The Best Cannabis Writers For Every Niche

Keep compliant and give your business a competitive edge by hiring professional writers with dedicated cannabis expertise. See our recommended cannabis writers by scrolling to the bottom.

The Best Cannabis Writers Cover PhotoFrom marketing copy and blog content to employee training manuals and investment pitches, professional-quality writing is a crucial, yet often underestimated, asset for every type of cannabis business. A quick glance at the freelance writing market reveals no shortage of writers-for-hire who will happily take on cannabis writing jobs, but it’s not worth trusting your business or message to just any writer. Writers with cannabis industry expertise deliver significant advantages over even most of the best-rated all-purpose content writers. In this article, we’ll look at why hiring professional cannabis writers is a critical move, and where to find the best ones.

Cannabis Writing – A Fast-Growing Niche

As the legal cannabis industry continues to expand worldwide, the demand for writers who can meet the needs and convey the voice of this unique and heavily regulated industry does as well. Writers who have developed a niche in cannabis are uniquely positioned to deliver content that is professional, compliant, accurate, engaging, and easy to understand.

Who Can Benefit from Hiring Cannabis Writers?

  • Businesses that produce, process, or sell cannabis and/or CBD products, including dispensaries, grow operations, and testing labs
  • Ancillary professionals serving the legal cannabis market, including accountants, lawyers, marketing firms, security providers, software developers, and many more.
  • Medical practices authorized to recommend medicinal marijuana
  • Cannabis researchers
  • Blogs and magazines
  • Informational sites dedicated to cannabis topics
  • Content creation companies that want to offer their clients cannabis niche services

Areas Covered by Cannabis Writers

Cannabis writing is not a one-size-fits-all area of expertise. There are an incredibly wide variety of cannabis writing jobs ranging from highly technical research papers to conversational-tone blogging. Most cannabis writers will have expertise in one or more of the following specific areas.

Marketing, Branding, and Copywriting

Helping your company or website develop a consistent voice that speaks directly to your target audience or customer base and makes your company stand out from the competition. This category includes sales copy, press releases, social media content, product descriptions, and other marketing materials.

Consumable Content

Creating original blog and website content that utilizes best SEO practices, offers value to readers, and is engaging enough to attract (and keep) their attention. This type of content may be educational, informative, or entertaining, and can cover nearly any cannabis industry, science, or lifestyle topic. Cannabis content writers also pen white papers, informational pamphlets, infographics, and even books and e-books.

Educational Content

Developing educational content for cannabis courses and training programs. These types of programs may be targeted to individuals interested in cannabis topics or to businesses looking to enhance their employees’ knowledge. Topics can include anything from cannabis cultivation to budtending, medicinal use, cannabis investing, or best marijuana business practices.

Investment Decks

Writing pitch decks and investor decks expertly designed to demonstrate what makes your business a safe and solid financial bet to attract potential investors.

Business Operation Materials

Crafting detailed, easy-to-understand operations manuals, SOP (standard operating procedures), employee training materials, human resources handbooks, and job descriptions to ensure every employee knows precisely what their responsibilities are and provide a roadmap of how to keep the business running smoothly and in compliance.

Technical Writing

Handling any writing tasks that require technical details and deal with sensitive regulatory and compliance issues. Marijuana technical writing jobs include business applications, facility planning (including security planning), contingency plans, and any other regulatory, policy, or legal documents.

What Sets Cannabis Writers Apart

What sets cannabis copywriters, technical writers, and content writers apart from their all-purpose cohorts? Dedicated knowledge and expertise in the following categories make a critical difference.

Professional Writing Technique

First and foremost, high-quality writing automatically imparts a sense of credibility and inspires higher levels of engagement – interesting readers in what your company or brand has to say. In addition to being engaging and free of glaring grammatical errors, your content must flow nicely, convey your brand voice with a professional tone, and arrive fully proofread and ready to put into use.

SEO Expertise

Knowledge of best SEO (search engine optimization) practices and the effective use of keywords within a piece of writing is crucial for making the content you’ve paid for visible to as large and relevant an audience as possible.

