All About Weed Drinks: A New and Refreshing Way to Enjoy Cannabis

Everything you need to know about marijuana beverages - from how to imbibe to the best cannabis drinks and where to find them.

THC Drinks Cover PhotoFor those who enjoy relaxing (or energizing) with a stimulating drink, the rising popularity of THC and CBD beverages has ushered in a new and exciting way to do so. Cannabis beverages are a convenient and refreshing smoke-free way to enjoy cannabis – that’s also an excellent substitution for alcohol or conventional energy drinks. If you’re new to the world of weed drinks, keep reading. We’re going to dive into everything you need to know about cannabis beverages and their growing place in the legal marijuana market.

What Makes Cannabis Drinks Different?

One of the best things about weed beverages is their versatility. There is truly a cannabis drink for every need and preference. Some THC drinks are made with energizing strains, others are CBD-heavy, encouraging deep relaxation or pain relief, while still others deliver just the right buzz to elevate creativity, socializing, or nearly any other activity. And cannabis drinks aren’t limited by beverage preference. Whether you prefer coffee, tea, sparkling water, or even wine, there’s a cannabis-infused version for you!

When it comes to cannabinoid metabolism, cannabis drinks are most similar to edibles. Both types of digestible cannabis take longer to kick in than inhaled cannabis and both tend to have stronger and longer-lasting effects. However, liquid digests faster than solid food, so the effects of cannabis drinks can be felt much more quickly than those of most edibles.

How Is Cannabis Added to Beverages?

Crafting cannabis-infused beverages is a bit more complicated than most other types of cannabis creations. Cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) are oil-soluble, which is ideal when creating edibles like cookies and candies, but poses a unique challenge for water-based beverage recipes. To work around this issue while retaining optimum cannabinoid bioavailability, most cannabis beverage makers utilize emulsifiers to smoothly integrate cannabis oils into their drinks – without encountering separation or chunky textures.

The Many Benefits of Cannabis Drinks

Several factors make cannabis drinks the consumption method of choice for many users. The impressive benefits of cannabis drinks include:

  • Dose control – Since cannabis beverages are sold in single-serving portions, it’s easy to monitor exactly how much THC and/or CBD you’re consuming.
  • Portability – Single-serving cannabis drinks are easy to grab and go, and small enough to easily tuck into a lunchbox or backpack. Cannabis shots are even smaller and can easily be transported in a purse or coat pocket.
  • Quick onset – While still not quite as fast as inhalation, consuming cannabis in liquid form imparts similar effects to consuming edibles, but with a significantly faster onset.
  • Smoke-free – Cannabis drinks are ideal for consumers who want to enjoy weed without smoking or vaping it.
  • Easy to consume – Not only are cannabis beverages packaged in easily accessible single-serving containers, but the drinks themselves are easy to consume, even for those with sensory, digestive, or jaw issues that might render edible cannabis products difficult to handle.
  • Delicious and Refreshing – Today’s cannabis drinks are crafted with high-quality ingredients and a dedicated focus on delivering superb flavor and refreshment that hits the spot.
  • Substitution for Other Beverages – Many users have found cannabis beverages an excellent substitution for addictive and often problematic alcoholic beverages or heavily caffeinated energy drinks.

Types of Cannabis Beverages

Here’s a look at the wealth of cannabis beverage options starting to fill the dispensary shelves.

  • Coffee – Cannabis-infused coffee options include cold brew and other bottled coffee beverages, as well as infused coffee beans and k-cups to brew your own at home.
  • Tea – THC and CBD teas are available as pre-made bottled beverages, as well as infused loose-leaf, pods, pouches, and k-cups to steep the perfect cup at home.
  • Juice – From lemonade to tomato juice, infused juices are a sweet and delicious way to enjoy cannabis.
  • Soda – Carbonated and sweet, cannabis sodas in a wide range of classic and specialty flavors make a tasty and refreshing pick-me-up or wind-down.
  • Seltzer and sparkling water – Infused sparkling water and seltzer beverages are one of the most refreshing ways to consume cannabis. These drinks are typically given an enhancing dose of flavor by adding fruit juice or other botanicals.
  • Energy drinks – Take wake-and-baking to the next level with cannabis energy drinks. These drinks typically pair an energizing strain of THC with other tasty and rejuvenating botanicals.
  • Mixed drinks – This fun niche includes cannabis beverages modeled after classic alcoholic mixed drink recipes, as well as a host of new concoctions specially crafted for the cannabis market.
  • Non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits – Cannabis-infused beer, wine, and spirits are an excellent option for those who want the taste and sensation of imbibing classic alcoholic beverages without the dangerous side effects. It is currently illegal in most places to sell products containing both alcohol and cannabis, so these cannabis libations are strictly non-alcoholic.
  • Shots – When you want the effects of your cannabis to kick in strong and fast, and without having to down a full beverage, cannabis shots will do the trick. These small drinks are typically packed with a higher cannabinoid concentration, mimicking the strong effects and quick onset of traditional alcoholic shots.

