The Organizations That Create the Most Positive View of the Cannabis Industry Through Society Outreach

Cannabis has a bit of a reputation problem, but some companies are taking it on themselves to improve the way society views it.

Creating A Positive View of The Cannabis Industry Through Society OutreachIt is a commonly accepted fact among cannabis users that cannabis and its industry have a bit of a branding problem. There are people from all over the world who look at cannabis and see a pretty big problem. This can be particularly problematic for users and the businesses that sell these products. People have a tendency to affiliate marijuana with a wide range of societal problems, and that interpretation is not only impacting current users, but also keeping people who might benefit from the use of cannabis away from it. While everyday users know that the lazy stoner trope is ridiculous and overplayed, many people still believe that cannabis is the enemy of productivity and will tank your life. In order to tackle this notion that cannabis is the problem, cannabis companies are starting to step up to show their communities just how great cannabis can be.

Finding A Better Common Ground Through Community Outreach and Service

In order to demonstrate to local communities that cannabis is a friend and not a foe, cannabis companies are beginning to question how they can tackle this reputation problem. The most obvious choice is to focus on improving outreach and getting the most out of what cannabis companies can bring to a community. This becomes an effort to not only be visible to the general public, but to provide them with a more positive understanding of cannabis companies. In an effort to dismiss this eternal image of legal drug dealing, cannabis companies are working to educate their communities on the medicinal uses of cannabis to further demonstrate just how helpful a little bit of bud or cannabis oil can be.

Beyond merely focusing on the benefits of cannabis, these companies are aiming to give back to their communities. By finding successful ways to help contribute to their communities, these companies are helping to stop the negative connotation that so many people have within their local areas. Finding positive ways to give back and help the area around them is an excellent way to show people that there is more to the cannabis industry than meets the eye. It isn’t just a collection of people doing and promoting drugs. It is a collection of people working together to live their best lives and promote wellness. There are various initiatives in place to make this possible.

How Tokeativity Helps Women Help The World

Tokeativity, which is owned by the amazing Samantha Montanaro and Lisa Snyder, is a self-proclaimed global cannabis community for women. While you might just think that this is a collection of women working together to get high, the reality is a little more dedicated than that. Though you’re unlikely to find a woman in this circle who doesn’t enjoy a nice bowl at the end of the day, their focus isn’t on smoking. It’s about learning to educate, collaborate, and improve the order of the world around them. This community is known for working with various non-profits to improve the overall reputation of cannabis.

The fact that their focus isn’t on smoking doesn’t mean that they don’t value the impact of cannabis on members of the group. According to Amy Curran, the Portland Tokeativity leader, “The act of sharing a bowl or joint has brought me to some of the best conversations, new understandings and greatest people I’ve known.” It is their belief that cannabis can be used as a way to bring people together, but it is one of many things that they can unite behind. The groups work to find those other things together.

Tokeativity has several key offerings to help with community outreach. It’s online classes and education services are great for helping people to feel empowered when it comes to their knowledge of cannabis. They address a variety of different cannabis related topics and are working hard to dispel rumors and replace them with facts. While it might seem like a simple goal, in reality, they are doing an amazing job of making sure that the right kind of information is being spread around cannabis. This is important to countering misinformation.

In addition to offering classes to educate the community, Tokeativity is great for bringing people together for a good cause. These individuals are more than ready to help you find viable causes that you can dedicate your time and energy to. By working with various non-profits, Tokeativity is aiming to help restore nature in certain areas and leave us with an all-around better planet. These individuals are working hard to make sure that the people in their group have the right resources to make a proper contribution to our planet and the community around us.

According to co-owner Lisa, “[her] intention was to help cannabis friendly women find more space inside themselves to grow personally and professionally using creativity and self expression.” The biggest focus for Tokeativity is really on bringing women together and empowering them. Co-owner Samantha says that their main goal is to “provide a massive network and system of support, love and connection” which is why they place such an emphasis on connecting women together under a shared passion of creating a brighter future and a love of cannabis.

In order to bring people together for a cause, you have to start by providing them with an environment that brings them together. Tokeativity aims to do this by providing a space for “canna-sisters” to connect so that they can work towards empowering themselves and each other for a better tomorrow. Both founders have found their lives changed by cannabis, and they have put their minds together to unite women under a banner of social interaction, personal growth, and self-expression. It is the group’s hope to make a space where women can be their best selves and use that power to change the world, starting with their communities.
TokeativityAs far as membership goes, Tokeativity offers a few different membership styles depending on your needs. While the smaller packages are built around getting educated and staying in the know, they also offer a business membership that allows companies to partner with them to help promote their business. They offer a collection of helpful tools designed to help any cannabis business get their feet off the ground and paint their name in a positive light. These ladies are experts when it comes to helping people present themselves well in the cannabis industry so that we can all benefit from the positive effects of people seeing cannabis as a credible industry to be in.

Magical Butter and Cheers To Goodness

Magical Butter Device and Cheers to Goodness Logo

Magical Butter is a company that is best known for its amazing devices that make at home edibles unbelievably easy to make. However, they aren’t just worried about making sure that you have all of the tools that you need to make amazing edibles at home. They also want to help make the world a better place for those in need. This is why the owner of Magical Butter founded Cheers to Goodness, a non-profit that focuses on helping people to manage a relocation when it is a matter of medical need.

