The Best Apps and Games for Cannabis Users

Cannabis apps make life easier (and more fun!) for growers, users, and gamers. Discover our top cannabis app and game picks.

The Best Apps and Games for Cannabis Users Cover PhotoThere’s an app for absolutely everything you can think of these days – and cannabis is no exception. The good news is, there’s a weed-infused version of nearly every popular app out there – from dispensary directories and cloud-based grow journals to 420-friendly social networking and engaging weed-themed games. Read on for an in-depth look at the exciting world of cannabis apps and games and our list of the ones you’ll want to download next!

Cannabis Shopping Apps

Dispensary Directories

Whether you’re on vacation in a new city or exploring dispensary options close to home, dispensary finder apps connect cannabis users with all of the weed shops in any metro area. With user-friendly map displays, detailed location information, and customer reviews, it’s easy to decide where to make your next weed run.

Cannabis Delivery Apps

If you’d rather have your cannabis come to you, weed delivery apps make it easy to fill your shopping cart and have products from participating dispensaries quickly delivered right to your front door. Of course, this service is currently available only in states and provinces where home delivery of marijuana is legal.

Cultivation & Growing Apps

Innovative and sophisticated cannabis cultivation apps allow home and professional growers alike to optimize and elevate their indoor or outdoor grow ops with detailed grow journals. These cannabis growing apps go beyond simple tracking and record-keeping, with customizable calendars to create reminders for upcoming tasks – along with expert tips and suggestions to help growers make the best decisions for their unique crops.

Most marijuana-growing apps provide cloud-based storage to securely and privately store photos of your plants’ progress entirely separated from your smartphone’s photo gallery. Additionally, growers’ community forums give users the opportunity to connect with other dedicated cannabis growers to share tips, successes, and troubleshooting advice.

Cannabis Testing Apps

Marijuana growers and users alike can skip expensive lab testing and accurately evaluate flower potency directly from their smartphones with AI-based cannabis testing apps designed to assess the health, quality, and THC levels of their weed.

420-Friendly Social Networking Apps

Whether you’re in the market for new friends to toke with, a romantic partner who loves cannabis as much as you do, or you’re simply tired of dealing with mainstream social networks curbing cannabis-related content, marijuana social media apps are the way to go. Cannabis social networking and cannabis dating apps ensure everyone you connect with is 420-friendly.

In addition to connecting with like-minded people, cannabis social media apps allow users to follow their favorite cannabis brands and enjoy interesting and entertaining cannabis-related content. Each cannabis social app has its own feel, though you’ll likely recognize familiar features similar to those of popular social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Cannabis Use Management Apps

With several unique and innovative cannabis use management apps, new and seasoned cannabis users alike can educate themselves about different types of weed, as well as plan and monitor their intake. Strain finder apps are virtual encyclopedias of weed, making it easy to browse the characteristics, effects, and suggested uses of an enormous database of strains.

For those new to medical marijuana, “virtual budtender” apps alleviate the overwhelm of creating a regimen. Medical marijuana apps make it easy to narrow down the best strains and dosing suggestions to treat specific ailments – with information on expected effects. For those curious or concerned about how much cannabis they consume, cannabis intake apps help users monitor and track the results of their intake – whether the goal is medicating, enhancing well-being, or even tapering off or quitting weed altogether.

Digital Cannabis-Themed Games

App-based and PC cannabis games have come a long way, with striking graphics and creative storylines. Here’s a look at the most popular types of digital cannabis games.

Cannabis Business Tycoon Games

Some of the best and most beloved cannabis games allow players to virtually live out their dreams of building and running a thriving cannabis empire. Immersive cannabis tycoon games, some more story-based than others, allow players to virtually grow plants, sell weed, collect payment, undertake special missions, and continually level up their businesses.

Weed Growing Games

For all of the fun of growing cannabis without having to set up a grow room (or deal with the business end of things), marijuana cultivation games allow players to apply the finesse and technique of real-world weed growing to a virtual plant – or entire greenhouse! Most cannabis growing games offer a variety of strains to experiment with. Some even take the process a step further, allowing players to develop their own hybrids, resins, and more.

Match-3 Games

Even your favorite “candy crush” style match-3 games now come in cannabis-themed versions. These fun and addictive games involve matching colorful weed candies, jewels, or other items to collect coins and keep leveling up.

