The Best Seed-to-Sale Software for Marijuana Businesses

Seed-to-sale software is essential for compliant, efficient businesses. Here’s what to look for in a cannabis software platform, as well as our recommendations for the best software out there.

The Best Seed-to-Sale Software for Marijuana Businesses Cover Photo 2Business owners in the cannabis industry face many unique challenges, with heavy regulation requirements and numerous technicalities to get right to ensure a consistent, quality product. Software specifically designed for the needs of this still-new industry makes laborious yet essential tasks like record-keeping, data analysis, workflow planning, and compliance a breeze – while keeping close and careful track of every seed and every ounce of weed. This article covers everything you need to know about cannabis software and what it can do for your business – as well as our list of the best, most-trusted seed-to-sale software platforms.

What is Seed-to-Sale Software?

Seed-to-sale software bears many similarities to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software utilized by most large businesses, which combines all or most of a company’s organizational systems into one all-encompassing platform. In addition to helping businesses seamlessly and efficiently manage operations all in one place, cannabis seed-to-sale software carries the special responsibility of tracking each and every cannabis plant through every stage of its life cycle – as the name implies, from the day the seed is planted to the day it’s sold to a consumer.

Some cannabis software programs are specially designed to zero in on one or two facets of the cannabis supply chain such as cultivation or retail dispensaries, while others are equipped to handle entire vertical businesses every step of the way. Most seed-to-sale software can be integrated with equipment such as scales, scanners, and label printers, eliminating the need to run separate programs for each necessary task.

Who Uses Seed-to-Sale Software?

Software tailored to the business and compliance needs of the cannabis industry is a necessary investment for virtually all plant-touching businesses, including:

  • Growers
  • Manufacturers and Processors
  • Retail Dispensaries
  • Labs and Testing Facilities
  • Delivery and Logistics Teams

What is Seed-to-Sale Software Used For?

The capabilities of different software brands do vary, but generally speaking, seed-to-sale software integrates with virtually every task related to cannabis growing, processing, testing, distribution, and retail sale. Cannabis seed-to-sale software assists with the keeping of accurate records, and reporting that data to the appropriate agencies.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting is one of the most important jobs of seed-to-sale software. Most countries (and individual US states) that allow the legal sale of cannabis have very strict reporting requirements and mandate the use of Track-and-Trace systems. Track-and-Trace ensures that cannabis plants (and any products produced from them) are carefully monitored from planting all the way to final sale. This level of tracking is incredibly helpful in the event of product safety recalls, ensuring accurate inventory counts, and keeping legally-cultivated marijuana securely separate from the black market.

The most commonly used Track-and-Trace platform is METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance), though some states require reporting through alternate programs, such as BioTrack THC and Leaf Data Systems. It is critical to ensure the software you adopt for your company is compatible with your state or country’s cannabis Track-and-Trace program of choice.

Fortunately, most cannabis software companies have designed their products to fully integrate with one or more of these Track-and-Trace programs, ensuring your data is properly organized for accurate reporting. Some states may require additional information reporting beyond METRC (or other similar programs), so be certain to complete due diligence on the requirements for your business.

Accounting and Analytics

In the early days of the cannabis industry, business owners depended on spreadsheets and other now-archaic technology for record-keeping. Fortunately, modern cannabis accounting software makes keeping meticulous records much easier. Data analysis features assist with accurate business performance assessment, make tax filing easier, and provide a clear view of the information required to build business plans and apply for funding.

Workflow and Team Management

Proper workflow management is key to streamlined business operations. Task management software features allow managers to create automated workflow charts and perpetual schedules for recurring tasks. Information such as detailed task instructions and standard operating procedures may also be included. Additionally, some team-management software also includes employee shift scheduling and HR paperwork capabilities.

Sales and Marketing

Software with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capability can be incredibly useful in creating and maintaining connections with past and potential clients and customers. Many cannabis software platforms can help you create and implement email and SMS marketing campaigns to keep your business on their minds.

Essential Software Features by Cannabis Business Type

Beyond the standard needs of accounting, managing employees and workflow, and maintaining a marketing presence, different types of cannabis businesses have their own specific needs.

