The Important Role of Cannabis Labs

Cannabis labs are at the forefront of bringing us safe cannabis products. What kind of processes do they have in place?

The Important Role of Cannabis LabsEvery industry has quality control measures in place that are designed to improve the customer experience. At the heart of the cannabis industry, cannabis labs are filled with scientists who are working hard to ensure the overall quality of the cannabis products that we receive on shelves. Every form of cannabis, be it strains of flower, vape pens, or edibles involves a complex scientific process to create. While many believe that the cannabis industry is one of nature, it is in truth more of a matter of science. The amount of scientific energy being put towards this industry at this point is large in size with many new products entering the market. This makes it so that there is a higher need for quality control than ever before.

At the forefront of these efforts, cannabis labs are working to make sure that products are safe, high-quality in nature, and following the regulations in place. This is important for the future operation of the cannabis market for a few key reasons. First, if companies fail to produce high-quality products, customers will be displeased with what is available. This can result in a variety of problems for the industry, particularly when it comes down to sales. When there is a lack of quality within an industry, it has a tendency to dip rather than grow. Second, maintaining the safety of products is important for protecting consumers within the industry. Focusing on managing regulations makes it so that the cannabis industry can operate more freely with less government intervention. Cannabis labs play such an important role within the industry because they help to keep everything else in line.

What Are Cannabis Labs?

Cannabis labs are laboratories that are focused on testing the actual integrity of a product. These locations and the scientists in their employ are known for bringing about a variety of helpful services to cannabis businesses and their customers. It is through these labs that companies are able to run the tests required for a company to get a viable cannabis license that can be used to run a proper business. In addition to helping to ensure that each company meets the standards necessary to receive their own licensing, they also put in the work to ensure that the companies are meeting their own commitment to qualities. Cannabis labs are beneficial for conducting a variety of tests for companies, with some labs offering more than others. These labs pair with companies to ensure that the guidelines in place are being met. They also help with a collection of other problems that companies might run into regarding the contents of their products. This is an effective way to improve the overall public view of the brand.

High-Quality Cannabis Testing Labs

While there are plenty of great labs around working to ensure that you receive high-quality products, there are a few that are known for being a cut above the rest. In the event that you see products that have been tested at any of the following labs, you can count on the quality and integrity of the products you are purchasing:

Steep Hill

This laboratory proudly touts the fact that it is a global leader in the cannabis testing world. You can expect that this company knows exactly what they are doing and is focused on providing quality lab results. Their testing efforts are built upon tried and tested disciplines, and they use state of the art tools to ensure that these results are accurate.

MCR Labs

Massachusetts-based MCR Labs offers safety analyses and cannabinoid and terpene potency tests to medical and recreational cannabis businesses and home-growers alike. MCR Labs’ staff of cannabis-loving professionals put to use their backgrounds in fields such as chemistry and pharmaceuticals. MCR Labs runs tests on flower, extract, concentrate, and other cannabis-infused products. Their safety analysis options include screenings for pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents, and vitamin E acetate.

DB Labs

An independent cannabis testing lab, DB Labs has the distinction of being Las Vegas, Nevada’s very first CBD testing lab. Their professional and highly experienced staff will get your tests back to you in only 24-72 hours, and they are always willing to answer questions about their procedures. DB Labs currently offers testing and analysis of hemp, nutraceuticals, medical marijuana, CBD oil, and both isolate and distillate testing.

CW Analytical

CW Analytical is a lab focused on bringing about higher quality cannabis products. In order to ensure that companies have successful and effective products, they provide a variety of testing efforts for every step of the cannabis product process. Whether you are looking to test a new product or just need help with compliance, they have you covered.


These labs have a dedicated effort to ensuring the quality and integrity of cannabis products for the everyday consumer. It is their goal to ensure that customers are receiving high-quality products that can be counted on every single time. They provide testing on a variety of consumer products both within the marijuana industry and beyond.

Infinite Chemical

Owned and operated by two PhD chemists, Infinite Chemical is dedicated to serving California’s cannabis industry from production through compliance. With over 30 experienced chemists on staff, they’ve analyzed hundreds of product variations, from craft flower to transdermal patches. Their clients consist of home growers to the largest cannabis and hemp manufacturers in the country who trust Infinite Chemical’s accurate, quality analytics to keep their businesses compliant.

