How to Create The Perfect Super Soil Mix For Unbeatable Buds

An in-depth guide on how to create the perfect super soil mix for a massive cannabis harvest.

How to Create The Perfect Super Soil Mix For Unbeatable Buds Cover PhotoWhen it comes to growing weed — it’s all about the soil.

Nearly all of a cannabis cultivator’s problems stem from soil issues. Since we know the root of the problem — it’s high time to teach you how to create the perfect super soil mix.

However, we’re going to show you an approach that encompasses both soil and soilless-based media. Read along to learn how to create a simple, super soil mix that bridges the gap between soil and hydroponics for stunning results.

Ready to amp up your cannabis garden in a few steps? Let’s go!

Bridging The Gap Between Soil and Hydroponics

First, let’s briefly discuss why you want to combine soil and hydro-based media to create the perfect soil mixture for weed plants.

When it comes to soil, the benefits are staggering:

  • Organic weed
  • Natural pH buffer
  • Beneficial microbial life enhances nutrient uptake
  • Retains moisture
  • Reusable

However, soil-based media isn’t known to grow marijuana plants as fast as soilless or hydroponic-based media.

Therefore, the benefits of hydroponic-based media are:

  • Rapid plant growth
  • scale-bending yields
  • Optimized root aeration

However, hydroponic-oriented media isn’t as plug-and-play as soil-based media. In other words, hydroponics requires a great deal of effort, attention, and technical know-how.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be ideal to bring the best of both worlds into a hybrid super soil mix that’s optimized for cannabis?

Absolutely — which is why we’ve created this tutorial in the first place!

How to Create The Best Super Soil Mix For Cannabis Plants in Five Easy Steps

Ready to grow healthy cannabis plants that unleash a torrent of buds in 7-10-weeks?

First, you’ll need to add these materials to your shopping list:

  • Coco coir
  • Bagged soil (preferably organic compost)
  • Vermiculite
  • Perlite
  • Bat guano
  • Kelp meal
  • Alfalfa meal
  • Dolomite Lime
  • Mycorrhizae supplement

The specific amount to purchase is dependent on the number of cannabis plants you intend to grow.

However, we’ll provide a basic recipe that will produce up to 16-gallons of super soil for your weed plants. Remember — you can always scale this recipe to suit your marijuana garden’s needs.

Super Soil Mix Amount

Step One

Cannabis Super Soil Mixing
The first step is to mix the media.


  • 3.5-gallons of coco coir
  • 3.5-gallons of perlite
  • 3.5-gallons of vermiculite
  • 5.5-gallons of bagged soil (or organic compost)

If you are wondering how to mix soil — believe us when we say it’s downright simple.

Make sure you have a large container that will fit all of the materials mentioned above. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty — you may use a shovel.

Ensure that all of the media is adequately mixed. Remember — you want to spread all of the materials evenly for maximum effectiveness.

Step Two

The next step is to mix the natural amendments into the base medium. Remember — the base medium is the mixture you just completed in step one.

In this step, you will add 1-cup of each amendment, such as:

  • Bat Guano
  • Kelp meal
  • Alfalfa meal
  • Dolomite Lime

Immediately after — add 1/4-cup of mycorrhizae powder to jumpstart the microbial life within the super soil mixture.

Once again — get your hands dirty and make sure the super soil mixture is adequately mixed.

Step Three

Next, it’s time to transplant your green beauties into their supercharged new home.

Remember, this super soil recipe is not intended for seedlings. Instead, transplant juvenile cannabis plants that exhibit a minimum of 3-4-nodes.

New to transplanting? Don’t worry! You can read our guide — How to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings for an easy step-by-step tutorial.

Step Four

Once transplanted — everything will be on cruise control.

You may now water your plants sans pH or nutrient meter. However, if you are the controlling type — you may still use a pH meter to ensure the runoff is within the 6.2-6.5 range.

Remember — the dolomite lime in the super soil recipe will buffer the pH. In other words, mother nature will naturally set the pH to a usable range for your marijuana crop.

Step Five

Last but not least — monitor your cannabis plants.

Remember — not all feminized and autoflowering strains are created equal. In other words, you must monitor each weed strain to ensure they are enjoying their new home.

Here are a few positive signs to look out for:

  • Are the leaves raised up and healthy-looking?
  • Is the cannabis plant growing quickly?

Here are a few negative signs to look out for:

  • Are the leaf tips burned or curling inwards or outwards?
  • Is the cannabis plant stunted?

As long as your weed plants grow quickly and look happy — there’s nothing much for you to do until harvest time!

The Benefits of Growing Marijuana in Our Super Soil Mix

You must be wondering — why should I opt for your super soil mixture and not use a store-bought soil mix?

Well, the answer lies in the super soil mix’s versatility — especially for new cannabis cultivators. Let’s look at the many benefits of swapping your store-bought soil for our cannabis-specific super soil mix.

Optimized Root Zone Aeration

Cannabis plants grow astoundingly well when the root system can breathe.