Retail Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries rely on seed-to-sale software to assist with:

  • Keeping track of inventory from the moment it arrives until it leaves in a buyer’s shopping bag
  • Completing the sale and collecting payment
  • Scanning customer ID cards and tracking purchase amounts (enforcing daily purchase limits)
  • Creating customer loyalty programs and tracking purchase habits over time
  • Allowing customers to check-in when they arrive
  • Processing online pre-orders
  • Accessing and printing daily sales reports
  • Integration with home-delivery companies
  • Creating an online product catalog, which can be integrated with the dispensary website
  • Informing buyers of exactly where the weed they’re buying originated – a nice selling feature
  • Facilitating the listing of their menu on popular third-party dispensary directories

Cannabis Growers

The right technology can make an enormous impact on a successful grow operation. Cannabis growers’ software can assist with:

  • Greenhouse planning
  • Crop cycle management
  • Keeping track of seed, plant, and supply inventory
  • Printing of labels and tags
  • Monitoring the conditions of your grow facility at all times
  • Tracking crop success rates, total harvest output, and quantities of discarded plant matter
  • Allowing staff to utilize mobile computing


Companies that handle the transportation of marijuana rely on software to:

  • Forecast demand
  • Fulfill orders
  • Create manifests
  • Plan the most efficient delivery routes
  • Ensure that all delivery routes and locations are compliant with local laws, preventing the distribution of cannabis products in prohibited jurisdictions
  • Provide real-time GPS updates on driver locations and estimated delivery times

Extraction, Processing, and Manufacturing Companies

Companies that turn marijuana plant matter into other products – from edibles to extracts – will benefit from software that integrates with every step of the process, from forecasting production needs to creating compliant labels.

Testing Labs

For companies specializing in testing the quality and potency of cannabis, proper record-keeping and data management are critically important. Opt for software specifically designed to manage the organizational needs of cannabis labs. And cut down on data entry time with software that integrates with your testing equipment.

Things to Look For in Cannabis Software

Selecting the right cannabis software for your business is a big decision with many important questions to ask and considerations to take into account.

Data Security and Access

  • What measures does the software provider employ to keep your data, and that of your vendors and clients, safe from hackers or other security breaches?
  • How is data is stored, and how much access you will have to it? Data may be stored locally, on a physical hard drive, or in a cloud. There are benefits to both. Local storage is often more expensive but allows you more access to backups and a potentially higher level of security. Cloud storage is typically less expensive and offers the flexibility of not requiring your data to be tied to one physical location.
  • Will the software company sell your data or use it in any other way, and if so, which types of data?
  • How much access will you have to your data archives? In the event of an audit, can you get ahold of your company records quickly and easily?

Functionality and Ease of Use

  • Does the software have the functionality to do the tasks you actually need it to?
  • Will this program actually streamline processes? Will proper use of the software require more time spent on data entry – and is that time worth it?
  • How customizable is the software?
  • Consider who will be using the software and how user-friendly it is. The harder the software is to use, the more difficult and lengthy the process of training your staff (and yourself) to understand and use it will be.

Customer Support

  • How much help and support is available if you run into problems with the software, need help setting up, or can’t figure out how to use a specific feature?
  • Is customer support offered around the clock or only during designated times?
  • Is there a fee associated with service calls or are they included in the price of the software?
  • What are your options if you are unhappy with the software, decide to switch to a different provider, or your company goes out of business? Some software companies require a contract and may have a set time period in which you cannot cancel your service without penalty. Review your exit strategy (and renewal) options.

Poised for Growth

Cannabis software must be malleable enough to keep up with rapid changes in this still-new, regulation-heavy industry. Not only should a software platform be able to swiftly implement necessary changes for compliance with new or altered regulations, but it should be able to accompany your business as it grows and expands. Can the software easily be extended to service multiple business locations, business types, or locations in additional states or countries? No matter how big or small your cannabis business aspirations may be, software that is regularly updated and improved is a must.

Hardware Compatibility

If you’ve already invested in hardware, or have your eye (and budget) set on specific computer systems and/or growing or testing equipment, make sure that you’re shopping for software that is compatible with all of the hardware brands and models you’ll be using.

Cost and ROI

How much your business can afford to spend on software is a highly important consideration. Of course, the goal is for cannabis software to save you time and money in the end. Take a thorough look at the features offered to assess which will truly help streamline your business operations and whether the return on your investment is worth spending a little more up-front for a better return on investment.

Remember, to also account for the labor hours required to train employees on how to utilize the software. Make sure to verify any future costs that may be incurred with the use of the software such as annual subscription fees, updates, or support calls.

Established Credibility

Since legal cannabis is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, It’s not surprising that a rising number of cannabis software upstarts have entered the scene to claim a share of this expanding market. While many of these start-up software companies may very well be terrific companies offering high-quality software, it’s in your own company’s best interest to seek out an established software company with a great track record and verifiable positive reviews from other established cannabis industry clients.

