CBD Dog Treats: An Appetizing Way to Enhance Your Pet’s Health

Here’s everything you need to know about treating your dog with CBD, and where to find the best infused dog treats.

CBD Dog Treats Cover PhotoIt’s no secret that CBD is a highly effective remedy for a host of human health ailments. But it also has incredibly potent effects on dogs, with the potential to make a huge difference in the health and well-being of ailing and healthy pups alike. In this article, we cover everything you need to know before giving CBD to your furry best friend, including how to pick out the best and safest CBD dog treats on today’s market.

What are CBD Dog Treats?

While CBD can be given to dogs in oil, topical, or tincture form, edible treats tend to be most pups’ preferred method, and are by far the easiest to administer. CBD-infused dog treats come in a wide range of appealing flavors and textures, from traditional bone-shaped biscuits and bacon-cheese morsels, to bite-sized soft chews. Dogs of all breeds, ages, and states of health can benefit from enjoying CBD-infused treats regularly or occasionally.

Are CBD Dog Treats Legal?

In most countries, CBD dog treats are legal to buy and use, yet it is still illegal for veterinarians to prescribe or administer cannabis products. However, as canine CBD treatment continues to grow in popularity among pet owners, and even prestigious organizations such as the American Kennel Club invest in studies on the topic, many vets are willing to speak candidly with pet owners about the benefits and risks of using CBD. But ultimately the responsibility and liability for the decision to give a dog CBD belongs solely to the pet owner.

How Does CBD Affect Dogs?

CBD’s effects on dogs are remarkably similar to its effects on humans. Dogs’ bodies also have an built in “endocannabinoid system” that produces its own cannabinoids (chemical compounds that help the body maintain a state of equilibrium). The cannabis plant is also packed with cannabinoids, including CBD (cannabidioil) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component of marijuana. When you (or your dog) consume cannabis or CBD, these cannabinoids are readily absorbed and put to use by the body.

Studies have shown that dogs have even more cannabinoid receptors throughout their bodies than humans do. This may be a contributing factor of dogs’ known intolerance for THC, but it also may heighten their receptivity to CBD, making CBD-infused dog treats a highly-effective treatment option for pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other health issues.

Are CBD Dog Treats Safe?

With no known major safety concerns related to the use (or even to the overdose) of hemp-derived CBD, it is considered completely safe for dogs to consume. The World Health Organization (WHO)’s current stance on dogs and cannabis products is that CBD is indeed safe, but psychoactive THC is not. It is worth noting that CBD labeled as “full-spectrum” may contain trace amounts of THC. While these traces are unlikely to be significant enough to cause discomfort or dangerous side effects, large doses have the potential to cause drowsiness, lethargy, stumbling, or dry mouth. While these symptoms may be uncomfortable, they are unlikely to cause any lasting damage and will dissipate within a few hours. CBD does not interfere with the absorption or efficacy of any other medications your dog may be taking.

What Health Conditions Do CBD Dog Treats Help With?

CBD can make an enormous impact on the comfort and quality of life of dogs suffering from a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • Pain (due to injury, recovery from surgery, teething, or chronic health conditions)
  • Anxiety (including separation anxiety and stress triggered by noise, crowds, or other phobias)
  • Pain, stiffness, and mobility issues related to degenerative joint disease
  • Stomach upset and nausea
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Cognitive decline
  • Canine depression
  • Hyperactivity

CBD also shows promise as a proactive canine supplement. Its potent anti-inflammatory properties can help your dog’s joints stay in good shape long before common advance-age issues such as arthritis or degenerative joint disease have the chance to take hold. Studies indicate that CBD may also have powerful neuroprotective qualities, potentially helping to stave off cognitive decline and nerve degeneration.

How to Use CBD Dog Treats

Edible treats are an ideal way to administer CBD to dogs, as food aids in effective cannabinoid absorption – and nearly all dogs love treats! The full effects of CBD dog treats typically set in within minutes to an hour after consumption, but this timing will vary depending on the individual pet and the specific product used. If you’re giving your dog CBD to treat larger, more persistent ailments, it may take days to weeks of consistent treatment before you observe noticeable results.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

CBD dosage recommendations for pets are generally determined by weight. However, regardless of weight, avoid giving any products containing CBD to puppies under 8 weeks old unless advised otherwise by a veterinarian. Most CBD dog treats will have a dosage-by-weight chart printed on the packaging. When starting your dog on a new CBD supplement, it’s always recommended to start with small doses and increase gradually as needed. Since some pups may be more (or less) sensitive to CBD at lower doses, and the ingredient composition of different products may produce different results, start slowly and carefully observe your dog’s reactions to low doses of any new infused treats.

