A Complete Guide to Cannabis Tourism in Boston, Massachusetts

This guide will help you to find the best Massachusetts dispensaries, weed-friendly hotels, and the best places to hang out in Boston when you’re stoned!

Cannabis Tourism in Boston, MassachusettsBoston, Massachusetts, is a great vacation getaway for anyone who loves destinations with breathtaking natural splendor. Known as the “Cradle of Modern America,” Boston boasts a perfect blend of historical trails and contemporary attractions, as well as an amazing cannabis culture. Since Massachusetts legalized marijuana in 2016, Boston cannabis tourism has grown considerably, raking in millions of dollars in adult-use marijuana sales. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast planning to travel to Beantown, this guide will help you make the most out of your visit. We’ve explored Massachusetts marijuana laws, pot shops in Boston, weed delivery Boston and other essential information you’ll need to be prepared for a vacation in Boston.

Massachusetts Marijuana Laws

Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts for persons 21 years of age and older, but that doesn’t mean you can use marijuana anywhere you want. The following are some of the basics about Massachusetts marijuana laws:

  • It is illegal to use marijuana in public or on federal land.
  • You may possess up to 1 ounce of weed, up to 10 ounces inside your residence, and up to 5 grams of marijuana concentrate outside of your residence. If you have more than one ounce of weed in a private residence, it must be in a locked space.
  • Adults may cultivate up to six cannabis plants at home in an enclosed space, and up to 12 plants per household.
  • It is illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of marijuana.
  • It’s also illegal to have open containers of weed in a vehicle. Any form of marijuana being transported must be stored in a closed container in the trunk or a locked glove compartment.
  • Landlords and local jurisdictions may have their policies about possession and use of weed.
  • You don’t have to be a Massachusetts resident to purchase weed, but you must have a government-issued ID.
  • It is illegal to take marijuana outside the state of Massachusetts.

Where to find weed in Boston, Massachusetts

Since recreational weed was legalized in Massachusetts in 2016, pot shops are sprouting up all across Massachusetts. Whether you’re looking for the finest cannabis strain, edibles, or accessories, you can be sure to find top quality products in Boston pot shops.

Cannabis dispensaries in Boston, Massachusetts:


NETA is one of Boston’s first recreational weed sellers. This Boston dispensary leads the way in offering premium marijuana products and extraordinary service. Located in 160 Washington St, Brookline, MA, NETA offers both medical and recreational marijuana. Some of their products include flowers, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, infused products, and medical cannabis. NETA carries an impressive array of top-quality strains, grown in ideal conditions to guarantee potent and flavorful strains.  Their budtenders are friendly and always happy to take you through NETA’s incredible selection of marijuana products and accessories. NETA is open Monday – Saturday 10am-7.45pm; Sunday 12-5.45pm. They accept payment in cash, debit card or credit cards. You can reserve your order through their website before you arrive at their store for a quick in-and-out experience.

#2 Garden Remedies

Garden Remedies is a Boston-area dispensary founded and run by Dr. Karen Munkacy, a physician in the pain management field, with a personal passion for making the health benefits of cannabis accessible to everyone. Garden Remedies proudly grows and manufactures all of its products in a state of the art production facility in Massachusetts. They have a grow facility in central Massachusetts and a team dedicated to creating tasty edibles, soothing topicals, and potent concentrates.

Garden Remedies currently has 3 locations, each less than 45 minutes from downtown Boston, in Newton, Marlborough, and Melrose. Melrose is currently a medical-only dispensary, but the other two locations have plenty to offer recreational cannabis users. The Newton location has been so popular that appointments are now required (and can be booked online), to keep wait times down. You can also pre-order online for an even faster pickup experience. Dispensary hours vary slightly by location. Cash and debit cards are accepted, and there are ATMs on-site.

#3 253 Farmacy

If you find yourself exploring the scenic Pioneer Valley area (about 1.5 hours outside of Boston), 253 Farmacy, in Turners Falls (right off of Interstate 91) is a friendly and welcoming dispensary where you can find high-quality flower, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, topicals, and more. The founders of 253 Farmacy are dedicated to developing it into the first vertically-integrated dispensary in Massachusetts, which means growing, processing, and selling all of their own cannabis in-house!

253 Farmacy is open Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are closed or open limited hours on some holidays. Payment methods accepted are cash and debit cards (a small transaction fee is assessed for the latter option). You can even browse their selection (and pre-tax prices) online and have your order waiting for you when you get there.

