How to SOG Cannabis Plants

An in-depth guide on how to grow cannabis plants in the sea of green style for maximum space efficiency and increased yields.

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If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, here’s a golden tip that’ll keep your stash jars packed with diamond-crusted buds for the months ahead — maximum space efficiency.

One of the most battle-tested techniques among cannabis cultivators is none other than the sea of green (SOG) method.

Ideal for indoor environments, the SOG technique is geared towards small plants, close proximity, and massive harvests. If you’re ready to become a top-harvester that’ll never accept popcorn nugs — the SOG technique is right for you.

Read this tutorial on how to SOG marijuana plants in a handful of easy-to-follow steps!

What is SOG and Why You Should Use It

The mantra of the SOG method is strength in numbers.

Although sea of green cannabis plants are small — they are numerous. Therefore, many small plants packed within the SOG system amount to a mind-blowing harvest of premium buds.

Unlike ScrOG, which focuses on breaking apical dominance — the SOG technique encourages apical dominance among young cannabis plants.

Come harvest; the SOG method provides countless top colas that should be in a High Times magazine.

Just so we’re clear before moving on, the SOG technique relies on three factors for a heavy harvest:

  • Many small cannabis plants
  • 12/12 after germination or soon after
  • Close proximity under the footprint of the lighting system

For example — if you don’t have the time to veg a cannabis plant for months under the ScrOG system, why not use the SOG method, which allows switching to the 12/12 light schedule soon after germination?

The benefits of SOG are many, such as:

  • Rapid turnaround time for harvest
  • Large top colas and minimal popcorn-sized buds
  • Flexible space requirements
  • Allows growers to maximize space
  • Massive yields

Now, let’s take a look at some considerations to make before you start growing weed with the SOG method.

Q: What is the Sea of Green (SOG) Technique?
A: SOG encourages the use of many small cannabis plants packed within a space so when they flower together they produce countless colas that looks like a “sea of green.”

What Type of Cannabis Works Best With The SOG Method?

Unlike the ScrOG method, SOG works equally well with feminized or autoflowering strains.

However, if you want crazy-fast harvests — autoflowering strains are the ticket. Furthermore, the size of many autoflowering strains is practically made for the sea of green technique.

Therefore, always choose feminized or autoflowering seeds that have:

  • Dominant apical buds
  • Minimal lateral (axillary) branching
  • Short flowering times

If you haven’t guessed yet — pure indicas or indica-dominant hybrids fit the bill when growing in the SOG method. However, don’t count sativa-dominant hybrids out of the equation — they provide excellent yields when using the SOG technique.

Maximum Space Efficiency and SOG

When it comes to squeezing every trichome possible from a grow room — the SOG technique is all you need.

SOG is so efficient because it allows you to place a large number of weed plants within a specific space. The caveat? All of the plants should be small.

Remember, the point of SOG is to maximize space efficiency and increase turnaround time. It’s because of this reason that SOG is favored by large-scale cannabis cultivators that need to pump out bud — fast.

Here are a few considerations to optimize your SOG experience:

  • Choose small containers, such as 3-11-liters (depending on the length of desired veg)
  • Place 9-12 (maximum 25) cannabis plants within a m² (depending on container size)
  • Enough light to adequately cover a m²
  • Ensure each cannabis plant is the same size (even canopy)

Lastly, you must place less vigorous strains directly under the light and more vigorous strains in the outer corners. By doing so, the vigorous cannabis plants will not overgrow the space.

How to Grow Cannabis Plants With The SOG Method in Five Easy Steps

Alright, now that we’ve covered the basics — it’s to get your hands dirty.

To achieve the sea of green method, all you need are:

  • Enough cannabis plants to fit your desired space (for example: 9-25 per m² )

Step One: Switch to Flowering

Flowering Cycle

Once your cannabis plants are 5-10-inches (13-25cm), it’s time to switch the grow lights from 18/4 to 12/12.

Remember, you may switch to the 12/12 light cycle before or after your cannabis plants reach 5-10-inches in height. If you’re trying to cram as many plants as possible, it’s best to begin 12/12 immediately after seed germination is complete.

Also known as 12/12 from seed — this technique is the backbone of many SOG-style grows.

Step Two: Maintain an Even Canopy

Monitor your cannabis plants and feed regularly.

Remember, you must retain an even canopy. If you find cannabis plants that are out-growing the rest, move them to a corner that receives less light to slow growth.

Step Three: Search for Males or Hermaphrodites

Inspect your cannabis for males or hermaphrodites plants once flowering begins.

Although feminized and autoflowering strains are naturally female, you must search for hermies if one of the weed plants became stressed.

Step Four: Lollipop The Cannabis Plants

During the first two weeks of flowering (also known as the pre-flowering stage), the cannabis plants will stretch 1-2x their previous size.

You may lollipop the shaded undergrowth to promote more energy to the upper-most buds. New to lollipopping? Head over to our in-depth guide on How to Lollipop Cannabis Plants for a step-by-step tutorial.

Although not necessary, lollipopping in conjunction with the SOG method produces monster yields.

Step Five: Enjoy An Amazing Harvest

Allow the upper-most buds to develop in an even canopy.

At this point, you’ll understand why this method is called the sea of green. However, you may want to call it the sea of bud as you gaze across the multiple colas that glisten with resin.

Once the buds are ready — it’s time to break out the scissors and have a ball. In other words — it’s time to celebrate a successful harvest!

Grow Like a Pro With The Sea of Green Method

You’ll feel like a pro after you pull a fat harvest using our sea of green technique – that’s without a doubt.

By learning tried-and-true cannabis training methods, you’ll quickly transition from a cannabis newbie to a stone-cold green thumb.

Remember, practice leads to perfection, and our guide on the sea of green technique is your teacher. Once you master the SOG method — where will you go next?

We’ll tell you where — greener pastures with bigger buds and better harvest — guaranteed!

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1 year ago

Sure 12/12 from seed works ok, but man give the ladies a week or better yet, just 2 measly weeks with 18 on 6 0ff, or even 20 on/ 4 off then switch to 12/12. The pot size will still dictate over all size, but the extra time to grow thicker roots and thicker stems will = alot more weight in the dried buds. Trust me on that. Its like 10% more per week of veg depending on strain. So 2 weeks of veg then 12/12 usually = 20% more dried weight. Some strains a bit more, others may be… Read more »