The last thing you want is to fully integrate your business with a software platform, only to experience more bugs and glitches than you can count, shoddy customer service, or a clunky user experience. As you assess a cannabis software provider’s credibility, don’t be afraid to ask the company for references. Talk with other cannabis business owners with a similar structure to yours about their software experiences and recommendations. And, of course, read up on online reviews. Our list of the best cannabis software providers, below, is a great place to start your research!

Our Recommended Cannabis Software Companies


Canix Logo

Canix is a cannabis ERP software and seed-to-sale platform for cannabis companies. Serving both large commercial operations and single owner-operators, Canix provides a suite of tools for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors to operate efficiently while remaining compliant with legislative requirements. The needs of business operators today range from hand-held RFID scanning technology and Bluetooth scale integration to comprehensive COGS reporting and financial data. With Canix you have complete control over your inventory and sales data for your operation. Developed with both management and operators in mind, Canix combines simple workflows and sophisticated automation, offering modern software solutions for the cannabis industry. Canix serves the US, Canadian, Australian, and other international markets.


Chetu Logo

Chetu is a leading US-based software development company, with a dedicated cannabis industry division specialized in scalable seed-to-sale and dispensary software solutions. Chetu’s dispensary software development services enable integration with METRC and provide an impressive array of custom solutions, including dispensary POS, CRM, Cannabis patient management, mobile apps for cannabis delivery, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Cannabis e-commerce, and integration with popular third-party APIs. Chetu also offers world-class agricultural custom software services for commercial cannabis growers – in full compliance with US regulations and standards. Chetu charges no licensing fees for its customizable software services, meaning the source code belongs to you once it is created. Chetu is headquartered in Plantation, Florida.

BioTrack THC

BioTrack THC Logo

Fully integrated with METRC, Leaf Data Systems (in Washington), and, naturally, with its own Track-and-Trace program, BioTrack THC offers a wide array of business services to cultivators, processors, manufacturers, and dispensaries. BioTrack software is highly customizable at nearly every level, to fine-tune its capabilities to your own unique business. On-site assistance is available for designing customized optimal workflows, employee training, troubleshooting, and more. Extras such as fully-integrated hardware, security services, and application assistance can also be added on. BioTrack THC is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with services available throughout the US and Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Cova Software

Cova Logo

Cova Software is an award-winning software platform, certified by and integrated with METRC, serving over 1000 dispensary clients at a 98% retention rate. Cova specializes in the retail dispensary market, providing ERP services and an impressive array of retail POS solutions, including e-commerce, delivery, and cashless payments. Drawing on nearly 20 years of its parent company’s retail technology experience, Cova Software has been supporting cannabis businesses since the dawn of the industry. With an office in Denver, Colorado, and three others throughout Canada, Cova currently services clients in 13 US states and 6 Canadian provinces.


Procurify Logo

The financial and spending side of your cannabis business can be easily managed with Procurify. Procurify’s software is specially designed to make business spending smart, simple, and secure. Procurify can be integrated with other seed-to-sale platforms, to keep clear and accurate records every step of the way, minimizing the need for manual data entry. It’s easy to manage the spending of multiple business locations, keep track of your budget, greenlight purchases on the go, view centralized business records, and more. Full support with onboarding and implementation is included. Procurify is based in Vancouver, Canada, and San Francisco, USA.


Flowhub Logo

Trusted by over 1000 dispensaries throughout the US, Flowhub’s cannabis retail platform offers a full suite of features designed to simplify compliance and reporting, improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenue. Flowhub’s software is securely-hosted, highly-customizable, and may be fully integrated with an impressive selection of leading cannabis industry platforms. The Flowhub retail platform can be used to manage multiple locations as your business expands and includes point-of-sale, analytics, real-time inventory management, trademarked mobile check-in and ID scanners, and more. Support is available 365 days a year, Flowhub is also actively involved in efforts to legalize cannabis at the federal level. Flowhub is based in Denver, Colorado, and currently services dispensaries in 14 US states.

Rootstock Cloud ERP

Rootstock Cloud ERP Logo

Launched in 2008, Rootstock Cloud ERP provides software solutions and support for a wide range of industries from its offices across the globe. Rootstock’s specialized, customizable cannabusiness ERP software helps hemp, CBD, and cannabis companies streamline their manufacturing, inventory, supply chain, and financial processes. Rootstock is fully integrated with METRC, the US Food & Drug Administration, and Health Canada, ensuring compliance and accurate regulatory reporting. Rootstock runs on the powerful Salesforce cloud platform and is partnered with notable quality management system ComplianceQuest, making the implementation of good manufacturing and production practices second nature. Rootstock is headquartered in San Ramon, California.


