The Top Cannabis Podcasts in Every Niche

Experience weed culture and education on the go with cannabis podcasts. Discover today’s best marijuana podcasts and where to tune in.

The Top Cannabis Podcasts Cover PhotoSince their introduction in the mid-2000s, podcasts have exploded in popularity, and they continue drawing in bigger and bigger audiences every year. Nearly any topic imaginable (from the highly intellectual to the downright silly) now has at least one podcast about it – including cannabis. From analytical discussions of legal, scientific, and industry information to fun and hilarious stoned conversations about life, no matter where your cannabis interests lie, you can find a podcast about it.

What are Cannabis Podcasts?

Cannabis podcasts are entertaining and/or informative audio programs that include either in-depth discussions of cannabis and weed-related topics – or entertaining conversations held under the influence! Cannabis podcasts are produced as individual episodes, with new content released weekly, monthly, or even daily, depending on the show. The typical programming format involves a regular host (or multiple hosts) either interviewing guests or conversing with one another, sharing their thought-provoking, educational, or highly entertaining thoughts with everyone who tunes in.

Who Are Cannabis Podcasts For?

Cannabis podcasts are for anyone (of legal age) interested in learning more about specific aspects of cannabis – or celebrating an appreciation for stoner culture. There’s a podcast geared toward nearly every cannabis-related topic, with a growing number of podcasts tailored specifically to:

  • Growers and cultivators (at the personal and commercial levels)
  • Recreational users and enthusiasts
  • Those seeking to improve their health through the use of cannabis and/or CBD
  • Cannabis industry professionals and investors
  • Activists and those interested or involved in continued legalization efforts
  • Anyone interested in the latest science, business, legal, or societal characteristics of cannabis.

Why People Love Cannabis Podcasts

It’s not surprising that podcasts have taken off as a favorite way to explore the latest cannabis news and connect with industry experts and notable marijuana enthusiasts. The appeal and many benefits of cannabis podcasts include:

Education, Entertainment, and Engagement

Listening to a cannabis podcast is an excellent way to keep your brain engaged while cleaning, cooking, driving, exercising, waiting in line, or even resting in bed. Depending on your profession and work environment, you may even have the option of enjoying your favorite cannabis podcasts while you’re working. Podcasts are also great to have on while settling into a peaceful flow state with creative projects like crafting, drawing, coloring, jigsaw puzzles, gardening, or knitting. Additionally, cannabis podcasts make terrific company for relaxing at home with your thoughts and a joint of your own.

Ideal For Auditory Learners

Podcasts are ideal for people who find it easier to enjoy, absorb, and retain information by listening to instead of reading it.


Cannabis podcasts are incredibly easy to access and bring along no matter where you go. Podcasts can be streamed from any device with internet access, and most shows also give listeners the option to download individual episodes, so you can tune in even without a wifi connection.


Podcasts are easy to enjoy via headphones or earbuds when out in public, at work, or any time you don’t want to advertise your listening material to the others around you. This makes it possible to keep up with all of your favorite cannabis podcasts even when your children, co-workers, or disapproving in-laws are around.

Companionship and Camaraderie

One of the best things about cannabis podcasts is the sense of companionship they impart, alleviating loneliness and giving listeners some company during solitary periods or activities. Unlike simply reading words off a page or a screen, listening to a podcast creates a more intimate, human connection, as you’re hearing stories and information shared in a person’s actual voice – and often in a relaxed, conversational format. Nearly all cannabis podcasts have a consistent host (or several), creating a comforting sense of familiarity that makes these people feel almost like real-life friends that listeners can look forward to catching up with for each new episode.

It’s not surprising that the overall number of regular podcast listeners increased during the coronavirus pandemic, when physical distancing guidelines and work-from-home schedules left millions of people unexpectedly socially isolated and craving human connection. Podcasts have also long been a staple among people who suffer from chronic illness and require extended or frequent periods of convalescence. Whether you’re feeling isolated or not, listening to others delve into topics you’re also passionate about – or the sensation of partaking in a virtual smoke session – lends a sense of kinship, making marijuana podcasts an entertainment source that can feel particularly comforting.

A Podcast For Every Cannabis Niche

Whether you’re a home marijuana grower, aspiring cannabusiness owner, or casual stoner, there’s a cannabis podcast out there tailored to your interests.


Whether you’re a home hobbyist grower or heading up a large-scale commercial grow operation, cannabis cultivation podcasts deliver interesting growing discussions alongside expert insights, troubleshooting, tips, and tricks to enhance your future yield.