Cheers To Goodness highlights the need for many people around the world to relocate to obtain medical treatment. Their prime example is a two-year-old child who needed CBD in order to manage her severe epilepsy but was blocked every step of the way. The government did not want to give her access to the necessary products in her state, which compelled her parents to make the daring decision to move her all the way to Colorado, leaving their family behind, so that she can get the medical treatment that she needs. By working closely with companies like this, Magical Butter does an excellent job of showing that they care and want to help the people around them live better lives. This is a great way to highlight cannabis companies as members of the medical industry, which they are often left out of.

Bloom Farms and Their Quest To End Hunger

Bloom Farms is a company that is on a mission to change the way that people view cannabis. While today’s world might view cannabis as a cheap trick that will tank their kid’s life, Bloom Farms is making leaps and bounds to prove that cannabis should be seen as a valid medical tool. This group aims to teach people that there is more to cannabis than what they might have known from their college days by focusing on establishing their own credibility as a company.

Through the use of excellent branding and quality products, Bloom Farms is working on helping to paint cannabis in a proper light. Instead of letting people think about seedy drug deals, Bloom Farms provides users with top of the line products that are clearly made to impress. In an effort to not only provide viable products, but to present them in a way that shows cannabis use in the classy style that it deserves, this company puts a special emphasis on state-of-the-art products and packaging. Rather than offering vibrantly colored products designed to entertain, they offer sleek professional grade products that are designed to suit the needs of the everyday user.

In addition to their focus on marketing, Bloom Farms also places a special emphasis on how they make their products. Rather than rushing to market to make as much money as possible, Bloom Farms placed their focus on creating high quality products that are completely safe. These products are made and monitored every step of the way before being thoroughly lab tested. They avoid using problematic solvents and work to bring you pure products every single time, so you never have to question the quality of what you buy.

When it comes to reaching out and doing what is best for society, this company is known for their contributions as a 1-for-1 company. Bloom Farms actively donates meals to those who might be in circumstances that make it difficult to get a good meal. Purchasing from this company allows you to aid in their efforts to bring good to the world around them. While some people might expect a different focus from a cannabis company, Bloom Farms is happy to demonstrate that they are just like any other dedicated company in any industry. They are actively turning their sales into benefits for individuals in need with every single purchase. To date, they have succeeded in donating over one million meals to individuals and families who were in need. This makes it possible for them to do a lot of good while providing customers with quality cannabis products at the same time.
[su_vimeo url=”″ width=”800″] Donating to people in need is not where Bloom Farms stops either. This group also provides a variety of helpful educational tools for people who visit their website. They provide statistics and references regarding what world hunger looks like and how it can be prevalent in your local neighborhoods. By providing this education, they help people to understand the benefits that come from the donations and work to educate people on ways to help their fellow man. By highlighting things like waste and key food initiatives, they make it easy to learn about problems that we have and ways that we can fix them. They even provide resources on how to effectively contribute to solving hunger problems in your local area. They provide easy resources for volunteering, making donations through purchases, and suggest that their fans should spend a little time over at their local food bank to help make sure that everyone gets to enjoy a delicious meal.

Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry Nurseries

Good Chemistry Nurseries is focused on bringing amazing products and doing a whole lot of good for their communities at the same time. From the moment you view the Good Chemistry website, you’ll immediately see that their biggest focus is on serving their community. Their community support tab presents a wide range of ways that they are actively working on to support those around them. This group and their accompanying teams are incredibly focused on giving back as much as they can to those around them.

The individuals at Good Chemistry take many approaches when it comes to community awareness. They place a special emphasis on advocating for underprivileged groups that are in need. In their philosophy, the community serves them, and it is their job to serve the community back. In addition to advocating for those in need, they have also taken the time to work with various groups in their local area to help with key areas of concern like crisis centers, homeless programs, and reducing the impact of drug use. This group has taken active steps to help make their community safer and better for everyone. They work collectively alongside the groups of individuals who support key causes and also work directly with some causes alone to help raise awareness and actively contribute.

By embracing partnerships with key non-profits around the community, Good Chemistry is proving that the cannabis industry deserves a viable place within our society. Their active steps to give back in the face of a booming industry does a great job of not only improving their personal reputation, but the reputation of the cannabis industry as a whole. They support everything from Veterans groups to cancer organizations, and even play an active role in supporting targeted groups like the LGBTQ community. As far as we can tell, if there is someone in need, Good Chemistry is ready to help.


For right now, the cannabis industry has decades of misinformation to combat before it can expect to be embraced on a global level. However, the companies involved in this industry are not wasting any time before taking their good fortunate and spinning it in a way that can help their communities shine in every way possible. Every company has a service to bring quality products to their community, but that doesn’t stop these groups from going above and beyond to bring everybody closer together under a united cause of benefiting our neighborhoods. It’s a proud time to be in the cannabis industry, and soon the reputation that it has will be replaced with the image of helping hands.

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