How to Find and Enjoy the Best Cannabis Chocolate

We cover everything you need to know about the most delicious way to consume marijuana - and the top cannabis chocolatiers.

Cannabis Chocolate Cover PhotoIt’s not surprising that one of the most popular and beloved types of edibles is cannabis chocolate. Infused chocolate is a particularly tasty and convenient way to achieve the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of marijuana, from pain relief or improved focus to partying or relaxation. In this article, we’ll cover the latest trends in cannabis chocolate, how to select, store, and consume it, and what makes these edibles especially effective – and delicious.

A Decadent Cannabis Experience

Cannabis chocolates have come a long way from the dried-out pot brownies of yesteryear. Today’s artisanal cannabis chocolates deliver a sensory experience rivaling the world’s top specialty confections, with a dedicated focus on delectable flavor and silky smooth texture. To achieve this, most cannabis chocolatiers prioritize using the highest-quality ingredients available, making chocolates crafted from all-natural or organic ingredients the norm.

Cannabis chocolate has followed a distinct trend toward a luxury aesthetic, with these premium confections typically found on dispensary shelves wrapped in beautiful, high-end packaging. Tapping into consumers’ growing inclination toward socially and eco-conscious lifestyles, it’s also commonplace for cannabis chocolates to be made with fair-trade and/or sustainably grown cacao and packaged in eco-friendly materials.

The Many Benefits of Cannabis Chocolate

So, why are infused chocolates one of the best ways to consume cannabis? Here are some of the top benefits of opting for cannabis chocolate.

  • Discretion – If you don’t want to advertise your marijuana consumption to those around you, chocolate is one of the most discreet ways to go. Few people in any given space are phased by the sight of someone enjoying a pick-me-up square of specialty chocolate.
  • Portability – Cannabis chocolates are small enough to easily tuck into a purse or coat pocket for easy access wherever you might be.
  • Doesn’t require smoking – Edibles are an excellent way to consume cannabis for those who don’t want to smoke or vape it.
  • Dose control – Cannabis chocolates are very often available in microdose portions, making it easy to determine precisely how much THC or CBD you’re consuming and find the perfect sweet spot.
  • Pleasurable and Delicious – Chocolate is the beloved favorite confection of an enormous number of people throughout the world. And the creations of modern cannabis chocolatiers are truly delectable and perfectly textured. For true chocolate and cannabis aficionados, what could be a better pairing?

Chocolate and Cannabis – A Complementary Combination

Cannabis chocolate makes for a smooth and delicious edible experience, but that’s not the only reason why chocolate is one of the best edible delivery methods. Chocolate contains a chemical called anandamide. One of the reasons why eating chocolate – infused or not – feels so pleasurable is thanks to this naturally occurring chemical that imparts a blissful feeling. Human brains also produce anandamide, which imparts a strikingly similar effect to THC. This so-called “bliss molecule” inhibits feelings of anxiety and depression while creating a sense of pleasure and well-being. When chocolate and cannabis are combined, these blissful sensations may be enhanced.

Since cannabinoids are oil-soluble, and cannabis chocolates are made with infused cannabis oil, the cannabis compounds inside infused chocolate are also more readily bioavailable. Additionally, other chemical compounds within chocolate inhibit the breakdown of cannabinoids, which can lead to a prolonged and enhanced high. Yet another beneficial cannabis-chocolate interaction: THC enhances the sensory enjoyment of chocolate’s texture, scent, and flavor.

Cannabis Chocolate Varieties

Cannabis chocolates come in an astonishing variety of styles and flavors – nearly every imaginable type of conventional chocolate confection now has a cannabis-infused counterpart. Cannabis chocolates come in milk, dark, or even white chocolate, and can be found infused with nuts, mint, fruit, toffee, coffee, spices, or simply as plain chocolate. Cannabis chocolate bars aren’t the only way to enjoy this heavenly combination. Infused chocolate truffles, bites, chews, and other creative chocolate confections can also be found at many dispensaries.

CBD Chocolate

For chocolate with an extra boost of pain relief or calm without the high of THC (and legal in a greater number of regions), CBD chocolates are a delicious alternative. Made with high-quality ingredients and the same artisanal dedication as their THC counterparts, CBD chocolates are a pleasurable and effective way to relieve unpleasant symptoms or simply relax and enjoy.

Using and Storing Cannabis Chocolate

Getting the Dose Right

As with any type of edible, it’s essential to start with small doses if you’re new to cannabis chocolate. Edibles are processed differently in the stomach than inhaled cannabis and while they typically take longer to kick in, the effects may be stronger when they do. Edibles typically take around 2-3 hours for their full effects to set in, though this may vary by person and potency.