How Often Can Dogs Have CBD Treats?

Most CBD treats will also have recommended dosing schedules printed on their packaging. Recommended dose schedules typically range from one treat per day to one every 4-8 hours. Of course, not all dogs necessarily need a daily CBD supplement and many pet owners elect only to administer CBD in special situations. CBD can be an indispensable tool for easing nervous dogs through common stressors such as travel, unfamiliar visitors, thunderstorms, or holiday fireworks – or through short-term pain such as teething or recovery from surgery.

How to Select the Best CBD Dog Treats for Your Pet

The best infused treats for your individual pet will vary a bit based on their needs and preferences. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best CBD dog treats for your furry best friend.

  • Texture – Some CBD dog treats are hard and crunchy, while others are soft or chewy. Dogs with sensitive teeth and gums may find soft treats easier to manage, while other dogs may have a preference for crunchy biscuits or meaty, chewy treats.
  • Flavor – Fear not if your pet has a highly discerning palate. CBD dog treats are available in nearly every dog-friendly flavor imaginable. Whether your dog prefers meat, fish, cheese, vegetable, or berry flavors, there’s a CBD-infused treat out there for them!
  • Serving Dose – The size of each individual treat and the amount of CBD per serving is another important consideration.
  • Ingredient List – CBD isn’t the only dog treat ingredient with a significant impact. Many high-quality treats also include other nutritious food or supplement ingredients, while some cheaper companies may cut corners by using unhealthy fillers. If you’re unsure about the healthfulness of any ingredient, consult a veterinarian before giving it to your dog, especially if they have any underlying health issues.

Ingredient Quality

The overall quality of CBD pet treats can vary considerably from brand to brand. As a general rule, the quality of CBD dog treats will be reflected in the price. Better quality treats are naturally more expensive, as they are typically made with higher quality ingredients, CBD extracts, and nutritional additives. Some CBD pet treats pack in an even greater nutritional benefit, including additional vitamins and other health-enhancing ingredients. Most CBD pet care brands have also embraced the industry-wide trend toward using natural and organic ingredients, while avoiding artificial and genetically-modified ones, making it easier to find treats you’ll feel confident giving to your furry best friend.

However, dog treats are not as heavily regulated an industry as dog food (which currently prohibits the addition of CBD), so it’s important to do your own research and choose infused pet treats wisely. Look for treats from companies that utilize third-party lab testing to ensure purity, absence of harmful toxins, and precise cannabinoid content.

CBD Type

It’s also helpful to understand the different types of CBD you may come across in your dog’s new favorite treats. Full-spectrum CBD retains all of its original plant compounds and the benefits of each. However, since it’s extracted from industrial hemp, not marijuana, full-spectrum CBD contains only trace amounts of THC (less than .03%), not enough to make a noticeable difference for most dogs. If you’re concerned about even miniscule THC exposure but still want the full-plant benefits, broad-spectrum CBD also contains the full suite of plant compounds, except that all traces of THC are removed. Another option is CBD isolate, which is exactly as it sounds, pure extracted CBD without any other cannabis plant matter.

Where Can You Buy CBD Dog Treats?

CBD-infused pet treats are legal in most countries where CBD is legal for human consumption, including the US, Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe. CBD dog treats can be purchased over the counter in specialty pet and gift shops as well as at major mainstream pet stores and grocery stores. CBD dog treats are also widely available online, via an increasing number of specialty cannabis pet care companies, as well as through many major CBD retailers. Many online CBD dog treat retailers offer monthly subscription options, so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

Since quality and potency can vary considerably from brand to brand, we’ve compiled the following list of trusted CBD dog treat brands to help you pick the best and safest choices for your own furry friends.