How to Enjoy Cannabis Beverages

Whether you need an early morning energy boost, a social lubricant for a night out, or an easy and enjoyable medical marijuana delivery method, cannabis beverages are a delicious and convenient way to go. Cannabis drinks are typically sold in single-serving-sized containers, keeping in compliance with current legal regulations.

However, if a full bottle or can feels like too much to drink in one sitting and you want to save the rest to enjoy later, it’s important to store the remainder properly. Unless your beverage came in a resealable bottle, it’s advisable to pour the leftover drink into a sealable water bottle or another airtight container. Most weed drinks must be refrigerated after they have been opened.

Handling Cannabis Drinks Safely

Always keep cannabis beverages away from children, pets, or anyone else who should not consume marijuana. Cannabis-infused beverages often taste, smell, and are packaged similarly enough to conventional beverages that it would be easy to mistake the two. Despite the convenience and portability of single-serving cannabis drinks, keep in mind that it is illegal to drive under the influence of THC or have open consumable cannabis containers inside the cab of a traveling motor vehicle.

Where Can You Buy Cannabis Drinks?

Cannabis drinks are a rapidly growing sector of the legal cannabis market, and they’re becoming easier to find at a growing number of dispensaries. While THC drinks are sold at licensed dispensaries only, hemp and CBD drinks are becoming widely available in many health food and conventional grocery stores, as well as online. If you’re ready to give cannabis-infused beverages a try, read through our list below to discover the best CBD and THC drinks on the market and where to find them.

Our Favorite Cannabis Drinks

Once you find a place with cannabis drinks for sale, you will have to choose between some of the many options they offer. Here are some of the best and well-known THC drinks out there and what they contain:

Mirth Provisions


Mirth Provisions is the producer of several cannabis and CBD-infused beverage brands. Legal Beverages is their line of all-natural sparkling tonics made with locally sourced ingredients. Legal Beverages come in five distinctly crafted flavor/strain combinations and are sold in 11.5 oz. bottles. Giant is Mirth’s line of 2 oz. cannabis shots, enhanced with potent botanicals to create four unique experiences: Jolly, Mental, Waking, and Gentle. Mirth’s CBD line, Otto’s, offers several 12 oz. cider varieties infused with hemp CBD and made from organic Washington apples. Mirth Provisions beverages are available in Washington, Colorado, and Massachusetts dispensaries. Otto’s beverages are also available in a growing number of stores, bars, and restaurants.


Wunder THC Drink

Wunder is a California company specializing in cannabis-infused sparkling water. A delightful combination of Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, and CBD promotes a mellow, happy mood while relaxing the body. Wunder’s delicious flavor options include Watermelon Basil, Lemon Ginger, Grapefruit Hibiscus, and Blood Orange Bitters. All Wunder beverages are crafted in California, using California-grown cannabis extract and all-natural flavors. A terrific alcohol substitute, with far fewer calories and adverse side effects, Wunder comes in an 8 oz. can but can also be enjoyed poured over ice. Wunder beverages are available in dispensaries throughout California and via home delivery (where legal).

Pabst Labs’ High Seltzer

Pabst High Seltzer

Pabst Labs – of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer fame – has branched out into THC beverages, with cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic High Seltzer. High Seltzer is made with California-grown cannabis and infused with tasty lemon flavoring. Each serving of High Seltzer contains 5 mg of THC, 4 grams of sugar, and only 25 calories, for a particularly light and refreshing social drink. High Seltzer is sold in packs of 12 oz. cans, and is available in dispensaries throughout California and via home delivery (where legal).


