How Marijuana Impacts Dogs

This article will help you sort out the good, the bad, and the questionable when it comes to marijuana and dogs.

How Marijuana Impacts DogsNow that marijuana has been made legal in several states throughout the country, there are a lot of questions being asked about what marijuana can do for pets in addition to their human counterparts. Since there has without question been an increase in the use of these products and the amount of them that might be found in the typical home, many people are starting to wonder what this might mean for their furry friends. Considering the fact that more companies are beginning to make hemp-based and marijuana-based products specifically catered towards pets, pet owners are starting to wonder just how safe their fur children are when it comes to interactions with human products as well as the ones made specifically for animals. Fortunately, we are here to help you sort out the good, the bad, and the questionable when it comes to marijuana and dogs.

The Effects of Cannabis

In order to understand the effects of cannabis, we must begin by addressing the primary form of cannabis that is being used to create the majority of products. These products are derived from either hemp or marijuana, and depending on what you are using, the effects can be drastically different.

The most important distinction that must be understood with cannabis is between THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive compound within marijuana that causes the distinct feeling of being “high” whereas CBD is a component that exclusively offers some key health benefits. You can learn more about the different derivatives of hemp and marijuana here.

How Do Dogs Interact With THC?

What Happens If My Dog Eats Marijuana?

Since more people have marijuana in their homes, the chances of pets accidentally ingesting marijuana have gone through the roof. Many people are beginning to wonder what it might mean if their dog were to accidentally eat an edible or other form of marijuana. The potential impacts on dogs range in severity depending on how much has been consumed and what kind is consumed, but there are some common symptoms that might alert you to the fact that Fido has gotten into your stash.

The primary difference between whether or not a dog will react to marijuana is what form of marijuana your dog actually consumes. Consuming a cannabis plant should have no effect on your dog. If your dog finds a bag of bud, this should not cause too many problems since the THC hasn’t been decarboxylated, which means there is no active THC. However, if your dog was to get into an edible or tincture, that would be a different story since the THC is active and will absolutely hit their system in full force.

If you suspect that your dog might have gotten into your marijuana, you can expect to see a notable response if they ate more than just a tiny amount. Common symptoms include walking unevenly, lethargic behavior, low heart rate, excessive water drinking, and dilated pupils. In more extreme cases, your dog could experience seizures or even fall into a coma. Though this is not the norm, it is possible if your dog eats too much.

Is Marijuana Toxic for Dogs?

In the eyes of a vet, marijuana can absolutely be toxic to dogs if they get into certain forms. However, the amount that they consume and how concentrated the dose is will determine whether or not it will be considered toxic. When it comes to eating flower, your pet should be just fine. The potential toxicity is a much bigger concern if your dog gets into your edibles instead. It also matters how big your dog is and what their general health looks like on a normal day. All of these factors come together to determine how your pet will react to marijuana. If your healthy and large dog eats a small amount of THC, they might experience no symptoms. If a small dog eats a large amount of THC, it could possibly kill them, though this is incredibly rare and largely dependent on other factors. If you suspect that your dog has ingested marijuana, you should take them to the vet just to be safe. This is increasingly true if the dog has eaten something like an edible or tincture because in addition to having concentrated THC, they can have other ingredients in these products might also be dangerous for your pet.

Q: Is marijuana bad for dogs?
A: In some cases, it can be due to the psychoactive THC component. However, CBD is completely safe for pets.

Q: What do you do if your dog eats marijuana?
A: If your dog mistakenly eat marijuana, you will want to give them an overall check to assess what they ate and how they are reacting. If you begin to notice that your pet is having any of the symptoms that we mentioned, it is best to call your vet and get them in for an appointment to make sure that they are okay.

Can Dogs Get High?

When a dog ingests or is given certain marijuana products, concentrated THC can absolutely get them high. However, a dog getting high is not the same thing as a human being getting high. While you might find yourself laughing and eating too many chips, your dog is more likely to experience several physical symptoms that will not only cause them severe discomfort, but also force them to endure a tremendous amount of stress that can have lasting impacts on them. For your dog, being high is a disorienting state with amplified physical effects that will absolutely not lead to them having a good time.

Q: Can dogs get high from eating weed?
A: Yes, dogs can get high from eating certain marijuana-based products, but they do not experience it in the same way as humans. They are more likely to experience uncomfortable physical symptoms, which should not occur if a pet eats bud rather than edibles or tinctures.

How Do Dogs Interact With CBD?

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Now that CBD has hit the market in full force, there are many CBD products being made available to the general public. This is true for both humans and pets, with many pet stores now carrying comprehensive lines of CBD-based pet products designed to cure every kind of ailment that your dog might be experiencing. Since CBD can come from hemp or marijuana, and since hemp and marijuana are derived from the same plant, many pet owners are wondering exactly how safe these products actually are for their pets.