#4 Solar Therapeutics

Solar Therapeutics is a Massachusetts dispensary dedicated to bringing its customers the highest-quality cannabis possible – while utilizing solar power, eco-friendly packaging, and power assets, to leave behind the smallest possible carbon footprint. Solar Therapeutics proudly grows and sells premium, organic cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers, and more. The staff in this spacious and stylish shop are well-versed in the recreational and medicinal uses of cannabis and are always happy to answer questions and help you find the right strain.

Solar Therapeutics is located in Somerset, about an hour south of Boston. A second location is scheduled to open soon in nearby Seekonk. The dispensary is open 7 days a week, morning to night (with shorter hours on Sundays). You can browse the Solar Therapeutics menu online ahead of time, and pre-order for quick and easy pickup. Cash and debit cards are accepted, and there is an ATM on-site if you need it.

#5 Alternative Therapies Group (ATG)

Located in 50 Grove St, Salem, MA, ATG proudly stands as one of the first Boston dispensaries to offer medical marijuana before it began to offer recreational weed on December 15th, 2018. ATG is renowned for offering the highest quality products as well as an enjoyable shopping experience for cannabis enthusiasts.  This Massachusetts recreational dispensary adheres to high standards for growing and production of marijuana production. ATG offers a wide selection of the finest flower and infused products. Their staff work with every customer, guiding them through their product selection. The Boston dispensary is located in a safe and accessible neighborhood and has ample parking as well as an ATM on-site for your convenience. ATG is open every day of the week, starting from 9.00 am – 6.45 pm.

#6 Canna Provisions

Should your Boston cannabis vacation include sightseeing in the Berkshires, Canna Provisions is the perfect place to pick up some weed for your adventure. This beautiful and welcoming recreational dispensary is located right off Interstate 90, in downtown Lee, Massachusetts, with a second branch set to open soon in downtown Holyoke. Canna Provisions is dedicated to selling only the highest-quality all-natural cannabis products, from edibles, topicals, and concentrates to flower, vaporizers, and all the accessories you might need. You can browse their full menu online and pre-order for a fast pick-up experience. But if you’d rather do your shopping in person, the friendly staff of Canna Provisions are always happy to share their extensive cannabis knowledge and to take the time to help you find the perfect strain. Canna Provisions is open every day from 9 a.m. (8 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays) to 10 p.m.

Smoke Shops in Boston, Massachusetts:

There are many Massachusetts pot shops carrying quality American-made glass pipes, bongs, blunts, vapes, CBD, e-juice grinders, dab nails, and accessories.

#7 Eastie Smoke Shop

Located in 76 Bennington St, East Boston, MA, Eastie Smoke Shop is a premier smoke shop serving the greater Boston area and the surrounding areas. This smoke shop provides an incredible selection of premium E-juice grinders dry herb, vaporizers, wax, glass pipes, and other accessories from top brands. Eastie Smoke Shop has products of all kinds at fantastic prices to help weed lovers create the perfect smoking experience with one convenient stop. This is a one-stop-shop for cannabis enthusiasts.

Weed delivery in Boston, Massachusetts:

In Boston, you can get recreational weed delivered right to you. Here’s who to call:

#8 Potlala


This is one of the premier and most trusted online weed stores serving Boston, MA, and other U.S. states. You can order your favorite weed products online and get the finest weed delivered to your door with Potlala. This weed delivery Boston store offers high-quality and lab-tested flower, concentrate, edibles, and many other products. Potlala is a great choice as it provides fast and convenient weed delivery service around Boston. To order recreational marijuana from Potlala, you’ll need a valid ID showing that you are over 21 years of age.

Adventures and Activities

Here are some of our favorite 420-friendly Massachusetts activities:

Cannabis Tours in Massachusetts:

#9 Boston Cannabis Tours

Boston Cannabis Tours

Boston Cannabis Tours offers unique sight-seeing tours in BeanCity, featuring trips to some of the best weed dispensaries, growing facilities, and weed-friendly restaurants. This cannabis tour operator is dedicated to providing educational and interactive cannabis tours. Boston Cannabis Tours include snacks, water and multiple stops at designated dispensaries, restaurants and cultivation facilities. They offer group tours whereby guests experience moments that will last a lifetime and get to enjoy beautiful sights across Boston while meeting other weed enthusiasts. All you have to do is sit back and relax as your knowledgeable tour guide ensures you have an unforgettable sightseeing experience while learning more about marijuana. This operator also offers private tours that are ideal for couples or small groups. Taking a private tour with Boston cannabis Tours is an excellent way to spend a weekend get-together or celebrating birthday parties and bachelor parties. The tours run on Saturdays and Sundays at 1.00 pm, 4.20 pm, and 7.00 pm.