Our super soil recipe optimizes aeration by incorporating perlite and coco coir into the mix. Coco coir and perlite’s larger structure doesn’t compress when moisturized, which allows the roots nearby to find patches of air.

Overall, our super soil mixture is ideal for cannabis cultivators aiming to boost root zone activity that translates into healthy plants and stacked buds.

Enhanced Microbial Life

Another benefit of our super soil recipe is its explosive microbial potential.

Mycorrhizae is a symbiotic fungus that interacts with plant roots to extend the root’s uptake capability. Therefore, cannabis plants grown in this super soil mix benefit from mycorrhizae’s synergistic effects.

Natural pH Buffer

Whether a pH meter is outside of your budget or you don’t have the time to pH water continuously, dolomite lime doubles as a reliable pH buffer.

Aside from the steady flow of calcium and magnesium, dolomite lime maintains a pH of 6.0-6.5. Therefore, you don’t have to pH your water supply anymore.

In other words, the dolomite lime found in the super soil recipe is a natural way to buffer the pH. By buffering the pH between 6.0-6.5 — your marijuana crop will avoid nutrient lockouts.

Enough Nutrient For the Grow Cycle

Furthermore, the super soil mix is loaded with enough nutrients to get through an entire indoor growing cycle or outdoor season.

In general, most cannabis strains, especially autoflowering varieties, will benefit from the nutrients provided by alfalfa, bat guano, and kelp meal. However, some sativa-dominant strains may require additional nutrient supplements midway through flowering.

If your cannabis crop has an estimated flowering time that exceeds 9-weeks — you may choose to add additional bat guano or natural bloom booster by week 4 of flowering.

Lightweight and Readily Available

Another benefit, albeit underappreciated, is the lightweight of the soilless components found in the super soil mix.

No one enjoys lugging around 3-gallon pots filled to the brim with heavy soil. Your back will thank you for lightening up the load — especially when it’s time for you to perform the weight test.

Furthermore, all of the ingredients for the super soil mix are readily available. Therefore, nothing will hold you back from creating the best super soil mix for your weed plants.

Perfectly Balanced For Those Who Over or Underwater Cannabis Plants

One of the best aspects of our super soil recipe is that it strikes the ideal balance for those over and underwater their weed plants.

In other words, our super soil mix retains a generous amount of water due to the vermiculite, coco coir, and compost. On the other hand, the super soil mix exhibits an adequate amount of porosity, thanks to perlite chunks.

Ultimately, you’ll find the super soil mix retains enough moisture and provides adequate drainage simultaneously.

Experience Cruise Control Cannabis Cultivation With Our Super Soil Recipe

If you’re ready to leave behind all of the technical aspects of growing weed, our super soil mix will help you along.

Ultimately, the super soil recipe allows you to experience the benefits of soilless and soil-based media simultaneously. From optimized water retention to a near-perfect nutrient composition, this super soil mix is perfect for beginners that want to grow marijuana on cruise control.

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Roger Waedemon
Roger Waedemon
2 years ago

The mix doesn’t add up to 16 gallons, only 13 unless some kind of magic happens when it’s mixed.

2 years ago

Should you add trace minerals to this mix?

2 years ago

Do you need to let this soil cook for 60 days or is it ready to go once mixed?

Ernest Johnson
Ernest Johnson
2 years ago

Do I use powdered lime or granules?

1 year ago

Would rice hulls or pumice work better, rather than per-lite – which deteriorates. If replacing per-lite with one of these alternatives, would it cause an imbalance with the other amendments? Peace!!

1 year ago

I read it can take 1-2 years for the lime to break down, while it’s breaking down does the PH stay at approx 6.5 ph? Also you said it doesn’t need any time to cook, it seems all super soil mixes I’ve read say it takes some time for everything to start working together, keep it moist and covered for approx 60-90 days?

k rot
k rot
1 year ago

Can I use a store bought super soil with Charcoal, bone meal, dolomite,herb blend,azomite,kelp,diatoms,Cane sugar,yeasts,humic and fulvic acids.and comes with a tube with specific microorganisms.csn l use that instead of making my own.

1 year ago

Couple things to bolster this a smidge:
Alpaca Beans
Recharge Microbial Blend
Molasses to feed those bugs and sweeten your weed.
Cover crop like clover and/or mulch. You will see significant increase in Microbial activity. Most of this takes place in the first few inches of soil.
Organics attract bad bugs, you need an Army of beneficial insects to fight them.
Particularly nematodes to rid fungus gnats, lady bugs and predatory mites.
Add a source of chitin during flower for immune response, otherwise known as trichomes.

1 year ago

Could you please give values from gallons to kg for growing media

1 year ago

I am definitely seeing calcium deficiency in week 2 of flowering. PH of soil is on-point, as well as lighting, temp (78°), and humidty (50%)

1 year ago

Seeing calcium deficiency at week 2 of flowering

anthony walker
anthony walker
7 months ago

Can I
substitute worm casting for bat guano

6 months ago

Absolutely brilliant mix, amazing results beautiful buds very frosty too… only added worm castings at week 4 flower apart from that nothing added and great results.