The Budding Cannabis Restaurant Industry

People have been making edibles for ages, but how will true cannabis restaurants compare?  

The Budding Cannabis Restaurant IndustryCannabis is beginning its journey as an all-encompassing industry, and we are starting to see all kinds of fun new things coming out of it. One of the more interesting ideas being introduced to the market is the idea of the cannabis restaurant. While many people foresaw the market beginning to shift in this direction, many had their speculations about how it could ever be done. With the constant shifts in regulations within the industry, what is legal today might not be legal tomorrow and vice versa, but for now it seems that cannabis-focused restaurants will actually be allowed to legally operate in some cases. This is being considered a pretty big win, and is certainly an exciting step forward when it comes to normalizing cannabis consumption. As we watch these restaurants and see their success, it’s easy to imagine a world where cannabis is considered a normal substance to embrace rather than something to be frowned upon.

What Is A Cannabis Restaurant?

A cannabis restaurant is a place where you can go to enjoy food and cannabis at the same time. They come in various forms, but some offer edible food options that are infused with THC or CBD. You might also attend a location that allows you to smoke on site while you enjoy a meal. These restaurants are made for lovers of cannabis to be able to enjoy a quality meal and a great high outside of their homes. Since it is illegal to use marijuana products openly in the majority of public spaces, having a restaurant that allows you to relax and enjoy quality marijuana and a nice night out with friends is a big step forward for cannabis users. In the same way that we have bars and taverns, having an option to go somewhere to get high rather than drink would be ideal for many users. When people attend this sort of restaurant, they will expect to find quality food and a good high. As they are beginning to open in some places, it is becoming a matter of whether or not these restaurants can deliver on their promise of a quality experience.

The Art of Being A Cannabis Chef

After years of talented edible makers being forced to use their own kitchen and only being able to share their brilliant creations with their closest friends, cannabis chefs are finally stepping into their roles as valued chefs at marijuana-focused restaurants. These individuals are known for making a variety of tasty creations that are perfectly designed to compliment marijuana in different ways. While not every restaurant sells THC infused food, this style of food is increasing in popularity both in the edible market and the restaurant market. Some of these chefs practiced traditionally before and have now decided to enter the industry, but some of them have been making edibles for a substantial amount of time. At the end of the day, these are the individuals responsible for giving marijuana meal experiences a name.

Cannabis Infused Dishes Come In Various Forms

While most cannabis users by this point are well acquainted with edibles, the future of cannabis infused dishes looks decidedly more interesting. Though many people have enjoyed gummies, cookies, and brownies, the world of infused dishes actually spreads well beyond where it is currently. The infusion process can work with a wide variety of foods, leaving the majority of potential menu items completely unexplored. These foods, which are often created using cannabis butter or cannabis oils, are able to provide users with a delicious experience that also has active THC in it. This makes it possible for them to enjoy a delicious meal that will also come with the added bonus of getting them high. Since THC can be impacted by the temperatures at which certain food items are cooked, this is a unique new cross of art and science to make something delicious that can also offer a pleasant high.

Infused Dishes vs. Traditional Food With Marijuana Products

The two primary forms of restaurants that are coming to life now that the cannabis restaurant industry is taking off includes ones that serve infused dishes and ones that serve regular food with cannabis offered separately. Infused dishes are food products created using cannabis and active THC that can deliver a quality high through the consumption of the meal. These food options are being prepared by chefs who are actively cooking with cannabis in the kitchen. On the other hand, some restaurants are working around current regulations by providing a traditional restaurant experience with the added benefit of cannabis menu options. These items won’t be made in real time but can include flower and pre-packaged edibles in most cases. Customers can easily enjoy a meal and a nice cannabis experience at the same time in both instances.

The Herbal Chef and His Many Wonders

Christopher Sayegh, the creator behind The Herbal Chef is a name of great renown in the high-end cannabis world and beyond. This brilliant chef is known for his catering ventures, dining opportunities, and now for his role in bringing cannabis to fine dining. Sayegh is long since known for bringing delicious food to a wide audience. Now, he has joined the quest to normalize marijuana to the general public by painting it in a new light. Understanding that cannabis has a pretty serious reputation problem, he has decided to play his part in creating delicious food items that are infused with top of the line cannabis.

As the herbal chef, Sayegh offers a wide variety of food options depending on what his customers are looking for. He offers a collection of options including gourmet edibles, frozen meals, and hot meals served to the awaiting tables or events of some customers. His efforts spread across a wide array of edible products with his fascinating marijuana-based meals offering a variety of food options to suit the needs of the customer and their budgets. The products being prepared by the infamous Herbal Chef team can be either traditional, CBD infused, or THC infused. This makes the meals easily adapted to suit the needs of any guest or party. This group has something to offer everyone and is always looking to try new things that their customers will love. Since they offer so many different ways to experience their food, there is something for everyone to enjoy with this company.