Cannabis Lounges in Boston, Massachusetts:

The following are some of the renowned cannabis lounges in Boston, Massachusetts, where you can hang out and enjoy your weed.

#10 Eat Sacrilicious

Eat Sacrilicious offers a private, customized cannabis dining experience while staying focused on offering high-quality food. Guests can expect a 5-8 course dining experience paired with high-quality weed based on flavor profile, strain, and effect. Eat Sacrilicious’s cannabis dinners are customizable, based on guests’ tastes and preferences.  Their dining experience is curated to the season and local ingredients. Aside from providing a high-end dining experience, Eat Sacrilicious ensures guests walk away with a stronger understanding of cannabis and the different ways to consume it.

#11 The Summit Lounge

Located in 116 Water St, Worcester, MA, The Summit Lounge is a premier private club that provides a welcoming space for weed lovers to socialize and have fun. The lounge provides a safe, clean and stigma-free environment for weed lovers to come together and socialize. The lounge sells CBD products, pipes, bongs, and other devices but does not offer THC products. You can bring your weed, joints or edibles and get high at The Summit Lounge. This lounge offers a cultivation class on the first Wednesday of every month whereby guests interested in cannabis growing can learn from experienced cultivators. The Summit Lounge is open Monday-Wednesday, 2 pm to 10 pm and Thursday-Saturday, 12 pm to 12 am.

#12 Loopr

Loopr combines a mobile cannabis lounge with a convenient transportation service that delivers the ultimate social cannabis experience. This mobile lounge features a safe, welcoming environment and has responsive staff who are always happy to attend to guests. There’s lots of charger ports available on board in case you want to charge your gadgets.  Not only will you have incredible fun on Loopr, but you’ll also learn more about cannabis culture. Loopr allows you to visit a curated selection of dispensaries and cafes, and meet like-minded people. If you’re looking for a mobile cannabis lounge that doubles as a 420 tour in Boston and the nearby areas, Loopr has got you covered.

Places to explore when you’re stoned:

#13 Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Located in 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts is an incredible place to spend time while stoned. This museum houses more than 450,000 art collections and it’s renowned for impressive paintings, Egyptian and Asian collections, and contemporary art. You can spend hours exploring art collections dating back to the ancient world. Whether you’re interested in photography, contemporary art, ancient art, prints, or drawings, this museum has everything a weed lover would love to explore. The Museum of Fine Arts is open Wednesday – Friday, 10.00 am -9.45 pm and Saturday-Tuesday 10.00 am-4.45 pm.

#14 Skywalk Observatory

You can visit the Skywalk Observatory and enjoy the spectacular views of Fenway Park, Hancock Tower, the Esplanade and Hatch Shell, the Boston Common and Public Garden, Harvard University, MIT, Charles River, and many other Boston landmarks. On a clear day, you can gain a bird’s eye view of Boston. Located in the Prudential Center Mall, the Skywalk Observatory offers a sky-high vantage point for breathtaking views of Beantown. Here, you’ll experience the Acoustiguide audio tour whereby Boston’s main areas of historic and cultural interest will be detailed, so you don’t miss out on anything. A visit to the Skywalk Observatory will allow you to appreciate Boston’s magnificent architecture and its rich global culture.  The Skywalk Observatory is open seven days a week.

#15 The Arnold Arboretum

This is a lovely spot to hang out while high. Located in the Jamaica Plain and Roslindale neighborhoods on Boston, the Arnold Arboretum consists of expansive parks linked by waterways and parkways. The arboretum consists of different species of trees, shrubs, and vines, which are well marked and described. Here, you can enjoy an ambient atmosphere on a quiet afternoon while learning about different trees and shrubs. The arboretum has an art exhibition center, and a horticultural library in the Hunnewell Building, where you can experience art exhibitions inspired by trees.  You can also climb up the Bussey Hill Road and enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding. The Arnold Arboretum is open all year round to the public and it’s accessible for wheelchair users.

Make Boston Massachusetts your next cannabis vacation destination

From world-class weed dispensaries to high-end Massachusetts pot shops to weed-friendly accommodation options, and many amazing things to do in Boston while high, BeanCity has everything you need for a memorable 420 vacation. Aside from the informative Boston cannabis tours, this city has many weed-friendly lounges where you can hang out and enjoy your favorite weed products. With its favorable weed laws and weed-friendly facilities across the city, visiting Boston can be a memorable experience for any weed lover.

Did we miss anything? Let us know! We’d love to hear about your favorite Massachusetts activities for the perfect cannabis vacation!

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