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Watermelon Seeds – Strain ID:

Watermelon Weed Bud

Type: Indica
Cannabinoids: 16-22% THC
Terpenes: Limonene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
Effects: Relaxing, Euphoria, Sleepy
Landrace Strain: Unknown Indica Landraces

Grow Difficulty: Easy
Harvest: 7-8 Weeks / 8+ Weeks
Yield: >400g/㎡ / 400g/plant
Height: Up to 6 feet/ 6+ feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

If you’ve been searching for a legendary cannabis strain to grow at home, today’s review is about to blow your mind.

Meet the Watermelon strain — one of the cannabis industry’s best-kept secrets.

Unknown to most, Watermelon is a powerful indica that offers everything that MMJ patients or cannabis enthusiasts could ever dream of. From massive yields of trichome-covered flowers to mind-blowing potency, Watermelon is a must for your bucket list.

Read below if you’re ready to grow a heavy-duty indica strain in your indoor or outdoor garden. Soon, you’ll discover Watermelon’s growth traits, terpene profile, cannabinoid content, and where to find Feminized Watermelon seeds for sale online.

About the Watermelon Strain


The Watermelon strain is legendary for a good reason.

First, no one knows the genetic lineage of Watermelon seeds. Although a few breeders have re-worked Watermelon (Good Fellas Seeds and The Alchemist’s Vault), nobody knows who brought it into existence in the first place.

However, what is known is that Watermelon first appeared on the East Coast of the USA in between the Vermont and Massachusetts border. Due to this, Watermelon is also known as East Coast Watermelon (E.C. Watermelon).

Overall, Watermelon began as a breeding project to create a heavy-hitting indica that could assist medical marijuana patients. Specifically, Watermelon has a highly sought-after chemovar (chemical properties within the plant) that worked wonders for patients with depression and anxiety.

Additionally, Watermelon was bred alongside grapevines and berries, which may be why it contains deliciously sweet terpenes. In any case, cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients raved about Watermelon after its release.

Although difficult to find in its original form, the Watermelon strain is finally available in feminized seed form. If you’re ready to experience Watermelon in all its glory, there’s no better time than now to grab a pack of Watermelon seeds.

As a final note, Watermelon is also known as Watermelon OG and Watermelon Kush.

Growing Watermelon Seeds

Whether you have a pack of Watermelon seeds or not — it’s time to discover how to grow Watermelon weed.

Each cannabis strain has specific needs, and Watermelon is no different. Therefore, you must sit down and take a few notes to ensure your Watermelon crop gets off on the right foot.

From grow difficulty to overall yield, we’ll provide all of the essential aspects of growing Watermelon seeds. Once you finish reading, you’ll be better prepared to push your Watermelon crop to the limit!

Grow Difficulty

Although challenging to find, the Watermelon strain is incredibly easy to grow.

From beginners to professionals, Watermelon plants excel in outdoor and indoor conditions. Additionally, Watermelon plants are extremely forgiving, making them the perfect strain to test your new cannabis cultivation skills with.

Although Watermelon plants are flexible, you must treat them with care to ensure a hefty harvest at the end of the growing season.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate

The Watermelon strain is one of those rare varieties that grow best outdoors.

Therefore, let’s discuss the optimal conditions and climate when growing Watermelon seeds outside. Overall, Watermelon plants enjoy full sun, moderate humidity, and warmth.

As with most strains, Watermelon plants prefer a Mediterranean climate. If you do not live in a Mediterranean climate, don’t worry — Watermelon plants can handle most environments that provide enjoyable temperatures into late September.

Although Watermelon plants grow best outdoors — it performs exceedingly well indoors. Therefore, indoor growers must provide a temperature range of 77-86F for the best results.

Additionally, humidity must be set between 40-70% during the flowering stage to guarantee a heavy harvest.

Flowering Time

Watermelon plants flower within 7-8-weeks.

Depending on the phenotype you receive, you’ll find yourself swimming in Watermelon buds for months on end. In other words, Watermelon is one of the best strains to grow when time is of the essence.

When grown indoors, Watermelon plants may flower at the 7-week mark — especially when grown in hydroponics. Outdoors, you can expect to harvest your Watermelon crop by the middle or end of September.


The yield of the Watermelon strain is classified as above average.

When grown indoors, Watermelon plants can produce upwards of 400g/m2. If you grow Watermelon seeds outdoors, you may generate up to 400-grams per plant.

Although Watermelon’s yield potential isn’t going to break any records — it’s enough to keep any cannabis enthusiast, or MMJ patient satisfied for months.


The height of Watermelon plants is moderate.

In other words, Watermelon plants can grow up to 180cm in height. However, cultivators can easily manage the height by reducing the vegetative time or implementing various training techniques.

Methods such as SOG, ScrOG, or topping will significantly boost yield while reducing the overall height. Lastly, Watermelon plants grow in the familiar indica-style. Overall, prepare your garden for bushy lateral growth.

