What You Can Expect from the Best Cannabis Festivals

With the ongoing legalization of marijuana, 2024 is bringing us new variations of the 420 event, but what are these gatherings really like?

Cannabis FestivalsWith the legalization of marijuana being considered and pushed through in some areas around the world, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Given the fact that this is the case, it is perfectly on brand that people everywhere are beginning to look for ways to revel in this magical plant and all of its wonderful properties. Now that people are being able to publicly celebrate this substance, we are seeing the introduction of marijuana festivals. These festivals are a great way to get together with all of your favorite marijuana enthusiasts to celebrate what this amazing plant can do for you.

As any good marijuana lover knows, the biggest day to celebrate weed is on April 20th. 420, which got its name from the SB420 law in California that allowed for medical legalization, is now celebrated as a holiday in April as well as shouted out enthusiastically at that time of day around the globe. If nothing else, you can’t realize that it is 4:20 in Colorado without someone saying “420! Smoke a bowl!” in response. However, the day is now known for the annual marijuana festival. The first Cannabis Cup occurred in 2014 in Colorado and was renowned for drawing in tens of thousands of active stoners looking to get together and celebrate the wonder that is marijuana. If you are curious what it was like, there is an excellent breakdown done by Esquire here.

Not every marijuana festival is exactly what you might expect. There are actually a variety of different types of marijuana festivals, each with their own goals and their own charm. Some festivals are known for merely being a way to gather around and discuss helpful strains while others or more focused on the kind of music and film that is perfect for embracing a less than sober mind. Given the fact that we are still actively working towards complete legalization, it makes sense that there are also festivals focused around demonstrations and pushing for more open legalization around the globe. The fact of the matter is when you mention weed and a festival, you can guarantee that people will show up. Now we are even moving towards conventions for growers and small business owners as well.

High Times Cannabis Cup

Cannabis Cup is a complete festival experience that brings together all of your favorite things. This is one festival that wastes no expense when it comes to bringing together stoners for an amazing time. At this festival, you can expect to experience a wide collection of great events all while getting absolutely baked. This festival is known to attract plenty of big names in music, art, and the marijuana industry. There is truly something for everyone regardless of your interests or what kind of marijuana lover you are.

At this festival, you’ll love experiencing the live music. This festival brings the kind of shows together that are perfect for getting high and jamming out with friends in an amazing and completely legal public space. This makes it exciting for a few reasons. You get the joy of dancing and singing along to all kinds of great music across different genres. While it hasn’t been disclosed how artists get selected for cannabis cup, we’re pretty confident that it has something to do with their appreciation for weed and bringing together a good vibe.

For those who might not want to spend time dancing in a crowd, there are plenty of other opportunities to be experienced at this festival. You can take part in seminars to learn about a wide variety of interesting topics pertaining to the marijuana industry and laws. Some variations of the festival include fun artistic activities and a variety of other ways to pass time while you’re high and appreciating your fellow man.

The next official Cannabis Cup is in Oregon on October 26th, but you can check back here to find upcoming events near you as they get added.

Mile High 420 Festival

This festival is known for all of the media attention that it gets every single year. You’ll find endless descriptions about the marijuana haze that blankets the city. It is the gold standard for cannabis events in Denver, and you’ll see social media blowing up with posts about this event every single year. The infamous Colorado weed festival is known for bringing together lovers of marijuana to get high in the Mile High area. It is a traffic-stopping event that brings together a variety of marijuana lovers for a day outside.

The 420 Festival is an exciting event that all but shuts the city down every single year. Its notoriety is only matched by the similar festival that is annually hosted in Boulder on the same day for 420. At Mile High 420 Festival, you can expect a lot of weed and a lot of fun. This festival is filled with a variety of great ways to pass time. The best ways are generally listening to amazing music from both local and big-name artists, getting unbelievably high, and exploring the event while people watching. There is a lot to see at this festival and a lot of fun to be had.

In traditional Colorado festival style, you can expect to find a variety of kiosks that will offer you all kinds of products. These products can range from powerful hemp-based lotions to lanyards covered in pot leaves. At the end of the day, there is something for everyone to explore here. You’ll enjoy walking around, soaking up some Colorado sunshine, and grabbing a snack. The event takes place at Civic Center Park where other major events are known to hold stake, and it is a truly great area for accommodating a wide variety of marijuana smokers, vapers, dabbers, and eaters.

The festival is hosted annually on April 20th at Civic Center Park. You can always check the website for details about volunteering, music artists, and more.

National Cannabis Festival

As far as cannabis festivals go, this one is just as much about celebrating as it is about jumping into the world of political activism. At the National Cannabis Festival, you can expect an absolutely insane crowd, amazing music, and much more. This is one event that is more than worth traveling to visit purely because of how big it is and how much attention it tends to bring. When you look at the site, you’ll be greeted with a stunning image showing you a large amount of enthusiastic marijuana lovers showing off their stuff while they lounge in a pleasant green space.