Research Skills

The ability to find information, discern reputable sources, and effectively present research is a crucial skill set for cannabis writers of all types. There is considerable liability present when making claims about product efficacy or safety. Therefore, it’s essential that any claims or theories be backed by citable studies.

Awareness of the Current Cannabis Environment

To create content that strikes the proper tone for today’s cannabis market, awareness of the current legal and social environment around cannabis is essential. Widespread social attitudes toward cannabis use are still shifting, and cannabis copywriters and content writers mindfully and professionally play to this sense of legitimacy, which significantly downplays marijuana’s prior status as an illegal and misunderstood substance.

Marijuana Knowledge

It’s important for any professional cannabis writer to have a solid working knowledge of marijuana’s characteristics, including impactful cannabinoid compounds, benefits, risks, and side effects of use, delivery methods, and popular strain types. Depending on the niche, additional expertise may be necessary in areas such as growing and cultivation, dispensary operating procedures, cannabis culture topics, or the characteristics of different marijuana strains.

Appreciation and Enthusiasm for Cannabis

Hiring a writer with enthusiasm and sincere interest in cannabis goes a long way – lending an additional, organic layer of interest and engagement to their writing. Fortunately, most writing professionals who’ve developed their niche in cannabis chose to do so because they are genuinely interested in the topic and excited to contribute their skills to legitimizing this new industry. While being an active cannabis user isn’t mandatory for cannabis content writers in most fields, some level of personal familiarity with its effects and delivery methods is helpful for authors of particular types of content, such as strain reviews or various cannabis culture topics.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Marijuana technical writers, copywriters, and others who come into close contact with the inner workings and business strategies of your company must be trusted to uphold the privacy and confidentiality of any sensitive information they come in contact with. It is typical for professional cannabis writers to require an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

What to Look for in a Cannabis Writer

Independent Writers vs. Writing Firms

In recent years, a number of cannabis-specific writing firms have risen up to make screening and selecting candidates with proven cannabis writing track records easier – and make it easier for skilled writers who love cannabis to find work. Interested parties can browse these firms’ websites for individual writers’ profiles, portfolios, and rates to find those best suited to their needs.

Alternatively, many individual writers have opted to cut out the middle man by developing their cannabis niche and expertise into sole proprietor cannabis writing operations. Independent writers typically have their own websites outlining areas of expertise and portfolio links in a similar fashion to writing firms.

References and Portfolio

Before entrusting the voice of your business – or the regulatory details that can make or break it – to a particular writer, you must be confident that they’re up to the task. Ask for references and take a careful look through their portfolio and any writing samples. In addition to general writing expertise and flow, you’ll want to ensure their writing voice appeals to you, and/or that they can adeptly create the type of voice you want.


In the rapidly-growing cannabis niche, highly-rated writers tend to get booked up quickly. Before signing on the dotted line, ensure that the writer you want to work with is capable of delivering what you need within your desired timeframe. If you’re interested in hiring the same writer for multiple or recurring projects, it’s a good idea to communicate your intentions early on. Most writers-for-hire will prioritize stable, ongoing cannabis writing jobs wherever possible.

Areas of Specialization

Don’t underestimate the importance of hiring a writer with a deep understanding of the type of content you need. A cannabis blogger may not be the best choice to write an operations manual for your grow house, nor a technical writer to create your social media captions. It’s worth the extra effort to find a writer who specializes in creating the specific type of content you need.

Ultimately, your hired writer must be able to convey your message in an effective, engaging, professional manner, understand the unique challenges of the legal cannabis industry, and appreciate the benefits and enjoyment of cannabis. If you’re ready to find a cannabis writer whose words will elevate your business operations and draw the attention of new clients or investors, our list of trusted and recommended cannabis writers is an excellent place to start your search.

