How to Hang Cannabis Grow Lights

An in-depth guide on how to hang cannabis grow light systems in the grow room.

How to Hang Cannabis Grow Lights Cover PhotoWhen cannabis cultivators imagine problems in the grow room — most think about water or nutrient-related issues.

If you think the only threats to your indoor cannabis garden are just nutrient burn, pest infestations, or mold outbreaks — think again.

Inadequately hung or positioned grow lights are the bane of many weed cultivators worldwide. From crushed plants to bleached leaves — the way you hang your grow light system is paramount.

Read along and learn how to hang your cannabis grow lights. You’ll discover in a few easy-to-follow-steps the key to grow light installation and how to hang grow lights in a snap.

Ready to learn how? Let’s go!

Why You Want To Set Up Grow Lights Properly

First, let’s go over why you want to learn about grow light installation.

Here’s a list of reasons why you need to get your grow light game on point:

  • Fallen grow lights can crush and kill weed plants below
  • Fallen grow lights can spark a fire in the grow room
  • Improperly adjusted grow lights can bleach or burn leaves
  • Improperly adjusted grow lights can stunt growth

Remember, the safety of your crop, yourself (and family), and your house is at stake. Therefore, read this guide with the utmost attention.

How to Hang Grow Lights in Five Easy Steps

Now that you understand the gravity of hanging cannabis grow lights in the garden — let’s look at how to hang marijuana grow light systems in five easy steps.

Whether you are hanging HIDs, LEDs, T5s, or CFLs in a grow room or grow tent — this tutorial will help you get it done!

First, you’ll need to ensure you have the tools for the job, such as:

  • Grow light adjustable hangers
  • Grow light system(s)
  • Heavy-duty hook screws
  • Drill
Hanging Cannabis Grow Light Equipment

Step One

First, you must determine where you’re going to hang your grow lights.

Will you hang the grow lights from the ceiling of the grow room or grow tent? Deciding between the two of these options is crucial because it determines the amount of work necessary to accomplish your goal.

Step Two

Whether you’re hanging the grow light in the grow tent or grow room — you must measure the space and mark the area where your cannabis crop will be. By doing so, you will have a general idea of where to place the grow light.

Remember, the grow light(s) will be hung from adjustable rope ratchet hangers and will encompass a large or small space depending on the height.

Step Three

If you’re installing a grow light in a grow room — you must drill holes into the ceiling and install heavy-duty hook screws. The hook screws will act as anchor points and bear the entire weight of the grow light system.

In other words — make sure the hook screws are screwed into a solid material, such as wood, and firmly in place.

If installing grow lights in a grow tent — you simply need to connect the rope ratchet cords around the ceiling support frames.

Step Four

Next, hang the grow light system from the supported ends onto the rope ratchet hanger.

At this point, your grow light system will be suspended in midair and will likely require a bit of adjustment. Use the rope ratchet to raise or lower the grow light to a neutral position.

Remember, your grow lights should be:

  • Hanging in a flat position
  • Directly above the intended cannabis garden

Furthermore, make sure you stow away any additional piece of rope from the rope ratchet system. Nothing should touch the grow light — especially the area closest to the bulb or glass frame.

If the grow light looks like it’s in a precarious position — restart the process and make sure all of your anchor points are solid.

Step Five

The last step is to turn on the grow light system.

At this point, you will see the light footprint, and you may determine if it’s too much, too little, or just right.

Remember — installing cannabis grow lights is only half the battle. Finding the ideal height for your grow lights is essential because it can make or break your marijuana garden.

If you’re ready to learn how to find the perfect grow light height, read our guide — How to Find The Perfect Grow Light Height For Your Cannabis Plants (Coming Soon).

With Great Wattage Comes Great Responsibility

Remember, your grow lights are a life source for your weed crop.

However, cannabis grow lights are known to emit heat, cause fires, and fall if improperly hung. Therefore, you must triple-check the integrity of your work to ensure your grow light system(s) doesn’t come crashing down on your trichome-drenched garden.

Now that you know how to hang and set up grow lights in the grow room or grow tent — it’s time to crank the lights on and get growing!

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Gregory Anderson
Gregory Anderson
1 year ago

What a great bunch of people!! I started in the late 60s We would plant late night and harvest same. I thank you for the help!!!