How to Super Crop Cannabis Plants

An in-depth tutorial on how to super crop cannabis plants in five easy steps.

How to Super Crop Cannabis Plants. Cover PhotoAre you searching for a training method to step up your yield without having to grow more cannabis plants?

Meet super cropping — the cannabis training technique that’ll transform a lackluster yield into a Hulked-out harvest. If you’re ready to get your hands dirty to improve yield, vigor, resin coverage, and potency by pinching a few branches — allow this super cropping tutorial to be your guide.

You’ll soon discover how to super crop marijuana plants in a few easy to follow steps. Get your green thumb ready — your lesson on super cropping weed begins now.

What is Super Cropping and Why You Should Use It

Although we already discussed what super cropping is in our Encyclopedia of Cannabis Training Methods — let’s do a brief recap.

Super cropping, also known as HST (high-stress training) is an invasive training technique that involves pinching or crushing cannabis branches. Harming marijuana branches and stems sounds counterintuitive, right?

However, we’re more inclined to follow in the footsteps of Friedrich Nietzsche, who said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

And guess what? Nietzsche was right.

It turns out that crushing or pinching cannabis tissue produces an influx of growth-based hormones. These hormones are responsible for increased stem strength, lateral growth, and a break in apical dominance.

Therefore, the benefits of super cropping weed are:

  • Ultra-strong stems and branches that can support heavy buds
  • Increased overall yield
  • Reduced height with a focus on lateral growth
  • Multiple bud sites instead of a singular (apical dominance) crown
  • Potentially increases potency and resin production

Q: >What is Super Cropping?
A: Super cropping, also known as HST (high-stress training) is an invasive training technique that involves pinching or crushing cannabis branches. It turns out that crushing or pinching cannabis tissue produces an influx of growth-based hormones.

With Super Cropping — Timing is Everything

Alright, now that you understand what super cropping is and why you would venture to perform it in the first place, let’s discuss when to super crop your weed plants.

As with all cannabis training techniques, it’s wise to super crop your plants during the vegetative cycle. Whether you’re growing feminized or autoflowering seeds, super cropping is best done once cannabis plants exhibit 3-4 nodes.

Depending on the cannabis strain, it takes roughly 3-4-weeks after seed germination to produce 3-4 nodes.

You might ask — why can’t I super crop marijuana plants during the flowering stage? You must perform the super cropping method during the vegetative cycle because:

  • It’s a stressful experience and requires upwards of one-week to fully recover
  • Vegetative plant tissue is not calloused yet
  • Produces hormones linked with explosive vegetative growth

In other words, only super crop cannabis plants when they are young — fin.

How to Super Crop Cannabis Plants in Five Easy Steps

We get it — super cropping cannabis plants is a daunting task. Most beginners shy away from this advanced technique because it entails hurting your weed plants. We, however, believe super cropping can be done with ease and stress-free.

Ready to supercharge your cannabis plants in five easy steps?

To super crop marijuana plants, you need:

  • Your hands
  • A cannabis plant
  • Duct tape
  • Plant ties
  • Garden stakes

Do you have everything you need? Alright — let’s begin!

Step One: The Best Time To Super Crop

First, you must make sure the cannabis plant in question has at least four nodes.

Super cropping young cannabis plants is recommended because it allows for the most repair time and allows the base of the cannabis plant to strengthen during the vegetative stage.

If your cannabis plant meets this criterion, it’s time to break out your fingers and prepare for the moment of truth.

Step Two: Crush or Pinch The Node

Locate the third or fourth node (or any node that you wish to super crop).

Place your index finger and thumb on the stem between the third and fourth node. Gently roll your fingers back and forth against the branch. You will feel the stalk’s fragility as you perform this, and you will notice that the stem is softening.

Continue to apply pressure to the stem gently. Remember, once the stem is crushed, you must point it in a specific direction.

Once the stem is crushed or pinched, it will topple over unless you hold it up. Remember, never let go of the upper portion of the branch, or it may become completely severed.

Step Three: Anchor The Stem

Now that the stem is crushed point the stem (gently) towards a specific direction. Use plant ties to anchor the bent stem at a 90° angle.

The outside of the branch should not be broken. Remember, the goal of super cropping is to crush the internal structure.

Step Four: Let The Cannabis Plant Recover

Once complete, you must allow 7-10-days for the cannabis plant in question to bounce back and recover.

At first, your heart might skip a beat because the plant is bent over. Within 24-hours, however, you’ll notice the leaves perk up after gulping down water and nutrients.

Step Five: Keep Super Cropping or Finish

If you want to super crop more branches or stems, repeat steps two through four.

Once complete, you must allow time to run its course. In other words, have patience and let the cannabis plant do what it knows best — to grow into a vigorous, multi-branched masterpiece that’s ready to unload an unforgettable harvest.

At this point, you may allow the super cropped cannabis plant to grow naturally, or you may fuse this training technique with another compatible method, such as LST and ScrOG, for optimized results.

How to Fix Snapped or Broken Branches

Beginners tend to make beginner mistakes — like breaking branches while super cropping marijuana plants.

Luckily for you, we’re ready to help you minimize this problem with the help of duct tape, plant ties, and time.

Step One: Wrap The Broken Stem In Duct Tape

Alright, you went too hard on the stem, and, instead of crushing it — you broke it. Don’t freak out!

Gently pick up the broken branch or stem and use a small piece of duct tape in the form of a band-aid. However, you must wrap the stem or branch while it’s at the 90° angle.

Step Two: Anchor The Broken Stem

To prevent the stem or branch from moving around, you must anchor it to another branch or garden stake with plant ties.

Step Three: Let The Broken Stem Recover

Once you’ve wrapped the stem or branch in duct tape and secured it — it’s time to let time run its course.

Overall, expect 1-2-weeks of recovery. You’ll know everything is going according to plan as long as the leaves perk up after each feeding.

However, you’re in trouble if the leaves don’t perk up or begin to wither away within 72-hours after repairing the damaged branch or stem.

Get Ready For Payday

Once you’ve trained your cannabis crop according to the super crop method, it’s time to kick back and watch the flowers grow.

Remember, the more buds — the more weight. Make sure you add additional support alongside the thick branches — you’ll be surprised by how much weight super cropped cannabis plants yield.

Ready for more pro grow tips? Head over to our Encyclopedia of Training Methods for Marijuana Plants to learn more!

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