Where to Find Cannabis Apps & Games

Unlike weed itself, cannabis-themed apps and games are legal virtually everywhere, and most are readily available for download through Google Play and Apple’s App Store (a few are also through the Amazon Appstore). Occasionally a new or highly specialized cannabis app may only be available for purchase and download directly from the developer, but this is uncommon. When it comes to cannabis games, most are available as apps, but some are PC-based and available through gaming platforms such as Steam and GOG.

How Much Do Cannabis Apps Cost?

Most cannabis games and apps are completely free for anyone with a compatible device to download and use. Some games offer in-app purchase options to enhance gameplay or user experience. Of course, app developers have to get paid somehow, so, as with most free apps, you can expect to see ads here and there while using the majority of free cannabis apps. Those cannabis apps that do cost money are generally still quite inexpensive. Likewise, weed-themed games on PC gaming platforms typically range between $8-20 to download.

How to Pick the Best Cannabis App or Game

Finding the best cannabis app for your specific needs may take a little trial and error, as this is a popular new niche and the market is filling up with a wide selection of games of varying quality. It’s always a good idea to take the time to read through ratings and customer reviews before downloading any app. Asking other cannabis enthusiasts to share their recommendations can also point you in the right direction. Start your search right here with our list of useful, fun, and trusted cannabis apps and games.

Our Favorite Cannabis Apps and Games

Cannabis Delivery Apps


Eaze Logo

The trailblazing cannabis delivery app, Eaze, connects cannabis buyers with delivery drivers who will bring cannabis from local dispensaries directly to their doorstep. Eaze delivers vapes, concentrates, flower, and edibles from over 100 high-quality licensed brands to buyers in metro areas throughout California and Michigan. To date, Eaze has completed over 7 million legal cannabis deliveries. The company is also dedicated to supporting social and economic initiatives affecting the cannabis community and BIPOC business owners. Eaze is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Cannabis Social Networks

High There

High There Logo

High There is a cannabis-friendly social network that’s warm and welcoming toward cannabis newbies and connoisseurs alike. High There offers multiple ways for cannabis enthusiasts to connect with like-minded people. The app matches users with potential new friends, letting them swipe right to send a friend request and start a conversation. Discussion groups offer more opportunities for conversation and connection, while a newsfeed delivers cannabis content fine-tuned to users’ individual interests from High There’s extensive library of expert-screened cannabis articles. High There is free to download on Google Play and the App Store.

Cannabis Testing Apps


HiGrade Logo

With innovative AI technology and a high-resolution scope attachment option, HiGrade makes it possible to instantly assess the potency of any dry THC cannabis flower sample with +/-3% accuracy. Additionally, HiGrade gives users 24/7 access to specialized agronomic advice on everything from harvest timing to pest and disease identification. HiGrade is available in versions custom-tailored to professional as well as personal-use growers. HiGrade is free to download on Google Play and the App Store but to unlock the full suite of features, users must order the scope kit, which includes an activation code for a year’s access to HiGrade Pro.

Weed-Themed Games

Weedcraft Inc

Weedcraft Inc Logo

Weedcraft Inc is a PC game where players explore the world of breeding and selling their own weed within the confines of America’s complicated and controversial legal landscape. This story-based game incorporates RPG-style character development and interactions, with players’ decisions shaping the path of the story. Players can choose their legal alignment, breed (and create new) strains, build a thriving weed empire, work around (or with) police and politicians, and potentially reshape the entire legal landscape! Published by Vile Monarch and Devolver Digital, Weedcraft Inc is available for purchase and download on Steam and GOG and can be played offline.

Weed Firm 2 & Street$

Weed Firm Logo

These two most recent installments of the highly original and beloved Weed Firm game franchise allow players to navigate the complex and exciting world of cultivating and selling weed, avoiding run-ins with the law, and building their cannabis empires! Weed Firm 2: Back to College has users role-playing as an expelled botany student running a weed operation from his former alma mater – with a rap soundtrack including exclusive tracks and in-game appearances by the artists, including Soulja Boy. Street$ takes players through a rags-to-riches marijuana-selling adventure, starting from the bottom with an inherited bag of weed, as their budding cannabis operation slowly grows big enough to take on the world! Published by Manitoba Games, these Weed Firm games are free to download on Google Play and the App Store.

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