When it comes to CBD and pets, the answer is not that simple. Hemp-based CBD has only recently been legalized in a fully commercial capacity, which means that we are not as far along in terms of scientific research as most people would prefer in order to guarantee that their pet is safe using these products. What we do know is that many people are using these products with their pets and they do seem to be truly serving the purpose without causing the pets any harm.

The factor to consider when it comes to giving your pets CBD is that vets across the board agree that pets of any kind should not be given any sizeable amount of THC. This psychoactive compound is what is toxic to dogs. CBD, however, is not toxic and can be beneficial for pets as long as you give them a reasonable amount.

Q: Is CBD safe for dogs?
A: Yes, as far as we know CBD is safe for dogs in reasonable doses. This is dependent upon individual health factors for the dog.

What Can CBD Do for My Dog?

According to the limited research available and the raving reviews of pet owners everywhere, there are plenty of benefits to giving your dog CBD as needed. The biggest use case that pet owners seem to appreciate is CBD’s ability to help pets find relief from anxiety in many forms. Pet owners are using CBD for treating separation anxiety in pets who are not comfortable being left alone. It has also proven to be effective when the pet is going to be in an uncomfortable situation like a long car ride, trip to the vet, or a plane ride. CBD can notably alleviate stress in dogs so that they can have a better experience.

In addition to anxiety management, CBD is particularly effective for its impacts on pain and inflammation related issues. Many people are using CBD as an alternative to pharmaceutical pain medications because it gives them a natural way to treat their dog’s pain with no known side effects. Many pain medications can leave dogs feeling grumpy and groggy, but CBD allows them to experience relief without any unpleasant additional problems. Since it is effective for managing inflammation and pain, CBD is also incredibly effective when it comes to treating arthritis.
This is beneficial for older dogs that might not be able to stomach the effects of other medications.

CBD for Dogs

For dogs who are experiencing stomach problems or that are on medications that might cause stomach problems, CBD is effective at helping in a couple of ways. This ingredient is effective for treating nausea in dogs. Using this to help combat nausea can help dogs to keep food or medicines down, even if the dog is usually uncomfortable. In addition to fighting nausea, CBD is effective at stimulating a dog’s appetite. This can be particularly helpful if the dog is struggling to eat due to illness, injury, or any other problems.

What Kind of CBD Products Are Available for Dogs?

Honest Paws CBD Oil

Now that people are beginning to learn the many benefits of CBD, the CBD market is quickly filling with all kinds of new products. Many brick and mortar and e-commerce stores are choosing to specialize in product lines specifically designed for pets. Honest Paws, for example, sells organic hemp-derived pet treats, soft chews, and CBD oils specifically formulated for dogs of varying weights. You can even set up a monthly CBD oil delivery (at a discounted price), just as you can with conventional pet medications.

The most common form of CBD for dogs is concentrated CBD oil. These tinctures have been used to easily deliver a quick dose of CBD to dogs on an as needed basis. They can be used either by squirting the oil directly into the dog’s mouth or by adding it to their food so that they can get an appropriate dose with their meal.

Another popular form of CBD oil is the use of topical creams that can be used to apply directly to the pet in order to treat common sore spots. This can be an effective approach for dogs with arthritis as well as conditions like hip dysplasia. Using this approach is problematic because in most cases dogs will be compelled to lick the topical treatment. While anything made for dogs should be non-toxic, this can impact the effectiveness of this method.

Beyond the direct use of CBD oils, a more popular product approach is the introduction of edibles for pets. These products come in a variety of formats including treats, chews, and other tasty snacks that will make it so your dog doesn’t even know that they are being given a health supplement. Pet edibles are a great way to make your dog think that they are being spoiled when they are actually getting medicine.

The important thing to remember when it comes to giving your pet CBD is that you should always go with products that are made specifically for pets or say that they are safe for pets. While some human CBD products might be okay for pets, the ones made for pets are a safer approach because you know that the additional ingredients in the product are pet-friendly, which might not be the case with human-based products. This is the best way to keep your dog happy and healthy while getting them a much-needed dose of CBD.


When it comes to cannabis and dogs, there are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating what is right for your pet. As a general rule, you will always want to discuss the use of CBD products with your vet prior to giving them to your pet. This will help you to make an educated decision for your pet based off of their individual health. In many cases, these products can be incredibly helpful for pets. However, you should always start with a small dose and increase the amount from there with your pets as needed in order to avoid the risk of any allergic reactions or health complications. If you take the right precautions, CBD might just be the health supplement that your dog needs to live their best life!

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