Weave Logo

Founded in 2014, Weave has become one of the top, all-in-one POS solutions for any modern cannabis business – from small shops to multi-state operations. Weave sports a powerful and intuitive point-of-sale system, real-time inventory management, a readymade online ordering plugin, discounts and loyalty programs, full-blown analytics, and payment processing with debit card capabilities. Unmatched in their customer care, Weave facilitates all necessary compliance with METRC for businesses in the beginning stages and also boasts immediate response to all customer inquires or reach-outs. Weave offers a simple pricing structure with no contract required. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Weave currently services business in eight U.S. states and is rapidly expanding to more each month.


Tigunia Logo

True experts in the field, Tigunia helps cannabis businesses plan and implement optimal software and IT solutions. Tigunia is a Microsoft Gold Partner, offering an expansive selection of customizable Microsoft Azure Cloud-based software products, including real-time inventory and fulfillment, e-commerce, CRM, financial reporting, compliance, and POS, horticultural production, and manufacturing platforms. Business development consulting, disaster recovery, VoIP, Hosting, and IT services are also available – with a HelpDesk staffed around the clock. Tigunia was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals Logo

Elevated Signals builds manufacturing software for cannabis companies that are tired of battling paper, spreadsheets, and outdated seed-to-sale platforms. Their software combines batch production, quality compliance, and environmental data into a single customizable system, giving users full visibility of the manufacturing floor. Used by some of the largest cannabis facilities in North America, as well as a growing wave of innovative craft cultivators and processors, Elevated Signals’ enables producers to release batches in hours instead of days, save thousands of dollars in operating costs, and be GxP compliant. Elevated Signals is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.


GrowFlow Logo

GrowFlow is an all-in-one business management and compliance solution for cannabis wholesalers and retailers. Through Growflow, cannabis businesses can streamline seed-to-sale operations — from inventory and point of sale to analytics and state reporting. Today, GrowFlow provides real-time support to over 1,300 cannabis businesses. GrowFlow’s software is integrated with METRC, Leaf Data, and a number of popular APIs. GrowFlow is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Agrify Insights

Agrify Insights Logo

Agrify Insights is software designed for commercial growers by parent company, Agrify, experts in grow operation optimization. Agrify Insights integrates seamlessly with Agrify’s own VFUs and offers an impressive variety of solutions for growers. Agrify Insights allows you to monitor the conditions of your grow in real-time, create and optimize new strain recipes, analyze profiles of harvested plants, plan for and create supply purchase orders, and customize notification settings to alert you to changes or unusual circumstances. Additionally, Agrify Insights will create planning calendars, to-do lists for your workforce, and help you keep compliant records. Agrify is based in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Autoscribe Informatics

Autoscribe Informatics Logo

Laboratories testing cannabis products use Autoscribe Informatics’s Matrix Gemini LIMS to record sample test results, create certificates of analysis and upload data to state reporting systems. Uniquely, Matrix Gemini LIMS allows modification of workflow and screens to your own exact needs using graphical configuration tools. No software coding skills are required. Matrix Gemini LIMS enables you to comply fully with state-level cannabis testing requirements and national standards such as ISO 17025, GxP, and FDA 21 CFR part 11. Autoscribe Informatics has over 30 years experience and their Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is used by testing laboratories around the world. Put yourself in control of your own destiny and stand out from the crowd by talking to Autoscribe Informatics about software for your cannabis testing needs.

Silver Leaf CBC

Silver Leaf CBC Logo

Silver Leaf Cannabis Business Central is an ERP platform that goes beyond the basics of seed-to-sale reporting. Partnered with Microsoft, and operating on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, Silver Leaf CBC offers scalable ERP solutions for all types of plant-touching and ancillary businesses. Silver Leaf draws on over 30 years of experience creating and implementing ERPs to provide software solutions fine-tailored to the cannabis industry and to each individual business’s needs. Silver Leaf aims to create lifetime partnerships, with ongoing support from its in-house implementation team always available. Silver Leaf CBC’s offices are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington.


GeoShepard Logo

Keeping precise track of plant material is a breeze with GeoShepard’s trademarked GeoScales, loaded with GeoTrack software that allows cultivators to track, pack, move, and destroy cannabis plants entirely from a smartphone app – or even offline. GeoShepard’s hardware and software solutions reduce harvesting labor costs and eliminate human error in measuring and data entry, ensuring accurate reporting to METRC – with which GeoShepard is fully integrated. GeoShepard’s products are backed by a caring and knowledgable support team and in-depth METRC consulting services are also available. GeoShepard is based in Castle Pines, Colorado.