Our Recommended Cannabis Writers


A leading global cannabis writing agency with a background rooted in advocacy, Cannawrite has served over 300 companies hailing from all corners of the legal cannabis and CBD industry since 2016. Cannawrite’s team of writers draws on a high level of education to bring its clients the highest level of evidence-based, research-focused writing. Cannawrite’s capabilities cover an impressive array of cannabis content services, including branding, press releases, website content, investor/pitch decks, ebooks, resumes, curriculum creation, knowledge translation (KT), a fixed-cost, no-obligation blogging subscription service, and more. Cannawrite also offers editing and copy reviewing services. A true expert in the intricacies of writing for the cannabis industry, Cannawrite founder Anne-Marie Fischer, M.ED, is also the author of a definitive course and book for aspiring writers interested in landing cannabis writing jobs. Cannawrite is a woman-owned agency with a dedication to elevating the positions of marginalized groups within the legal cannabis industry. Cannawrite’s team is based in Canada but operates remotely, serving clients around the globe.

Weed Copy Writer

Specializing in content strategy, off-page SEO, and the creation of engaging cannabis content, Weed Copy Writer’s George Mouratidis utilizes his background in SEO and marijuana journalism and his focus on marijuana trade, cultivation, and culture to create engaging cannabis content – and ensure it gets out in front of a relevant audience. Weed Copy Writer was founded in 2017, and since then has worked with some of the world’s most reputable hemp and cannabis companies and publications. Mr. Mouratidis’s goal is to help cannabis industry agencies and businesses optimize their search engine presences through effective on-page strategies and meaningful digital PR. Weed Copy Writer caters to cannabis publications, blogs, and affiliate sites, hemp growers and processors, dispensaries, marijuana delivery companies, CBD retailers and wholesalers, marketing and web design agencies, news, and other authoritative industry voices. The wide variety of services offered by Weed Copy Writer include data-driven SEO-focused content planning and creation, B2C and B2B writing, link building, and cannabis copywriting. Weed Copy Writer is based in London, United Kingdom, and services cannabis businesses throughout the world.


Cannabis Content

Cannabis Content connects cannabis businesses and websites of all types with writers and other creatives who are passionate about cannabis and truly understand the marketing and technical needs of the legal cannabis market. The Cannabis Content marketplace makes it easy to find the best fit for each particular project, with an interactive, user-friendly platform that allows users to browse the specialities, backgrounds and rates of an expansive selection of writers. Cannabis Content’s writers create customized content that directly targets each client’s specified demographic. Cannabis Content boasts writers with niche expertise in an impressive variety of categories, including cultivation, legal, compliance, finance and investment, product descriptions, health, and wellness, as well as CBD and hemp. Cannabis Content is owned and run by Abby Hauck, a seasoned cannabis writer in her own right, with over 7 years of experience in the field.


Lauren M. Wilson

Best-selling author and seasoned content creator Lauren M. Wilson draws on over a decade of professional writing experience and an education in marketing to create fun, engaging, and valuable educational content for cannabis, health, beauty, and wellness brands. Ms. Wilson is the best-selling author of five books, including the esteemed The CBD Solution series, as well as an impressive portfolio of articles published by prominent media outlets and cannabis sites. She is well-versed in SEO best practices, consistently producing top-ranking content that appeals directly to what consumers are actually searching for. Ms. Wilson brings her personal passion for wellness through CBD, hemp, and cannabis use to her work, alongside a deep love of research and thirst for knowledge. Lauren M. Wilson is based in Brooklyn, New York, and is available for hire as a writer of freelance article content and books.


High Standard Copy

High Standard Copy connects cannabis businesses of all types with powerful and effective dedicated marketing and copywriting services. High Standard Copy is owned and operated by Angela, a seasoned cannabis writer and SEO expert with a BA in mass communications-public relations and nearly a decade of marketing and PR experience. High Standard Copy’s content creation services include website copy, blogs, emails, product descriptions, copy editing, and consulting. Clients have the option to bundle services or utilize monthly retainers for consistent, quality content at a subscription price. All of High Standard Copy’s services embody an engaging, professional tone, reflecting each brand’s unique voice and utilizing persuasive calls to action, thorough topic research, and effective SEO strategy. Angela has worked with clients spanning hemp, CBD, medical, recreational, and ancillary businesses throughout several US cannabis and hemp markets.

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