This festival has a ridiculous amount of opportunity to offer depending on your interests. There is, of course, the typical option to listen to music in a pleasant space and get high with friends. There are countless delicious food kiosks designed to help you with your munchie cravings. There are people and places ready to educate you on everything related to the marijuana industry from plant growth to legality. There are political groups ready and willing to help you to learn about what you can do to protect your rights and help people who have been criminally charged for marijuana use or possession. Basically, no matter who you are, you will find something exciting to do here.

A major selling point when it comes to this festival is the fact that it has exhibits, fairs, and contests. You can see all kinds of amazing things here and participate if you are a person who has something to share. This gives you the chance to show off your amazing products or devices to a wide audience that are eager to see what you can do. This DC weed event is perfect for getting your exciting creations out into the world so that you can help stoners everywhere see all of your amazing options.

The next National Cannabis Festival is April 18th, 2020 at the RFK Festival Grounds.

Seattle Hempfest

If there is one marijuana festival that absolutely looks like it was designed by stoners, Hempfest is it. This is one festival that more than capitalizes on the image of cannabis and proudly shows it off. If you visit Hempfest, prepare to be overwhelmed with images of weed covering every single surface. You’ll definitely know that you are at the right place when you arrive at this waterfront event that is sure to show you a good time.

Hempfest is a huge event that will more than live up to your marijuana enthusiasm levels. This is one festival that is not only shrouded in a passion for weed, but also with the drama that comes with it. Most recently, the festival ran into issues with the port itself because festival workers were denied use of an easy access road to bring in all of the bits and pieces that make this festival possible. However, the event coordinators were not stopped by this, and the festival will carry on for many years to come by the look of it.

Hempfest is known for bringing together cannabis enthusiasts and focusing on all of the benefits that this amazing plant can bring for those who use it. This is a high energy event that draws a huge crowd and offers everything ranging from music to education. You’ll find that this is one festival that they keep trying to shut down, which is how you know that it is a good one. In recent years, Hempfest has even spread the use of their namesake to other events around the country.

The next Seattle Hempfest event is August 14th-16th and there is a licensed equivalent in Florida on October 12th and 13th.

Cannagrow Expo

CannaGrow Expo

For those who are more than just marijuana enthusiasts, this might be the festival for you. Cannagrow Expo is a festival that is focused on bringing together people who love marijuana and grow it too. This is an event that is great for people who grow their own weed and even better for people who plan on going into a full marijuana business. It is a way for growers to come together to learn about the industry and all of the amazing things that make the marijuana business what it is. It is a collaboration of education and keen insight into a newly developing market.

While anyone can attend this festival, it is certainly catered towards people who are known for growing their own weed. It is an excellent place for big names to showcase technology and grow techniques to a rapt audience interested in learning how to improve their craft. Whether you are looking to grow a little weed for yourself or to hit the ground running with a new business, there is plenty to learn at this amazing festival. You can get educated about anything and everything pertaining to the cannabis industry all with the benefit of being surrounded by a collection of experts. It’s a great way to find out what improvements are being made so that you can optimize your own process. There is no better way to learn as much as you can in a single day.

The next events are as follow:
– 10th CannaGrow Expo, April 17th-18th 2020, Chicago, IL.
– Cultivation Week & The 11th CannaGrow Expo, November 9th-13th 2020, Palm Springs, CA.


Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur, enthusiast, or entrepreneur, there is so much to explore at Prague’s Cannafest. You can admire and purchase everything from smoking and vaping accessories, seeds, and growing supplies, to cannabis-themed artwork and hemp-based cosmetics, clothing, and more. You can also sample some of the tastiest edibles in the industry! If growing cannabis is where your interest lies, Cannafest features a thorough look at all of the latest seeds, fertilizers, and cultivation technology. There is definitely something for every cannabis fan at this event! In addition to all of the fun, Cannafest is actively working to raise cannabis awareness through the media and has partnered with several major legalization efforts.

Cannafest has been running for 10 years, and it is the biggest cannabis trade show in the world – growing larger each year! In 2018, Cannafest featured 276 vendors from 27 countries and welcomed over 30,000 attendees. Pre-registered business visitors can also attend the B2B EuroAmCBC conference, the day before Cannafest opens its doors to the public (included in the ticket price). This conference focuses on how best to connect the well-established European cannabis markets with the new ones that have begun to pop up all over America. Whether you’re interested in starting your own cannabis business, growing your own weed, or just enjoying the crowd and doing some shopping, Cannafest is sure to be a fun and educational time!

The next Cannafest is November 1st – 3rd, 2019, at the PVA Expo Prague Letnany. The B2B EuroAmCBC conference will be held on October 31st at the same location.


Cannabis festivals are a great way for cannabis lovers to learn, have fun, unite, and grow. There is something truly special about bringing together people who appreciate this plant and what it can do for everyone. If you’re looking to have a good time or learn a ton about the marijuana industry, a cannabis festival is a perfect way to educate yourself and jam out at the same time. Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities to connect with your fellow cannabis enthusiasts and spend a day having fun. You simply cannot beat good food, good company, a solid education, and a ton of marijuana. You’ll love the energy at these events, and it is a great way to spend time with friends. Load up on your favorite strain and head out to one of these festivals for some good old-fashioned fun!

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