Fortunately, cannabis chocolate makes dose management easy. Most cannabis candy bars are designed to easily break into smaller chunks, while truffles, bites, or other miniature candies make microdosing easy, either by taking one at a time or calculating how many to consume at once to achieve the desired effects.

How to Store Cannabis Chocolate

Just like their conventional counterpart, cannabis chocolates must be stored in a cool, dark place to avoid melting. While you can store chocolate edibles in simple foil wrapping, an airtight container is preferable for a couple of reasons. Chocolate is susceptible to picking up odors and flavors from other foods stored nearby. It is also susceptible to aesthetic damage known as a “sugar bloom” when exposed to moisture in the air (which often happens inside refrigerators). When a sugar bloom occurs, sugar crystals rise to the chocolate’s surface, giving the appearance of a whitish outer layer. Sugar blooms are harmless and generally don’t adversely impact the chocolate’s flavor, but they can be avoided by storing chocolate in an airtight box or bag.

If you remove cannabis chocolates from their original packaging, it’s wise to label the new container with the name, THC/CBD content, and expiration date of its contents. It’s also a good idea to use dedicated packaging for edibles, different from what you typically store food in, such as Tupperware in a different shape or with a specific colored lid.

Keeping Cannabis Chocolate Secure

Of course, it is crucial to always keep cannabis chocolate well out of the reach and view of children, pets, and anyone else you’d rather not share your stash with! Cannabis-infused chocolate looks, smells, and tastes enough like conventional chocolate that it’s very easy for unsuspecting individuals to mistakenly eat a significant amount. If you’re prone to craving sweets when the munchies kick in, you may even want to tuck any leftover cannabis chocolate out of your own sight, to avoid the temptation of over-indulging once you’re already under the influence.

How to Select the Best Cannabis Chocolate

In the fast-growing world of cannabis chocolate, the options are near limitless. Nearly any chocolate confection you can dream up likely comes in a cannabis-infused version. But with so many options on the dispensary shelves, how can you tell which one to go with? Here’s what to look for:

  • To experience the full suite of cannabinoid and terpene benefits and effects, look for cannabis chocolate labeled as “full-spectrum.” These chocolates are made with extracts from multiple parts of the cannabis plant, ensuring you’re getting the full suite of chemical compounds from the originating cannabis plant, rather than simply isolated THC or CBD.
  • Another important label to look for is “lab-tested.” When cannabis chocolate edibles are lab-tested, you can trust the indicated THC and/or CBD levels in each dose to be consistent and accurate.
  • Ingredient quality makes a significant difference in infused chocolate’s flavor, and opting for chocolate made with all-natural or organic ingredients helps you avoid toxins that often lurk in conventional chocolate.
  • You can also shop for chocolate edibles based on your dosing preference. Whether your intention is thoroughly enjoying the effects of a full candy bar or microdosing with small candies over a longer period of time, be sure you’re getting the correct serving size and cannabinoid dose for your needs.

Where Can You Buy Cannabis Chocolate?

It’s easy to find a nice selection of cannabis-infused chocolate at nearly any dispensary in places where recreational weed and/or medicinal edibles are legal. In places where home delivery is legal, you can opt to have cannabis chocolates delivered right to your door. Chocolate edibles containing THC may only be purchased through dispensaries, but CBD chocolates offer the additional option to purchase from online retailers.

If you’re ready to discover your new favorite infused chocolate treat, our list of top cannabis chocolates is a great place to start. Read on for a look at the best cannabis chocolates for pain relief, relaxation, fun, and everything in between.

Our Favorite Cannabis Chocolates


Kiva Chocolate Bar

Purveyors of award-winning artisanal chocolate candy bars, Kiva Confections got its start in 2010 as a family-owned operation that has since grown into one of the top US edibles companies. Kiva’s premium cannabis chocolate bars are made with sustainably sourced cacao, clean cold-water hash from locally-grown cannabis, and all-natural flavors. Kiva’s candy bar selection includes milk and dark chocolate varieties, with a delicious range of additional specialty flavors including espresso, mint, toffee, churro, blackberry, raspberries and cream white chocolate, and the decadent Munchies Milk Chocolate bar, topped with potato chips, pretzels, and cookies. Kiva also makes a 5:1 CBD dark chocolate bar. All of Kiva’s infused chocolate bars can easily be broken into microdose chunks or enjoyed whole. Kiva chocolates are available at dispensaries and via home delivery in California.

