with an extra-long crutch to protect eyelashes, bangs, and nails, and are available in both THC and CBD-only formulations. Her Highness pre-rolls can be purchased as single joints or in Party Packs of 12 or 20 – as well as 4-packs of kief-laced Power Puffs for an extra-powerful high. Each pack even comes with a stylish, refillable gold lighter. Her Highness pre-rolls are available at California dispensaries with CBD pre-rolls available online.

Stone Road

Stone Road joints

Stone Road is a queer-led, family-run California cannabis brand fully committed to making high-grade cannabis accessible, affordable, and stylish at the same time. Stone Road’s hand-rolled .7-gram joints and 1-gram infused joints are available in a variety of delicious, potent strains and are filled with only top-grade bud sourced from its own sustainable 57-acre off-grid biodynamic farm in Nevada City, California. Even the product packaging is beautiful, with an avant-garde sense of elegance – while also being 99% recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer recycled goods. Stone Road is now one of the fastest-growing cannabis companies in the US, with products available in over 300 California dispensaries, as well as in Oklahoma and Massachusetts, and poised to enter New York’s new recreational cannabis market.

THC Design

THC Design pre-rolls

THC Design’s line of flavorful, evenly-burning pre-rolls is made with the company’s own collection of responsibly and sustainably estate-grown, single-sourced premium indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Each pre-roll contains .6 grams of pure flower, wrapped in a minimal amount of paper and packaged in a stylish, 100% recycled cardboard tray. THC Design is a Los Angeles-based, female-owned company operating under a social equity license with a commitment to diversity, sustainability, advocacy, and cannabis education – even publishing a book and a video series of helpful information for cannabis growers. THC Design’s pre-rolls are available at dispensaries throughout California.


Monogram Pre-Rolls

MONOGRAM, the luxury cannabis brand established by Jay-Z, offers a high-end experience that is worth the splurge. MONOGRAM users have six signature strains to choose from and two pre-roll options. The heavy-hitting OG Handroll delivers a powerful classic cigar-inspired experience, while 0.4-gram Loosies mini pre-rolls (sold in 4-packs) are the perfect individual smoke, rolled in a sleek, attractive black and gray wrap. MONOGRAM pre-rolls are available at select dispensaries throughout California.

Our Favorite CBD Pre-Rolls


Exhale CBD Pre-Rolls

Exhale, one of the US’s highest-rated hemp brands, brings its passion for making natural plant medicine accessible to its line of full-spectrum, Farm Bill-compliant CBD pre-rolls. Packed with premium CBD flower sourced from Oregon and Colorado and available in seven classic (THC-free) cannabis strains, including Skywalker OG, Gorilla Glue, and Zkittles, these are the best CBD pre-rolls for anxiety, pain, or insomnia relief – or enjoyable relaxation. Exhale’s 1-gram CBD pre-rolls are sold in 5-packs and are GMO-free, cruelty-free, and lab-tested for potency and purity. Exhale is based in Los Angeles, California, and ships throughout the US.

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