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Runtz Seeds – Strain ID:

Runtz Bud

Type: Hybrid
Cannabinoids: Up to 24% THC
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene
Effects: Anti-anxiety, Relaxing, Euphoria
Landrace Strain: Gelato x Zkittlez

Grow Difficulty: Easy
Harvest: 9 Weeks / 10+ Weeks
Yield: 400-500g/㎡ / >450g/plant
Height: 3-6 feet/ >6 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

Pros & Cons of Growing Runtz Seeds:


  • Beyond top-shelf weed
  • Extreme resin production
  • Massive yield
  • Dense flowers
  • High disease and pest resistance
  • High potency
  • Colorful buds
  • Medium height


  • Average flowering time
  • Challenging to find real seeds

About the Runtz Strain


Remember way back when during your childhood when you used to run after the ice cream man?

If you were lucky enough to grab a few treats from the ice cream man — you surely snagged a pack of runts. For those of you that don’t know, runts are those tiny, multicolored candies coated in sugar that kids go crazy for.

The moment a runt hit your tastebuds — it was flavor city. Basically, life couldn’t get any better once you smashed a pack of runts with your neighborhood friends.

Fast forward to the future, and it’s time to bring your childhood enjoyment full circle.

Meet the Runtz strain — one of the most sought-after varieties in the cannabis industry due to its insane terpene content and sky-high THC potential.

Continue reading below to discover everything there is to know about the Runtz strain. From essential grow tips to where to buy real Runtz seeds online — you’ve come to the right place!

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