Health and Wellness

A growing number of cannabis podcasts are focused on the medicinal and wellness-enhancing benefits of cannabis. Some share the stories of people who’ve seen significant health changes through medicinal cannabis use, while others explore the latest and most fascinating discoveries in cannabinoid health research.

Business and Industry

The rapidly growing and evolving global market for legal cannabis has sparked a variety of cutting-edge cannabis industry podcasts. These shows cover everything from overall market trends and which cannabis stocks to watch, to the unique needs of cannabis industry businesses and how to navigate them as a business owner.

Cooking and Food

Cannabis cooking podcasts make delightful listening material when you’re working in your own kitchen or sitting down to enjoy a tasty snack. Some culinary cannabis podcasts are filled with advice on making your own edibles and enhancing your cooking with weed. Others play out like spoken-word stoned food (and sometimes wine) blogs, as the hosts sate their munchies with all sorts of decadent delicacies – and share the experience with their hungry listeners. You’ll probably want to have some snacks on hand to ease your own cravings before diving into one of these mouthwatering podcasts!

Conversational and Lifestyle

An especially fun podcast category, lifestyle and conversational cannabis podcasts involve entertaining, stimulating chats – often while under the influence of weed. Conversational cannabis podcasts feel like hanging out with a fun group of friends, and can be incredibly entertaining company when you’re sitting around getting stoned at home – or wishing you were. Many conversational and lifestyle weed podcasts are filled with helpful advice for people who are new to cannabis, while others run the gamut from topics like “cannabis throughout history,” funny stories about the misadventures of parenting under the influence, feminist and minority perspectives on cannabis culture, and so much more.

CBD and Hemp

Marijuana isn’t the only type of cannabis with its own dedicated podcasts. A growing selection of scientifically-minded CBD podcasts cover this versatile cannabinoid and its numerous brain and body benefits in depth. On the business end, a number of CBD and hemp industry podcasts cover the latest trends and innovations in the booming industrial hemp and CBD markets.

Science and Research

With new cannabis research and discoveries continually coming to light, several podcasts have dedicated themselves completely to sharing the newest and most fascinating science behind cannabis and its use.

Political and Legal

You can stay in the know regarding the latest progress of national, state, and territorial cannabis legalization efforts across the globe with podcasts focused exclusively on the evolving legal status of cannabis.

Where Can You Find and Listen to Cannabis Podcasts?

Cannabis podcasts are typically very easy to find and access. Most are available on multiple podcast streaming platforms, making it easy to tune in via your streaming app or website of choice, including Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Audible, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Listen Notes, TuneIn, PodBean, Buzzsprout, and many more. Many cannabis podcasts can also be streamed directly from their websites.

Most streaming services include intuitive listener features like the ability to bookmark and save your favorite shows, create playlists, and access an archive of previous episodes, making it easy to binge-listen and catch up when you discover a new favorite series. Some platforms also allow listeners to download individual episodes for easy access anywhere.

How Much Do Cannabis Podcasts Cost?

Most cannabis podcasts are free to access and listen to. Nearly every major podcast streaming service allows listeners to tune in for free, even without setting up an account. However, the listen-for-free option from these streaming services typically subjects listeners to a fair number of advertisements before, after, and sometimes during the program. To listen to podcasts without any intrusive ads, most streaming services offer a paid subscription option. Additionally, paid streaming subscriptions often allow listeners to download individual podcast episodes free of charge.

Where to Find the Best Cannabis Podcasts

With so many interesting-looking new cannabis podcasts popping up, how can you tell which ones are worth your time and attention? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite cannabis podcasts from a variety of niches to get you started.

CannMed Coffee Talk Podcast

CannMed Coffee Talk Podcast Logo

The CannMed Coffee Talk Podcast is produced by Medicinal Genomics, a trailblazing cannabis-focused life sciences company and the host of CannMed, one of the leading cannabis science conferences in the US. CannMed Coffee Talk is a bi-weekly show featuring fascinating in-depth conversations with the leading minds in cannabis science, medicine, cultivation, and safety testing. CannMed Coffee Talk takes listeners deeper into conference presentation topics with CannMed speakers, as well as exploring the newest developments in cannabis science as they come up, all year long. The full CannMed Coffee Talk Podcast episode archive is available on most popular streaming platforms as well as on Medicinal Genomics’s website.


Canna Insider Logo Transparent

One of the industry’s top cannabusiness podcasts, CannaInsider gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the most exciting innovations and up-and-coming trends in the rapidly-expanding legal cannabis market. In each episode, CannaInsider’s Colorado-based host, Matthew Kind, interviews business owners, innovators, and other influential cannabis industry leaders, sharing insight into the latest market trends and essential knowledge and advice for anyone operating their own cannabis business. CannaInsider’s full archive of nearly 400 episodes can be streamed on several major platforms, or directly via CannaInsider’s website.