Blackbird Logo

Blackbird offers dispensaries an impressive range of marketing and branding tools – in addition to cannabis transportation services and solutions. Blackbird allows dispensary owners to build targeted marketing lists, create SMS and MMS marketing campaigns, implement tiered rewards and customer loyalty programs, and create an online ordering platform that seamlessly integrates with their website and with top cannabis industry POS systems. Additionally, BlackbirdGo Marketplace, Blackbird’s consumer resource, offers promotion opportunities to help new buyers discover your business. Blackbird also offers dispensary-to-consumer delivery and wholesale cannabis transport services within the state of Nevada.

Confident Cannabis

Confident Cannabis Logo

Confident Cannabis is the provider of a LIMS (laboratory information management system) specifically designed with the cannabis industry in mind, Confident Cannabis allows labs to store, report, share, and analyze testing data within an attractive and user-friendly platform. Confident Cannabis’s LIMS is desktop and mobile-friendly, includes 24/7 support, and allows an unlimited number of users. Confident Cannabis also offers a B2B wholesale program, allowing users to list their own products and easily search over 10,000 cannabis products from licensed vendors – with lab testing product information available. The wholesale platform is currently available in California and Oregon. Confident Cannabis is based in San Francisco, California.

Royal 4 Systems

Royal 4 Systems Logo

Royal 4 Systems has put 37 years of ERP and WMS (warehouse management system) experience to work to create WISE, a fully integrated, scalable software solution specifically tailored to the needs of the cannabis industry. WISE helps all types of plant-touching businesses reduce costs and maximize efficiency, consistency, and yield with in-depth tracking of plants, materials, processes, and expenses while ensuring compliant record keeping and reporting. WISE also allows cannabis retailers to manage POS, inventory, and customer, employee, and vendor data in real-time, all in one place. Royal 4 Systems is headquartered in Long Beach, California.

Star Micronics

Star Micronics Logo

Global leaders and true innovators of point of sale (POS) solutions, Star Micronics is the leader in POS hardware that pairs perfectly with many software programs that are secure and fully compliant for dispensaries. Star’s expansive, cloud-based dispensary hardware creates a personalized shopping experience, with value-add in-store marketing options, digital receipts, compliant label creation, and more. Star’s signature sleek, professional POS and label creation enhances the ambiance of your dispensary while keeping cash and sensitive information secure. Star’s products and services are warrantied and backed by a top-notch customer support team. A global company, Star Micronics America was founded in 1976 in New York City and is now headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey.

Leaf Trade

Leaf Trade Logo

Leaf Trade provides cannabis wholesalers with a managed, easy-to-use digital marketplace that makes buying and selling cannabis easier, faster, and compliant. Featuring fully customizable B2B technology solutions through the integration of multiple tech and accounting platforms, Leaf Trade addresses the needs of cannabis wholesalers ranging from cultivators and processors to retailers and auxiliary businesses. Leaf Trade’s tech stack includes seed-to-sale tracking platforms such as Metrc and Biotrack, as well as cannabis compliance ERP Leaf Logix. Leaf Trade’s proprietary Leaf Pay technology allows clients to manage all ordering, fulfillment, and payment functions in one easy-to-monitor site that is seamlessly integrated with accounting apps such as Quickbooks and cloud-based accounting services such as Sage Intacct.

eWorkOrders CMMS

EWorkOrders Logo

eWorkOrders is a high-quality, secure computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and enterprise asset management system (EAM) that manages maintenance operations. eWorkOrders provides easy-to-use tools for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and dispensaries with a complete solution to efficiently manage assets\equipment and ensure the safety of the workplace and workforce. As an industry leader, eWorkOrders provides CMMS/EAM software that helps extend asset lifespan, minimize downtime, and preparation for audits/inspections. CMMS/EAM streamlines operations and automates processes for work order management, asset/equipment management, preventive maintenance, and more. Keeping equipment running at peak performance and keeping track of repair expenses is critical, while managing spare parts inventory can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. eWorkOrders’s mobile maintenance feature creates better workflows for maintenance teams while increasing efficiency and improving productivity. eWorkOrders can help you manage these maintenance tasks and more with no hardware to buy, no software to install, and can be up and running at your convenience. eWorkOrders protects your data with a strict Cybersecurity program, continually receiving a perfect 100% SecurityScorecard rating.

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Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson
2 years ago

The best software I came across is built by Global Cannabis Application Corp called Efiixi. The software is ideal for the grower to the sale, and includes an efficacy tracking of the product so I can build a real brand for my products.