As far as the meals themselves go, a fine dining experience with The Herbal Chef team consists of various aspects. First of all, it comes with a complete dining experience that is provided for the evening and prepared to suit everyone’s preferences based on the dose of THC that they prefer. The team works to custom design each person’s meal in a way that will allow them to achieve the perfect high while still offering a non-infused variation for those who are not up to the experience. The team lists that there is between 1 and 15 milligrams of active THC within the meals depending on how much the person wants over the course of the night. This ultimately adds up for an average of 80 milligrams, but that number is customized based off the needs of the individual requesting the meal. For customers who might require more or less marijuana to get high, the team can shift the dose in every meal. There is an active THC ingredient in every single meal, but it is spread out so you won’t experience much of a marijuana flavor to the food.

This fine dining experience is ideal for people who are looking for a delicious meal and want to enjoy a little something extra. The private dinners are excellent for parties, and the team can support 2 to 50 guests depending on what is needed. It’s certainly not what one would expect when thinking about a marijuana restaurant, but it is one of the more interesting ventures being explored right now. This fancy feast comes with a little something extra and ranges on average from $200 to $500 dollars per person for the full dinners and wine pairings according to the website. However, some of their other creations are more likely to cost less. Based on the ratings, it seems that the price is well worth the experience with The Herbal Chef team.

The Original Cannabis Café: A Café Where You Can Get Your Coffee and Your Cannabis

Lowell Farms Cannabis CafeAs we move forward into the era of fully legal cannabis experiences, Lowell Farms offers a unique time coming to West Hollywood in September of 2019. This unique café is designed to bring lovers of food together with a complete cannabis experience. The company in charge of this is currently working to button up the legality of this brand new business, but everything is in line for them to open. They are hoping to change the way that people look at cannabis consumption by making it a normal part of daily life.

Behind the Original Cannabis Café (Formerly Lowell Café) is Chef Andrea Drummer who spent years working in the business of creating high quality cannabis products. She is now responsible for finding delicious meals to pair with your cannabis experience when you visit this café and enjoy any variety of their available products. While the products are not currently infused due to existing legal limitations, Chef  Drummer is planning on bringing customers a completely delicious food experience that can be enjoyed with their products. Though the company is not currently able to infuse its own food, they are still able to sell flower, vapes, and pre-packaged edibles that can be purchased and enjoyed on site. This is what makes the complete cannabis experience possible so that you can enjoy high quality food and a fun cannabis product lineup that will help customers to revel in the free life of legally enjoying cannabis in a public space.

The product lineup at the Cannabis Café already sounds interesting based off of the information that they provide. New products will be brought in almost daily depending on the family farms responsible for curating the various kinds of flowers. This means that over time the lineup will change and can be expected to bring something new each and every time that you go. The food menu is being tailored to suit a stoner’s sensibilities by providing a collection of foods designed to work with an altered cannabis mindset. Drummer is using her existing knowledge of cannabis and the culinary arts to create the perfect experience.

The Original Cannabis Café plans on serving each customer for roughly one and half hours so that they can enjoy a complete marijuana experience while still maintaining enough room and time for other guests to enjoy. It is operating on hours comparable to a bar with last calling coming in at 9:50 PM to match the current regulations. In addition to Lowell Café original products, other cannabis companies are providing various kinds of products that will be sold at the location as well. Since the Original Cannabis Café is breaking away from current dispensary rules and encouraging photo taking and social media sharing, this is likely going to be great publicity for any of the existing companies that are lucky enough to make the lineup. The Cannabis Café is currently open for product inquiries, so it seems likely that these products will also change over time.

Since the Cannabis Café hasn’t opened just yet, its success has yet to be determined, but it already has information up about making reservations starting two weeks prior to its opening and being contacted by the press. Given this information, we know that the restaurant is expecting to garner some degree of attention with this exciting new approach to business. Previously, marijuana could only be legally enjoyed in certain ways, primarily on a person’s own property, but this sort of restaurant could change a lot of things for marijuana users. Being able to take an edible and sip some coffee while enjoying tasty treats is certainly a modern vision for the everyday cannabis user.


As cannabis users continue to look for new ways to normalize their habit, it seems likely that more business ideas will step up to the plate to assist with this. Considering the fact that in some places cannabis is still completely illegal, it seems like a big shift to see some states beginning to introduce fully legal cannabis bars and restaurants that are designed to provide a unique cannabis experience while also enjoying the comfort of a night out with friends or a date. These new businesses are certain to be unbelievably popular as they begin to open if, for no other reason than novelty alone, but the fact that it is becoming legal in some places to own this kind of business at all is a major step for society’s interpretation of marijuana users everywhere. Both The Herbal Chef and Lowell Café teams have stated that they are working to bring about an end to marijuana prohibition by helping to normalize the consumption of cannabis in all of its forms. These brave business owners are slowly ushering us into the future as cannabis users in a way that will help us all be more comfortable vocalizing our use of marijuana.

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