Lord Jones

Lord Jones Chocolate

Lord Jones CBD Rituals brings its expertise and passion for crafting high-caliber CBD products to chocolate indulgence with dark chocolate espresso chews infused with broad-spectrum CBD derived from US-grown hemp. Made in small batches with premium ingredients, each Lord Jones espresso chew contains 20mg of CBD. These infused specialty chocolates are sold in attractive, reusable boxes of 5 individually wrapped candies and may be ordered directly from Lord Jones’ website.

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chew Chocolates

Cheeba Chews’ chocolate taffy is the perfect treat when you’re craving a chewy, chocolatey indulgence. Cheeba Chews’ infused chocolate taffy is made with full-spectrum Colorado-grown cannabis and hemp oil and delivers award-winning flavor in every bite. Cheeba Chews’ chocolate bar selection includes Sativa Wake & Bake, Indica Chews & Chill, 1:1 CBD:THC, CBN:THC Sleepy TIme, and CBD-only bars, all of which easily break apart into micro servings. Cheeba Chews cannabis chocolate taffy is available at dispensaries in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Nevada, and their low-calorie hemp chews may also be ordered online.

Punch Edibles

Punch Edibles Chocolate

Punch Bars, the chocolate line from award-winning creators Punch Edibles, pair decadent flavor with perfectly portioned cannabis doses. Punch Bars come in an impressive variety of flavors including milk, dark, toffee, peanut butter, s’mores, mint, raspberry, and tangerine, white chocolate varieties such as strawberry cheesecake and cookies n’ cream, and sugar-free options including hazelnut, cherry, and cappuccino. Additionally, CBD-only Punch C-90 Bars are available in five delicious flavors. Each Punch Bar breaks into 10 servings, each containing 10mg of THC or CBD. Punch chocolates are lab-tested and made with premium cannabis concentrates. Punch Bars are available at dispensaries throughout California and via home delivery in select areas.


ReCreate Chocolate

Specifically formulated not to be significantly mind-altering, but instead, to enhance daily wellness, each of ReCreate’s chocolate creations is infused with full-spectrum CBD, low-dose THC, and Ayurvedic botanicals including lion’s mane, echinacea, valerian root, and ashwagandha. Each of ReCreate’s chocolate selections targets health benefits such as immunity, relaxation, sleep, and focus. Most ReCreate bars are vegan and all are dairy-free dark chocolate. All are lab-tested and made from US-grown cannabis. ReCreate chocolates are available in 3 or 10-serving bars and can be found at dispensaries throughout California, Colorado, and northern New Mexico, and via home delivery in select areas.

Shane Confectionery

Shane Confectionery Chocolate

Shane Confectionery is America’s oldest candy shop, with a history dating back to 1863. Today, Shane’s decadent offerings have expanded to include delicious CBD-infused chocolate drops. Each stylish box of these disc-shaped treats includes 12 10mg drops, available in either milk or vegan dark chocolate. Shane’s CBD drops are made on site in small batches, using ethically-sourced cocoa beans, organic, fair-trade, non-GMO sugar cane, and locally-produced dairy and other ingredients. Shane’s CBD drops are available at their Philadelphia shop, via online order within the state of Pennsylvania, and at select Philadelphia-area farmer’s markets.

Sinsere Chocolate by Love’s Oven

Sinsere Chocolate Loves Oven

Love’s Oven is a Denver-based, family-owned business specializing in edibles and extractions. Their edible offerings include Sinsere, a line of decadent infused Belgian chocolates, made with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Sinsere chocolates are sold in bags of bites, mini chocolate bars, and crowd favorites such as peanut butter cups and peppermint patties. Sinsere’s many unique flavor offerings include black forest cherry, Irish coffee & cream, cookies & milk, and coconut pecan, alongside classic favorites like mint and salted dark chocolate. Love’s Oven chocolates are available at dispensaries throughout Colorado and Florida and via home delivery in select areas.

Nove Luxury Chocolates

Nove Chocolate Peanut Butter Cannabis Edible

Nove Luxury Chocolate is a truly decadent chocolate-cannabis experience, made with ethically-procured, sustainable, single-source, organic South American cacao and infused with premium cannabis oil. Each of Nove’s six delectable flavors (raspberry, coconut, mint, honey peanut butter, cappuccino, and sea salt caramel), perfectly complements their carefully curated cannabinoid profiles, and are available in milk, dark and white chocolate varieties. Nove chocolates are also responsibly packaged, using post-consumer recycled materials. Each Nove Luxury Chocolate bar breaks into 10 pieces, each containing 10 mg of THC, making dose management easy. Nove Luxury Chocolates are available at dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado.

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