Mad Tasty Beverage

Created by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic to maximize his performance on and off stage, each 12 oz can of MAD TASTY sparkling water is infused with 20mg of premium broad-spectrum hemp extract and sweetened with natural fruit essence. MAD TASTY beverages are all-natrual, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free, with fewer than 15 calories per can. MAD TASTY sparkling water comes in three smooth, refreshing flavors: grapefruit, watermelon kiwi, and an exotic fruit mix called Unicorn Tears. Innovative cannabinoid emulsion technology creates a consistent dosing experience and maximizes bioavailability. MAD TASTY beverages can be ordered online or purchased at restaurants, grocery and specialty shops throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee Can

Canyon Coffee is a smooth and delicious THC-infused cold nitro coffee beverage, made with Brazilian Roast beans from Denver roasters Coda Coffee and emulsified to perfection via Canyon’s own top-secret process. Each can of Canyon Coffee contains 10mg THC, perfectly balanced with 100mg caffeine, and comes black, allowing users the freedom to customize with their own desired milk, cream, or sweeteners. Canyon Coffee is gluten-free, GMO-free, and made with premium lab-tested cannabis essential oil. Each can includes a convenient resealable, child-proof lid, making it easy to enjoy at your own pace. Canyon Coffee is available at dispensaries throughout Colorado.


Sprig CBD Drink

Sprig’s light and refreshing CBD sparkling beverages come in three refreshing zero-sugar flavors: Lemon Tea, Melon, and Citrus, as well as Citrus Original, sweetened with natural cane sugar. Sprig beverages are made with hemp-derived CBD isolate, ensuring THC levels are kept at 0%, and are blended with natural flavors and sweeteners to achieve their crisp signature taste. Sprig’s sparkling beverages are all-natural, gluten-free, low-calorie, and caffeine-free. Each 12 oz. can contains 20mg of CBD. Sprig is sold in 12-packs – by variety or by flavor – with a 4-pack sample option. Sprig is available at stores thoroughout the US, and may also be ordered online.


Weller Drink

Wellness-focused beverages designed to enhance and optimize your daily routine, Weller’s W+ CBD-infused sparkling waters are a delicious way to unwind or sharpen focus. W+ comes in three refreshing flavor options: black cherry, tangerine, and watermelon – all of which contain no sugar, calories, carbs, or artificial ingredients. Each can of W+ contains 25mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, and every batch is third-party lab tested to ensure precise dosing. W+ can be purchased by the can or in 12-packs at major grocery and health food stores throughout the US and via Weller’s website.

Love is an Ingredient

Delta-8 Seltzer

Purveyors of delta-8 and CBD products of all types, Love is an Ingredient is a community-focused Minnesotan company with a dedication to incorporating love and intention into everything they do. Their lime-flavored D8 Seltzer is a refreshing, delicious, and sugar-free pick-me-up. D8 Seltzer can be purchased by the can or in 4 or 24-can packs, and every 12 oz. can of D8 Seltzer is infused with 20mg of delta-8. Love is an Ingredient products can be found at their storefronts in Brooklyn Park and Columbia Heights, Minnesota, and via home delivery in select local areas.

Weatherford 1814

Weatherford Black Water Detla-8

Weatherford 1814 is a Birmingham, Alabama company dedicated to bridging the gap between man and nature. Made with organically-grown hemp from their own urban farm, Weatherford’s White Water CBD Seltzer and Black Water Delta-8 Seltzer are a particularly refreshing way to enjoy the benefits of these cannabinoids – combined with delicious natural citrus flavoring. Weatherford’s infused seltzers contain 25 mg of CBD or delta-8 per 12 oz. can (Black Water is also available in 16 oz. cans). Available by the can or in 4-packs, White Water and Black Water can be purchased directly through Weatherford 1814’s website.

Shimmer Seltzer by Shimmerwood

Shimmerwood Seltzer CBD

Shimmer Seltzer, created by New England’s Shimmerwood Beverages, is a premium line of nonalcoholic craft drinks infused with lab-tested, full-spectrum, hemp-extracted CBD. Shimmer Seltzer’s mixology approach uses handcrafted cocktaiil bitters and fruit shrubs to create unique and delcious flavor without added sugar or artificial flavoring. Shimmer Seltzer’s three tasty flavors are Razz Lime, Ginger Orange, and zero-calorie Just Hemp. Each 11.5 oz. can contains 5 mg of CBD, making dose management easy. Shimmer Seltzer is available in 4 or 12-can packs, at markets, general stores, and liquor stores in Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island, and via online delivery in these states, plus New York and Florida.