Resistance to Pests and Diseases

The Watermelon strain is equipped with pest and disease resistance since it was bred outdoors.

However, it’s in your best interest to implement an IPM program to protect your crop further. Overall, you’ll increase your overall yield by guarding your plants against disaster.

The best practices to ensure the health of your Watermelon plants are:

  • Remove the lowest growth (lollipop)
  • Add one oscillating fan per meter squared
  • Adequately space each plant
  • Keep your garden clean
  • Always wear clean clothes into the grow room
  • Apply organic neem oil during the vegetative stage
  • Inspect your crop daily

Watermelon Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Watermelon Weed

The bag appeal of Watermelon weed sets alarm bells off the moment it’s pulled from the jar.

Each Watermelon flower is superbly dense in structure. As you’ll soon find out, the calyxes expand to create a mesmerizing effect, similar to that of a topographic map.

Additionally, Watermelon weed is drenched in thick resin heads that stick to everything they come in contact with. Lastly, Watermelon’s flowers are covered with wispy orange pistils that form an exotic background to the calyxes’ dark green hue.

Overall, cannabis connoisseurs will immediately appreciate the unique appearance of Watermelon weed.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Watermelon Weed

The dominant cannabinoid found in Watermelon weed is THC.

Although the Watermelon strain was crafted for medical marijuana patients, it does not contain any notable level of CBD. Instead, Watermelon weed contains a range of 16-22% THC.

Skilled indoor cultivators can push Watermelon’s THC content further. However, you must dial in your Watermelon plants to reach peak THC capacity.

Ultimately, Watermelon’s THC content is potent enough to be a one-hit-quit for beginners. Veteran cannabis users will likely feel Watermelon’s dreamy effects after 2-3 deep puffs.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Watermelon Buds

The Watermelon strain was crafted in an outdoor field among berry, grape, and sweet watermelon. Overall, the Watermelon strain offers a terpene profile that embraces its original terroir.

In other words, Watermelon weed smells like ripe watermelon with notes of fermented berries and grapes. The aroma is simply breathtaking because Watermelon’s scent is not common.

The flavor is similar to the smell, and the berry-bliss and wine juice take center stage. Additionally, your taste buds will enjoy the delicate and sweet tones of watermelon.

The three primary terpenes found in Watermelon buds are limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene. The limonene and caryophyllene offer bright fruit accents with hints of spice, while the pinene produces sweet and refreshing pine notes.

Effects of the Watermelon Strain

The effects of Watermelon weed are ideal for anyone who needs to hit the pause button.

Overall, the Watermelon strain produces an immediately noticeable blast of relaxation that spreads from your head to your toes. As the body eases into a state of bliss, creativity and overall happiness take charge.

Furthermore, Watermelon weed is notorious for stirring up a big case of the munchies. Therefore, lock your fridge before indulging in Watermelon’s buds. As the munchies calm down and your eyes become heavy, you’ll feel inclined to lay down.

Ultimately, Watermelon is a nearly pure indica that results in sleepy effects. Once you close your eyes, don’t expect to wake up until you’ve had your fill of deep sleep.

Medical Properties of the Watermelon Strain

The Watermelon strain was initially developed with medical marijuana patients in mind.

Due to the highly effective medicinal properties of Watermelon weed, MMJ patients should focus on cultivating Feminized Watermelon seeds at home. Specifically, medical marijuana patients that seek cannabis that assists with insomnia and depression should begin a daily dose of Watermelon weed.

Although challenging to find in its original form, the Watermelon strain has been steadily developed over the years. Overall, the breeders that have kept Watermelon alive have retained Watermelon’s medical traits by using inbreeding techniques (S1 generations).

Here’s a list of the significant medical attributes that Watermelon weed can assist with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Post-chemotherapy
  • Nausea

As you can see, Watermelon weed is filled with medical attributes that nearly any MMJ patient can appreciate. If you’re ready to indulge in cannabis that provides a supportive touch — there’s nothing better than the Watermelon strain.

Negative Effects of the Watermelon Strain

With so many positive attributes, it only makes sense that there are a few adverse effects while indulging in the Watermelon strain.

If you consume too much Watermelon weed — you may experience:

  • Extreme drowsiness or paranoia
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth

Additionally, if you’re new to cannabis — take it easy with Watermelon. The THC content is high, making Watermelon a one-hit-quit for most beginners.

Therefore, always gauge your tolerance and adjust your intake accordingly for an enjoyable time with Watermelon. Lastly, Watermelon is known for its sleep-inducing effects, which is why you should never operate a vehicle or any other heavy machinery while under Watermelon’s blissful spell.

Pros/Cons of Growing Watermelon Seeds


  • Top-shelf bag appeal
  • High THC content
  • Medium size plants
  • Easy to grow
  • Unique terpene profile
  • Medical-grade
  • Rapid flowering time


  • Moderate yield potential
  • Challenging to find Feminized Watermelon seeds
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