Our Recommended CBD Dog Treats


HolistaPet CBD Dog treats

Dedicated to creating pure, natural, cannabinoid-based remedies for pets, HolistaPet uses high-grade Colorado hemp to craft oils, capsules, and treats for dogs and other pets. HolistaPet’s founders drew on a background of over 25 years in the organic food industry to create their signature line of organic, vegan, plant-based CBD superfood treats. HolistaPet’s three tasty and effective dog treat formulas include the blueberry and sweet potato-flavored Heart & Immune Care, pumpkin spice and cinnamon Joint & Mobility Care, and green apple-peanut butter Stress & Anxiety Relief. HolistaPet products are lab-tested and contain no artificial ingredients, GMOs, gluten, dairy, refined sugar, or preservatives. HolistaPet is based in Commerce, California and ships throughout the United States.


Bailey's CBD Soft Chews for dogs

Bailey’s veterinarian-crafted soft chews make a delicious, easy-to-dose treat for your pup while imparting all the wellness benefits of organic, full-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD and other essential nutritional ingredients. These top-rated grain- and soy-free treats are available in 3 mg or 6 mg CBD formulations for different-sized breeds and are available in three tasty varieties, each formulated to target a key aspect of canine health and wellness – calming (vegan) peanut butter & banana calming chews, chicken-flavored hip & joint chews, and Bailey’s award-winning bacon-flavored omega hemp chews, designed to promote your dog’s overall well-being. These soft chews are available in a variety of quantities, from 5-treat mini packs all the way up to 180-treat bulk packs. Bailey’s CBD soft chews can be found at specialty CBD and pet care shops throughout the US and Japan, as well as at Bailey’s own flagship store in Costa Mesa, California. They may also be ordered directly from Bailey’s website, with a convenient subscribe and save option available.

Doggie Beer Bones

Doggie Beer Bones Lou Dog CBD Bites

Doggie Beer Bones CBD-infused dog treats are crafted with sustainability and optimum pet wellness in mind, aiding anxiety and inflammation and enhancing eye, skin, and coat health. Doggie Beer Bones’ CBD-infused offerings include soft-baked, grain-free bacon flavored chews, each containing 5mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and packed with omega fatty acids, brewer’s yeast, and ocean fishmeal. These tasty treats are made with all-natural ingredients your dog will love, and do not contain pea flour, soy, wheat, potato flour, or alcohol. Doggie Beer Bones also offers 3 CBD-infused Peanut Butter variations, and has partnered with with the iconic band Sublime to create Lou Dog CBD Bites, an exclusive, officially-licensed treat named in memory of their band mascot Dalmatian Lou Dog and his late devoted dad, Bradley Nowell. These delicious, grain-free, bacon-flavored treats are made with ocean fishmeal, brewer’s yeast, pumpkin, and carrot, packed with omega fatty acids, and deliver a CBD dose of “5 mg to Freedom” for dogs of all sizes.. Doggie Beer Bones uses US-grown full-spectrum hemp oil, tested for potency and purity by Infinite Chemical Labs. Doggie Beer Bones is based in San Diego, CA and ships throughout the United States. 10Buds readers can take 15% off their orders using coupon code 10BUDS15 at checkout!

Honest Paws

Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats

Honest Paws is a highly-rated company that’s created an impressive selection of 100% natural hemp-infused products for dogs, cats, and horses. Honest Paws’s dog treat selection includes hemp bits, soft chews, pre- and probiotics, and even hemp-infused peanut butter. Honest Paws treats come in a variety of tasty flavors, including poultry, creamy coconut, turmeric, and peanut butter. Each Honest Paws product is specially formulated to focus on either calming, mobility support, or general wellness. Honest Paws uses only organic, US-grown full-spectrum hemp oil that is lab-tested for purity, and all products are free of GMOs, corn, and soy. Honest Paws is based in Boulder, Colorado and ships throughout the United States.


Medterra CBD Dog Treats

An innovative CBD company with a dedication to improving others’ quality of life, Medterra has created a line of premium yet affordable pet care products, including tinctures, drops, and treats. Medterra’s CBD dog treats (which are also cat-friendly) are made with all-natural and organic ingredients, including CBD isolate sourced from top-quality Kentucky-grown hemp in partnership with the Hemp Pilot Research Program. Medterra’s infused dog treat offerings include peanut butter-flavored Joint Support Chews and bacon-flavored Calming CBD Chews. All products are third-party lab-tested with Certificates of Analysis available. Medterra is based in Irvine, California, and ships throughout the United States. Medterra can also be found at select retail chain stores.