Encore Labs

This Southern California lab provides a wide variety of analysis services (everything from profiling terpenes to screening for pesticides) to ensure your cannabis is the safest and highest quality. Encore Labs combines 25 years of industry experience with the latest innovations in the cannabis testing market, including their own cannabis certification program. You can even view in-depth, real-time updates on your order from their easy-to-use online customer portal.

The Types of Tests Run by Cannabis Labs

The kind of testing being done by cannabis labs varies depending on the kinds of products being sold as well as the overall intent of the company. Some cannabis testing is done because it is legally required in order for companies to receive licensing for their products. These general standards vary depending on what kinds of products are being sold. For most companies, the biggest focus is on managing what is legal. However, other companies go above and beyond and run tests that are more focused around quality control than anything. Previously, it was known that there were consistency problems in plenty of products in the market. Edibles were prone to delivering drastically different doses from one bite to the next, and it made it difficult for many people to find brands that they could count on for a reliable marijuana experience. Now, lab testing has made it possible for companies to truly perfect their products.

Cannabis tests vary depending on the kinds of products, and certain kinds of products require more than others. All marijuana products are lab-tested for cannabinoids in order to ensure that they meet the regulatory standards. This involves taking time to ensure that the number of designated cannabinoids in each product are not only in line with what is legal, but also that they match the intended levels being marketed by the product. In the event that someone was to eat an edible that was meant to be ten milligrams and actually contained triple that amount, the person might be at risk depending on what they were doing. Even if they were not at risk, it might prove to be a truly unpleasant experience. This is bad for the consumer and bad for business, so these tests can be incredibly important.

Lab tests will also check the moisture content of certain products to ensure the integrity of them. This makes it so you get quality products that will provide you with the proper dosing and overall product integrity that makes it worth your money. Edibles are also tested for solvents and chemicals involved with the processing procedures in order to ensure that there aren’t any unnecessary chemicals laced in your cannabis products. Several kinds of cannabis products are tested for pesticides and other hazardous chemicals that might impact the overall safety of these products. As is the case with any product for public consumption, certain cannabis products are also tested for microbial concerns that might negatively impact the health of the consumers. Many products are prone to infectious agents like e. coli or salmonella, which can provide serious risks to unsuspecting consumers. Beyond this, there are a variety of required tests that focus on ensuring that your products do not have anything within them that shouldn’t be there. The tests focused on ensuring that there are no impurities are a matter of public health, and we should all consider it a great comfort that these steps are being taken.

The majority of lab testing options are built around health and quality. Consumers should be able to trust the fact that the products that they are buying really do contain what they say they do, nothing more, nothing less. This is the best way for consumers to get safe, high-quality products that they can count on. Ensuring that these products are safe is not only important for consumers and liable companies, but for the future of the cannabis industry. In order to ensure that the industry can continue to grow, the work that these labs are carrying out can help keep things moving forward. It is by the work of these labs that we are all working towards a brighter future with quality cannabis products to suit every need.

The Law and Cannabis Testing

As is the case with any industry, the law demands that certain measures be taken to ensure the safety of the general public. Since the marijuana industry is a highly experimental market, the laws are still changing and growing as it begins to shift, which we can expect to see for the foreseeable future. Currently, the law is a little more open in regards to its regulations. This is because judgments still need to be made about certain aspects of the cannabis industry, particularly since benchmarks are still being determined for product creation and quality. Due to the fact that the cannabis industry is still so new, there aren’t too many people doing everything the exact same way. This can make it difficult to test amongst products partially because everything is still so experimental. However, the law is built around one thing for certain, and that is public health.