House of Saka’s Vinfusions

Saka Pink Vinfusion

House of Saka’a Vinfusions are a limited-production line of cannabis-infused luxury beverages designed by a team of passionate women to appeal to a sophisticated feminine taste, marrying the delicacy of California’s best wines with all of the benefits of cannabis. Saka’s delicious sparkling wine offerings include Saka SPARK MIMOSA and Saka WHITE, both derived from alcohol-removed chardonnay and the pinot noir-derived Saka PINK. Through an innovative proprietary emulsification process, Saka’s Vinfusions are formulated for immediate absorption and realization of effects – felt within 5 to 15 minutes. Saka beverages are available at dispensaries and private cannabis consumption lounges in California.


Daytrip CBD Drink

California-based Daytrip’s line of CBD sparkling waters offers a deliciously refreshing and uplifting experience without any overbearing sweetness. Available in six uniquely tasty low-calorie flavors, including grapefruit, cherry, coconut pineapple, lemon-lime, and blackberry, Daytrip beverages are formulated with an exclusive blend of sativa-inspired botanical terpenes, and are designed to deliver their mood-boosting and stress-reducing effects within 15 minutes, Each 12 oz. can of Daytrip sparkling water is infused with 15 mg of lab-tested hemp-derived CBD and contains no gluten, carbs, or sugar. Daytrip can be found at specialty and grocery shops throughout California, and 12-packs (single or multi-flavor) may be ordered online.

Delta-8 Herbal Cooler by Speakeasy Kava

Delta-8 Herbal Cooler by Speakeasy Kava

Delicately sweet and lightly floral, the Delta-8 Herbal Cooler by Speakeasy Kava is a delicious and calming infused botanical tea beverage. Brewed using a high-extraction method to achieve maximum potency, this herbal cooler is made with delta-8 flower, chamomile, hibiscus flower, lavender, lemon juice, and honey with a host of additional fruit syrup options available. Speakeasy Kava is a tea lounge with two Tampa Bay locations, in Largo and St. Petersburg, Florida. The Delta-8 Herbal Cooler is sold as a 12 oz. beverage that can either be enjoyed at the tea house or to-go.

Good Stuff Beverage Co.

Good Stuff Beverage Co Honey Lemonade THC infused drink

Since 2015, California-based Good Stuff Beverage Co. has been crafting delectable, all-natural THC-infused beverages made with real fruit, juice, tropical blossom honey, and raw cane sugar. Good Stuff Beverages are formulated for quick absorption, with each delicious flavor terpene-infused to maximize and deliver specific effects. Raspberry Lemonade and Key Limeade deliver a fun, creative, energizing sativa buzz, while Strawberry Hibiscus imparts an ultra-calm, relaxing indica experience, and the hybrid Honey Lemonade and CBD:THC hybrid Black Cherry Lemonade create delightfully clear-headed euphoria. Each 12.7 oz. bottle contains 100mg of THC or THC/CBD, and is completely free of gluten, GMOs, sodium benzoate, and corn syrup. Good Stuff Beverages are available at dispensaries throughout southern California.


Giddy Delta-8 Cannabis Cocktail Drink

Giddy’s hemp-infused cocktail beverages impart a delightfully elevated experience without the unsavory effects of alcohol. Each of Giddy’s delicious flavors, including Ganja Ginger Mule, Mary Jane Mojito, and Pomegranate Pineapple Pot Punch, is infused with delta-8 THC, delivering a relaxing mind-body buzz. Giddy also offers 25 mg delta-8 packets that can be added to any beverage for a mildly euphoric and calming experience. Giddy’s cocktails arrive ready-to-drink, and are 100% natural and lab-tested. Giddy cocktail beverages are sold by the 6.7 oz. bottle, in 4-packs, 12 packs, and variety packs. Giddy can be ordered online and shipped to any state where delta-8 THC is legal.

The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Company

Mad Hatter Cannabis Infused Coffee

Since 2007, The Mad Hatter has crafted artisanal cannabis-infused coffee, tea, and other beverages in an impressive variety of delicious flavors. The Mad Hatter’s offerings include several coffee and mocha blends (including decaffeinated options), active and relaxing Chai tea options, Indican and Sativan herbal teas, dark chocolate cocoa blends, mocktail mixes, and cannabis-infused mushroom coffee and teas. All Mad Hatter beverages are made with sustainable, organic, fair-trade ingredients, and are available to brew at home in Keurig-compatible 100% recyclable pods, tea bags, and as instant coffee. Mad Hatter products containing THC are available at dispensaries in select states, while CBD-only products can be ordered directly from their website.

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