NCIA’s Cannabis Minority Report

NCIA Cannabis Minority Report Logo

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is an organization founded with the goal of giving the cannabis sector a voice, increasing legitimacy and education around cannabis through community. One of the ways NCIA does this is through its Cannabis Minority Report Podcast. Hosted by Khadijah Adams, this podcast discusses social equity within the cannabis industry, highlighting the experiences, successes, and struggles faced by people of color in the cannabis sector. Each episode features guest interviews with cannabis industry operators, legalization advocates and allies, doctors, authors, and other influential individuals. NCIA’s Cannabis Minority Report is free on most major streaming platforms and directly on NCIA’s website.

How to Do the Pot

How to Do the Pot Logo

How to Do the Pot is a fun, uplifting, and empowering podcast for women, with the goal of demystifying cannabis. Through a mix of womens’ narratives, advice on everything from home growing to strain recommendations, and interviews with accredited medical professionals and other experts, this new-user-friendly show covers the many ways cannabis can enhance women’s lives, from health and wellness, stress and pain relief, sex, and sleep, to the pure enjoyment of a nice recreational buzz. How to Do the Pot is hosted by Ellen Lee Scanlon, a former investment professional and health advocate whose passion for cannabis shines through in every episode. All 100+ episodes are intuitively organized by topic on their website, or you can tune in on most streaming platforms.

Lit & Lucid

Lit and Lucid Logo

Lit & Lucid is a lifestyle podcast covering a huge range of cannabis-related topics that’s perfect for relaxing with a joint at the end of the day. Colorado-based hosts Lucy Rose (aka “Lit”) and Jarrod Mason (aka “Lucid”) draw on a combined 12+ years in the cannabis field to foster conscious, thought-provoking conversations involving interesting, influential, and important topics from nearly every corner of the cannabis world – including advocacy, culture, cultivation, comedy, psychedelics, mental health, social equity, interviews with innovative cannabis business owners and medical professionals, and so much more. Lit & Lucid’s archive of over 100 episodes is available on most streaming platforms and directly on its own website.

Let’s Talk Hemp Volume Up

Lets Talk Hemp Logo

Sharing the truth about hemp and its astounding potential with the world since 2018, the Let’s Talk Hemp Volume Up podcast is produced by the Colorado-based Let’s Talk Hemp (LTH), a premier online resource specializing in hemp and CBD news, lifestyle, and education. Each episode of LTH Volume Up takes listeners through thought-provoking discussions with hemp industry experts, activists, and other influential individuals, covering topics including advocacy, the latest research and innovations, industry updates, reports from conferences and events, and hemp’s current status in countries throughout the world. Let’s Talk Hemp Volume Up can be streamed directly from its website as well as on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

High Herstory

High Herstory Logo

A little different from the other shows on our list, High Herstory is presented in a TV show format instead of a traditional podcast. Each episode of this hilariously entertaining series presents reenactments of historical stories involving women and cannabis, told through animation and live-action skits acted by an all-female-identifying cast. Dedicated to empowering, supporting, and uplifting all women, normalizing cannabis use, and supporting legalization efforts, High Herstory is the brainchild of a group of cannabis-loving friends with the desire to share the untold tales of history from a female perspective. Season One of High Herstory is available on Social Club TV, via platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and more, as well as on EnlightenTV in dispensaries throughout the US.

The Cannabis Potcast

The Cannabis Potcast

This Canadian cannabis culture podcast covers a huge range of interesting weed-related topics. Hosted by Gary, a passionate cannabis enthusiast for over five decades, The Cannabis Potcast has been a listener favorite for over three years. Potcast episodes include interviews with experts, cannabusiness owners, and influential cannabis connoisseurs, entertaining pot-related anecdotes and stories, strain and dispensary reviews, the latest industry innovations and cannabis news, fascinating cannabinoid science, tons of tips for cannabis users, and so much more. The Cannabis Potcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and RadioPublic, with an archive of all 85+ Potcast episodes available on its website.

The Green Repeal

The Green Repeal

The Green Repeal is a fascinating show focused on the unique challenges faced by the nascent legal cannabis industry in a post-prohibition United States. Hosted by Rick Kiley and Jeff Boedges, experts in the alcohol marketing field and co-founders of branding powerhouse Soho Experiential, The Green Repeal features thought-provoking interviews with cannabis industry experts discussing their takes on successfully marketing this newly-legal product, advice for business owners trying to navigate a “vice” industry that’s still toeing the line of legality, as well as advocacy and social issues surrounding cannabis. The Green Repeal is available on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher and can be streamed directly on its website.

Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast

Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemmp Podcast Logo

An award-winning show produced by top agricultural publication Lancaster Farming, the Industrial Hemp Podcast gives an in-depth look at all corners of the US hemp industry – from the agricultural fields of rural Pennsylvania to the environmental, financial, and business matters affecting the industry at large. This podcast is full of thought-provoking interviews with hemp farmers, processors, business owners, advocates, and other professionals and innovators in the field, and is accentuated by music from Tin Bird Shadow. Listeners are invited to submit their own questions, stories, and topics for discussion on the show. All 150+ episodes can be streamed on Lancaster Farming’s website or on most major podcast streaming platforms.

Pro Cannabis Media

Pro Cannabis Media Logo

Pro Cannabis Media (PCM) currently produces four excellent marijuana podcasts, with additional new shows in the works. One of PCM’s best new shows is Dave Briggs with Amani Toomer Cannversation, in which host Dave Briggs (a former NBC Sports and current NEWSY anchor) conducts remarkably in-depth interviews with high-profile athletes who’ve started their own cannabis businesses. PCM’s other offerings include the incredibly popular Weed Talk News, hosted by former Boston news anchor Alaina Pinto. Each Friday, this show rounds up the week’s biggest cannabis stories, via brief reports from eleven contributing reporters from throughout the US. The Green Rush is a fascinating business and investing cannabis talk show hosted by PCM owner and Emmy-winner Jimmy Young and David Rabinovitz of Canna Venture Consulting, recorded in 2-hour live sessions and divided into easily digestible episodes. In the Weeds With Jimmy Young, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with high-profile cannabis CEOs, medical professionals, advocates, and others, delves into the factors that drive growth in the cannabis industry and the positive impact marijuana has made on the world. PCM is also launching a brand-new grow show in early 2022! Calling All Growers with Liz Grow (of High Times TV) will be a live 1-hour show with a bi-weekly webinar/workshop available to subscribers. All of PCM shows’ audio and video are available on its website, as well as via ROKU, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and other platforms.

The Canna Mom Show

The Canna Mom Show Logo

The Canna Mom Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to lifting the stigma against cannabis while empowering and supporting women’s relationships with weed – as industry leaders and in caregiver roles alike. This award-winning show gives businesswomen, innovators, advocates, and moms from all over North America a space to share their cannabis stories through thoughtful discussions with host Joyce Gerber, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based mother, advocate, writer, former family law attorney, and all-around interesting person. All episodes of The Canna Mom Show are available on Apple Podcasts, Google, and Spotify, as well as on its website (which also features an insightful blog penned by Joyce).

The Cannabis Accounting Podcast by DOPE CFO

The Cannabis Accounting Podcast by DOPE CFO Logo

The essential podcast for anyone interested in breaking into the exciting new field of accounting in the rapidly-growing cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries, The Cannabis Accounting Podcast is presented by DOPE CFO, creators of the leading training program for accountants, bookkeepers, and tax experts serving these new industries. Hosted by Andrew Hunzicker, a highly experienced CPA and the founder of DOPE CEO, this podcast discusses every aspect of cannabis accounting – from 280E, chart of accounts, and overcoming software challenges, to the ins and outs of starting your own firm and growing your business. The Cannabis Accounting Podcast and its archive of over 80 episodes can be found on all major streaming services.

Casually Baked

Casually Baked Logo

The perfect podcast for stoners and the canna-curious alike, the Casually Baked potcast takes listeners on a weekly journey through the evolution of cannabis culture. Hosted by Jo, a cannabis lifestyle guide dedicated to building listeners’ canna-confidence and lightening the stigma, Casually Baked explores the highly responsible side of weed and the growing movement toward incorporating cannabis into your wellness lifestyle, while educating and empowering listeners to do the same – in the most fun and functional way! All 200+ episodes of Casually Baked are available on its website as well as all major streaming platforms.

Pure Mana Podcast

Pure Mana CBD Logo

The Pure Mana Podcast is produced by Pure Mana CBD, a company known for its top-grade topicals, gummies and CBD oils. Hosted by Ryno Brandt, a military veteran who found significant comfort and relief through CBD use, the Pure Mana Podcast covers a wide variety of CBD-related topics – from in-depth discussions of CBD’s many benefits and its effects on chronic pain, insomnia, and other health conditions, to the personal stories of people who’ve found healing through CBD and behind-the-scenes looks at how Pure Mana’s CBD products are crafted. Audio and video of all Pure Mana Podcast episodes are available on Pure Mana CBD’s website as well as on YouTube.

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