When it comes to selling cannabis products, the law is incredibly focused on making sure that the standards put in place for quality and product content are being strictly followed. Companies that fail to adhere to the required testing efforts will not only be denied licensing, but could even be charged for poor practices in the event that products were sold that did not meet these standards. Selling marijuana products without appropriate testing in place is a legal matter. Since it could result in problems for the individuals who consume or use these products, the law is absolute in this matter. While it varies on what the actual charges would be, the more severe example would be a single individual selling black-market products without testing. In the event that this person was to be caught for this, it would be a criminal matter that would likely result in severe outcomes for the individual themselves. For businesses, they not only risk losing their licenses or being denied their licenses in the first place, but they are also at risk of being shut down completely for being in violation of the law. According to the laws in place, there are bare minimum testing efforts that must be made for each product that enters the market. Failure to adhere to these laws would put businesses at significant risk in the same way that they might be putting their customers at risk.

What Kind of Equipment Do Cannabis Labs Use?

Lab testing efforts for cannabis labs are built upon having knowledgeable scientists and the right kind of equipment to ensure that the products being sold really do line up with what they are being marketed as. If these scientists don’t have the right tools to carry out these tasks, there is no real way to ensure valid results. It is for this reason that a variety of scientific tools and methods are currently being used to make sure that the cannabis products on the shelves really do have the composition detailed on their labels. The tools being used are built around stripping down these products to their components in order to make sure that they are made of the ingredients that they are meant to be and nothing more.

Cannabis potency is commonly tested using a high-pressure liquid chromatography. This allows scientists to easily determine the true content of cannabinoids within a product. Being able to use these tools to not only test the content within a piece, but across several products, makes it easier for you to ensure that your edibles and vape pens really do have the amount of THC that you are being promised. It is this process that makes it possible for you to count on products that do exactly what you expect them to do every single time. Other popular options for this form of testing include gas chromatography and a thin layer chromatograph.

In addition to potency tests, other cannabis testing equipment is used to ensure the quality of your products. Mass spectrometers are used to detect pesticides within the products, which can prevent harmful chemicals from building up in your body. PCR machines are used to test for dangerous foreign microbial matter that might cause problems for your health as well. While not every lab uses the same techniques, these approaches are often considered to be the standard in plenty of labs around the country.

Who Needs Cannabis Lab Testing?

The obvious market for cannabis lab testing services is the businesses within the cannabis industry itself. They are legally obligated to work with these testing centers in order to ensure the quality and safety of their products. Without these labs, they would be unable to achieve the necessary requirements to get their licensing and build a positive brand with their customers. Beyond this, people who make their own products at home are also often dependent on these labs and testing efforts to ensure their own safety. While people are legally able to create their own products, the fact still remains that it can be a dangerous process and these labs make it possible to ensure that you are safe in your efforts as you explore your own cannabis product process. Though there are tests that can be conducted on your products at home, the reality is that there is simply no substitute for true lab testing. The tools and expertise that comes with lab testing cannot be understated. The most important group that needs cannabis lab testing is the consumers. Lab testing keeps us safe and allows us to enjoy great products.

Cannabis Lab Costs

When it comes to laboratory testing, there are three sides to every effort when it comes to consumer products. The first is the cost to the lab itself, which comes at the price of the available tools and salaries of the individuals operating the labs. This can vary greatly depending on the details behind these approaches. The second cost, which is for the company or individual, includes cannabis testing efforts that can range anywhere from dozens to hundreds of dollars depending on how much is being tested and which tests are being administered. The final cost is to the consumers who absorb lab testing costs in the product costs themselves. This number is inexact because it is often paired with other costs associated with product creation.

Owning A Cannabis Lab

In the event that you have ever considered opening your own cannabis lab, you might be wondering what it takes. The reality is that owning one of these locations involves a careful combination of pacing legal requirements and finding the right people for the jobs. In order to open a lab, you will need educated and capable scientists, the appropriate tools necessary to meet the legal standards in place, and the ability to provide a safe and secure environment for lab processes.


When it comes down to it, making sure that consumers have access to great products that are safe to use is a matter of public health. Whether you are purchasing marijuana products or simply want a CBD vape pen, these cannabis testing labs make it possible for you to buy with confidence. Their efforts to improve the integrity of the marijuana industry are a much-needed addition to keep the industry growing and improving. Everyone from businesses to consumers should be thankful for the efforts being carried out at these labs. They have made a commitment to health and quality that is drastically improving the lives of the general public.

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