Lolahemp CBD soft chews

Lolahemp is a family-owned and operated pet care brand, inspired by and named for its founder’s own beloved rescue chihuahua, Lola. Lolahemp’s highly-rated, veterinarian-formulated soft-chew dog treats are specially crafted to enhance wellness, alleviate anxiety, inflammation, allergies, and pain, and please even the pickiest of eaters! Lolahemp offers three tasty and highly effective grain and soy-free treat options, including: Hip & Joint Chicken, Calming Hemp Peanut Butter and Banana, and Omega Hemp Bacon. These chews are available in regular-sized or extra-strength doses formulated for larger breeds. Lolahemp’s products are made with full-spectrum oil extracted from US-grown USDA certified organic hemp grown on a family farm in Colorado, and are third-party lab-tested for safety and potency. A portion of all proceeds are donated to local shelters and rescues. Lolahemp is based in Scarsdale, New York and currently ships to 46 US states.

Suzie’s Pet Treats

Suzies CBD Hearts

Suzie’s Pet Treats is a Colorado company lovingly crafting affordable and tasty treats for dogs, cats, and horses while continually giving back to animal shelters and other non-profits. Made with full-spectrum CBD from locally-farmed organic hemp, Suzie’s dog treat offerings include 2mg CBD soft chews in three flavors (Chicken & Turmeric, Beef Bone Broth, and Peanut Butter & Carob) and 4mg heart-shaped treats, including a special peanut butter flavor created in partnership with Best Friends Animal Society. Suzie’s also makes 2mg mini-bites specially created for toy breeds in Original, Apple, and Pumpkin flavors. Suzie’s Pet Treats are made with USDA-certified organic ingredients, are third-party lab-tested for purity and potency, and are free of gluten, corn, soy, GMOs, preservatives, artificial flavors, and cheap fillers. Suzie’s Pet Treats are available at specialty pet retailers throughout the US and online.

LoLo Bones

LoLo Bones CBD Dog Treats

LoLo Bones are delicious, peanut-butter flavored dog biscuits handcrafted by LoLo, a woman-owned business based in Chattanooga, Tennesse, specializing in small-batch CBD edibles and tinctures. One of LoLo’s best-selling offerings, LoLo Bones are packed with nutritious ingredients like eggs, gelatin (collagen), and fiber-rich spent grain. Each LoLo Bones treat contains 10 mg of CBD and has a shelf life of 12 months. LoLo Bones draw rave reviews from dog owners for their effects on anxiety, pain, mobility, and coat health. LoLo Bones are made with locally-grown, third-party tested full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and spent grain sourced from Chattanooga’s Naked River Brewing Company. LoLo Bones are sold in affordably-priced packs of 10 and are available online and in local hemp and pet shops, dog daycares, and grooming facilities throughout Tennessee.

Kono Naturals

Kono Naturals CBD Dog Treats

Kono Naturals CBD dog treats are an especially tasty way to help your dog combat anxiety and pain. Made in the USA, with full-spectrum CBD extracted from 100% organic hemp, these treats are third-party lab-tested and are free of wheat, corn, soy, gluten, and GMO ingredients. Kono Naturals’ delicious veterinarian-formulated recipe includes chicken, a variety of select nutritious vegetables, fruits, and organic MCT coconut oil. Each treat contains 10 mg of CBD and treats are sold in jars of 40. Recommended dosing is determined by your dog’s weight, and these treats must be refrigerated after opening. Kono Naturals CBD dog treats can be ordered on their website and shipped anywhere in the United States. Kono Naturals is headquartered in Sanford, Florida.

Eden’s Herbals

Edens Herbals CBD Dog Treats

Eden’s Herbals is a veteran-owned US company specializing in high-grade full-spectrum CBD products for humans and their pets alike. Eden’s Herbals CBD Dog Biscuits are a delectable canine-approved treat, made with just four simple all-natural ingredients – peanut butter, apples, carrots, and molasses – and infused with third-party lab-tested CBD oil from Colorado and Washington-grown non-GMO hemp. These treats are completely free of pesticides, residual solvents, and THC. Each tasty biscuit contains 5 mg of CBD, and are sold in 50-count bags, available directly from Eden’s Herbals’ website. With frequent sales and discounts upon their already low prices, free standard shipping, and a generous buyer rewards program, Eden’s Herbals is one of the most affordable high-quality CBD dog treat brands on today’s market. Eden’s Herbals is located in Sanford, Maine.

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